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pukka-pie commented on Nintendo Shows Off Upcoming Golden Sun and F-Z...:

Great games but please Nintendo, keep releasing SNES and NES games!!!! It's still bizarre that I can play many more virtual console games on my Wii than my Wii U, I mean who thought that was a good idea. Is it going to be a huge leap backwards with every new console? We finally catch up to the Wii virtual console with the Wii U and then out comes the Fusion and back to square one?? Really stupid.



pukka-pie commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Wii U eSho...:

You know what gets me, and still gets me... Any game with ANY backtracking anywhere at all and critics come down on it like a hammer... but Metroid Prime has the absolute most back tracking of any game in the history of video gaming and no-one ever mentions it... ever! A bit off topic maybe but it is total hypocrisy!



pukka-pie commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Wii U eShop / NES):

To suggest that there is some sort of generous learning curve is... a lie. World 1 is very easy. World 2 is easy. World 3 is bat **** insane. World 4 is rock hard. This is by far the hardest Mario game, it makes Mario Bros 1 look like a stroll in the park. It's all waaaaay too frustrating for me.



pukka-pie commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd April (Europe):

it amazes me, literally amazes me, that people are whinging about GBA releases, the more games the better and you aren't obliged to buy them. I cannot wait for these 3 games.



pukka-pie commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

I love the gamepad, I pray they utilize it with the 'Fusion', as with every great Nintendo innovation Sony has shamelessly ripped off off-TV play with the Vita/PS4.

The media's attitude to the gamepad really irritates me. They demand gimmickry, without gimmickry they whinge and complain - conversely they whinge and complain when gimmicks are shoehorned into games! It's catch 22 for developers. Personally I think the screen is nice to have, it's a bonus, the controller feels great in my hand, I love love love being able to play with my TV off.



pukka-pie commented on Latest Assassin's Creed Announcement Continues...:

And I couldn't possibly care less. Assassins Creed is as bad a CoD, a pathetic cash cow for idiots that like to buy the same game again and again and again and again and again. No Watchdogs would disappoint me, no Assassins Creed is fine by me.



pukka-pie commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

Is this guy an idiot?

But seriously this highlights part of the reason that the Wii U has been a flop, even people in the industry don't get it! Don't get me wrong, I love my Wii U and I hope the gamepad makes a comeback on the next Nintendo home console but it's all a bit baffling for the general public - is the Wii U the same as the Wii? Will I need to spend £100 on a second controller? Do I need a Wii U if i've got a Wii? - these are all valid questions. I remember when the 3ds came out I was out of the loop and thought for several months that it was just a normal DS with 3D tacked onto it so I can appreciate that point of view when it comes to the Wii U.



pukka-pie commented on Video: These Are The Ten DS Games We Want To S...:

I just don't understand Nintendo's logic here; it's like as a 3DS owner i'm a second class citizen. I can play NES games, gameboy, a few Sega games etc but that's about it. I don't get it. Why are SNES games not coming out on the 3DS? Why no GBA games? I kind of understand no DS games as you can just buy a hard copy but not being able to play Super Mario World or Super Metroid on the 3ds just seems misjudged. And the rate at which they are releasing games is pitiful too, I mean how much time does it take to emulate a NES game?



pukka-pie commented on Former Naughty Dog And THQ Head Jason Rubin Sa...:

@ReigningSemtex Yes it really is. Uncharted 2 is woeful. From the awful characters, that smarmy donkey of a protagonist that makes sarcastic wise-cracks as he pumps a bullet into someones skull; that awful Australian woman, the generic Russian etc.

Those filler climbing around like a chip bits.

The overall SLOG of it all. Kill 50 men, move to another room, Kill 50 men, move to another room. The TOTAL lack of variety.

The feeble, pathetic grenades.

The awful story; Nathan Drakes goes on GENOCIDAL killing spree after being betrayed. Because somehow he has a right to the treasure...? He is a horrible protagonist, he isn't fighting for the greater good, he is fighting out of blood-lust and greed.

The pathetic goat men, slapped on to give a super-natural edge like in Indiana Jones.

Just a terrible, overrated, heap of turd. A game that does NOTHING well (well the graphics are nice). Honestly, I could write and essay on what makes that the most overrated game ever. And yes, Tomb Raider ripped off Uncharted, probably why that was terrible too...

And don't even get me started on Jak & Daxter, the void between that and Mario Sunshine in terms of creativity and craft is embarrassing. But hey, Playstation platformers are always way overrated, LBP was good though I must say.



pukka-pie commented on Former Naughty Dog And THQ Head Jason Rubin Sa...:

Naughty Dog. Home of two of the most criminally overrated franchises ever, Jak & Daxter, a platformer totally devoid of imagination; and the shockingly bad, Indiana Jones rip-off, Uncharted.

