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Mon 17th August, 2009

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RedYoshi999 commented on Demand For amiibo Continues As Pre-Orders For ...:

I started off only wanting a Link but now I feel the urge to buy them all! Even Australia is falling foul to stock shortages. Little Mac, who releases today, is already sold out at EB Games along with several Wave 1 amiibos.



RedYoshi999 commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

I grew up with the N64, we entered the world at the same time, so I will always remember it fondly. It has a small but classic library. Ocarina, Majora's Mask (best game ever), Mario 64, Mario Party 1-3, Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye, Banjo Tooie/Kazooie, DK64, Paper Mario and even Yoshi's Story are all amazing games. I still dig out Mario Party 3 occasionally as it's my favourite and Mario Kart 64 was only recently bested by MK8.



RedYoshi999 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Sold to Over Ten P...:

Its interesting looking back on last year's article and people thinking 100k sales was only alright progress when now 25k sales is the best the Wii U has seen since MK8 launched. I hope Christmas does push it a bit further this year but it seems impossible to match last year. And what is going on with those old 3DS sales? It's doubled like two weeks in a row now! Who even still wants them?



RedYoshi999 commented on 3DS System Update 9.3.0-21 Introduces a Shuffl...:

Yes, amiibo settings are in for the new 3DS. It's exactly the same as the Wii U's amiibo settings menu. Also, just like the Wii U, the amiibo functionality has been patched in before any title can use it. Hopefully it means SSB will be updated soon.



RedYoshi999 commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

I'm not sure how Nintendo Australia is going with demand, I know EB/JB have sold out but you can directly order one from Nintendo by calling them. I decided not to buy one since the price is too steep with the digital version and it only works on Smash, plus I think Gamecube controllers are overrated and I'm perfectly happy with the pro controller. But now I have the sudden urge to buy one since its becoming such a collectors item...



RedYoshi999 commented on Thousands In Australia & New Zealand Attend Mi...:

Wait, Europe is a week behind on pokemon? Wow that's weird. Anyway, thanks to EB Games incompetence, my new 3DS is delayed until December 2nd and I'm getting the wrong faceplate. So I'm stuck in you guys' boat for a while.



RedYoshi999 commented on Review: Mario Kart Super Circuit (Wii U eShop ...:

I have this from the ambassador program. It's an alright game, the controls are much harder to get used to off the back of modern Mario Karts, but I wouldn't buy it again on Wii U. The lack of multiplayer really makes it pointless to own on a console. There's nothing the Wii U adds to this game to justify actually paying for it since it was free on 3DS. That and it hasn't been released yet. :p



RedYoshi999 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Pre-Purchase and P...:

And of course Nintendo Australia fails again by not offering pre loading. Might switch over to UK eshop because 17gb is going to take forever to download launch night. Or not as that means I won't get the club Nintendo soundtrack argh!



RedYoshi999 commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1 Hits on 13th November,...:

Amiibo DLC is useless for me. I hate racing as a mii so no benefits here. Can't wait for the new tracks though! Tad annoyed that SNES Rainbow Road is back again. I got very sick of playing it all the time online in MK7. And after the perfection that is N64 Rainbow Road we didn't need another one.



RedYoshi999 commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November:

New 3DS release d- oh wait, it's only 16 days away! (sorry gotta rub that in sometime.) There are plenty of things I could wish for, but none will probably happen so I'll keep expectations low. Plus I'm not getting up at 6am to watch.



RedYoshi999 commented on "Pre-Download" Service to Kick Off With Super ...:

Awesome! I'm a digital guy, but downloads are soooo slow in australia it took me 12 hours to download bayonetta 1&2 (so much for a 10pm release.) Will be cool to actually play it when it releases (technically the day before in my time zone.)



RedYoshi999 commented on Nintendo Direct: New Nintendo 3DS Models Comin...:

Well this certainly made my day! I'm still in shock that Nintendo knows we exist. I'm still facing the dilemma of what version to pick. I really want the customisable faceplates but I also want the larger screens argh! Also don't want to give up my zelda 3DS XL :(



RedYoshi999 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Kart 64:

Sure the game hasn't aged too well, rubber banding sucks, frame rate issues, etc, but it's still one of the best Mario Karts to me (only topped by MK8 which happens to have some of the best N64 courses in it. ) That's all mainly to do with the glorious battle mode, which has never been surpassed. Block Fort in particular is the best battle course in the series.



