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MrGawain commented on Masahiro Sakurai Shares His Positive Feelings ...:

Ten years from now, remember how the Wii U was a commercial failure and the industry agreed Nintendo should wash it's hands of the thing, but Nintendo still made the effort to get a great core of games on the thing including new IP like W101 and Splatoon, delivered good bonus content and charge a sensible price for the MK8 DLC, brought Bayonetta 2 and a new Starfox to the platform, delayed Zelda because it needed to be better even though they could of sold tons at Christmas, and asked it's fans who should be in Smash, and then built it from scratch.

This is why I think Nintendo is a great company and the Wii U is a wonderful console.



MrGawain commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Direct Confirm...:

I'm surprised they aren't saving this for E3- it suggests to me they'll have other things to talk about then. I guess it means they aren't using it as a sticking plaster over the Zelda hole.

I'm guessing it's the Hyrule Warriors August/September release. Can't wait. :)



MrGawain commented on Tales of More Super Smash Bros. amiibo Pre-Ord...:

I had issues with ordering 2 of each wave 4 figure for myself and Nephew, then the Nintendo store changing their policy to one per customer about 3 hours after. Then they made me wait six weeks or something to tell me they'd cancelled my entire order. I can understand knocking one of each off the order, but that's really mean to cancel the entire thing- not to mention leaving it so long to do so meaning I couldn't pre order anywhere else. Also couldn't get Shulk, Meta Knight and King Dedede earlier. I'm not so much bothered for myself (although I would like complete functionality for my games like Codename STEAM, MK8, Kirby, and Xenoblade), but it's hard to explain to a kid how you've pre ordered something but now it's not coming after all.



MrGawain commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

Not likely. To me it seems a little too much Zelda in the past 5 years- Skyward, Ocarina 3D, Windwaker, Link Between Worlds, Hyrule Warriors, Majora's Mask 3D. Another one would ruin Zelda Wii U.

Besides, I someday plan to play it in a drought on the Wii mode of the Wii U.



MrGawain commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Br...:

Basically the Nintendo customer base is small but eager to buy into Nintendo. I suspect per head Nintendo fans spend more on the Wii U and 3DS, amiibo and Nintendo DLC than the average PS4 or XB1 owner spends on their chosen console . And if they had more to sell, we'd most likely buy it.

It isn't extortion (like Marcus Beer would have you believe), most Ninty fans want to buy 95% of what they are selling. All we ask is ENOUGH CHANCE TO BUY IT!!!



MrGawain commented on Reaction: Confirmation of Unity on the New Nin...:

The N3DS needs a few more essential exclusives to get people to jump. I own Xenoblade and love it, but it's obviously a niche game. Put an exclusive Mario on it or a posh pokemon and theh you'll get more owners, and a more viable platform to exclusively develop for or port to.



MrGawain commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

I actually think Splatoon will benefit in the long run for debuting on the Wii U. It has low expectations, but stands out like a sore thumb against the familiar Ninty IPs, and even more so against the carbon copy COD clones.

As for the voice chat, I don't want to have words with any one in a game, so this makes me want to try the online. It just doesn't fit with Nintendo's image. I wonder if Nintendo would have to put the esrba/pegi rating higher if they would have included voicechat?



MrGawain commented on Reminder: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Out Now for ...:

I've had it since release in the UK, and I must say I love it... although the tutorials are a little vague. 2nd boss in and I've just started to understand how the telegraphing mechanism thing works- that Monado power button in the middle toggles up and down which wasn't explained very well. But once you understand how combat works it really is fun- it's a multitasking real time RPG.



MrGawain commented on Feature: A Day in The Future Life of a Nintend...:

Just because Nintendo makes games for mobile phones, doesn't mean you have to play them. Instead we can play 'stay awake until the amiibo pre-order comes online and guess which ones in your order will be cancelled instead'.



MrGawain commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

Frankly the Hyrule/MK8/Smash DLC plus NSLU has plugged big holes in Nintendo's release window and has made these games last a lot longer.

