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Gorlokk commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

"...professional journalists who have played thousands of games previously simply aren't good enough to match Devil's Third"

Okay look, nothing against the fine people at Nintendo Life; I respect everyone here a lot, but from what I've personally seen over the last few years is that there are plenty of game journalists who aren't THAT good at games. If I recall correctly, most of the reviewers who weren't so impressed with The Wonderful 101 mentioned difficulty. I'm not trying to compare the quality of W101 with Devil's Third, nor am I disregarding legitimate flaws that you guys experienced with your preview. All I'm saying though is that there are definitely game journalists out there that aren't that good at games lol...



Gorlokk commented on First Impressions: Trying to Believe in Devil'...:

Maybe it's Youtube, or maybe it's because I haven't played a lot of 'realistic' stylized games, but it seemed like the game ran well in the video. I still think it looks kind of fun, though I don't know if I can drop $60 on this.



Gorlokk commented on Feature: Our Tributes and Memories of Satoru I...:

It's still bothering me honestly. I know I should be playing something like Balloon Fight or EarthBound, but I gotta be honest; I haven't played any games for nearly two days now. I've been spending most of my free time saving pictures of Iwata and reading what everyone else has to say. It's kind of silly, sure, but the man means a lot to me as a big Nintendo fan. When you think about it, most fans know him better than many of the other big developers at Nintendo, so the loss hurts more. After all, he was the one who spoke DIRECTLY to us all. And yes, I am going to smile everytime I say directly, and everytime I see bananas. In fact, I'll make it a thing to gaze into all my bananas before I eat them.



Gorlokk commented on EarthBound Director Shigesato Itoi Pays Tribut...:

Someone else said it sounds like it's something straight out of the Mother series. Couldn't agree more. Itoi's posts are so beautifully written. The poem-esque post he made the day the news was released was very depressing, but also very... Pretty, in a way.

"Extinguish all the lamps in the world
Make a pitch-black night
With that powerlessness
Can you please just do that for me?"
That was a translation from Cheesemeister.



Gorlokk commented on Tributes and an Outpouring of Respect Are Shar...:

It almost feels worse today...
I gotta be honest though, I kind of like this sad feeling. It's just nice to see all gamers come together, even if only for a bit, and remember all the great things this man brought to us. Never before has the song "Smiles and Tears" from EarthBound fit into a situation more perfectly for me. That's why I've been listening to it on loop since yesterday hah...



Gorlokk commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

My friend asked me today "So did you hear that Iwata died?" and I felt a shock go through my body. Almost immediately after, a big smile spread across my face and the feeling started to fade away as I quickly replied "You're joking!"
...My smile didn't last long.
This is the first death that I'm having a hard time grasping that they're just gone. I've only been alive a relatively short time, but still. I'm more depressed than I'd like to admit.
He was one of a kind.



Gorlokk commented on Animal Crossing Series Director Explains the a...:

@Ryu_Niiyama I don't necessarily agree with the Mario Kart thing, or the Retro thing, but to a lesser extent. See, Mario Kart is taking the well-known Mario characters and putting them into a new genre, like Paper Mario/Mario&Luigi. Happy Home Designer is, essentially, one aspect of a mainline Animal Crossing experience ripped out and trying to be its own thing. In my eyes, a good Animal Crossing spin-off would be taking the established world and traits of AC and putting them into a new genre, say RPG, Racing (like Mario Kart. I know we already have Isabelle and Villy in MK8 but I'm just giving examples), or even something more 'risky' like a platformer or adventure game. Amiibo Festival fits into what I would want in a spin-off, but it had to be pretty much the worst possible genre lol. I feel like I can positively say that if instead of Amiibo Festival and/or Happy Home Designer we were getting an AC RPG similar to like, I dunno, Rune Factory, or a Adventure game where maybe you travel the 'unseen horizons beyond the village' with your favorite neighbor, or just... ANYTHING but a board game that requires amiibo, fans would be less upset. Maybe I'm wrong though. I know I'd be less upset.
As for Retro, I think the situation was that fans were still booty bothered by Other M and wanted a 'true' Metroid game, because we hadn't gotten one in awhile. I guess we still haven'tbut ANYWHo... Fans wanted something a bit different like Metroid, and I mean, most Nintendo fans probably weren't DYING for a new platformer like Donkey Kong when Nintendo pumps out NSMB like nothing. Another thing is that, knowing that Retro was working on DK meant that they probably weren't working on Metroid, so the announcement of DK solidified a 2+ year longer wait for Metroid Prime 4, unless someone else made it.

@DTFaux Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute. Assuming that Animal Crossing Wii U followed the "clear cut example" of City Folk and ended up being a "lazy port," (of an actual mainline AC game) It would be LESS lazy than these two silly budget spin-offs! Furthermore, two shallow, lackluster spin-offs certainly risks "franchise burnout" more than one port.
No, here's what I'd like. I'd like Nintendo to not make lazy spin-offs like these and focus their effort on an actual AC for Wii U. Happy Home Designer should be a part of AC Wii U and quite frankly, Amiibo Festival shouldn't even exist.

@garthvader Boy, that would be simply splendid.



Gorlokk commented on Devil's Third Will Be Released In North Americ...:

Well geez that's uhh... Really uhh... Wow. Really makes me worried about how the game will actually be. It looked like a fair bit of fun to me, but if Nintendo won't publish THIS due to a lack of quality, then... Wow. I didn't know Nintendo had standards to begin with lol.



