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PanurgeJr commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Continues to Shift Its...:

The biggest advantage to working with independent studios is that they are small enough that they can focus more on the quality of game and less on the quantity of sales. Yes, they are businesses that have bills to pay, and yes, people who work at AAA studios want to make the best products they can; but when you factor in the pressures publishers place on them, and the pressures shareholders place on the publishers, what AAA studios can do becomes very restrictive. They in many ways simply can't offer the alternative that Nintendo seeks to provide. Nindies can, and Nintendo is absolutely correct in courting them, and in making the eShop a place where they can (by modest standards) thrive.



PanurgeJr commented on M2's Porting of Gunstar Heroes To 3DS Was Almo...:

Maybe not Thursday, but I will definitely pick this up. I loved the GBA game and expect this to be better. And while I'm thinking about it does anyone know what Treasure is doing? Seems they've been silent for a while.



PanurgeJr commented on Hands On: Devil's Third - Sampling Online Chao...:

I'm not an online player, so I'll be getting this based upon the single player campaign, but I liked the words at the end of the preview: "good intentions and passions on display." I actually prefer unpolished passion to lifeless perfection. (I find passionate perfection too rare to worry about.) I'm leaning towards giving this the benefit of the doubt, as well as not punishing NoA for listening to the fans who were in an uproar about this game.



PanurgeJr commented on Talking Point: Fatal Frame's Trial Version and...:

Hopefully a limited edition will come to NA. While I prefer physical to digital, I vastly prefer digital to no game at all; I suspect that games like Fatal Frame and Yumi's Odd Odyssey are so niche that they'd never be localized if they had to incur the cost of being published physically.



PanurgeJr commented on Typoman Set to Spell Out a Release on 16th Sep...:

The demo did exactly what it should have, and demonstrated that the game concept has potential. I'll wait for a review or two (and sadly, games like this don't get reviewed enough so there won't be many to choose from), but if the game lives up to at least some of that potential I will definitely be buying this.



PanurgeJr commented on Rumour: Rodea the Sky Soldier Release Pushed B...:

I've had the limited edition preordered for a while, and I have no problem with waiting a bit longer. It puts off when my credit card is charged, and it isn't like I don't have a huge backlog that will keep me more than occupied in the meantime.



PanurgeJr commented on Zombi Reveal Trailer Suggests That Wii U Gamer...:

@heyzeus002 It's the same as Hollywood relying ever more on franchises; it seems that's how everything is going. It won't get this bad, but my gaming nightmare would be to have nothing but two types of games made any more: multi-million dollar AAA sequels and F2P mobile titles. (shudders)



PanurgeJr commented on Editorial: Satoru Iwata Embodied The Playful B...:

Yesterday was for sorrow and prayers for those left behind; today is for beginning to reflect upon the man lost; and later will be for the decisions which eventually will have to be made. One point made above with which I entirely agree but which I see in leaders far too infrequently, is that whatever you thought of Iwata's decisions, not only did you have to acknowledge that there was purpose behind them, you had to respect what that purpose was. How many corporations, after going from the profit levels they saw from Wii and DS to the struggles they've been having, would refuse to abandon their identity as they addressed those struggles? Very, very few. Nintendo, under Iwata, was one of them. And I look forward to watching, and playing, as a new steward continues Iwata's work



PanurgeJr commented on Limbo Looks Set to Finally Arrive on the Wii U...:

I just bought the Android version last week because even though I hate playing games on a smartphone which weren't designed specifically for one, I've always wanted to play this and it was my best chance. I'll double dip if it turns out I like the game but hate the controls, something which is quite possible. And if it turns out this rumor is true. That's also important.

And while I'm at it, I'd love it if Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons also gets a Wii U port. I'll play it on my phone if I have to, but I don't want to.



PanurgeJr commented on FreezeME, Coming to Wii U, Looks Rather Simila...:

@ricklongo I was also sad to see the Kickstarter fail, but I was glad to read in the referenced interview that the campaign wasn't run for the money and the dev didn't really need it (although I'm sure it would have helped). And you're right, at least we get updates on the project, which nobody else gets. My opinion of what the game might be hasn't changed with the updates, so I'll be getting this when it is released; I figure with my pledge I already attempted to buy it, and if I go back on that I make a liar out of myself.



PanurgeJr commented on Poll: Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplaye...:

I prefer single player, but in all honesty I'm a bit of a misanthrope so nobody making business decisions should include me in their data. I also don't think the benefits of online outweigh the negatives, like poor connections and poorer sports, but again, I'm in a shrinking minority. I will say that playing Mario Kart with my nieces and nephew reminded me that local multiplayer can be quite fun, so I'm glad Nintendo keeps some focus on that.



PanurgeJr commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

@Kaze_Memaryu It's one thing to be disinterested in a title because it's not single player, or because it seems to have a tone other than what you're looking for. It's another thing entirely to take the insulting tone that you have towards Next Level Games to express that disinterest, especially when in the process you prove that you are one of the entitled, kneejerk masses that the rest of us have grown so tired of these last two weeks. I've seen all the footage that you have; I've played the same amount of the game as you have; so I know exactly what your opinion is based on, and exactly how seriously to take it. Which is not in the least. At this point I'm not even embarrassed anymore for everyone who can't see how ridiculous they're being. The initial, emotional reaction was one thing, but to not only keep it up but to attempt to construct rational argument to justify it is Camusian-level absurd.



