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PanurgeJr commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

@Kaze_Memaryu It's one thing to be disinterested in a title because it's not single player, or because it seems to have a tone other than what you're looking for. It's another thing entirely to take the insulting tone that you have towards Next Level Games to express that disinterest, especially when in the process you prove that you are one of the entitled, kneejerk masses that the rest of us have grown so tired of these last two weeks. I've seen all the footage that you have; I've played the same amount of the game as you have; so I know exactly what your opinion is based on, and exactly how seriously to take it. Which is not in the least. At this point I'm not even embarrassed anymore for everyone who can't see how ridiculous they're being. The initial, emotional reaction was one thing, but to not only keep it up but to attempt to construct rational argument to justify it is Camusian-level absurd.



PanurgeJr commented on Review: Never Alone (Wii U eShop):

If they patch it I will pick this up. Even without a patch I still may. I certainly don't want to support buggy game development, but I also do want to support a wider range of thematic material and artistic aesthetics in gaming, and sending the message to other developers that there is an audience for games like this is something I'd like to do, even as I worry that I'd send the message that people will accept poor execution.



PanurgeJr commented on Take More Risks With Your eShop Purchases, Ple...:

If comment threads continue to be like this one, where person after person misinterprets what is actually said and meant as a means to launch into a negative tirade, I'm just going to stick to the articles. A majority of the comments offer nothing meaningful, and even those that do are wrapped in the sort of certainty found only in those who, rather than putting thought into their words, channel their unprocessed emotions.



PanurgeJr commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

Note to, well, just about everyone: referring to your entitlement as valid criticism and then taking offense that it is being given the proper description makes you even more ridiculous than if you just had a meltdown and started screaming ME WANT PWIME! Note to me: such ridiculous people are incapable of recognizing that, and I should just stop wasting my time.

I really wanted E3 to tell me what Retro, Next Level, and Hashimoto from Platinum were working on. I got two out of three. And I get to play them on hardware I own. Next Level has proven themselves more than capable, and everyone should be excited that they are giving us a game in the Metroid franchise. That's right: Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a game in the Metroid franchise. And it deserves to be judged, sold, and played strictly based on its own merits, not upon what it isn't nor what it isn't intended to be. Anyone who does not understand that concept, or who judges, refuses to buy, or refuses to play it for reasons having nothing to do with the game itself is a [redacted out of respect for the good people of NintendoLife who have to put up with this nonsense, even though a whole bunch of people have proven themselves worse than [redacted] who totally deserve it.].



PanurgeJr commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

Now that I've had a day, I realize that my disappointment comes not from what we're getting but from what we aren't, which is really a ridiculous thing. The failure of E3 to significantly augment the lineup doesn't change the fact that I am still more interested in what Wii U is getting than the other consoles.



PanurgeJr commented on Super Mario Maker is the Final Name for the An...:

Utterly brilliant way to show off Super Mario Maker. A few minutes during the Digital Event would not have come close to selling people on the game like watching two great players tackle those stages. I don't have the patience to create stages, nor the talent to create interesting ones, but I will be getting the game to experience what other people can do.



PanurgeJr commented on PlatinumGames to Unveil a New Title at E3:

@Chubblings @FragRed Kamiya has said on multiple occasions that Platinum has no interest in going second party, and I believe him; I think they value their independence too much, and they have greater freedom in choosing what projects to work on. That said, Nintendo needs to work with them as often as possible, enough that people think they've gone second party; they're too good at what they do.



PanurgeJr commented on ​Xeodrifter Port Confirmed for Wii U eShop:

@MitchVogel It wasn't exactly a whim. It was a studio that has four people (Jools and three others) needing cash flow, and having an exceptionally tight budget to create a sellable game. When you review Xeodrifter bear in mind that if they didn't finish the game there may very well not be Renegade Kid anymore. I assure you anything that looks like a shortcut was both acknowledged as such by RK and was decided upon by the economics of indie development.



