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Fri 9th August, 2013

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Falchion commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

Way to ruin my day ubi. I was gonna buy ubisoft games for the sake of supporting ubisoft but this is unexcusable after making us wait for rayman legends. They definately have a double standard, and really lost all my trust and support. I was excited to play this game too... Ubisoft was the last one to be here for nintendo...



Falchion commented on Pac-Man Museum Reportedly Cancelled on Nintend...:

Namco is most likely cutting support because this game isn't gonna make them top much money and their Wii U and 3ds teams are working on Smash Bros. This is a small game featuring ports of old games, so I don't think it was a big deal. I doubt Namco is gonna pull an EA.