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Sat 30th Jul 2011

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Dyl_73 commented on Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition is Creeping Up On...:

I am playing it now on my Wii U and have gone through it multiple times over the years since getting it when it first came out on the Wii.
My advice though is to find a physical copy. I got one for about £5 recently, which is far better than £17.99 on the eshop.



Dyl_73 commented on Review: LEGO Jurassic World (3DS):

A 4/10 seems a bit harsh. I enjoyed it from start to finish. It did seem easier to get 100% than previous Lego games, and the gameplay hasn't changed much at all. However, it plays pretty good and was fun. I personally would give it a 6/10.



Dyl_73 commented on Pokémon Shuffle Available to Download Right N...:

I have never purchased anything from these type of games and I am not about to start now. They are throw away games that can be played for a while and then ignored.
Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Farmville etc... can end up costing people more than an average off-the-shelf game.
In short, they're a rip off.



Dyl_73 commented on Bandai Namco Announces Ace Combat: Assault Hor...:

Spend a small fortune on figures to get a new design on a plane that has no effect on gameplay. Rip off. All these types of games that rely on or make use of figures are a con. I for one refuse to buy them.



Dyl_73 commented on Mario Golf: World Tour Swings Into 18th Place ...:

I'm yet to see an advert for Mario Golf so it's hardly surprising that sales are low. It's a shame really because it's a great game. Xbox and Sony are constantly advertised all over the place. Why don't Nintendo start doing the same? They need to wake up and realise that their strategies are failing.



Dyl_73 commented on You Can Now Pre-Order eShop Games Via Nintendo...:

It does seem like a stupid idea. Why pre-order something that isn't going to run out of stock. However, the price for nintendo football is £10.49 when pre-ordered and it shows £13.49 on the eshop. So your saving £3 and the small developers get a return for their game a bit quicker. So everyone is happy. Without the price drop though, it would be pointless.



Dyl_73 commented on Review: Nintendo Pocket Football Club (3DS eShop):

At the end of the day it's a game of two halves and they look to have given it 110% and given it their all. So long as you keep your eye on the ball and don't make silly mkstakes the 3 points are there for the taking.... enough thick footballer cliches.... this game looks pretty good. I reckon I might give it a whirl.



Dyl_73 commented on Pure Chess:

Big fail for the 3DS version. Poor camera that won't move. White pieces can be virtually invisible on white spaces. Pointless DLC. Worst version of them all. 3/10.



Dyl_73 commented on Nintendo Download: 6th February (Europe):

Same here. Otherwise it's a pretty uninspiring selection as can be seen in the fact that almost 80% of votes are for the 'nothing this week' option.
You would think that Nintendo / other developers would try and fill the quiet periods of the year with something good. People still want to buy games.



Dyl_73 commented on Review: LEGO Friends (3DS):

2/10 !
That's a bit harsh isn't it? Sure, it is a bit lame compared to the other Lego games, of which I have played many, and yes it does have long loading times and a repetitive play style. However, my little girl enjoys it and she is exactly the type of person who it is aimed at. She's an 8 year old Girl who doesn't spend hours playing video games. She plays them to fill the occasional bit of free time. This game isn't aimed at grown ups or even adolescents. I think you need to remember that when writing your reviews.
My score - 7/10 for young girls
4/10 for everyone else



Dyl_73 commented on Pokémon Bank Withdrawn From 3DS eShop in Japa...:

Nintendo changes into its regular alter ego... Nintendoffline. Useless. I wonder why so many gamers prefer the other main consoles... mmmm... could it be that their online systems are more reliable. I love my 3ds but hate the way that unreliable Nintendo change things / delete things and then do a pathetic half assed job of the replacement.



Dyl_73 commented on Bravely Default North American Demo To Include...:

This is a fantastic game.
The sp points thing is a rubbish idea but 40 hours into the game I have yet to actually use it. It's just not required. So to those who are yet to play this great game, don't worry.



Dyl_73 commented on Miiverse on 3DS Expands Its Collection of Comm...:

Not everyone can be as perfect as you. What about anyone playing that is new to the game and is frustrated at being pummelled within seconds of starting a fight. Are video games to be made only for an elite few, and online play restricted to those that have the time / skill to get really good?
Stop being so big headed and wake up to the fact that games are for EVERYONE!



Dyl_73 commented on The 3DS YouTube App Has Finally Gone Live:

Whoop de doo!
Can't imagine that I'll ever use it. Why bother when it's quicker and better on my phone? A few people may find it useful but I'm sure that most people won't bother.

Yep... tried it and it's rubbish. It works but it looks terrible. A waste of time really. Nintendo would be better off trying to create something new and worthwhile instead of joining the party after everyone else is moving on to the next party.



Dyl_73 commented on Turn Your Animal Crossing Character Into A Cus...:

Cool idea but VERY expensive for a figurine that is less than 4 inches tall. My axe murderer, blood splattered, exposed brain, hockey mask wearing character would look good sat on my desk... but not at that price.



Dyl_73 commented on StreetPass Relay Point Improvements and Free S...:

I used to get a streetpass hit every couple of months or so. Since the streetpass relay thing was brought in I've had loads of hits. It's a massive change for me. It means I have plenty of animal crossing hha model homes and can actually get somewhere on the streetpass games finally.



Dyl_73 commented on Flipnote Studio 3D Friends Gallery Disabled in...:

So are they going to investivate Colors 3D and remove that from the eshop? Anyone can download that and the online gallery is full of "inappropriate" material. Nintendo really are useless when it comes to the online side of things.



Dyl_73 commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

"Unfortunately, there appears to have been instances of children posting their Friend Codes to online forums..."
So this has only just started happening has it?
Come on Nintendo, sort yourselves out properly instead of making yourselves look like complete fools.



Dyl_73 commented on Nicalis Quizzes Fans Over Potential For a Phys...:

Nope. They've left it too long. I would have downloaded it if they had released it at roughly the same time as everywhere else. However, the length of the delay is taking the pi55 and a physical copy will probably mean more expensive. I would rather give my money to a games company that shows a little more care to gamers instead of their bank balances.