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Relias commented on 3DS Tops US Hardware Sales as Wii U Achieves "...:

Well here is a little more good news for the Wii U, or it is if I read everything correctly. It's set to have a far better Jan. this year to according to VG Chartz, the Wii U sold a total of 111K + units in the first week. According to what I have read last Jan. for the entire month they only sold 100K. So this year is already starting on a positive note.



Relias commented on Review: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (3DS):

I don't know I actually enjoy this game. The only real problem I have with it is on occasions it seems like the controls just suddenly stop working. (Bronze Tiger fight ) but if you can work past that it's not a bad game. It's just not as good as it could have been.



Relias commented on Feature: 10 Sega Titles We'd Like To See Rebor...:

Yeah we need to get some others on here.. and some from Saturn too. Let's be honest 3D Panzer Dragoon(Especially a remake of Saga) The Oasis (Beyond Oasis if I remember correctly??) and Shining The Holy Ark along with a complete remake of Shining Force 3 (I mean all 3 discs) would be wonderful.



Relias commented on UK Retailer Blockbuster to Close All Remaining...:

Still have maybe a couple Blockbusters in my area.. Of course there are the Kiosks around. (One right up in front of the local Quicktrip as a matter of fact) Usually if you find one it is somewhere where there are not to many Red Boxes or perhaps none and demand for video rentals. Or just really high demand for video rentals.



Relias commented on Wii U Hardware Sales Take a Significant Leap i...:

@Stubborn_Monkey Not exactly true. If there was no consoles there would still be companies and third parties. (So you might get a argument that whatever Konami is putting out Streaming is better then Squaresoft etc.) But I will say it may or may not be as exciting pending on how you look at it.



Relias commented on Former Naughty Dog And THQ Head Jason Rubin Sa...:

And where is THQ again in this day and age?? Almost as Irrelevant as Atari as has been in the console market. Honestly, I don't agree with this guy. I think Nintendo makes hardware for their style of games. That is why they can't do multi plats (Well one reason another would be most likely the death of some of their most well known and best loved franchises, I mean honestly do you think Mario would move nearly as well on the PS4?? Probably not most PS4 gamers scream when another Mario game comes out.) Of course this is also why 3rd parties can't always make their games good on Nintendo Hardware. They don't take the time to learn it and work with it. Nintendo is far from Irrelevant even if it's not the most powerful hardware out there. Nintendo can make games for it that looks so good.(If not better then what other systems have to offer)



Relias commented on Poll: Nintendo and the Wii U Fight For Your At...:

Well I went around on Black Friday and there was a couple of observations I made around here.. (I went to multiple stores big retailers and game shops like Gamestop within a 20 mile radius of where I live.)

1. There was no PS4's

2. There was more stock of XBOX One then any other next gen system including Wii U.

3. There was very few Wii U's in stock at places that had them in stock. (Apparently it had something to do with 3D World and other titles. The Wii U suddenly started flying off shelves, and retailers were not ready for this)

4. The one place I did see all three systems in stock there was 3 PS4's, 15 Wii U's and about 25 XBOX Ones. The PS4's were gone withing 15 minutes. The Wii U's (Which moved 4 systems before the three PS4's were out) was gone within 30 minutes.. XBOX ONE was still in stock. When I returned later they had finally sold out. (Of course this was about 4 hours later) Bottom line from what I saw there was little to no stock on PS4. Very little in WII U if any left after Super Mario 3D World was released (A lot of retailers that talked to me said that most of their stock was gone off that alone before Black Friday and their sales ever truly started or hit) So in the end. I expect weak numbers on The Wii U though it was the faster mover (Barring PS4) that was in stock.



Relias commented on EA Germany Survey Fails To Acknowledge The Wii U:

Well this is not surprising I have seen commercials for games like Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed, etc. and none of them even mention they have a Wii U version and considering EA's wonderful relationship with Nintendo. (Also I don't think EA is the only one doing this) Anyway at this point we might as well go E wha??



Relias commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

I have said it repeatedly. The Wii U finishes second to the PS4. Wii U will have better games in 2014 and beyond and have better exclusives then both systems, but PS4 will be more popular because of the power at the right price point.

I just don't see One doing well after the initial launch.



