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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Marioman64 commented on Target Won't Be Restocking Rosalina amiibo, Se...:

I work BACKROOM at target and didn't get any of the 29 I backstocked (on the day before it came out, so I couldn't buy it then)... if they actually want people to own this amiibo, they'll make more, otherwise they better not make something that's unlockable with Rosalina



Marioman64 commented on North American Release Date Confirmed for Duck...:

@thedefalcos what? The original had perfect hit detection. You just had to close one eye and aim down the little aimer things on the zapper like a real gun, line up those two plastic bits with the duck and you never missed. I'm a little dissapointed there's going to be a crosshair, but glad they're bringing the game back



Marioman64 commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd October (North America):

ah too much stuff! Pokemon Art, Fantasy Life, Bayonetta 1 and 2, AND Shantae... might have to get half now and half next payday... gah my poor wallet

Also, to those complaining about Shantae being $20, you'd EASILY pay more than that for a GBA game like that, which it was originally, so why the heck would you expect less just because it's downloadable? Mobile game prices have ruined your expectations of what things should cost, stop crying and being greedy and start trading quality money for quality games.



Marioman64 commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

i'm fine with this, screw the c-stick in smash

also, i'm impressed enough they got something running on the 3ds that's going to run just as smooth as it's full console counterpart, the device "reboot" it does when returning to the home menu from the demo is mind blowing enough. can't wait for that New 3DS to come stateside



Marioman64 commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (North America):

WOOOO ARMILLO! Been waiting for this to come out for months, especially after 2 delays. Can't wait to download it right after work. Mario galaxy gameplay with an adorable armadillo ball? Yes Please! (btw no interest in guacamelee, never heard of it)