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Sun 7th October, 2012

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Gorlokk commented on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Reckons "It Would Be Co...:

Wow! I voted for a Castlevania character, but honestly, I probably would have voted for Banjo and Kazooie if I saw this earlier. I don't even think the games are THAT great, but they deserve to be in the game for sure.



Gorlokk commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

I'd like a sort of smell-o-vision in games some day in the future. I know it sounds silly, but smells can be really immersive. I imagine a big open field during the rain would be great, but then again I love the smell of rain.



Gorlokk commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

I don't have any Amiibo yet, though there are only a handful I want. Ness, Mega Man, Shulk, Duck Hunt, maybe a few others... So only a few two of the ones I really want are available now.

It sucks that it's so hard to find really any Amiibo. Where I live, I guess Nintendo is either more popular than I thought or there are just some really good scalpers about, because all the stores I've been too have been almost completely wiped out. It's even somewhat hard to find Yoshi, another that I kind of want. Nintendo has done an awful job at supplying enough Amiibo from what it looks like, but there is at least one positive side to it in my eyes. The lack of some Amiibo make them rare, of course, and so it's kind of like old, rare games in the sense that sometimes you strike a bit of gold by finding that rare amiibo in store for the actual price. Like when you find some rare N64 or SNES game at a flea market.



Gorlokk commented on Indie Title Bizerta: Silent Evil is Stalking i...:

"...armed with only a flashlight,"
The screenshot, assuming it's from this game, shows otherwise, but if that's true then the game's going to be trash. After playing through Resident Evil Remastered, not having some sort of weapon in a survival horror is just the developers being lazy now.



Gorlokk commented on GBA Classics Sonic Advance And Mega Man & Bass...:

Mega Man and Bass is awesome, but it's by far the hardest Mega Man game I've ever played. I can only beat one or two of the robot masters. For comparison, I think most of the NES Mega Man games are pretty easy, aside from the end stages.



Gorlokk commented on Rumour: Cave Story 2 Teased at PAX South and C...:

One of my favorite games of all time. Some hardcore whiny fans will complain "omg they will ruin the original masterpiece!!!!!1! DX"

But screw that. A Cave Story sequel (or prequel) would be a dream come true. So long as Daisuke Amaya is heavily involved, how could it not be good? Maybe not AS good as the original, but I imagine it will be hard for many to judge fairly with the nostalgia of the first title since it's pretty old now.



Gorlokk commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

Oh, and I also really want Fragile Dreams. I love that game. It has a lot of problems, but I can't help but love it for what it tried to do (successfully, for the most part). Also, it has what might be my absolute favorite soundtrack of all time.



Gorlokk commented on Rumour: Terraria is Making Its Way to Wii U an...:

I'd buy it, preferably for Wii U because of the resolution problems mentioned above, and I feel like it would just feel better on Wii U in general. I imagine building stuff would actually be pretty fun with the touchscreen controls...



Gorlokk commented on Review: Kemonomix+ (3DS eShop):

Ha, I bought this game the first day it came out (I think) because it looked cute and was cheap. Yeah, it's not really interactive, but I like it because it's a bit of a multitasking kind of game. I can "play" this game while playing other games or browsing the internet or something.

I also like the music. I think it has a Mega Man Battle Network vibe to it.



Gorlokk commented on The Next Theatrhythm Game Is All About Dragon ...:

I'm not extremely familiar with the Dragon Quest series, but I know it has some great tunes, like Heavenly Flight and Cross the Fields, Cross the Mountains, and since I loved both Theatrhythm games, I would definitely get this.