Personally I think the Animal Crossing card game is an attempt to push NFC usage in Japan. So far they haven't been all that bothered about amiibo, and I'm guessing this is for a young and/or female audience that liked the world of animal crossing. It's not a traditional console or handheld business model, but then Japan isn't buying that model much any more. I wonder if it were a Pokemon style card game anyone would be questioning ethics?



MrGawain commented on Nintendo's Official UK Store Opens Pre-Orders ...:

After my previous experience with the 'Official' store, I'm avoiding it with a barge pole.

And Nintendo really need to sort out their stock issues with amiibo. It's not fun to collect these things, it's a headache.



MrGawain commented on Mega Blastoise Event Launches in Pokémon Shuf...:

Starting out very cynical of this game for it's in game transactions, I'm now quite obsessed with it and have not spent a penny. I very much doubt I'll be good enough to get ranked, but I am having fun participating.



MrGawain commented on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Reckons "It Would Be Co...:

Translation: "There is going to be a Banjo game for the XB1 in an attempt to capture the non dudebro market. We'd like a free advertisement in one of Nintendo's most popular games so we hawk our VCR looking box to the slender fanbase the Wii U has."

Or am I just a cynical Nintendo fanboy?



MrGawain commented on Talking Point: It's Too Early to Write Off the...:

I think Zelda will be the full stop punctuating the Wii U, like Skyward Sword sort of was with the Wii. Even if it's not, were closer to the end than the beginning. But I still want to play the announced games, and I'm guessing they'll be another 4 or 5 we don't know about yet here and there. Also I would like to go back and revisit a few I rushed through the first time. It's been a great console.



MrGawain commented on Head Teachers in the UK Issue Warning to Paren...:

Personally I don't think it's a good idea for 7 year olds to be desensitized to war, murder, sex and sexual violence, and communities where racial, religious, and sexual orientation abuse is thrown at faceless strangers. But hey, I'm weird like that.

The problem with the 'no psychological effects from playing video games' argument is it's about mentally capable adults. When you have kids or psychologically fragile people playing 'chop the head off the prostitute', there isn't that same boundary between make believe video game and real life. I remember the news of Jamie Bulger's killer's being influenced by video nasties such as Child's Play 3. Kids need to be taught right and wrong by parents, not mature entertainment. And it's the job of schools to keep this standard enforced. I totally support this action.



MrGawain commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

I always thought Zelda would eat a lot of Xenoblade X's sales if they were released too close together. But to me I would guess the game just isn't far enough finished. I guess if Xenoblade, Starfox, and a third (probably platform based) game are released October to December, that will fill partially fill the big Zelda space.

But should we be that desperate for Zelda? Both the Gamecube and the Wii used a Zelda game as a sort of full stop to end the first party support for each system.



MrGawain commented on Feature: Ten Must-Play Games for the Nintendo 3DS:

Heavens. We've proved people own Nintendo devices to play Nintendo games. Plus it's a popularist poll. It's not about your favourite one game, it was the ten games people agreed to be worthwhile purchases.

Of course if Ace Attorney was a retail game (I'm sure it cost me as much as a retail game), it OBVIOUSLY wouldn't be all about Ninty.



MrGawain commented on Satoru Iwata Defends Timing of DeNA Deal, Teas...:

I reckon Nintendo did business with DeNA so they could sort out the infrastructure to their account system, and letting them use their IP for mobile games is the price they've paid for it.

Albeit a likely profitable price for Ninty.



MrGawain commented on Opinion: Splatoon Is to Shooters what Mario Ka...:

I dare you all to think of the last triple A title that was more new and innovative than this- on any system. A shooter that isn't about how many kills you get, but how much redecorating you complete.

It's Changing Rooms: Deathmatch.



MrGawain commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

I think there's uncertainty in everything: Mobile gaming may become too crowded and good games could be lost in the sea of cruddy clones.

But Nintendo is known for quality.

