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A gamer for life. Nuff Said.

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I am an avid gamer who loves many different games as well as hiking. A game is only as good as the lasting impression it leaves on you.

Fri 1st March, 2013

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Dpullam commented on More Marth amiibo Stock Heading to North Ameri...:

Well, since I already have Code Name S.T.E.A.M. completely paid for, i guess I won't be able to use the amiibo support. Honestly, I wish the amiibos were arriving sooner since I still don't have any real use for them on my New Nintendo 3DS XL. Oh well.



Dpullam commented on Weirdness: eBay Trolls amiibo Fans With Gold M...:

Thankfully I have no interest in the gold edition amiibo so this doesn't bother me. It's just really unfortunate for collectors. Those amiibo are simply not worth more than their retail price. As others have posted, it is the consumer's fault for being willing to pay top dollar for a new amiibo they don't have. Part of the blame is still on Nintendo though. If they would increase production none of this would happen. Must be part of their business plan to only make the amount they are sure will sell. Amiibo are a pretty good success so far so I'm not completely sure why Nintendo isn't increasing production. Cards won't replace figurines for me, and if I can't have the figurine for retail price I won't get them at all.



Dpullam commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free DLC, Including ...:

@MorphMarron You are right. They are incredibly useful starting off, but for some reason I couldn't stand seeing my Palicoe in a Luigi costume. And I'm a pretty big Luigi fan, so I just removed it and put the traditional Monster Hunter armor on him. It's great that you like it though! It is free after all.



Dpullam commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free DLC, Including ...:

Every single time I finish a quest in the single player campaign another pops up, so I am still pretty busy with the quests I already have. I'll always take free dlc even though I don't like the idea of playing as Link in Monster Hunter. The outfits won't get much use from me just like the Mario & Luigi Palicoe costumes didn't.



Dpullam commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

I'll never pay a single cent over what they are supposed to be priced at in various retailers. Scalpers won't be getting any of my money, that's for sure. If I can't have them at normal price, I won't get them at all.



Dpullam commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

I personally don't mind that we haven't received face plates in the west since I have the Monster Hunter limited edition New 3DS. I wouldn't replace mine anyway, but it sucks for those who don't, I'm sure they will release them eventually.



Dpullam commented on Nintendo Confirms Another Miiverse Update:

Just being able to post about my latest adventures in games is enough to keep me on the platform, but these updates sure help and prove that Nintendo cares about continuing Miiverse.



Dpullam commented on Nintendo Confirms Japanese eShop Release Dates...:

I would without a doubt pick up Pandora's tower. I've been interested in that game since day one. As long as Nintendo doesn't just release their most popular releases I'll be happy. Some of their more hard to get games would be nice, or games that are too old to be worth the high price some people charge. I'm always on the prowl for a good deal!



Dpullam commented on Card Format amiibo Confirmed to be Heading our...:

I honestly don't have any interest in getting amiibo in a card form. If I can't get them as a figurine, I probably won't be getting them at all. It is cool for those who want them though. I am only planning on getting the characters I like most anyway. I don't need them all.



Dpullam commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has Shipped Over 3 M...:

Very well deserved. There is almost no series of games that I find as genuinely fun to play as Monster Hunter. Everything about this franchise just oozes good old fashioned entertainment. Almost nothing else is as satisfying, except perhaps most Zelda games. Hunt on fellow hunters!



Dpullam commented on New Details Emerge on Puzzle & Dragons: Super ...:

I'm not sure how much interest I have in another match three style game, but at least it has dragons in it! And the Super Mario Edition looks cool too. More interested in the regular Puzzles and Dragons though. Suits my style better.



Dpullam commented on Tomonobu Itagaki Gives an Update on Devil’s ...:

This game is most certainly on my wishlist. When I first saw the video for this game, I was hesitant to even consider checking more information out about it, but now I have grown to really appreciate what this game is and it is now one of my most anticipated releases for Wii U. Looks like a total blast!



Dpullam commented on Soapbox: Portable Gaming Forges a Special Rela...:

I have a personal attachment to all types of gaming machines I own, but for each in their own way. Chilling on the couch with headphones on playing your favorite game on a handheld is a great way to spend your night if you ask me.



Dpullam commented on Sneaky Ninja Infiltrates Kickstarter:

I always enjoy some stealth gaming, and I was actually impressed with the music, gameplay, and art style. I cam see myself spending plenty of hours having a good time with this game. And I honestly didn't see any real problems with anything about the video, and I'm normally pretty picky.