RedYoshi999 commented on Weirdness: There Are Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

I'm not sure how these codes work since I'm from Australia, so if any Aussies out there have a spare code I would be eternally grateful to you! And if the EU codes work too then I'd love one of them :) My email is



RedYoshi999 commented on Hyrule Warriors Downloadable Costume Sets Feat...:

There's a lot of Twilight Princess love in this game! Which isn't a bad thing, it's nice to see that world in HD, without going as far as a HD remake. I wouldn't really be impressed at having to buy DLC costumes, so I hope they are free.

And just look at the Majora's Mask moon screenshot and tell me that's not freaking awesome! THAT is why I want a HD remake of MM.



RedYoshi999 commented on The Nintendo 64 is Now 18 Years Old in Japan:

Oh, the N64 is just a couple months older than me. We grew up together, the N64 was all I had until I got a Wii in 2007. Games like Super Mario 64, Ocarina, Majora's Mask (still my favourite game of all time), Mario Party 1-3, Mario Kart 64, Yoshi's Story and Goldeneye 007 defined my childhood. Bring them over to Wii U VC please Nintendo!



RedYoshi999 commented on Mercedes DLC Confirmed for Mario Kart 8 in the...:

I think it will be amusing to troll people online in this kart, judging from the reaction here. XD

@rjejr Correct, summer begins in December in Australia. Not that Nintendo would ever notice, just the other week we had a "summer sale" advertised on the Wii U eShop.



RedYoshi999 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

It was a good E3 for sure, looking at the list of announced/shown off games there's quite a lot I want to buy, it's just annoying that most of it is 2015 or late 2014 games, with nothing in the immediate future. Zelda was amazing, but so short and Star Fox wasn't shown.

I loved the humour Nintendo showed at the beginning which shows they DO listen to us. Treehouse Live was also a really cool idea. (What else could make me stay up until 4am for 3 days in a row?) Although it was a bit long, not every game needed 30-60 minute demos. I hope they do it again next year though. I don't even remember why I liked the press conferences!

The Smash Bros Invitational was a neat event too. It was on too late for me to watch live, and then I couldn't sit through a whole 2.5 hours of it lol, but the atmosphere there was amazing.

E3 2014>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>E3 2013



RedYoshi999 commented on Mario Maker to Include Additional Graphical St...:

I do wonder why it's taking until 2015 to release. The demo, though basic as it is, works completely fine now. All they need to do is refine it with more features, graphical styles and implement Miiverse sharing. I guess it shall be near perfect by 2015. Also, how can they add other franchises and still call it Mario Maker?



RedYoshi999 commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

@erv Good point. Most people toss up between Microsoft and Sony, since they are similiar machines, so I'd imagine a lot of that statistic came from 360 owners who hated what Microsoft were doing with the Xbox One. It's a very odd choice to go from a Wii to a PS4, considering how widely different they are.



RedYoshi999 commented on E3 2014: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., A Brand New IP...:

I haven't been asking for a new IP. Nintendo has enough already that they don't need to make more. The problem I have with their new IPs is they lack the charm of established IPs and usually go for a genre I don't like. It's near impossible for them to create something as good and successful as Mario or Zelda. So yes, I would have preferred a Majora's Mask remake, because its not a crime to want to play my favourite game that's aging badly with a modern twist. I don't hate what they're doing though, it just isn't for me.



RedYoshi999 commented on Feature: Our Hopes and Dreams for E3 2014:

If I don't see Majora's Mask I will be disappointed as usual, but other announcements can make up for that. Zelda U, MK8 DLC, Smash 3DS release date (soon) and confirming Smash Wii U for at least December, Yarn Yoshi, Galaxy 3, some cool NFC game, N64/GCN VC will all go a long way to making me happy. I've never played Star Fox, F-Zero or Metroid in a proper capacity so I can't say I'd be too excited to see them.