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TechnoEA commented on Weirdness: The Legend of Zelda's Master Sword ...:

It looks just like the master sword except the blade holder bit is upside down and without the triforce for copyright reasons. The tip is different to make it a little less obvious.

Not to mention the the exact shape of the blade is just like the Master Sword.

So no I find it hard to believe it's just a random sword.



TechnoEA commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

I vote no

It's only objectification or wrong when it has to do women. Yet these same white knights and feminists are completely silent and play opposition whenever a POC complains about being yet ANOTHER stereotype in a Video Game and claim we're pulling the race card; saying it's the "Artist/Writers Vision".

So it's the "Artist/Writers Vision" deal with it. I actually agree with it.

Don't like it ? Make your own game or don't buy it. Speak with your wallet.



TechnoEA commented on Infamous Series was Originally Inspired by Ani...:

Ha so my favorite series was inspired by Animal Crossing ?

I love inFamous a lot more than AC but they are both really amazing games. Nice to see one inspired the other.

Even though the outcome was completely different the concept is still there.



TechnoEA commented on Super Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai Se...:

Not in the least bit surprised by the comments. So much for Nintendo Fanboys being the more mature of the four.

Personally I cannot wait for inFamous Second Son in 9 days. I still think the Wii U is an amazing console and plan to pick one up when SSBWIIU comes.

I feel the PS4 has more games worth playing TO ME at the moment. SM3DW and WWHD isn't enough for me to warrant a purchase right now. Not to mention I'm have friends all over the world the Wii U and mostly limits itself to local play.



TechnoEA commented on Satoru Iwata States That Nintendo Should "Aban...:

Square Enix would never be bought by Nintendo, if anything they would be bought by Sony. Not sure if people noticed this but SE tends to release most of their stuff on PS systems. They have a relationship with Sony, Nintendo is more of the friend that they occasionally hang out with.

Capcom would commit financial suicide by going first party, seeing as most of their sales come from multi-plat games not exclusives.

I predicted this would happen a long time ago, you can't ride Mario all time. They need to take charge. Times change, no one is saying you have to be like Sony or MS but at least try to appeal to fans and gamers.



TechnoEA commented on Microsoft's Phil Spencer Can't Say Enough Nice...:

Wait so when Nintendo says something nice and true about other companies, they are amazing and I quote most of you "They know how to pay respects, unlike the other two"

Yet when someone from MS or PS does it suddenly they have hidden meanings or words ?

I'm not sure of Spencer's history so I don't know if he has motives or not.

You do know just because you work for a game dev or company, doesn't actually mean you have to share their views right ?



TechnoEA commented on Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Is One Of Ken L...:

Oh woops I actually played ACNL, I didn't realize what the initials were till I thought about it. I enjoyed that game for little while.

I've played the Pikmin series, it was okay just not my style of play. (I haven't played 3 though, if it's any different I might give it a go).

Fire Emblem is a TRPG series, I've tried the games didn't like them as I'm not into TRPG's.

Also just because I don't like games you like doesn't mean video games aren't for me.

I could say if anyone doesn't like inFamous series or Ratchet and Clank, then video games aren't for you.

I don't play Xbox as I'm not into the type of demographic they cater to, I play PS and Nintendo.



TechnoEA commented on Nintendo Dominates Festive Hardware Charts in ...:

I hope this means more sales in other places too will go up, I want more Third Party support (exclusives etc), because I'm honestly getting sick of the repetition of Second and First party games. I can only enjoy Zelda, Mario and Pokemon for so long before they start to get stale.



TechnoEA commented on Pokémon Bank Withdrawn From 3DS eShop in Japa...:

I see this as both an excellent thing and bad thing. Sever overload means that, over millions of people tried to connect at once. That shows interest. On the other hand it means they have to be prepared for this sort of stuff and they weren't.

Same with PSN/PS4, so many people connecting the servers have to be upgraded to be able to handle all of that. (I couldn't sign on PSN or use my card due to maintenance Saturday and Tuesday).



TechnoEA commented on Nintendo Reiterates Confidence That the Wii U ...:

Nintendo is the best system to game with family members, that's just how it's always been. They compete for the family experience, their commercials almost always have a family playing in it. That is their motto, family friendly. That has always worked for them and it's a really great thing.

PS4 and One are similar tech wise, but their target audience and their styles are completely different.

Out the PS4 launch line up, it's mostly MMOs MMORPGs and Action Adventure, with 3 shooter games.

