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Tue 4th Jan 2011

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Yanchamaru commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

"The difference between Miyamoto and I is that he takes the same game and takes it deeper and deeper, like the Mario series. I like to work on different games and concepts. I don't like doing the same thing." - Yu Suzuki



Yanchamaru commented on Publisher Read-Only Memory Is Creating The Ult...:

We are getting lots of retro themed books thanks to Kickstarter, like Service Games: The Rise & Fall Of Sega, The Untold History Of Japanese Game Developers and Wrestling With Pixels. The Mega Drive was my favorite system so I will definitely buy this book.



Yanchamaru commented on Review: Super Street Fighter II: The New Chall...:

Super has horrible SFX, balance issues and inconsistent looking backgrounds compared to Turbo. However, Super does not have the slow down/input lag found in Turbo when throwing projectiles.

If you have a Wii then get the TG 16/PC Engine port. Gameplay is the smoothest and closest to the arcade. Plus, novice players can watch the character endings after beating the game on any difficulty setting (SNES/Genesis requires 4 stars or above).



Yanchamaru commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy Now Available At GameSto...:

I remember making a deal with various publishers to re-release rare PS2 games like Gitaroo Man and the Fatal Frame series. They were new copies sold at regular prices but the cost of printing each title was over $100,000-200,000. I wish GameStop would sell Prime new for $50 like GameQuestDirect did with the PS2 games.