The AAA $60 model could become unprofitable with rising production costs.

But Nintendo is very budget conscious.

The middle ground could be eroded between value and flash graphics.

And that's why Nintendo had to do something, and at least if they fail on Mobile they won't bankrupt the company. It's scary, but probably necessary.



MrGawain commented on Satoru Iwata Insists Smart Device Game Pricing...:


If there is truth in amalgamating the handheld and home console market into one next generation, this could solve the problem partially. Imagine if you could play all the handheld titles (including all the 3rd party ones) on the home console. You may not be able to play console games on the handheld, but imagine being able to play smartphone games on your handheld. Good ones that Nintendo has developed. And then imagine in this unified system all retro games being available for both the handheld and the console at the same time. And maybe even being able to use your account to play a games save data across platforms. Also, by making it simple for developers to make one game that they can put on both systems must be appealing to them.

I think that goes a large way to making owning a Nintendo platform worthwhile.



MrGawain commented on Iwata: Embracing Smart Devices Has Made Us Eve...:

Although I'm not a fan of mobile games, there is a sense of rationality of setting up a unification of mobile, portable and home console from day one of bringing a new system out. The idea of Tetris and endless runner style games being on mobile, AND on a handheld device which also plays handheld games, AND a both of these platforms being available on a home console that still has AAA games on it makes a lot of sense, if only because it fills the platforms up with games without taking 3rd party into account. This hasn't been announced how it will work but there seems to be a certain amount of logic to it.

But at the end of the day these mobile games won't be made by Miyamoto, Aonuma, or Sakurai- so there will still be a reason to own exclusive Ninty platforms.



MrGawain commented on Two Tribes Co-Founder Doesn't Think He Would H...:

I bought both Toki Tori in a sale. So far I've only played the first, and it's a good little game, if slightly 'Amiga 500'. I've not found any eshop download a must buy now experience, but if you see them up for sale, their nice to have to fill in then gaps between the big titles.

And there is some big cracks to fill in generation 8....



MrGawain commented on Official Nintendo UK Store Sends New Nintendo ...:


I don't want it cancelled. I've already waited 2 months for it, and then suddenly they've cancelled the order without warning. I can't order them anywhere else because everywhere else is sold out. I sent them a message asking why, and they're refusing to reply.

Scumbag customer service if you ask me.



MrGawain commented on Nintendo Confirms Wil Wheaton as Voice Actor f...:

I question how much of this hate is for Will Wheaton now, compared to the hatred of Wesley Crusher and Child actors in general in the 80's.

It astounds me what people will use as a reason to buy a game for, then complain they have nothing to play.



MrGawain commented on First Run Wii U Copies of Rodea the Sky Soldie...:

I'm still a bit in the dark over 'what the actual gameplay is'. I'm not normally fussy about graphics, but the lack of character animation really confuses what is actually happening. It sort of looks like the on the rails cannon bits from Sonic Lost World, but is that all the game?



MrGawain commented on Saints Row Design Director Was Working On An O...:


You may have confused NOA who distribute games with Nintendo of Japan that actually make games. Japan actually made those games like Xenoblade, it's just NOA didn't think they were worth mass distributing (Which I wouldn't like to guess how they'd of sold). As for a game like Wii Music, I'm betting it didn't cost all that much to make and I bet it made it's money back (2.65m copies sold). This Saints Row-esque game however I expect would of had a hideous American sized budget that probably didn't match Nintendo's core audience interest, and I doubt would be an evergreen title like most Nintendo games are. I would far prefer Ninty to put money into a few sensibly budgeted Japanese titles that will continue to sell, than waste it's money on a fur coat- no knickers shallow game that people forget after 2 months.

Again, as I always tell you 'That's just my personal opinion'.



MrGawain commented on Former Rare Developers Will Show Off Their New...:

I'm still a bit unclear on if this is a full retail release or an eshop title, and if this is a title already in development or is just a few storyboards and character designs. It feels like the latter unfortunately.