They are the kings of RPG and JRPG's, it's why they get ton of support from that area each gen. Action-Adventure is second to the PS brand.

Have you guys even looked at the PS4 upcoming titles ? Again mostly RPG's and Action/Adventure and Action type of games.

I don't even see why competing is even a term being used this gen. Xbox One is going the whole All in One route with primary focus on media and gaming being second, PS is going the Gamer friendly route, with media being a sideline but not the main focus.

The three's target audience are all completely different this gen and the games reflect that. I guess you can say they are competing for something. I dunno.



TechnoEA commented on Video: Just Look For The U On The Box, Nintend...:


Realism isn't the worst thing to happen in the world of gaming. It's realism mixed with lack of immersion and creativity that's the issue.

You can play realism games and still know it's a game if it has elements that are fantasy like. When I play games like inFamous, I know full well that none of the things that are happening are remotely real. Or final fantasy 14 etc.



TechnoEA commented on Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Actually...:



So sick and tired of hearing that tired old Dudebro (whatever that even means) and shooters argument, if you took away shooters, the PlayStation brand would still be left with 90% non shooters, but if you're a Nintendo die hard fanboy of course all PlayStation and Xbox has is shooters.

Most people associate PS with RPG and JRPG's, go figure, it seems to be only Nintendo fanboys who come with the shooters dudebro comment.

I don't even like shooters and I still have a few games to play on my new PS4 to tide me over until Second Son, Rayman Legends, FFXIV and Order 1886.

Heck I even gave the Wii U a pass for not having games at launch. It's understandable. Most systems rarely have good launch titles except for a select few titles.



TechnoEA commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:


I'm beginning to question why I come here. I came because I heard Nintendo fans weren't as childish or arrogant as Sony, Microsoft and PC. Big mistake.

Not only do they trash a system they haven't even touched, they make up stories about other companies.

The PS4 from what I've seen is amazing. It's like people are forgetting what PlayStation has done with the PS3 over the years. From inFamous (which was horrible graphically) ( to Uncharted 2 and 3, which looked stellar, to the Last of Us which was simply amazing, and this was just using 512mb).

Of course launch titles aren't WOW, neither was the Wii U's but now it's pumping out games like SM3DW.

Any game or system spec that isn't on their system of choice, is somehow inferior or stupid.



TechnoEA commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

Oh wow, people on a Nintendo site prefer a Nintendo Console, what a shocker.

From what I've seen of the PS4 so far, the graphics look like PS3 graphics still just slightly better, however like most game consoles, the launch games always look like last gen games, until upcoming games roll out, I'm not sure why people don't get that.

From what I saw of second son it looks absolutely amazing, next gen too.

I'd pick a PlayStation console over Nintendo consoles any day. That said I do plan to pick up a Wii U by the end or middle of next year.



TechnoEA commented on Epic Vice President Mark Rein Remains Unconvin...:

The PS4 is just a gaming device with emphasis on gaming and social gaming (community) this gen, like the Wii U, how is it a gimmick device ?

Anyway from what I've heard the Gamepad's second screen is amazing, I've never got to hold one so I wouldn't know.

That said I don't find it innovative at all to have a second screen while gaming, no the 3DS and DS line don't count simply because they are HANDHELDS the screens are close together, you don't have to pause (both button and movement) to look at the second screen 95% of the time.

Of course I prefer things simple, controller in hand, TV in front, no second screen unless handhelds. Maybe the Wii U will change my mind.



TechnoEA commented on Super Mario 3D World Struggles Against PS4 Tit...:


"Just out of interest, what games actually made you buy the PS4? When you take out the shooters you're not left with much other than sports titles at the moment."

AC 4
Escape Plan
Trine 2 complete edition

I bought mine early because Second Son is coming and that has priority over anything for me.



TechnoEA commented on Super Mario 3D World Struggles Against PS4 Tit...:

All these arguments could be said about Nintendo, slap Mario, Zelda Pokemon in the title and people will praise it as the best game ever. All these things can be said for any console so long as there are console fanboys.

You guys act as if these arguments aren't said by the other two console fans, for every "dudebro, shooter, low quality, cash grab, sheep" comments/arguments, fanboys of other systems say the same thing about Nintendo, except replace dudebro with kiddy and shooter with casual, and low quality with rehash.

I bought the PS4 because it has the games I want at the moment, not entirely sure what's wrong with that ? With Second Son and few others around the corner, why on Earth would I get a Wii U first, when the Wii U games I want don't come out till next year farther down the line ?

