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Tue 4th January, 2011

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Yanchamaru commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

"The difference between Miyamoto and I is that he takes the same game and takes it deeper and deeper, like the Mario series. I like to work on different games and concepts. I don't like doing the same thing." - Yu Suzuki



Yanchamaru commented on Publisher Read-Only Memory Is Creating The Ult...:

We are getting lots of retro themed books thanks to Kickstarter, like Service Games: The Rise & Fall Of Sega, The Untold History Of Japanese Game Developers and Wrestling With Pixels. The Mega Drive was my favorite system so I will definitely buy this book.



Yanchamaru commented on Review: Super Street Fighter II: The New Chall...:

Super has horrible SFX, balance issues and inconsistent looking backgrounds compared to Turbo. However, Super does not have the slow down/input lag found in Turbo when throwing projectiles.

If you have a Wii then get the TG 16/PC Engine port. Gameplay is the smoothest and closest to the arcade. Plus, novice players can watch the character endings after beating the game on any difficulty setting (SNES/Genesis requires 4 stars or above).



Yanchamaru commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy Now Available At GameSto...:

I remember making a deal with various publishers to re-release rare PS2 games like Gitaroo Man and the Fatal Frame series. They were new copies sold at regular prices but the cost of printing each title was over $100,000-200,000. I wish GameStop would sell Prime new for $50 like GameQuestDirect did with the PS2 games.



Yanchamaru commented on Satoru Iwata Aims for "Critical Mass" of Wii U...:

Does he realize that most people who bought a Wii are now playing games on smartphones and tablets. The market has shifted substantially over to mobile gaming since the Wii was first introduced and now these consumers have no plans of buying a Wii U no matter how many games Nintendo makes.