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Mon 17th August, 2009

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RedYoshi999 commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

Wait, people actually use the winter solstice as the date winter begins when it comes to these types of things? lol no they obviously mean December 1st.

Will be buying both versions, but it does suck that I have to wait so long for the Wii U version, since the 3DS version looks meh in comparison.



RedYoshi999 commented on Video: Check Out The Mario Kart 8 Visual Upgra...:

I haven't been this hyped for a game since Mario Kart Wii! With N64 Yoshi Valley now being 99% confirmed my love for this game's courses (N64 in particular) just grows even more. I do wonder what they're gonna do for future Mario Karts, since most of the retro courses have now been remade at some point. I guess re-remakes are an option. :P



RedYoshi999 commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

I'm getting super excited now! Looks absolutely amazing. Loving the selection of N64 courses so far. That lack of 5 player/having someone playing separately on the GamePad really sucks though. It seemed like a no brainer, especially when 3rd party titles like Sonic Racing did it.



RedYoshi999 commented on Video: What Could The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward...:

Didn't really make much of a difference, and since I never got into SS, I would be very annoyed to see Nintendo remake it instead of Majora's Mask, which actually needs the remake. I don't really need HD Wii games at this point in time. And if you're wondering what Mario Kart Wii HD looks like, perhaps try Mario Kart 8? :P



RedYoshi999 commented on Review: Super Mario Kart (Wii U eShop / Super ...:

Been playing this for the last few days and I still just can't get a grip on this game. The controls are just too slippery for me to handle when I'm so used to later entries in the series. The AI is also horribly cheap sometimes. I play as Yoshi and always have Koopa, DK Jr and Peach in 2nd, 3rd and 4th unless I knock one back. It's only through the Wii U's save states that I unlocked the 100cc Special Cup and it's so brutal to me!

Hoping Mario Kart 64 makes it sometime soon, as that is where I fell in love with Mario Kart, and remains my favourite version to this day!



RedYoshi999 commented on Nintendo Download: 27th March (Europe):

Ooh, so if I upgrade Super Mario Kart for $1.95 I can get $10.40 off Mario Kart 8? Awesome since I was always going to download it! And I get another $7 from the Premium Wii U promo too.



RedYoshi999 commented on Miiverse Gets a Fresh Update for Wii U and 3DS:

Nice updates, but unfortunately I don't really like Miiverse anymore. I only look at my activity feed every day to see Sakurai's posts and the comment section always makes me facepalm and hate the casual audience Nintendo attracts.



RedYoshi999 commented on Club Nintendo Adds Some Awesome Premium Mario ...:

You mean meanwhile in North America, 2012 platinum reward says hello!

That would be impossible since Europe/Australia has no platinum rewards system. Not sure about Japan (but since when does anyone get any of their cool stuff?)

Yeah, when I remembered the double stars bonus I got excited again because I only need to buy Yoshi (guess that's the tipping point for me buying it) and 2 other games to make it back to 2000 stars. I've been wanting to convert the early 3DS carts I bought into digital copies for a while too so this is an incentive to actually do it.



RedYoshi999 commented on Club Nintendo Adds Some Awesome Premium Mario ...:

Nice! A simultaneous Europe/Australia Club Nintendo release! Unfortunately for me, I've recently gone broke on stars after a certain Mario Hat, Hanafuda Cards and Luigi's Mansion diorama hit. And with the software drought, there's not much of a chance for me to hit 2000 stars before these inevitably disappear.



RedYoshi999 commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (Europe):

Not a bad week actually. Will be downloading Yoshi's New Island, and those discounts on Bit Trip and Dr Luigi are just what I've been waiting for to take the plunge! And they even managed to release 2 Wii U VC games, despite me not caring about them, which is something I guess. Was wishing a Nintendo Direct would reveal N64 games.



RedYoshi999 commented on Former Criterion Boss Alex Ward Laments Issues...:

Man, that must suck having to purchase the game you've worked on for months. Should at least get a free copy! ;)

In all seriousness, it's sad how badly Most Wanted U performed. I downloaded it even at the EA premium price tag and it really is a wonderful game. There are clearly many factors out of his control which caused this mess, but I don't see most of the fault lying with Nintendo, and now being an indie developer, he shouldn't be holding grudges. It's not like Nintendo is known for marketing their own games, let alone a 5 months late 3rd party port which the original publisher failed to market.



