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PanurgeJr commented on Nintendo Download: 4th February (North America):

@ricklongo I was thinking the same thing. I've played every day for more than a month and it feels like I haven't made a dent in the damn game. I need something smaller (which is every other game, quite frankly) and more manageable (ditto) to mix things up a bit.



PanurgeJr commented on FreezeME Has Been Approved for a Wii U Release...:

@ACK Actually one of the devs said in an interview that their primary purpose for the Kickstarter was promotion and not funding and that failing never put the project at risk. I was very happy when I learned that, because nothing is worse (in the gaming world, not the real one; let's have some perspective) than interesting projects not getting funding, and only slightly less bad is projects getting insufficient funding to be fully realized.



PanurgeJr commented on ​The Princess Daisy Costume is Finally Comin...:


Perhaps I was naive. In Mario Kart 8 when the first four characters were Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy, I thought that finally Nintendo would develop Daisy. Admit that she and Luigi were a great couple; perhaps have her be the goal in Luigi's Mansion 3; maybe even a Super Princess Daisy game, because let's face it, Sarasaland would make a great setting. But then she doesn't even make the first HUNDRED sprites in Super Mario Maker. I couldn't have been more wrong.



PanurgeJr commented on Review: Molly Maggot (Wii U eShop):

@Zach777 To be fair, you could probably find a few dozen games that are similar but worse just by browsing Google Play or the App Store for an hour. At least this game won't make it harder to find the good games on the eShop.



PanurgeJr commented on Wii U eShop Exclusive 3Souls Will Aim to 'Brea...:

While I am always hopeful for any game, especially exclusives which attempt to leverage the hardware, I'm always wary when trailers have little in the way of gameplay. Hopefully this is just a case of them getting their name out now and holding off on gameplay until closer to launch for marketing purposes. (I will admit to complete ignorance as to what approach will build the largest audience.)



PanurgeJr commented on Feature: A Year in Development - Yacht Club Ga...:

My favorite part of this interview is how they are resisting devaluing SK through bundles and deep discounts. The video game market needs fewer games at $60, fewer games at 99¢ (or free), and more at intermediate price points to be truly healthy.



PanurgeJr commented on Talking Point: 2015 - A Peculiar Year of New, ...:

@Sakura Have you ever played the original Darksiders, on PS360, or the sequel, whether on Wii U or another console? I played the original on PS3, and in no way did it push the system nor look like Vigil worked to optimize the graphics.

Later I read an interview with someone from Vigil. When asked about the port of Darksiders 2 to Wii U he outright laughed, called the Wii U a 360 7 years too late, and said he was thankful he wasn't on the team doing the port. It was then that I realized that AAA studios want as much power as possible to save them the work of learning the hardware, not because they want to produce the best work possible.

Now, the economics are another question entirely. If you could sell 5M on one system, or 500K on Wii U, I think we'd all agree which would be the better investment. And we can debate why that has come about. But when a studio says Wii U is underpowered, that's simply a lie. It might not be capable of the best PS4 or the Bone, and certainly not a high-end PC (PSBone aren't capable of that either), but it can do most of what AAA studios actually produce.



PanurgeJr commented on Talking Point: The Easily Forgotten Hardware R...:

I bought the New 3DS because I couldn't resist the Majora's Mask edition, but I haven't transferred my data over yet because there's been no need to. Sure I could get Xenoblade, but if I ever play that again you can be sure I'm using my Wii save file and not starting over completely. Once there's more reason to I'll switch systems.



PanurgeJr commented on Yusuke Hashimoto Talks Star Fox Zero and Colla...:

I just hope Hashimoto's tweet about looking forward to more Bayonetta doesn't refer to the Smash we already know about, or to Bayonetta 3 being developed on a competing console. If Nintendo hasn't hired them to put B3 on NX then truly all hope is lost.



PanurgeJr commented on Review: Petit Novel series - Harvest December ...:

@Peace-Boy If you have a PS3 get Steins;Gate. Full disclosure: I have not purchased this game myself. But I have watched the anime based upon it, and there is a reason it sits at number one on Anime News Network's list of top anime by user ratings. Utterly brilliant story, and some day I'll get the game. (And some later day the game will be moved from backlog to playlist.)



PanurgeJr commented on ​Rumour: Data Miners Discover Another Costum...:

@Cael86 I would love for there to be a Super Princess Daisy, and think Sarasaland would make for an interesting setting. I also think there's more potential to a Luigi-Daisy relationship than Mario-Peach. But Nintendo never creates games to explore characters, they create characters to fit their games, so I don't see any of this happening.



PanurgeJr commented on ​Rumour: Data Miners Discover Another Costum...:

WHY DOES NINTENDO HATE DAISY SO MUCH? I mean seriously--the list of things that they skipped over her for to put in Super Mario Maker is already long and ridiculous enough, especially since all they had to do was swap a palette they already had for the Peach sprites they already had, but now they're putting in something from her first game? If it turns out this is one of many additions which includes her I will admit to having overreacted. But if they skip over her yet again I will lose my *&#!.



PanurgeJr commented on Sales for Dementium Remastered Have Been Much ...:

I think the problem is that between AAA and mobile people have been conditioned to pay $60 for a blockbuster and to expect everything else for free; there is no middle ground, which makes for a decidedly unhealthy market. I think the best thing that can happen for them given the realities of the market would be to go second party, like Next Level and Retro. With what they do with four employees and a minimal budget I think they could do very good things with funding (and the requisite expansion).



PanurgeJr commented on Bayonetta Confirmed as New Challenger in Super...:

@FargusPelagius Cloud isn't in Smash because of what he means to Nintendo; he's in Smash because he's Square's biggest character and because of what Square means to Nintendo. It's Nintendo including other company mascots. Which also explains Bayonetta and why characters like Shantae didn't have as much of a chance.



PanurgeJr commented on Xenoblade Director on What's Next for the Seri...:

My copy hasn't even shipped yet, but I'm in no hurry, since I'm in the middle of Eternal Sonata from tri-Crescendo--which co-developed the Baten Kaitos series with Monolith Soft--and I travel during the holidays, so I'll probably wait until January to start. And now that I'm thinking about it, as much as I love the Xenoblade series (assuming XCX isn't crap), I'd love a Baten Kaitos HD. Possibly my favorite battle system of all time.

Update: Just got an email from Amazon saying my order has shipped. Since it's Friday at midnight that doesn't mean much.



PanurgeJr commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Its Black Friday ...:

Steve Jobs told me that once I spend hundreds of dollars every year on hardware I deserve software for 99 cents. So naturally I think this is literally the most insulting sale ever. And how dare a publisher insist that their products have value.



PanurgeJr commented on Wii U eShop Exclusive Temple of Yog Will Begin...:

Not a big fan of the art style (which is related to but distinct from the graphics) but since I've spent a generation apologizing for the Wii by saying gameplay is the most important thing I will listen to my own argument and at least see what the reviews say.



PanurgeJr commented on Review: Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique ...:

Style Savvy: Trendsetters was the first sim game I played. I still don't know why I picked it up, either it specifically as opposed to another option, or in general any sim game, because I hadn't seen the point to sim gameplay. But I'm glad I did, because it is so much fun. Still holding out that NoA brings us Style Savvy 3.

Seriously, why in the world did I buy a fashion game?



PanurgeJr commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

@Dezzy You are mistaken; the publisher pays for development in the hopes of selling to the consumer. If it seems pedantic to make the distinction, consider that the publisher is the one taking the financial risk, and that the consumer bears no risk at all.