Gorlokk commented on Rumour: Former Rare Composer David Wise Is Wor...:

All I hope is that it isn't another Donkey Kong Country Returns game. I would also be against the idea of a new DKR game because we already have Mario Kart 8, but the original rumors I read about DKR2 said that it would feature lesser known Nintendo stars as the other characters, and honestly, that just sounds like a blast to me.



Gorlokk commented on ​Shigeru Miyamoto Defends Star Fox Zero's Co...:

Not gonna lie, I could never sit down and really enjoy Kid Icarus Uprising because of the controls, so I hope it isn't like that. The thing that bothered me the most about it is that the game just seemed so fun, I was almost enjoying myself only to try to do something that should be simple - like dodging (in air and on ground) and I would get hit errytime. Perhaps I just wasn't very good at the game, but it wasn't any fun trying to get better lol.



Gorlokk commented on Mercenaries Saga 2 Is The Closest You'll Get T...:

This doesn't look too bad... I think I'll pick it up. But uh, seriously, a real FF Tactics Advance for 3DS would be awesome. I LOVE the Tactics Advance games, and one of my favorite things about them is the different races you can have on your team like the bangaa and of course moogles. Looks like this game just has plain old humans. Oh well. It still looks good. They really nailed the art style of the Tactics games.



Gorlokk commented on Nintendo Didn't Mention Mobile At E3 2015 Beca...:

I wonder if Reggie heard the groans of Nintendo fans during their digital event. It's hard to believe Nintendo gets something like this right but failed so miserably and showed things like Metroid Soccer and Animal Crossing meets Mario Party with a side helping of Amiibo. Not to mention games that have been in the past, what, two E3s (Xeno and Yoshi)? It's even more frustrating knowing they have several projects they haven't revealed to us yet (plus all that Zelda footage). I gotta admit, I really like the idea of only showing games that are coming in the next 6 months or so, but their E3 needed more than that. It must be a new rule too, because some games (Like the two mentioned above) were certainly shown years away from release.

I'm sorry. I'm still a little booty bothered by Ninty's E3.



Gorlokk commented on Keiji Inafune Would Still Be Interested in Mak...:

It's interesting how Legends 3 keeps popping up in one way or another...

I know this is (of course) unlikely, but I have this gut feeling that at the very end of the 3DS's life, that we might get Legends 3 on it in some form.



Gorlokk commented on Fresh Details Emerge For Shin Megami Tensei X ...:

"The story involves two students who notice that the world is being attacked by supernatural beings. The duo become pop stars in order to combat these beasts," You gotta love Japan man. You don't get these concepts anywhere else.



Gorlokk commented on Fresh European Trademark for Diddy Kong Cranks...:

There were all those rumors of an awesome sounding Wii U Diddy Kong Racing that featured lesser known Nintendo characters as the playable characters like Dillon and Chibi Robo (I think those two were in the rumor I read). I mean, I read that a while back, but I'd like to think it was true because it was composed pretty well and had some fairly solid support. Plus the idea just sounds awesome to me.



Gorlokk commented on Splatoon Producer Interview Sparks E3 Animal C...:

I'm so ready for HD Animal Crossing! But I'm not ready for New Leaf U, you know, a port of New Leaf with some "Added content." or something. Even though I LOVE Animal Crossing, it needs to become a bit more advanced. I'd like to not hear the same lines of dialogue repeated to me so often, for one...
But also, it almost feels like villagers are often an afterthought where as designing your house and collecting is what's more important. But the game is called Animal Crossing, not build-a-house workshop. Let me go... I dunno, play a sport at a local park with my villager, or let me be able to play 2 player NES and SNES games via virtual console with a villager being player 2 (Controlled by AI of course).
It probably wouldn't be easy, and Nintendo would never just give virtual console games away in-game anymore, but it would be awesome.
At the very least, there should be games that are available on the eShop purchasable in-game and playable in game too.



Gorlokk commented on Former Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi's Ki...:

...Are you kidding me?
Igarashi can't bean serious. This must be a ruse. And by golly it's sure ruffled my feathers more than I thought it would. This would have been the first KS project I backed if it was on Wii U.
No 3DS is understandable; it doesn't look like it's going to be a pixel art game, but hand drawn 2D, so the lack of 3DS is disappointing, but understandable. But are they seriously trying to say that the Wii U can't handle A 2D GAME?! Wii ran Muramasa just fine, and that game looks about as good as the concept art (Which, if MN9 is anything to go by, will look a lot better than the final product), plus the Wii was the weakest of the 3 consoles last gen. But now a console stronger than the 360 and PS3 can't handle this 2D game? Man, screw you Igarashi. You've done so much good only to slap me (and many other Nintendo fans) in the face like it's nothing. If this project does eventually get a Wii U stretch goal and it gets funded, I will be extremely pleased, but I'll still stand by what I say here now.
Guess I'll just go replay the handheld Metroidvanias again.



Gorlokk commented on Feature: Here Are Our Fondest Kirby Memories:

My first Kirby game was Nightmare in Dreamland for GBA. Back then, the reason I liked Kirby so much was because his sword power up made him look like Link... Oh, the game was good though.

The Kirby game I enjoyed the most was the Crystal Shards on N64. I love combining powers and trying out different ones. Also, the soundtrack is really nostalgic, and the overall design of the game is really pleasant.