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MrGawain commented on Video: You NEED To Play Metroid Prime Trilogy:

Played the first level of the first one a moment ago. Slightly confusing controls with no manual, and the camera takes a bit of getting used to for me as I'm not a fan of first person perspective in games.

But it is quite impressive for 'just a Wii game'.



MrGawain commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Flirtation With Micr...:

The reason 3DS free to play+microtransactions won't work is simple. Say you're playing candy crush on a mobile phone ona long train journey. You run out of lives. Desperate to play more you connect to the internet and buy more lives.

The 3DS doesn't have mobile internet anywhere. I can only use online at home. So if I'm on a train with my 3DS and run out of lives in Pokémon Crush or whatever, I have to wait to buy extra lives when I get home, by which time I have lost interest in the game, and have TV, a games console, the entire internet in my grasp. Freemium on mobile works because it gives you the immediate choice to continue playing for money like a slot machine. Time to think will stop you making your purchase.



MrGawain commented on Official Nintendo UK Store Kicks Off amiibo Pr...:


It could be that, or it could just be there are a lot of Wario's and Charizard's released, less Pacman's, even less Lucina's and Robin's, and very few Marths. In terms of Nintendo fame that's probably correct, but probably not appropriate in what extreme Nintendo fan's want.



MrGawain commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

I debated long and hard to get Galaxy 2 or not; keen for the price, unsure of camera movement, intrigued by the story, unsure of the control system.

Then I opened a cupboard and found I owned it already and had never played it. Problem solved.

I would like Okami though. And I'll try out Metroid Trilogy.



MrGawain commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Had a Strong Start W...:

Amiibo is the equivalent of a Triforce Quest in the real world. You try to assemble the pieces, sometimes having to fight horrible scalper troll creatures for them, only then to find that there are another 6 things you have to collect.

I think it's a fun game... I think....



MrGawain commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Localisation Work is "W...:

Seeing that European graphic of Wii U games Ninty produced, which I believe to be in order of release with Splatoon being the first listed, Xenoblade is between Star Fox and Zelda. Zelda must be December, and I can't see Star Fox being ready before October, so you'd have to guess November?



MrGawain commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 14t...:

I think there was a lack of Wii U games because the Direct was only looking 4 months ahead of release dates, and only MP10 and Splatoon are being released in that time frame, hence why the UK didn't get the Kirby trailer. Looking back at that UK release graphic for the Wii U, it lists the games:

First half games:
Mario Maker
Project Giant Robot

and 2015 (2nd half) games as:
Project Guard

If you guess barring any major problems that this is the list they'll be released in this order, you could theorise that:

First half games:
Splatoon- Early May
Yoshi- Late May
Mario Maker- June
Project Giant Robot- June (Download?)

and 2015 (2nd half) games as:
Kirby July/August
Project Guard (Download August?)
Starfox September/October
Xenoblade October (with a gap between Zelda)
Zelda December

Add in another one or two November/December Nintendo games, plus Devil's Third and maybe one or two more 3rd party Japanese titles, and that I would guess is our Wii U line up for 2015.



MrGawain commented on New Nintendo 3DS Pre-Orders Emerge at GameStop...:

I would get the Majora's Mask New 3DS XL, but the fact it's a pre-loaded game bothers me. I like the idea of keeping my New 3DS XL for home play, and continuing to use my beaten up old XL out and about, So I'd prefer to buy a cartridge. Also I hate wasting space on the hard drive when I can own a retail version. So I'm thinking of getting blue one, if only to plug the Wii U drought gap.

Also, Does the pre-loaded game survive system transferring your old 3DS over?



MrGawain commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 14th January, Wi...:

Betting the Hyrule Warriors Majora's Mask DLC would get some sort of tie into the 3DS release, a few release dates and some Amiibo functionality, MK8 and Smash possible DLC, hopefully some actual games which will be use the New 3DS aside from Xenoblade (Bayonetta N3DS?), plus news on the E3 titles, Yokai Watch and other Japanese 3DS games being brought over.

Also, I'm guessing we'll see a Nintendo franchise being handed over to a Japanese developer and mixed with a familiar game type- maybe the console version of Pokken?



MrGawain commented on Nintendo Europe Shipping Ambassador Edition Ne...:

I will get a New 3DS XL when there is stuff available I can't play on my normal 3DS XL.

But you have to question if were going to get a Ninty Direct sometime between now and the 12th? I can't believe they'll just soft launch the thing without some fanfare.



MrGawain commented on Little Mac's amiibo Appears to Have Actually B...:

Connect the dots of 'amiibo's that are discontinued' to 'amiibo's that aren't actually going to be used in any games outside smash'.

Ninty should of kept to a core of 15 or so characters in the first year and avoided linking them to the Smash roster and be used in a variety of games.



MrGawain commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015:

I voted for Zelda, but I'd be curious to see the poll without it listed. It really does seem to be a year of variety and depth (seeing we came of a year with a Platformer, Racer, 2 (or 3) Action games, a Beat-'em-up, and a Puzzler as the tent pole games not including the e-shop or 3rd parties. I'm guessing Ninty also has 2 or 3 games hidden up their sleeves, maybe some more paid for Japanese 3rd Party?

Still more varied and solid line-ups than those other two boxes out there.



MrGawain commented on Nintendo Highlights Great Games in a Rather Pr...:

Well with this graphic they've convinced all of us who already own a Wii U, 3DS, and most of these games how brilliant we already knew these games were.

I somehow doubt it will convince the COD/FIFA crowd though....