Relias commented on Pokémon X & Y Pass 1.8 Million Retail Sales t...:

I don't think Zelda has as much of a impact in Japan. That being said the numbers in America's and Europe will probably be really good. Well considering what it normally does anyway. I am still waiting for my copy of Pokemon X.



Relias commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Final...:

@Sceptic but you forget.. with the Wii U you get the Gamepad in the box.. so if you have a Wii U.. you get a Gamepad.. and all it's features.. unlike Smartglass.. besides.. your wrong on everybody having one of those things.. I know a lot of people that don't have those if it worked on a Blu Ray Player then yeah I can say everyone has one.. (Also I think it only works on Windows Phones.. and Tablets.. neither of which are very popular.. )
Watch the profanity please — TBD



Relias commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Final...:

It looks good.. but I really wish Square Enix would have made a new game instead.. like a Offline Dragonquest.. or maybe announce they are bringing KH3 to Wii U.. in a way this looks good.. but I can't help but feel disappointed..



Relias commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 1st...:

@Sceptic Actually the Wii U section is doing just fine here.. thank you very much.,.. I am sure Donkey Kong is getting plenty of polish and what not.. and wow.. that 3D world looks amazing.. now I know why I got excited for it.. Kirby is cool too.. (Oh and Sceptic... actually most fans and gamers.. are loving what they are seeing here.. so)



Relias commented on Nintendo Set To End Production of the Wii:

@TheLilK98 Please this from someone who has had barely the time if any to play the PS2 much less the Wii.. I barely think of you as anything other then a noob.. that being said.. Wii you will always be loved and missed.. you were one of Nintendo's best consoles.. if not the best in sales.. and to some people.. you were fun and original.. and beat the competition no matter what others said about you.. .. wii miss you.. and will keep the candle of which your flame is burning in our hearts always lit..



Relias commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 2DS:

@nilcam Actually I know there are people that their eyes cannot handle the 3D at all.. or that they can't handle it for long.. for me it really depends on the game.. for instance.. I have Marvel Super Hero Squad on it.. and the 3D there just seems to strain your eyes and does nothing for the game in general.. Lego Batman 2 I usually just shut the 3D off.. because it hardly adds anything to the game.. and it can cause eye strain after a bit.. Zelda OOT and Paper Mario Sticker Star Saga.. is two games I would say you really should play in 3D.. it just adds so much to the graphics and does not strain my eyes... (Well unless I have them on for like an entire day or something.. but hey a computer screen puts strain on my eyes at that point to) But the point is.. really the 3D is not required for a lot of games.. and sometimes can actually hurt your eyes.. and make the games look worse in a few cases.. but there is some if you can't see it in 3D.. it really is almost an injustice... because it adds so much.. and the games are so beautiful.. I think that is more or less what the reviewer was saying... there is so few games that really need it... or look a lot better with it.. that the people that buy a 2DS may not even miss it.. (And like he said.. the games look good anyway)



Relias commented on Review: Gradius (Wii U eShop / NES):

Wow... I was going to say how this brought back memories.. but then I remembered that I had not played the series until part 3 on the SNES... (It was my first game with Home Alone.. they were on sale for 12 bucks a piece.. so my Grandma and mom got me a SNES and those) Oh how much fun I have had with that game.. I think I am going to have to get this one..



Relias commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 2DS:

I don't know why.. but that 2DS looks a bit uncomfortable to me.. maybe it's because I am used to flip screens.. or maybe it's just that I am so used to 3DS that it looks awkward... anyway I am sure it's a nice system.. and this is a good review.. thanks for it.. I might buy my GF one for Christmas..



Relias commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 2DS:

@OptometristLime So under your assumption the 3DS sold because of the 3D and not because of the games.. kay... if that is the case.. care to explain to me why Pokemon.. one of Nintendo's biggest franchises is not completely in 3D?? I think Nintendo has discovered kind of like the DS and the Wii U to a point that it's the games you put out.. not the advantages that will sell the systems.. (I mean yes the 3D is nice to some games.. serves very little to no purpose in others.. but as nice as it is.. would the 3DS sell on that merit alone?? or does it take games to move a system??)



Relias commented on Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass Confirmed f...:

Game Company: We are going to make a new game.. for your system.. shows trailer.. it looks good and everything..