PanurgeJr commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Smashes P...:

@JaxonH I believe that Adventures of Pip was my 3rd release out of 18 pledges to successful campaigns. At this point I'm done with Kickstarter, but probably not for why people might guess upon hearing that. I'm still excited for all the projects still coming, even though I know the odds favor some of them not coming to fruition, and I'm glad I pledged to all of them. And I absolutely love the theory of the crowdfunding model. But there are some major problems I don't see solutions to, and Bloodstained and Yooka-Laylee are making them worse. Development is expensive, for any game, but now that Kickstarter is past the worship-of-the-new phase no campaign that sets a realistic goal will be successful. Just ask Renegade Kid, and their campaign was during a more Kickstarter-friendly time. Read the Bloodstained campaign: the $500,000 goal was 1/10th the anticipated budget. The remaining 90% was from investors who wanted to see a successful campaign showing there was still demand. Five million is the basic budget. The campaign is considered an amazing success, but won't come close to that. What will, say, forty thousand make possible? Not much; but that's what campaigns that don't have Igarashi at the helm will have to settle for if they want to succeed.

Even then I've seen way too many interesting games with such targets go unsupported, even in cases where all they wanted was additional funds to finish development that was mostly finished on their own dime. It's almost the production version of mobile gaming; the consumer, having no clue what is actually involved, expects a lot for a little. And I don't want to be part of that. Those Indies that can secure funding and bring games to market I will gladly support at prices befitting the investment making that possible; but I won't Kickstart when my investment is no longer commensurate with what the final product should be.



PanurgeJr commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

With Wii U not doing well, Nintendo couldn't afford unsold inventory. They had to take a conservative view on what amiibo's popularity would be. They were wrong, and I guarantee they began correcting their orders as soon as they could. However, manufacturing contracts have to be in place months in advance, and they couldn't just make more Marth or Villager amiibo, because by the time they knew what demand was there the manufacturer would have moved on to another contract. I know it's frustrating, but a little reality about how manufacturing works would be nice.



PanurgeJr commented on Out Now: Splatoon Brings Some Colour to the Wii U:

As I am not an online player, am visiting family this weekend, and am in the middle of another game, I'll get it sometime next week. I'm even considering the unthinkable and ruining the value of the amiibo by opening the box and actually using them for the content.



PanurgeJr commented on Nintendo Renews Eternal Darkness Trademark as...:

File this with Beyond Good and Evil 2 and The Last Guardian in both my Really Really Want It and Believe It When I See It folders. I just don't think the audience is large enough for this to be likely. And no matter how passionate a fan is, they represent only one potential sale.



PanurgeJr commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

@Nintendian You're underestimating the power of the mobile market. The big companies will develop down to what sells, rather than consumers adjusting expectations--and more importantly, willingness to pay--up. For every person who games on mobile as a serious hobby, there are easily thousands who do it because they already have the device so they might as well have a bit of fun for a few minutes. And they are never paying premium prices. Ever. They can, however, be conned out of nickels and dimes, but spending multiple millions to do so is an abysmal business plan.



PanurgeJr commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

Saying mobile is the future of gaming is like a movie studio saying their future is YouTube. I realize that mobile gaming isn't as bad as my inner fanboy thinks it is (he really hates it), but there are some serious problems to the market that I honestly believe are true and not just me ranting illogically. First, people expect their software to be virtually free, so the only way to make money is to take advantage of their inattentiveness and have them pay a few cents over an over without realizing it. Second, less than one percent of games make money; it's probably one percent of one percent. Third, there is zero brand loyalty. A successful game doesn't create fans of that studio who wait for their next title. Those people will jump to the next big thing and have no idea who created it, and won't care. Focusing exclusively on mobile is like buying lottery tickets for your retirement plan, and pretty much guarantees they'll be out of business in five years.



