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Moi : A old school gamer from times past and times new i love video~games through & through. My first nintendo game was Mike Tysons punch~out on the 8bit nes. I love and adore nintendo and the panasonic Q.

Fri 25th October, 2013

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Luna-Harmony commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

They don't make em solid like they used o i got a ps4 and when in standby it makes od sounds and so does many peoples. Consoles mower days are almost disposable consoles like iPads and everything else :( in ps1 & snes days consoles where solid and built to last.



Luna-Harmony commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

wow just wow i thort i would never see mario kart looking this aamzinh.
I just hope it mop's up on reviews as well 98%ers .



Luna-Harmony commented on Video: Nintendo Approves of this Mario Kart Song:

To save the wii u fate indeed if mario kart fails it's up to X then that's it game over if they both fail. Then will be the turn of the Fusion.
If only if only wii u had trophies like playstaion & xbox and gamer tags with your stats it would give you more to play for and play over & over.



Luna-Harmony commented on Nintendo Highlights Over 50 Unity Games on the...:

Rather disc games as wii u has no harddrive and more wii u shop uses up space on the small memory card inside so would have to lash out on a hard drive.
Most the games would be iPad games but on wii u and triple the price say a game comes out on iPad it cost's £4 on wii u would be £11.



Luna-Harmony commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

I wish Molyneux would shut up he is over rated and his words don't keen anything his crappy xbox game Fable sucks.
Why does he keep piping up with his views why doesn't he sod off and play Mario 3d world or Fire Emblem on 3DS and then slate nintendo.



Luna-Harmony commented on Feature: Baby Mario's Global Adventure Through...:

Plays amazing i played world 1 last night and was most fun I've had in ages the level design, art work for levels, gameplay, hidden items.
Everything is great it takes me back to the snes era. I recommend this game it's such a pity the reviews where low i don't understand why.



Luna-Harmony commented on Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition i...:

All i can say it get this game people it's amazing i owned it on ps3 and it's such a great fun game !
You do get R2 trigger finger ake though from using special power i got bad playstaion finger from this game but it was so worth it :)



Luna-Harmony commented on Ninterview: Aaron "NintendoTwizer" Norton and ...:

Panasonic Q needed for your collection sir. Great collection nintendo loyalist no ps4 for you then.
I wonder how the kids like nintendo games as gaming is changing so fast nower days with hd consoles and tablets.
I wonder how many junk games are in the collection as well many hardcore collectors have any game going football, pinball , hockey, cricket, the 5% reviewed games just to make up the collection complete.



Luna-Harmony commented on Video: Experience The Acute Embarrassment Of O...:

Why are hey making out it's like porn lol
when he goes to the game shop it's like he is going into a porn store or something get over it grow up. Gta v has hooker and lap dancers.
Go with game shop to rip people off and take money and don't send the game it's happened 3 times to me i never go to shop to.



Luna-Harmony commented on UK Retailer, GAME, To Hold Special Donkey Kong...:

Very cool i got my copy today from with the bonus keyring it's wonderful.
I was there for Dk snes day 1 launch back in the day and worked in a toyshop at the time and had a donkey kong is back t-shirt with donkey kongs back on the back of the t-shirt.