Nintendo Fans: Yeah.. Woo hoo... corks pop off wine bottles and everyone starts doing a happy dance...

Game Company: Oh did we mention it's going to have online multiplayer??

NF: Woohooo

GC: For everyone else but you...

NF: Boooo.. I am not buying it.. the company better discount it...

GC: okay we give you 10 dollar discount... and DLC.. and a Season Pass..

NF: Woohoo

GC: Of course a lot of the DLC could have been unlockable achievements in the game as thus making the game worth more.. by adding replay value...

NF: ?????

GC: oooooppppsss I mean uhm.. DLC and Season Pass with discount..

NF: Yeah... this is so much better let's run out and buy it... (At least what they are hoping for..)

Old Fart Gamer: Back in my day sonny... we used to get whole games...

GC: Shut Up...

New Age Gamer: OMG.... DLC.. look at all those skins.. and and.. OMG.. it's so awesome.. here take my wallet.. take it take it.. take it...

GC: Thank you... mwahahahahaha..

Imperial march plays..



Relias commented on Nintendo Download: 26th September (North America):

I don't know.. I guess I am a rarity.. so much in the fact that I enjoyed Donkey kong 3.. yeah it featured Bug Spray and what not.. but heck at least you could actually go down.. (Which is more than I can say about the original DK.. where apparently you die.. by missing a jump that moves you upward..) But in all honesty I have fond memories of DK3.. not the best in the original trilogy.. (That would be DK Jr. for the record) but it is not nearly as bad as some people make it out to be.. it is actually good.. I might pick it up..



Relias commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

@3dRich On Number 5.. according to could not get past a 8.. why.. because no matter how polished or wonderful it is.. it's on a Nintendo system.. and a lot of sites are like that.. as thus do you get the one that has a 8.. or a higher rating if you have a choice?? I think most will get the higher one.. cause since the Nintendo got a 8 it has to be the inferior version (Even if it was the best one) so love it or hate it.. I would not mind seeing it on Wii U.. (Even though I won't buy it) but it will never do as well and will just lead to another third party.. giving Nintendo bad Press..



Relias commented on The Pokémon Company to Announce a New Evoluti...:

@AlexSora89 I don't think so really.. because of the fact that I can only think of maybe two or three titles.. I would play in 3D rather than 2D.. and when you consider I have 10 titles.. that is saying something.. (70% okay just 2D really) the 3D adds somethings to the game.. I still say for instance that Zelda OOT is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played on a system.. but for that I can go through at least 2 titles where the 3D does nothing for the game as a whole.. so I don't think a 2D world is going to make a difference especially since your forgetting apparently it's Nintendo and the world 2D or 3D should look spectacular.. considering the system specs..



Relias commented on Wii U UK Software Sales on an Upward Trend, Bu...:

@Peek-a-boo Now let me tell you why your wrong.. even early in it's life the PS3 was being sold as a Blu Ray player more then a game system.. as thus.. to compare it side by side.. (Considering BR tech was still new) is wrong.. because all Wii U does is play games and does not have that advantage of pushing something that is relatively new.. even if it had a BR player at this addition a lot of PS3 "sales" came from the fact that they were given away with surround sound systems for the most part.. (As thus they really didn't sale on their own accord) something else the Wii U does not have.. and last but certainly not least... the economy as a whole is worse.. and the Wii U love it or hate it.. was the most expensive system.. (Even though the most powerful) with the smallest library... right now.. as it was at launch.. as thus if your a console buyer now.. just now getting the money to afford one you may not have had before.. which do you go with?? The systems that have been out for years.. and not only have a great library..but are still getting the hits.. or a Wii U?? No I think most of the people that can afford to move to next gen will get a Wii U.. by this holiday season.. or by the middle of next year.. do to price point .. plus it finally having games.. compared to the PS4 and One.. the people that can just now afford a new system will mainly stick with last gen systems.. which will be plenty.. or just go portable.. one of the two.. either way once you get past the initial rush.. I think PS4 and One.. are going to have some hard months.. if not year too..