PanurgeJr commented on Review: Never Alone (Wii U eShop):

If they patch it I will pick this up. Even without a patch I still may. I certainly don't want to support buggy game development, but I also do want to support a wider range of thematic material and artistic aesthetics in gaming, and sending the message to other developers that there is an audience for games like this is something I'd like to do, even as I worry that I'd send the message that people will accept poor execution.



PanurgeJr commented on Take More Risks With Your eShop Purchases, Ple...:

If comment threads continue to be like this one, where person after person misinterprets what is actually said and meant as a means to launch into a negative tirade, I'm just going to stick to the articles. A majority of the comments offer nothing meaningful, and even those that do are wrapped in the sort of certainty found only in those who, rather than putting thought into their words, channel their unprocessed emotions.



PanurgeJr commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

Note to, well, just about everyone: referring to your entitlement as valid criticism and then taking offense that it is being given the proper description makes you even more ridiculous than if you just had a meltdown and started screaming ME WANT PWIME! Note to me: such ridiculous people are incapable of recognizing that, and I should just stop wasting my time.

I really wanted E3 to tell me what Retro, Next Level, and Hashimoto from Platinum were working on. I got two out of three. And I get to play them on hardware I own. Next Level has proven themselves more than capable, and everyone should be excited that they are giving us a game in the Metroid franchise. That's right: Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a game in the Metroid franchise. And it deserves to be judged, sold, and played strictly based on its own merits, not upon what it isn't nor what it isn't intended to be. Anyone who does not understand that concept, or who judges, refuses to buy, or refuses to play it for reasons having nothing to do with the game itself is a [redacted out of respect for the good people of NintendoLife who have to put up with this nonsense, even though a whole bunch of people have proven themselves worse than [redacted] who totally deserve it.].



PanurgeJr commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

Now that I've had a day, I realize that my disappointment comes not from what we're getting but from what we aren't, which is really a ridiculous thing. The failure of E3 to significantly augment the lineup doesn't change the fact that I am still more interested in what Wii U is getting than the other consoles.



PanurgeJr commented on Super Mario Maker is the Final Name for the An...:

Utterly brilliant way to show off Super Mario Maker. A few minutes during the Digital Event would not have come close to selling people on the game like watching two great players tackle those stages. I don't have the patience to create stages, nor the talent to create interesting ones, but I will be getting the game to experience what other people can do.



PanurgeJr commented on PlatinumGames to Unveil a New Title at E3:

@Chubblings @FragRed Kamiya has said on multiple occasions that Platinum has no interest in going second party, and I believe him; I think they value their independence too much, and they have greater freedom in choosing what projects to work on. That said, Nintendo needs to work with them as often as possible, enough that people think they've gone second party; they're too good at what they do.



PanurgeJr commented on ​Xeodrifter Port Confirmed for Wii U eShop:

@MitchVogel It wasn't exactly a whim. It was a studio that has four people (Jools and three others) needing cash flow, and having an exceptionally tight budget to create a sellable game. When you review Xeodrifter bear in mind that if they didn't finish the game there may very well not be Renegade Kid anymore. I assure you anything that looks like a shortcut was both acknowledged as such by RK and was decided upon by the economics of indie development.



PanurgeJr commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Smashes P...:

@JaxonH I believe that Adventures of Pip was my 3rd release out of 18 pledges to successful campaigns. At this point I'm done with Kickstarter, but probably not for why people might guess upon hearing that. I'm still excited for all the projects still coming, even though I know the odds favor some of them not coming to fruition, and I'm glad I pledged to all of them. And I absolutely love the theory of the crowdfunding model. But there are some major problems I don't see solutions to, and Bloodstained and Yooka-Laylee are making them worse. Development is expensive, for any game, but now that Kickstarter is past the worship-of-the-new phase no campaign that sets a realistic goal will be successful. Just ask Renegade Kid, and their campaign was during a more Kickstarter-friendly time. Read the Bloodstained campaign: the $500,000 goal was 1/10th the anticipated budget. The remaining 90% was from investors who wanted to see a successful campaign showing there was still demand. Five million is the basic budget. The campaign is considered an amazing success, but won't come close to that. What will, say, forty thousand make possible? Not much; but that's what campaigns that don't have Igarashi at the helm will have to settle for if they want to succeed.

Even then I've seen way too many interesting games with such targets go unsupported, even in cases where all they wanted was additional funds to finish development that was mostly finished on their own dime. It's almost the production version of mobile gaming; the consumer, having no clue what is actually involved, expects a lot for a little. And I don't want to be part of that. Those Indies that can secure funding and bring games to market I will gladly support at prices befitting the investment making that possible; but I won't Kickstart when my investment is no longer commensurate with what the final product should be.



PanurgeJr commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

With Wii U not doing well, Nintendo couldn't afford unsold inventory. They had to take a conservative view on what amiibo's popularity would be. They were wrong, and I guarantee they began correcting their orders as soon as they could. However, manufacturing contracts have to be in place months in advance, and they couldn't just make more Marth or Villager amiibo, because by the time they knew what demand was there the manufacturer would have moved on to another contract. I know it's frustrating, but a little reality about how manufacturing works would be nice.