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Moi : A old school gamer from times past and times new i love video~games through & through. My first nintendo game was Mike Tysons punch~out on the 8bit nes. I love and adore nintendo and the panasonic Q.

Fri 25th Oct 2013

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Luna-Harmony commented on Talking Point: Nintendo is Right to Move On Fr...:

As always with nintendo the spec's don't matter its the fun & quality of games but people don't see that sadly they just want the most powerful system.
I think NX is a great name they need to make the next console more serious but with a nintendo twist.
I just hope a few more wii u games come out before the end of the system the wii u is perfect for couch co-op and online the games are so nice and not a blood fest like other consoles.



Luna-Harmony commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Confirms "Evolving" Relat...:

Amiibo stampede again ! Time to scramble from website to website only to find they have sold out.... Only to pay over the top from a 3rd party scalper.
... Then Boom Nintendo restock for £10 or $10.
That's been the whole amiibo legacy so far.
They do look beautiful in there packets though lol



Luna-Harmony commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Confirms "Evolving" Relat...:

Just a heads up at Game uk online they have Shovel Knight amiibo for pre-order he is hard to find though just put shovel knight in the search bar in the top and it comes up with the game and amiibo.
Peace out nintendo fans lets hope the NX does it right and fingers crossed for gamecube eshop games as well but at least they are going the right way with n64 games.



Luna-Harmony commented on Nintendo Download: 12th March (Europe):

Woohooo Sega 3D games sales gota get them all & on top of that Metroid The Fall looks quite good as well .
I just wish the Wii u had a hard drive built in or you could change it like the Ps3 so we could have 1tb HDD's.
Mabe with nintendo's next console they might have a HDD at last so we don't have to worry it could be Nintendo's steam machine with all nintendo games on



Luna-Harmony commented on Yoshi’s Woolly World Rated By Australian Cla...:

Yay !! i loved the 3DS Yoshi game it was amazing and a great game with no timer limits so could find everything at own pace So glad this is coming to wii u i hope it plays like the 3DS game.
I wish wish wish they would make a 3DS player for Wii U that goes on the bottom so you can play 3DS games on a big screen and the wii u tablet as the bottom screen.



Luna-Harmony commented on Feature: A Summary of the Xenoblade Chronicles...:

Strange how it says USA and La like it is the only country in the world like sod everyone else . I think they put usa la on the side as gta 5 is la and to sell to western gamers more.
As westen gamers play more games than japan nower days. So it might be a push as will sell more to western gamers.



Luna-Harmony commented on Code Name S.T.E.A.M Demo Available Now on the ...:

Junk demo it's like a rip off of Gears of war one man is a ripoff of cole from gears every few steps they say run out of steam. iPad games are better than this rubbish sort it out. somebody who made this is a clear Gears of war fan even the cogs you collect look like gears cogs.



Luna-Harmony commented on Official Nintendo UK Store Kicks Off amiibo Pr...:

They put them up at 1pm and sold out by 1.30pm what a shambles and all sold out at game as well. Wait it go missed out again s0d this gonna stop getting amigo's now it's like a game of pay £35 on eBay over rates for people that bought 50 a go. they problem work at game i have had bits missing before from there only to see them on eBay at silly prices.



Luna-Harmony commented on GameStop Cancels European Rosalina amiibo Pre-...:

Ohh no not again for goodness sake why don;t nintendo make more amigo's as they must shortly know by now they sell out. So people that need this one for their collection will have to pay silly prices on eBay as i bet some nasty greedy person bought 50 of these.



Luna-Harmony commented on New Exploit Makes The 3DS Region Free Without ...:

So backwards not making wii u or 3DS not region free the games that don't come to the eu people could import them same for american gamers they could import eu only games. In this day and age it holding nintendo back.
I hate the way blu ray players and even dvd players are region locked as well in the UK unless you lash out for a modded one.



Luna-Harmony commented on Poll: Which New Nintendo 3DS Will You be Buying?:

I think it's bad how the usa did not get the standard edition with cover plates that's a bad sales move it's like they think people in america need everything bigger. I winder what 3DS model sells the most in the usa standard or XL.

I got my ambassador edition last week it's amazing and faster the c-stick can be stiff to use though it needs more thumb movement and the new home button feels cheep. But over all i am impressed the new plates are shiney and mark easy and finger print. Great new console though.

Be gutted if at E3 2015 they say a new nintendo handheld is on the way lol but i think the 3DS has 1 or 2 more years as its a great console.