I saw no reason to get a Wii U first instead of the PS4. No I don't play shooters or dudebro games, but I do play Action Adventure and RPGs, which the PS4 has games that interest me in that category at the moment. I didn't buy it on hype, I bought it based on knowing in the near near future the games I want are coming out.



TechnoEA commented on PS4 and Xbox One Surpass Wii U Lifetime Sales ...:

Bashing the PS4 or Xbox One won't make the Wii U's situation any better, stop thinking it won't.

I bought the PS4 because I saw it as an investment. No not for dudebro or shooters, that argument won't work on me. I only play Action-Adventure and RPGs and platformers mostly.

Still on the fence about the Wii U, don't want it to end up like my Wii just sitting there collecting dust and only getting play when I'm really bored.



TechnoEA commented on Wii U Wins "Deals Award" For Being One Of The ...:

@D3athBr1ng3r187 I'd ignore it, for some weird reason people can't fathom how one can enjoy both Nintendo and PlayStation products, apparently you can only own one or the other.

I'm getting the PS4 first, because more of the games on that system interest me, whereas I'm getting a Wii U next for WW HD, Wonderful 101 and SM3DW, SMB Wii U and Zelda U and any other games that come out that look good.



TechnoEA commented on Here Are Some Attractive Black Friday Nintendo...:


That is an excuse, try again. The other two companies games aren't selling cheap knick-knacks, again...try again.

Nintendo could have at least offered their older games from their launch or older Zelda and Mario titles for a little cheaper on the 3DS shop.



TechnoEA commented on Super Mario 3D World Underwhelms on Japanese C...:


True which is why most people have a "wait till the price drops and more games I want are out approach and the wait and see what happens" I mostly buy Nintendo for First Party (Second: Game Freak) and PlayStation for First, Second and Third Party.

I buy PlayStation consoles early because I consider it an investment, I know games worth-playing to ME are coming out in the near future so I have nothing to worry about. I still have a ton of games I haven't played for my PS3 and I'm transitioning to PS4 in a few days.

I've never been able to do that with a Nintendo product, I always need at least 5 games to validate a purchase beforehand.

I cannot say for sure if it will fail, hell everyone thought PS3 would fail (admittedly it didn't do THIS badly) but it pulled itself up. Hopefully the Wii U can do the same, if not, then it will be a GC repeat all over. Which is saying a lot as the GC was freaking awesome, can't remember why it was considered a failure though.



TechnoEA commented on Super Mario 3D World Underwhelms on Japanese C...:

Nintendo tried to do what SCE tried to do with the PlayStation 3, use the success of the predecessor and tried to piggyback off of it. It obviously didn't work for either of them. Like the PS3 the Wii U will eventually have to try a new formula.

Nintendo's problem is everyone makes them out to be this innovative, creative company, when it comes to their designs and games. It used to be their greatest attribute, now it's doing more harm than good. People expect Nintendo to out do themselves each gen to bring something revolutionary to the table.

Before anyone accuses me of bashing I'm simply making an observation.

I don't think Nintendo is doomed at all , but they do need a lot of work.

The excuse :

Well even if the Wii U fails Nintendo still has a lot of money left unlike MS and SCE. That isn't a good thing, if the Wii U fails then the company will be seen in a different light.

You guys need to remember not everyone is a fan or fanboy of Nintendo, they won't be as a forgiving.



TechnoEA commented on New York Times Critic Identifies Super Mario 3...:

It is true though, well opinion wise, it is the only next-gen (Yes it IS Next Gen in my eyes) console with a game worth playing this year.

This is coming from someone who chose to get the PS4 instead of the Wii U at the moment. I only bought it sooner because I know I won't be able to buy a console when school starts for me and inFamous Second Son and Order 1886 comes out within a few months.



TechnoEA commented on Nintendo Shares Hit Three-Month High Ahead of ...:

It sold 1 million in a day and that was just in North America and it isn't even out elsewhere, so how is it doing worse than Microsoft who sold 1 million globally ?

Anyway this is good news for Nintendo, hopefully they'll gather even more speed next year.



TechnoEA commented on Soapbox: Super Mario 3D World's Playful Whimsy...:

@Inev I'm a concept artist/illustrator that is fun to sit down and do as well. I read 24/7, but TV isn't really my thing.

I play games that force me to think about my morality and karmic choices. I really love games that mind freak you. Those games leave a long term effect on me, I think about them years to come. Heck LoZ (Legend of Zelda) does that to me. Sometimes I go back and rethink my theories for the games. I love to think, so my gaming taste reflect that. PlayStation provides that for me and LoZ for Nintendo.