Releasing Nintendo games on another platform would be a shambolic move. Any clown can see that.

Frankly whenever I see an article that refers to Apple or Google as a serious player on the gaming market I completely lose interest. Just nonsense. I have never met any gamer anywhere that uses their phone as an alternative. It amazes me how out of touch industry 'experts' are sometimes.



pukka-pie commented on iPhone Gaming Controller Could Mean "The End O...:

No-one wants to slap a hefty lump of plastic on their phone. I got an iPhone to play lots of games on and I was disappointed; trying to find a great game, a deep game, is spectacularly hard. I've had more playtime out of Ocarina of Time alone than with about 30 iPhone titles. It just isn't a games console, pure and simple.



pukka-pie commented on Review: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U):

@D3athBr1ng3r187 Are you comparing Knack with Mario? And to be fair he's not the only person that is tired of brainless shooters (not that Knack is a shooter), honestly for the first time I have no implication to buy a PS4 because I am so so so sick of predictable titles. A Wii U and a PC, the perfect combo.



pukka-pie commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess...:

I would easily give this game a 10. It far exceeds OoT in almost every department. I admit I didn't enjoy the first 15 hours or so, it didn't seem as polished as I would expect from Nintendo but after that it kept getting better and better. Sure we've seen most of it before but the same can be said of any Mario or Zelda game. There is much more of a plot here, it isn't simple as 'princess captured: Link to the rescue'.

The art style is wonderful. Hyrule Field is much larger and much more fun to explore. The dungeons are all seamless. The boss fights are always very fun. Playing as a wolf never ever feels gimmicky. TP does literally everything well.

I know it's taboo to say so but OoT is overrated. TP is underrated. An 8 is a joke.



pukka-pie commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

If the rumors are to be believed Microsoft are planning selling the Xbox brand, depending on the buyer this could signal the end of the 'console wars' as we know it. The PS3 also suffered from colossal losses, if the PS4 shapes up the same then who knows what the future holds for that too. They both seem infallible right now but who knows? My prediction; Nintendo will be making consoles long after both Sony and Microsoft give it up, Nintendo are all about games but it is only a tiny part of Microsoft's and Sony's strategy so their consoles are not going to be around forever, I could be wrong.

Certainly they don't appeal to me for the first time; a WiiU and a PC are all that I need. But then again I seem to be the only person that is totally bored of generic, bland, unimaginative, shoot-em-ups which is all that seems to be on offer on the One and the PS4. I may have to buy one for Metal Gear though..



pukka-pie commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Wo...:

@Nintonic I agree, I think OoT is... i'm going to say it... overrated! I mean it's good... it is very good... but is it really... THAT good...? The same with A Link To The Past, and both of these games represent absolute nostalgia for me.
Funnily enough Twilight Princess is my favorite.



pukka-pie commented on Poll: Is Nintendo's Wii U Advertising and Mark...:

I'm not even sure the failures of the Wii U are down to advertising. We all think the Wii was a huge success and yes, it was, but it undoubtedly turned vast swathes of loyal Nintendo fans away. If you take out all the woeful carnival games, the cooking games, the party games, the get fit games, which were frankly all bought by extremely casual gamers that could happily go the rest of their lives without ever buying a console again, then the Wii really didn't do a whole lot. Most of those people aren't going to care enough about games to want to make the upgrade to the Wii U. Most 'hardcore' gamers, aren't going to be turned away from Sony and Microsoft any time soon. So Nintendo are left with their hard fanbase, the fanbase that didn't turn away during the Wii, the gamers that crave another Zelda or Mario.

Sure advertisement can make a difference but Nintendo are paying the price for the path laid by the Wii. Frankly i'm not sure how much the likes of Mario and Zelda appeal to the average gamer now, most games now are pretty dry and very serious.

I love Nintendo and actually i'm going back to the Wii at the moment playing through all the games I missed (pretty much all of them), but on the home console front Nintendo might be doomed. People like flashy graphics, and when Steam, the Xbox and the Playstation take up such a huge chunk of the market I fail to see how Nintendo could ever catch up.

The Wii was a huge success. But it might turn out to be the biggest mistake Nintendo ever made.



pukka-pie commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening ...:


Obvious cliche is obvious.

And the petulance rolls on. Anyone that loves something is a 'fanboy', anyone that dislikes something is a 'troll', gamers, eternally steadfast in their bigotry. The belief that anyone that doesn't agree with the critics is objectively in the wrong.

I do not like this game. I thought it was dire. That is my opinion. I am not a troll. I love Nintendo. But I strongly dislike this game. I spoke my mind. And you brand me a troll. Because in gaming, people aren't allowed an opinion.

