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Sun 18th Nov 2012

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cusman commented on Minecraft: Story Mode is Heading to Wii U:

I hope this means at some point they port of Wolf Among Us as well. That's the key TellTale game that I feel would find a good chunk of new audience if they port to WiiU.



cusman commented on Review: Never Alone (Wii U eShop):

I enjoyed this game on PS4. I don't remember framerate, glitches, or collision detection issues. I do recall the controls weren't particularly responsive / refined (think something like Shadow of Colossus where the controls are not particularly responsive).

The technical issues mentioned in the review here might be more specific to the WiiU version of the game. Hopefully stuff they can patch, because I think the game itself is well worth playing through. I played with my young daughters and place high value on the educational / cultural stuff that was unique to this game.



cusman commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

Joke will be on Slightly Mad Studios when I don't even buy next Nintendo machine. I have sworn off being early adopter to Nintendo consoles.

I don't care about enough of the Nintendo games to make the console truly worth getting for me. Just sits there collecting dust except for 1-2 games per year, if that.



cusman commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

People didn't kickstart back an NX game. They wanted the game for WiiU. This game got put on the map because it offered to be first Racing Sim game for Nintendo console, specifically WiiU.

I never backed them, nor expected them to ever make the game for WiiU. They still wont.

Its not like after they wrapped PS4 / XBO / PC version, they put all that staff on WiiU, no... they went into lets "wait and see" mode on WiiU well ahead of announcing that WiiU version wont release alongside the others.

Also since the NX will likely be some crazy new gimmick thing from Nintendo, don't expect the game to land there either.



cusman commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

@shauntu Nobody is getting whaled at $20, and being that price sensitive will only hurt the players long term. You are right that if they announce ahead of time a window in which there will be no sale, that would alleviate that concern for some, but how many would even learn of such a thing?



cusman commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

Mario Kart 8 proved to me I don't have the tolerance for online without adequate voice chat and other standard online features (system level invite / join, notifications, etc).

So I skipped on Super Smash Bros U, and I will be skipping on Splatoon and any other games Nintendo continues to make with online modes as main attraction while missing those essential features.



cusman commented on OlliOlli Arrives on Wii U and 3DS Next Week, C...:

I was happy with my cross-buy purchase on PSN ($2 in flash sale that happened recently). I hope the Nintendo fans give this game a try and encourage the trend of cross-buy for 3rd parties as a means of being more successful.

Cross-buy doesn't mean you will play on multiple platforms, but it does take the decision risk off the table on which platform you will enjoy it more on (portable or home console).



cusman commented on Curve Studios Outlines Release Details of Four...:

Having played Stealth Inc and The Swapper on PS4 and Thomas Was Alone on PS-Vita, I can attest that you WiiU sticklers have some really good games to look forward to from Curve Studios.

I haven't heard of or played the forth game mentioned before (Lone Survivor) but their track record is really strong based on my experience with their other 3 games I have played.



cusman commented on Thomas Was Alone Will Look For Company on Wii U:

If you liked the music in Sound Shapes as you go through relatively simple platforming gameplay, than you would also like Thomas Was Alone if the idea of interesting narrative through relatively simple platforming gameplay is appealing.



cusman commented on Nintendo TVii Update Adds New Features and Imp...:

Nintendo TVii was dead on arrival for me due to how useless it was at fulfilling what it intended to do. Even if they have improved the app, it still isn't useful to me until they add Vudu streaming service app to the Wii U.



cusman commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Confirms New 'Retro' GameCub...:

Can they just make a Wireless Gamecube controller with rechargeable batteries built-in like the Pro Controller and let me buy that? I don't want to use any adapter things. I don't want to use up USB slots, and I don't like wires dangling loose, and I don't mind paying for what I want.



cusman commented on Pikmin 3 Update Adds New Stylus Control Style:

Why can't they just add a control style where I can use Wii Motion+ Controller with Nunchuk and DON'T have to use Gamepad for ANYTHING?

Being required to use Gamepad in Pikmin 3 is the only reason I don't like Gamepad. I used to also dislike the short battery life, but then I bought the extended battery for it. Can they please remove the need for Gamepad use in Pikmin 3 for essentially pause menu commands which is simply better controlled with Wii Motion+ and Nunchuk?



cusman commented on Upcoming Child of Light Patch to Rename Diffic...:

I think the patch is a good idea. I played the game on Normal and enjoyed, but it was too easy (or maybe I am that good). I just pick "normal" because it implies this is how the game was designed/intended to be played. If I had seen "casual vs. gamer" options then I would have picked the "gamer" option.

I don't want "casual" or "hard". I just want "normal" for gamers as the game is most designed/tested. Not too easy to be boring and not too hard to get frustrating.



cusman commented on Ubisoft Now "Fully Focused" On Making The Wii ...:

I switched my pre-order from Wii U version to PS4 after it missed the launch in 2013. It makes no difference what platform you play the game on, if the core of the game is good, its good.