I'm not into dudebro, shooter or all fighting games if that's what you're getting at.. My library reflects that as I said. Most of the games either have deep underlying themes, mind freak, or psychological puzzle solving or time travel related.. My taste in books reflect that as well.

I enjoy Mario because I enjoy platforming. Pokemon because I enjoy strategy.

Not sure how what I said was negative towards Nintendo.

Most of the games on Nintendo or PlayStation rarely interest me outside of my taste.



TechnoEA commented on Soapbox: Super Mario 3D World's Playful Whimsy...:

I don't because my mind and play style is variety. According to most on this article, apparently PS is the home of dudebro and shooters and fighters (what's wrong with fighters anyway ?), which is funny as I have more original and innovative and creative games than any of the above, the only shooter I have is one COD game MW that's it.... and to put things in perspective; I have over 80 PlayStation titles.

I play mostly Superhero, Power/Magic and Creative games. My entire library ranges from Rayman to Ratchet and Clank to Sound Shapes to Last of Us to RPG's like Tales of to Puzzle games.

For my Nintendo products, I stick with Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Luigi, Animal Crossing to Mario and Luigi games. Occasionally I'll buy a second party or first party title if it's metroid or smash brothers series.

I play Nintendo games because I like to sit down and relax and have fun. I play PlayStation games because I enjoy impactful lasting experiences.



TechnoEA commented on Soapbox: Super Mario 3D World's Playful Whimsy...:

@banacheck Ignore it, you get used to the assumptions made by people on this site towards PlayStation, apparently according to one user what they say negatively about PlayStation is fact. We both know PlayStation is a variety brand and doesn't just deal with FPS or dudebro games, but actually makes a ton more of innovative and creative things just like Nintendo. They are fanboys.

From Puppeteer to Last of Us to Knack to God of War.

Anyway from the commercial I saw for SM3DW, it will do fine. It's advertising the Wii U better is what Nintendo SHOULD be doing. Maybe throw in this game to really show off the difference.



TechnoEA commented on Review: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U):

It can get 10/10 across the board all it wants, it's still a crappy game.


Lol no but seriously this is one of the first games I plan to pick up when I get a Wii U, glad it's good as I thought it'd be.



TechnoEA commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

I'd get a Wii U but there really isn't a point at the moment, none of the games interest me as much as the PS4 line up. There's Super Mario 3D Land and Smash Bros Wii U, but that's about it. When Zelda U comes along then I'll have my final game to justify a purchase.

I never buy Nintendo Consoles before I buy a PlayStation Console. So PS4 first for me, then the Wii U.



TechnoEA commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Resilience Against W...:

Most of you spend so much time bashing other systems it's amazing how you get any gaming done. You sit down and constantly make up stories of owning other consoles and how it only has dude bro games, but in all honestly most of you probably never even owned or touched one.

Why are you so insecure about the choice of console you made, that you need to bash other companies ?

You can like Nintendo AND other companies. I enjoy both Nintendo and PlayStation products (I love PlayStation a bit more), but I won't sit around making up lies about Nintendo or Sony or Microsoft because it makes me feel better about my console of choice.

The Wii U is in a tough time at the moment, the name itself is what contributes to the problem. It sounds like an add-on to the Wii. Not to mention the poor advertising.

That said I doubt it will be in that place for long, it won't be the "Games" if it were up to the games it'd have sold by now. No what Nintendo needs is more advertising and give people more reasons to upgrade from Wii or to buy one.

I can't turn on my TV for a moment without seeing a commercial for PS4, I see 4 a day, Microsoft maybe one or two a day. Wii U ? Once in a week or so, the last one I saw was Saturday and before that last Tuesday.



TechnoEA commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Wii U Holiday Target Aud...:

I find it hilarious that fanboys still believe the whole "you want blood gore and graphics, shooters go buy a PlayStation or Microsoft"

For Microsoft yeah that makes sense, since they cater to that demographic more/mostly.

However PlayStation has always been a variety company, from family friendly to hardcore and meduimcore to casual. They don't have a main demographic, they have games that suit every taste. I'm not sure why people don't understand that. They AREN'T a HARDCORE company, they are a VARIETY and have always been.

Anyway I really hope the Wii U takes off, I'm itching to buy one after I get my PS4, Zelda Wii U and Wind Waker HD are on my to do list, along with Mario and Wonderful 101, might pick up Zombi U.



