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Sat 16th Nov 2013

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AidenPearce commented on Weirdness: You'll Still Be Able To (Sort Of) P...:

Nintendo should have paid ubisoft to release watch dogs first on wii u, the reason why watch dogs was delayed is because of the online problems the x1 and ps4 have.

if watch dogs was on wii u first then nintendo would be feasting on money this holiday



AidenPearce commented on Video: Pitching a Wii U to Parents Requires Se...:

@net34a This is an ad for the parents, NOT the core gamer, the wii u itself is more core gamer focused than the wii was, ads like these sell systems and Nintendo needs sales, Mario kart 8 and smash bros aren't coming out until next year so Nintendo needs to substitute those system sellers with a family oriented ad