This is the worst Zelda that I have ever played. If saying what I think makes me a troll. Then perhaps I should find a bridge and live under it.



pukka-pie commented on Readers Of EDGE Consider Ocarina Of Time And M...:

@electrolite77 FFVII is amazing. I played it for the first time this year and it was spectacular. The best video game music ever (okay, Zelda and several Mario games run it close), a near perfect combat system, a magic/ materia system that is sublime in it's simplicity, some great boss fights, an engaging plot. One of the best RPG's I have ever played.



pukka-pie commented on Readers Of EDGE Consider Ocarina Of Time And M...:

GTA V and Final Fantasy VII would be the top 2 for me. Oblivion would also have to be in there.

It's funny, I have never ever ever met anyone that thinks Vice City is better than San Andreas... but Vice City always trumps it on lists like this...



pukka-pie commented on Talking Point: Marketing Wii U to the Masses:

@ferthepoet I didn't say they were idiots. I said they are aimed at idiots. For me most PS3 games are stunningly shallow, boring, and never ever break the mould. This is why i've ditched my PS3 after years 'away' from Nintendo, Nintendo have honed their craft to perfection and PC gaming is the cradle of creativity today. Consoles are getting more and more dumbed down, if you can't see that you need to look a bit harder. Look at the 'One' release date titles... shooter, shooter, shooter, sports, shooter, shooter, racing, shooter, sports, shooter, action rpg, action rpg, racing, shooter. Yawn! I got my lifetime fill of shooting virtual people in the face over the last decade, i've had enough of all that rubbish! No offence!



pukka-pie commented on Talking Point: Marketing Wii U to the Masses:

The Wii U will be defined by spikes in sales. When The Wind Waker comes out a ton of consoles will sell, same with an all new Mario, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Metroid etc. But the Xbox and Sony fanbase is always going to be bigger, I don't want to brand a whole group of people but those consoles are aimed at shallow, idiots. Where a game like CoD can be re-released every year with pathetic DLC and millions lap it up. I know gaming is exclusively money driven unlike music and cinema but in our society the best things don't sell all too well, the best movie of last year wasn't Transformers, the best album wasn't a smash hit. I don't think Nintendo can be branded as failures based on sales alone anymore, they should be judged on the quality of their output and as the 3DS conclusively proves Nintendo are a million miles ahead of the competition in that regard. Give me 3D Land, Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion over boring ports of Assassins Creed and Need for Speed any day.



pukka-pie commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening ...:

If this is a 10 out of 10 i'm a Labrador. This isn't only the worst Zelda game i've ever played, it is the worst Nintendo game i've ever played. The puzzles are horrific, truly horrendous, absolute nonsense. It sends you off on this ridiculous trading chain, first a Yoshi doll, then a ribbon, take the ribbon to a bow-wow, get some meat, take the meat to a crocodile, get some bannanas. At least at this stage it isn't completely indecipherable like later on in the game:

Get a stick... find a honeycomb... take the honeycomb to some guy... you get a pineapple... take the pineapple to a random guy miles away from where you are (with NO hint as to where to go), then you get a letter (amazingly it tells you where to take it!)... then... a broom?!? What in god's name am I gonna do with a broom?! Is this a joke? And it goes on... it is utterly tedious, every item is miles away from the last, there is hardly ever a hint... it's about as fun as hugging a boa constrictor.

To make it all worse the world is labyrinthine, it's a complete maze. The map is useless. The majority of the game is spend aimlessly wandering around because the signposting is so shockingly bad (I mean amazingly bad, I mean the worst signposting of all time!). Unlike A Link To The Past which is open and confusion free it is borderline impossible to remember the route you're meant to take to get from A to B.

The dungeons are mediocre (but the highlights of the game), with puzzles that are counter logical nonsense. The bosses are quite good but most have been ripped right out of A Link To The Past.

This is a truly woeful game, it has nothing to do with the platform, some of the design decisions that were made here are baffling to say the least, but downright stupid would fit the bill better! It's a good job i'm not writing the review because I would give this a 3/10 score and believe me that is generous.

This joins my list of most overrated games of all time, along with Uncharted 2 and Final Fantasy XII.

A terrible game, not worth the virtual store price tag, not worth the Zelda moniker. DO NOT BUY.



pukka-pie commented on Without iOS Support Nintendo "Doesn’t Reach ...:

I don't want to see these games on my 3DS, they are gimmicky, they grow extremely boring extremely quickly. I would much rather have a tidy 3DS store with the bulk of the games being pretty good. The Wii was swamped with dross I don't want the Wii U and the 3DS to suffer the same fate.