RedYoshi999 commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Mario Kart 8 Limit...:

Once again I'm getting a bit jealous of the physical bonuses! Although if it's anything like Wind Waker HD's limited edition, Nintendo will decide for me by not offering it here. Oddly enough, I have the exact same Bullet Bill T-Shirt Nintendo is offering! EB Games sells lots of Nintendo gear here in Australia, and I recently scored one for $8 in an online sale. :)



RedYoshi999 commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

I agree about the screen resolution of the GamePad actually deterring me from using off TV play. I wanted to play DKC on the GamePad but it's such a beautiful game on a HDTV that is completely wasted on the GamePad. Virtual Console games are fine on it, but the VC catalogue is awful. All the other GamePad features are great though. It also looks extremely unprofessional to be slagging the company you work for, and isn't doing his reputation any favours.



RedYoshi999 commented on Nintendo Download: 6th March (Europe):

Probably the only time we're gonna see discounts on first party titles and I own them all! Wasn't really worth waiting an extra day for (though it's interesting that it was a public holiday here also yesterday.)



RedYoshi999 commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:

They can't kill the Wii Shop Channel because it's VC is vastly superior to the Wii U's and they won't be able to make an extra buck from upgrading them! Still, I kinda thought WiFi was dead already, I tried to play Mario Kart Wii on my Wii U and it wouldn't connect. But what's the deal with killing Nintendo Video? It's still current gen y'know Nintendo?



RedYoshi999 commented on NPD Data Shows More U.S. Gamers Switching to D...:

I don't care whether you go for all physical, all digital, or both. Personal preferences are your thing. But it bugs me to see so many all physical people who see digital supporters as inferior because they "don't understand" why you chose it.

For me it's a simple choice to go all digital. My location has always been a huge barrier for physical games. There's no stores in my town that stock new releases, forcing me to drive 30-60 minutes away to the nearest game store (and I don't have a car.) Alternatively, I can wait an entire week for a game to arrive from an online order. Therefore, the ability to download a game 2 hours BEFORE the official midnight release (thanks to timezones) will always win over a week's wait.

Price isn't much of an issue either in Australia. Having a look at DKC:TF on our most popular retailers websites, I can see very little discounts (if any) being applied. With the Deluxe Promotion, it's actually cheaper to get it on the eShop! /end rant on why I prefer digital.



RedYoshi999 commented on This Amazing Luigi's Mansion 2 Diorama Is Now ...:

I've been madly checking Club Nintendo every day since Christmas and after missing out on the Luigi coin because I was sleeping, I'm glad to have actually made it in time for this! 5000 stars was a bit of a shock, it's left me with only 600 left! The Mario Hat was actually the previous most expensive item at 3200 stars.

I must admit Club Nintendo has been pretty nice lately, we're getting a new item every month (and they're decent.) I've picked up the Hanafuda cards, Mario hat and now the Luigi Diorama to deplete what was once a tally of over 11,000 stars! Now I need to buy more games or I'll miss out on the next best thing. ;)



RedYoshi999 commented on Nintendo Download: 20th February (Europe):

DK for me! It's funny that Ice Hockey appeared so soon after it was announced for NES Remix 2. Clearly Nintendo wants to cash in on that. ;) Should also give Americans hope that SMB3 will be released there soon.



RedYoshi999 commented on Bowser's Koopalings Join the Cast of Mario Kar...:

Hmm, not much here impressed me. Firstly, a May 31 release date? That barely qualifies as a May release, leaving me over 3 months between DK and MK8. Also, I must be in the minority who doesn't care about the Koopalings (why do people love them so much?) so seeing 7 whole roster spots taken by them annoys me. Hopefully there's plenty more characters in the roster. The game still looks beautiful though!



RedYoshi999 commented on Game Boy Advance Titles To Hit Wii U Virtual C...:

It was nice to see them admit it took FOREVER for these to arrive, but where's my N64 games? They were announced a year ago too, and nothing has been said since...

I'll definitely be picking up Mario and Luigi, I've recently been addicted to Dream Team, racking up 40 hours and still not finished!



RedYoshi999 commented on Wii U and 3DS Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 13...:

Aww man why did they have to change the time? 10pm was a perfect time for me to watch Directs. Now it's 6am? Ugh looks like I'll be watching it later after all the news has been spoiled for me. At least the overreacting for skipping a month is over now. Although I have a feeling the next overreaction will be people overhyping themselves and hating what is revealed.



RedYoshi999 commented on Nintendo Download: 30th January (North America):

I'm glad to see you get ALTTP, if only to see all the whining come to an end. Sadly, the whining for SMB3 continues (despite it being a far more recent release in Europe.) Also just noticed that Runner 2 is the same price in Australia woo! Now if only I owned one of the other games, I could get it for $6...