On console preference I like the idea of better graphics, online with party-chat, exclusive content, and faster system in general. I don't value gimmick Gamepad screen features as much, sometimes they good, other times kind of detrimental.



cusman commented on Review: Child of Light (Wii U eShop):

The Wii U version of the game seems to be missing the Day 1 Golum Quest DLC. I guess that must be PS3 / PS4 exclusive because the X360 and XBO are also missing that DLC.



cusman commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Nintendo Direct Bonanza...:

If the Nintendo Direct continue to be pre-recorded, whats the point of live-streaming it? For pre-recorded stuff, they should just release stuff to their YouTube channel and other gaming sites and let it flow out as it does and then the user can choose if/when and how they consume that info.

If they do something "live", then I will let them choose the time and venue.

If Nintendo can't be bothered to do a "live" presentation at E3, than they will just further lose their "connection" with their fans/players. They are wrong to think their pre-recorded "directs" are a good "connection". The problem is they are not live.



cusman commented on Nintendo Confirms Five Games That'll be Playab...:

I played Mario Kart 8 last year at the Best Buy E3 2013 experience and it was very fun and accessible title. I am not anywhere near WonderCon in CA to attend, but for any of you that are, I recommend you make the trip.

You can enjoy some MK 8 early, and then move on to other platforms for whatever games they have on playable display.



cusman commented on Nintendo Involved In Patent Dispute Over Wii U...:

I hope the end result of this is that Secure Axcess is awarded the cost of paying for all litigation costs from all sides.

The real cost to society is that this type of stuff distracts company like Nintendo from focusing on further innovation while they get tied down defending against crap claims like this.



cusman commented on Nintendo Releases An Awesome Mario Kart Infogr...:

@outburst I agree, numbered games are a barrier for people (like me) that might be new to the series. That said, I don't look at sports/racing type games that are numbered the same way as I would a game that has some kind of story and is numbered implying play the past games.



cusman commented on Feature: VooFoo Studios and Ripstone on Pure C...:

Pure Chess is too expensive on PSN and Nintendo eShops. First you have price for the game, and then each additional board etc have additional costs, and they are just new "skins" since they don't change gameplay.

Zen Pinball was better where it was Free to Start, and then you can trial and/or purchase additional boards. But each board also offered new gameplay.

I'll stick to physical chess for local play, and no point buying any "online" game for Nintendo systems (no voice / party chat).



cusman commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

Can't say that I am surprised, but it is still disappointing to see DKC make no change in the Wii U commercial rejection. This is what happens when you pack in an accessory that makes the system more expensive, but then don't really make that accessory essential to gaming on that system.

I am not saying they should force more gimmick use of that Gamepad in every game. I am saying, it should not be included. It should have been offered as an optional accessory.



cusman commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo...:

All I want to know is what are Nintendo's plans to make the Wii U online services and capabilities in line with other leading gaming consoles.

As a Wii U owner, the lack of party-chat in an 8th gen system basically means I don't end up playing with friends who happen to get online. Party chat allows people to talk to each other while even playing different games and allows for coordinating what common game they can all switch to. It is the most essential feature currently missing on Wii U.



cusman commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:

I think Nintendo needs to aim Wii U price competitiveness against the PS3 and X360 instead of considering themselves in good shape on price just because they are cheaper than PS4 and XBO.

The consumer simply doesn't see their device to be in the same category as PS4 and XBO when it comes to 8th gen consoles.



cusman commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

I think the Wii U is great for family friendly games, while gamers that like to play online will be better served with XBO or PS4.

The Wii U doesn't have party chat, and most Nintendo fledgling Online games still don't support voice-chat. They are far too behind of online standard expectations to be successful with online gamers.

I expect over time, the PS4 and XBO will continue to improve and be better as the more used console even if you own a Wii U which will generally only get game time if you really insist on support Nintendo by playing lesser version of 3rd Party AAA games and other than that play the few Nintendo exclusive games Nintendo manages to release each year.



cusman commented on Reggie Surprises Nintendo World Store Campers ...:

I wish the people had asked about Monolith Soft's next game coming to US same time as Japan and for some follow-up to F-Zero, Eternal Darkness, and Geist. We all already know that Metroid, Zelda, etc. are coming so wasting requests on those is pointless. I am intrigued by the emphasis on Metroid with today being 10th anniversary of Metroid Prime and mention of Metroid Blast with Jimmy Fallon, Nintendo Direct, etc.



cusman commented on Jack Tretton Wishes Nintendo Every Success Wit...:

Jack Tretton is leading by example. There aren't enough gamers in any console loyalist branch to adequately support their chosen master-platform. Gamer's need to re-align themselves as gamers and stop being fan-boys and may the best games win your attention and not necessarily just the games that happened to come out on your master-platform.