PanurgeJr commented on Great News, Just Dance Fans, Ubisoft Has Confi...:

@DarthNocturnal You took my comment, word for word. At this point they have two IP I'm interested in: Beyond Good and Evil and ZombiU. They missed an entire generation with the first, and I believe they flat out lied about the second being profitable, so I don't have much hope that we'll see more of either.



PanurgeJr commented on Nintendo Unable To Promise When It Can Remedy ...:

@rjejr Basing demand on preorders would be useless, as the manufacturing contracts have to be in place months, if not at least a year, in advance, and nobody preorders that early. Further, despite what you might think, the majority of sales don't go to the vocal minority you see here who do preorder, but to consumers who just buy what is available and don't even realize preorders are possible.



PanurgeJr commented on Atlus Confirms Attack on Titan: Humanity in Ch...:

I'm very much in the wait for reviews camp. On the one hand Attack on Titan is awesome (and gets most of its hate from hipsters, which makes me love it more) and zipping around Shiganshina could be so much fun. On the other hand I can easily see gameplay devolving into a QTE fest or something else equally unfun. In a way I'm glad it's digital-only, because I'd have a hard time staying away from a print run with any bonuses.



PanurgeJr commented on Listings and Rumours Point to a Silver Mario a...:

I made the deliberate financial decision to not try and get every amiibo, and fortunately for my sanity this one is on the not-buy list. My sanity will be tested when Palutena, Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, and Pittoo go up for preorder. Actually I think I'll check right now just in case...



PanurgeJr commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

@HollywoodHogan I did not deny that the Wii U is less powerful than either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but neither did I criticize their power; I accorded them their rightful places. You also seem to have completely missed my point about development. Of course if the decision is to develop for one console the Wii U is not the proper choice, for it would not be as profitable. But that is not the decision. The cost of developing for a second system is not twice the cost of developing for the first, which means that the revenue generated by the second system does not have to equal that by the first in order to be the proper decision. It has to cover the additional costs only.

This is to say nothing of what the decision would do for future Activision titles. In the entire chicken/egg relationship that Nintendo console owners have with third party publishers it is true that third parties stay away because of poor sales, but it is also true that poor sales result from third party attitudes as well. And with Activision bringing a new Guitar Hero soon there will be people who pass on it if they perceive that that's all Activision intends to bring them, that the limits of how seriously Activision takes Wii U are how it can serve for party games. A minimal effect, but very real, and one that may quite possibly shift the scales one way or the other in a very close decision.

As for "Bone4," I chose to abbreviate to save time and space. I hate long answers.



PanurgeJr commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

@HollywoodHogan Perhaps the tech is on par with what PCs offered at that time, but the machine itself is distinct from a PC. Bone4 is not. Nor is it quite as next-gen as the simplistic narrative suggests. And from what I've seen absolutely none of the power advantage it has over Wii U is being put towards gameplay that Wii U can't handle. It's being put towards more polygons and more effects. AAA devs would tell you that they are loath to sacrifice the immersion that creates, ignoring the irony, largest in an FPS, that the greatest immersion is found when the controller feels like a gun, not when the water effects are at their shiniest. With a little work a Wii U/Wiimote scheme could be the definitive way to play any FPS.

As for sales, Blops3 wouldn't have to sell well enough to fund development, just well enough to fund the porting costs. All of the preproduction, most of the assets, a lot of the work--the money has already been spent on them whether there is a Wii U version or not. There are more Wii Us out there than people who listen to the constant stream of claims of failure realize, and it wouldn't take that much of an attach rate for Activision to make money.



PanurgeJr commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Direct Confirm...:

I suppose they're getting the English Direct in before the Japanese release so I shouldn't read too much into them having a Direct now and not waiting until E3. But I can hope this means it's coming sooner rather than later.



PanurgeJr commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

I was sad to see, even in an editorial, Nintendo Life fall prey to the "but free advertising" argument. Anyone wishing to make that claim has the responsibility to quantify it, because Nintendo is entitled to direct, monetary recompense for the use of its properties in revenue generating endeavors.