Relias commented on Shin'en: If Developers Can't Make Great Lookin...:

They can't make games that don't freeze on the system. The only two titles I've played on Wii U that have not had performance issues have been Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land. Every third-party title simply hasn't worked. Here's a list:
Assassin’s Creed 3: hasn't froze on me once.
Mass Effect 3: I like to complain because it's on a Nintendo system that is all..
Darksiders 2: Encountered a hard part and could not get past
Lego City Undercover: Ran fine
Need for Speed Most Wanted U: Didn't do nothing.. but want to bash Nintendo so here..
Ninja Gaiden 3: I got it before it was patched.. so naturally I need to complain because no game in the history of gaming has had any problems and needed patches.on any other systems... and instead of blaming the company that made the game I am going to say Damn you to Nintendo. Because everyone knows no company releases lousy ports.. or games with bugs.. so it has to be Nintendo's fault..
I can't wait for the PS4 to get slaughtered by this system..

Sorry had to fix it.. LOL



Relias commented on Review: Tecmo Bowl (3DS eShop / NES):

Great Game.. I hated playing as Miami(If I remember correctly) they had three passes and only one running play...Ouch... I do hope that we will see Tecmo Superbowl sometime ..



Relias commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

@theberrage I agree.. but I was pointing out the others do not have all new titles either.. because I felt you were saying that was all Nintendo did.. (Was re release everything.) and that is not entirely true.. it was a misunderstanding on my part I guess..



Relias commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

@NINTENBOY Not in denial.. I just said it is not my type of game.. never said it would not be good if the game came out for Wii U.. but the thing is.. well two things actually..

1. We would most likely get a gimped version of it.. (Much like Batman Arkham Origins) or a version that has all the features but does not work out of the box.. or something....


2. Even if it did come out most Nintendo fans would not buy it.. and it would not make money on the Wii U.. put that with the attitude of gamers who do like this sort of thing.. that they refuse to buy what they call an inferior version of the game.. (Actually somehow believing that the Wii U's graphics are not as good as last gens systems..) and well I think you can see what the most likely outcome would be...

It's not denial.. it is just fact... I know there are people who are exceptions to number two on this site.. but when you compare them 1 to 1 with all the owners of the system.. it would not be pretty for something like this on the Wii U.. (If nothing else I think Assassins Creed and especially the new Splinter Cell is a good example of this)..



Relias commented on Feature: Hiroshi Yamauchi - The Man Who Made N...:

You dear sir.. became legendary.. by making Legends.. that will live forever in the hearts and souls of people around the world.. you helped save a industry that had crashed.. and very few people had interest in.. you sir are the one every gamer rather new or old.. rather a Nintendo fan or not.. needs to pay tribute to.. without you.. it is most likely the Video Game Industry in this day and age as it is.. would not be here.. we love you.. we hope you have a peaceful rest.. God knows you have earned that.. and maybe.. just maybe.. we can all meet you in the Nintendo Haven in Heaven one day.. God bless you and your family.. who our best.. and well wishes go to..



Relias commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

@theberrage Reads post.. looks at the not one, not two, but three different remakes of God of War 1 & 2 that came out last gen.. plus Kingdom Hearts Remake.. plus Deau EX Machina Remake, Ninja Gaiden 3 remake, Dragon Age Remake, and list goes on and on that is available on other consoles as well as Wii U.. and that is not even adding all the remakes on Sony's Portables currently available.. and just shakes head and laughs and laughs... you are kidding right??



Relias commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

No it does not appeal to me at all.. but even if say it did.. still no.. because we would either A. get a port that is missing features.. or B. get a port that would not have the DLC as others would.. (Which I guess you could consider A.. but I mean like no online if it had it.. no co op.. if it had it.. or something like that.. I mean technically if they are willing to take away whatever the DLC is to Lego Batman 2.. and no off line co op on Splinter Cell.. I can only imagine what they would take out of here)//



Relias commented on Publishers Reveal Sales Figures for Skylanders...:

Nintendo Infinity?? Pokemon, Zelda, Mario Bros... Choose your own starter set.. and get the rest in play sets.. Metroid, Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong... all used and clashed together in each others realms... maybe it should be called Nintendo Beyond..



Relias commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ships Over Two Million Copies...:

This is great.. (remember a lot of third party games are struggling to get this kind of numbers.. and when I say that I mean 2 million in general on systems that still have twice the User Base.. so this is really good..) I wish they would reconsider bringing it to Wii U though.. MH is just a game that I cannot enjoy as much on the 3DS.. still fantastic numbers..