MrGawain commented on Discontinued amiibo Figures Could Be Released ...:

I think Nintendo's plan to 'make all 49 Smash characters' is what's causing them all this trouble. They should of planned on making 20 in the first wave, and producing them for 6 months. Then bring out another 20. I bet they've already got waves 5-7 in production which is what causes problems with making more of the early designs.



MrGawain commented on UK Retail Survey Highlights the Challenges Fac...:

Isn't it already given Nintendo is 'The Alternative'? It isn't going to 'WIN' anything, but not being 1st doesn't necessarily mean not making profit. We the fanatics will buy 99% of Ninty's products because we know they'll be fun, polished games worth our cash. We rarely trade them in 2nd hand either. We know when the new games are out because we watch Nintendo Directs religiously, we don't need to be bombarded by mass advertising. I personally think if your over a certain age and don't like Mario or Pokemon by now, you never will, and trying to advertise to that demographic is pointless. So Nintendo is catering to the converted and kids. You may not see the advertising but then do you read kids comics, or watch the youtube video's they do?

Personally I see the XB1 and PS4 as The Foo Fighters and Coldplay: Bands who have a very fickle beige following who own the 'greatest hits' of crowd pleasers. It works great on adverts and for people to sing along with in football stadiums. Meanwhile I'm here with my Wii U listening to the entire works of Elvis Costello going over every note, sentence, and concept committed to vinyl. I am part of a niche market, but I may spend 3 times as much on your average Boner/Coldplay fan.



MrGawain commented on Video: What if... Smash Bros. Had Announcers F...:

If this video teaches us anything, it's that fighting games are by definition repetitive, and the more times you hear either Mr Razorblades voice or Mr Cool Home Shopping Network say the same thing AGAIN, the more likely you are to go back to playing pong.



MrGawain commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:

Just listening to IGN's NVC podcast, 3 middle aged men freaking out running into Best Buy and Target looking for Princess figurines.

It would be funny if I didn't resemble it. I didn't plan to get them all but my nephew and the internet made me go slightly nuts. I managed to get all the first wave, and have pre-ordered wave's 3 and 4 (UK), but I'm now panicking that wave 2 has had it's release date broken by certain stores and I can't get out to the shops until next Friday!!!



MrGawain commented on Nintendo's Holiday Sales and Profit Set to be ...:

Here's a question: what's better, to have a small Wii U install base where rabid fans buy lots of games and Amiibos, or the Xbox One that's being sold under it's development costs and costing even more to adapt to it's consumers need, only for a large percentage to be used to play only COD or FIFA?

Amiibo is merely the capitalisation of Nintendo's core fans.



MrGawain commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

I'm guessing these 3 figures don't have any connectivity to any other games other than Smash and incidental use in Hyrule warriors? And they're unlikely to be featured in Cpt Toad, Kirby, or Yoshi.

Admittedly Pikachu hasn't been used yet either, but I very much doubt we won't get a Pokemon/Amiibo game on one system or the other very soon.



MrGawain commented on UK Retailer GAME Cashes In On Intense amiibo D...:

Seeing that all the Kaos traps for Skylanders sold out of GAME before the shop opened, then subsequently appeared at £80 online, I don't find this surprising. This business disappoints from every level from staff to management to ownership. Smyths and Amazon are the best places to shop for games in the UK.



MrGawain commented on Review: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Wii U):

I'm betting this was delayed due to NOE having to get a large amount of Smash Bros discs printed before production starts on this. My theory was reinforced by stories of a lack of Smash Bros stock in stores at release.



MrGawain commented on Mario & Donkey Kong Double Set and Nintendo Po...:

Seeing I have no more memory space (not even for Smash updates), the idea of buying in this fashion is absurd to me.

If with the next console you could download portable games to a hard drive and transfer them to your handheld I'd be up for that, but the memory on the 3ds is just too small at the current time.



MrGawain commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Wii U Compare To Th...:

So the difference is in the PS4 version the houses all use 100w bulbs as opposed to those environmentally friendly ones? The fact I can't tell them apart explains why I prefer Nintendo games.

But I would love to see this sort of thing so you could see if you tell the difference between Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed, and Far Cry.



MrGawain commented on Nintendo Secures Plenty of Nominations in The ...:

Missing categories:

-Most over hyped
-Most delayed
-Most similar to last years installment
-Best use of cutting content for DLC
-Best use of offline functionality when the internet's down
-Best in game advert
-Best use of Kinect.



MrGawain commented on Bill Trinen Confirms There'll Be More Series-S...:

I would guess Animal Crossing and Pokémon would be the most logical series to produce as Amiibos. I guess there are certain Zelda characters.

That and the Wonderful 101, Bayonetta, and Captain Toad. I don't care what they do, I just want 'em.



MrGawain commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

Everyone talks about Sony not supporting the Vita, but has anyone noticed Sony doesn't really support the PS4? I admit I may buy a PS4 for Arkham, but I could very easily buy an XB1 for the same, and Microsoft are at least attempting to secure 1st and 3rd party exclusives for their console, unappealing to me but still doing more than Sony. Nintendo lost a lot of fans with the original Wii due to lack of games support, I wonder wrapped up in console sales figures if Sony is forgetting it needs unique, stand out games to KEEP their customers. Fact: Nintendo and MS are made to work hard for our money and wow us. Theory: Sony are getting lazy and arrogant?



MrGawain commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

I'd like to apologise to everyone who hasn't liked the Wii U, because when they designed it and planned what games were on it, they tailored it specifically for me.

Unfortunately I'm not into grey 3rd party shooty games, or promises of 1080p 60fps that aren't delivered on.