TechnoEA commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Clarifies That Local Multipla...:

Do some of you realize that you can have online multiplayer without playing with complete strangers ?

It's called a friends list. You can invite friends in real life and internet friends to a game without having to play with random unknown people. Heck you can make the game to where only friends can play online with you.

It's done on PS3 all the time.

I was thinking of buying a Wii U so I can enjoy playing with my friends that I can't see in person, but if most of the games have only local multiplayer, that's not much of an option for me.

Luckily I'm mostly a single player gamer.



TechnoEA commented on Pokemon X & Y Designer: Creature-Making Isn’...:

I don't think a lot of people understand how hard it is coming up with concept art and designs.

It's not about what YOU want, it's about what the CLIENT/BOSS wants. You have to spend hours looking up references, lores, and making sure your work is somewhat original and then drawing it.

Imagine spending hours coming up with a design, your client loves it....then after doing detail or coloring he changes his mind, so it's back to step one, coming up with a new design. That's what we have to do daily.

Or the boss doesn't like it the first time. So you have spend more hours coming up with a new design.

You have draw, re draw things, scrap tons of artwork, just so your client/boss can come to a final decision.



TechnoEA commented on Rayman Legends Sells More Copies In The UK On ...:

Some of you guys are thinking in short term not long term, long term Ubisoft made a great decision.

Not only is Rayman Legends selling well on Wii U, it gets released on PSN tomorrow and a lot of people who play Digital Only, will jump at the chance to pick it up.

I'm getting it on Vita and maybe PS3.

Stop letting fanboyism blind you.



TechnoEA commented on Sony's Indie Maestro Has Respect And "Deep Lov...:

Wow it's not like Nintendo hasn't said some pretty arrogant things to its competition as well. All the companies do, it's called competition for a reason.

I wonder if you guys understand and know that most of the jabs they make at each are in good fun. Reggie and Jack make snide remarks about each others systems while praising it, while Kaz and Iwata do the same.

Microsoft, tends to shoot shots at itself and its customers lately.

Hell Kaz is a Legend of Zelda fan and owns a Wii U.



TechnoEA commented on Reggie Unmoved By The Threat Of $400 PlayStati...:

"What's power without creativity ? "

Except the Devs who work for Sony are creative and very talented, Sony doesn't make games guys, game devs do, it scares me how you guys think Nintendo is the only company with creative teams and anyone who doesn't work for Nintendo is somehow a bad, untalented developer.

Yes the PS4 is a great deal 399 not to mention the HDD is a lot more than the Wii U without having to upgrade it, PS eye isn't boxed with it because very few games require or need it and it isn't mandatory ? Do you honestly think people aren't going to take that into consideration ?

The only reason I'm even getting a Wii U first is because I don't buy game systems at launch, so I'm waiting for the PS4 months after launch maybe into next year.



TechnoEA commented on Pachter: Without Third Party Support Nintendo ...:

There isn't a may to it, at least not for me. I like Nintendo but I love Sony. So as such I will be getting the Wii U AND PS4. I own a Wii and PS3. 3DS and Vita.

I buy Nintendo products for Nintendo games and I buy PlayStation products for PlayStation games and third party. I never buy third party games on Nintendo console (handhelds are another story), I prefer playing with the PlayStation controller. Not saying Nintendo controllers are lame, I just love the PlayStation controller design and feel. It's constant and rarely changes (even the PS4 controller is pretty much the same)

I was never aware this was a new thing. Most gamers own all three or buy Sony and Nintendo products both.



TechnoEA commented on Oh Snap, Now Rayman Legends Is Coming To PS Vi...:

Good lord the fanboyism in here is hilarious. The Vita and the 3DS are amazing handhelds, funny how whenever an Nintendo product is failing, everyone rushes to defend it to the death saying "Just wait for Nintendo first party titles", at the same time bashing the Vita and a system that isn't even out yet (PS4).

The Vita is a great handheld, I have origins on my Vita and love it to death. Also that "Vita has no games is old", Vita's library is mostly on psn, it sometimes may have physical copies as well. I have more Vita games than I do 3DS games.

Do any of you even own a Vita ? There's a difference between being a fanboy and having a preference, having a preference means being neutral towards other competitors and not bashing them. I own PlayStation and Nintendo products, but prefer PlayStation for it's impact and experience it has on me, and Nintendo Products for it's fun gameplay and style.

If you think the Vita is a failure, then so to is the Wii U, as they are in the same boat (as other level-headed gamers have said). Also let's not pretend the 3DS had a stellar start up.