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Fri 8th Feb 2013

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KayOL78 commented on Nintendo Shares Hit Three-Month High Ahead of ...:

Keep up Nintendo, I look forward to your 'force for good' in this world continuing...just keep the good games flowing, in your own time, oh, and all us nintendo lovers could do worse than to blanket our facebooks and twitters with the love of nintendo and the new mario games this year. Why not create our own revolution for what we love?



KayOL78 commented on Video: Let's Round Up The Latest Celeb and "Pi...:

Nintendo will be quite rightly wanting genuine goodwill for their product to generate hype. Mario World 3d once installed in a few peoples homes, kids invite their friends, the laughs and good times will stick. Quite why anybody has any problems with a company going their own way, and genuinly wanting to make good games is actually beyond me. Is a company that makes great games such a threat to your hollywood budget games?(By the way, the production values in Xbone games are insane, quite how anybody expects to make money on this level I have no idea...To make up for this, alongside the new £55 per game, your going to have less game for your money, and LOTS of paid that really where a gamer wants this to go?



KayOL78 commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

People, there is a few elephants in the room that nobody seems to be looking at...the first, the amazing expense in art assets for first party games on those 2 in a couple sony programming engineers for a dozen high quality artists will help sony stay in the red for a long a nice worldwide credit crunch. if sony are consistently reporting losses with its games division now, how is it going to pan out in the long run? there will be less AAA games also as they will be more risk based and only for behemoths to make...both xbone and ps4 however will be flooded with indie stuff...hardly what most people will fundamentally be buying it times will increase as well...ps4 and xbone owners may have to get used to either much shorter games, more paid dlc, or substandard(for the machine) art. Its an interesting time but not without compromises...nintendo consoles will mostly sell nintendo games to gaurantee healthy profits. but its still all quite unclear.



KayOL78 commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights a Strengthening Worldw...:

@Goginho Totally agree, slow and steady wins the race...incidenty, my mates house is crawling with tech, tablets, ps3s, wii's and smartphones...and the only thing thats constantly on is an old dsi with mario...after asking why mario is all thats being played, one of his daughters 5 said...'because its awesome.' thats why when mario comes to wii u i shall be introducing that household to wii u...something i'm sure we can all do to help create great word of mouth.



KayOL78 commented on Iwata: Wii Fit U's Free Trial Period Will Impr...:

People might help Nintendo a little When you buy Mario, Fit U and Party, TAKE your U to a friends(preferably with kids) and let the fun, laughter and surprise do the talking I know when its setup and on the go, it'll be an utter hive of activity.



KayOL78 commented on Talking Point: The Arrival of eShop Download C...:

I'm the opposite, love 3ds carts, but Wii U dloads onto a 2gb the way, I just bought my 3ds 2 days ago, so why didnt you guys tell me how awesome it is?!? ;}
‹looks at 3ds›: Come here you delicious little barsteward you.
Luigi 2 and Fire emblem were the point of critical mass for me...AC is going to make it a phenomenon ;}