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StarDust4Ever commented on Black Forest Games Confirms New Giana Sisters ...:

Please, please, please... Release that update you promised to get the Twisted Dreams audio working on the Gamepad. I do a lot of off-screen play, so the no gamepad audio bit was a deal-breaker for me. :'(

Also, why is the download for Twisted Dreams over 3 Gbytes for a 2D game? Many first-party 3D retail titles are smaller... :p

And NLife, is a news source for video games now? B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on One Of The Most Successful Nintendo Games Of 2...:

@MyBodyIsReggie Yes, 16-bit Aladdin! There was a time when developers poured their herat and soul into games based on movie franchises. Ditto for NES classics like Tiny Toon Adventures (a charming SMB3 clone), Duck Tales, and Rescue Rangers.

Now any time a movie based game comes out, it's shameless cash-in. To be totally fair, there was a fair share of shovel crap back in the day too. Home Alone 2, anyone? :P



StarDust4Ever commented on Video: Today's Teens Simply Cannot Handle The ...:

I still suck at Megaman, and I used a Game Genie for infinite health. Those areas in some episodes where you free-fall between walls of instant death spikes, or how after you beat all the robot madters in MM3, you've gotta go back and replay the MM2 robot masters... :p

MM2 is probably the best one though. Nice intro credits, more polish than MM1, and you don't have the IMO unnecessary slide mechanic.



StarDust4Ever commented on Developer of Retro City Rampage Explains, Agai...:

This was the first and only Wiiware game I've purchased since transferring all of my Wii content over to Wii-U. The DX update was a nice gesture even though the game hasn't earned him squat.

Also what's this January/February cutoof date all about? Is Wiiware about to be discontinued? :p



StarDust4Ever commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

I'm currently collecting in pairs or "mini-sets." I have Mario, Peach, Kirby, Yoshi, Link, and Princess Zelda in my possession.

I've got Meta Knight and Kind Dedede on preorder at my local Best Buy. Fingers crossed I'll be able to pick them up at launch.

Rosalina I have preordered at Play Asia because I don't completely trust that Target will get enough stock in hand. If I find another Rosalina at retail, the Japanese one will stay boxed.

Bowser and Luigi are on my wishlist too to round out my Galaxy figures. I have a feeling he will be easy to procure at launch, although people said the same about Diddy. Fingers crossed.

I didn't get Donkey Kong because that means I would also need Diddy to go with him. If I can find a Diddy, I'll get Donkey too.

Duck Hunt dog is on my wishlist. I'm such a retro fan, he's probably the only character I'll be willing to fight scalpers for.

I'll probably get 3rd party Amiibos for Sonic and Pacman too, but not for scalper pricing....



StarDust4Ever commented on Talking Point: What's Next For amiibo?:

@Action51 I like your reasoning. As a retro gamer and collector, I understand the value of physical products. I get the impression however that all of the 9th gen systems will be downloads only, which will wreak havoc on people who wanna play games in the future after support for those consoles are pulled.



StarDust4Ever commented on Talking Point: What's Next For amiibo?:

I voted "No" on the survey question regarding an Amiibo only game. Skylanders and Disney are cash-grab money pits, pure and simple. Wanna explore the entire game? Buy one of every character...

If Nintendo makes their own game requiring Amiibos, it needs to be a free eShop download. People will be mad if they pay for content they cannot unlock (skylanders). Proving a free game with a sandbox atmosphere that interacts with Amiibos ala Skylanders / Infinity, would be great. Nintendo would quickly recoup the development costs on Amiibo sales and people won't feel ripped off if they don't have all te Amiibos. A retail starter pack would also be an option however that may offend people who already own the included figures.



StarDust4Ever commented on Feature: How We'd Like to See amiibo Used in C...:

A bit late to the party, but swiping Zelda could give you a Zelda costume, let you swing a sword, and unlock a couple DLC levels. A sword to defeat certain enemies like Shy Guys and stuff wouldn't break the game, even if it made a few of the levels feel a bit cheap. :)



StarDust4Ever commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

Nintendo 64 really did shine though. It has a small library once you cut the sports titles and shovelware (NFL Blitz being the lone exception), but the games Nintendo and RARE put out on the 64 are some of the best gameplay experiences of the 5th generation! Quality over quantity anyday ;)



StarDust4Ever commented on Shantae And The Pirate's Curse Delayed Into 20...:

@bofis Yeah I got the titles mixed up. I really wish the eShop had cross buy because lots of games and VC titles I've forked over on both platforms. I've already got Pirate's curse, Risky's Revenge (DSi), and Shantae (GBC VC) on 3DS but I selected Wii-U option for the 1/2 Genie Hero. I may double dip when it comes out on Wii-U, I dunno.



StarDust4Ever commented on Squeeze Begins on NINJHAX Homebrew Exploit in ...:

@BensonUii Nice1 Get some WWE/WCW action going on in Star Wars! :D

@OP Figures the Ninjax exploit wouldn't last long. But the story goes that only one out of 3 exploit methods were blocked, so is it still partially possible?

As for me, I'm having fun with the new themes shuffling.

@LordGeovanni I have 10 GBA games installed on my 3DS xL, and I didn't have to hack my system or run homebrew to get them. Consider them perks, courtesy of Nintendo for my being an early adopter! ;)



StarDust4Ever commented on Nintendo Shows Off NFC eShop Payments for New ...:

@Tsuchinoko Nintendo did it with several bonus NES VC and GBA games for participants in the Ambassador program, late 2011. Only people who bought the original 3DS for $250 and registered them on Club Nintendo prior to the 2011 price drop got the GBA games. The GBA titles load directly from the system menu and lock the 3DS into GBA mode while running.

So far nobody's been able to get GBA ROMs to run on 3DS using homebrew. This was entirely Nintendo's doing and the 10 GBA games were never made available in the 3DS eShop.



StarDust4Ever commented on Interview: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker's De...:

Time attack mode, eh? Glad to know there will be more to do for replay value when I beat this thing. I'm halfway through Episode 2 right now and got crowns on the majority of the levels. I have unlocked the first three stages on Episode 3, but judging by the progressively larger amount of gems required to open each stage, I get the feeling there's a lot left to this game after I finish Episode 2. B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Nintendo Shows Off NFC eShop Payments for New ...:

@Danrenfroe2016 The Wii-U can be forced into Game Cube compatability mode (homebrewers have verified it can be done under Wii mode) however doing so is mostly pointless since the Wii-U has no Game Cube ports and will not accept mini-discs. The USB Game Cube adapter isn't a viable alternative as it requires communication through Universal Serial Bus, which use a completely different protocol as well as completely different hardware registers compared to backwards-compatible Wiis.

The 3DS can also be forced into GBA compatability mode as well, owing to the fact that it is backwards compatible with DS which was backwards compatible with GBA. VC GBA games were released to Ambassador participants. But there is no standby mode when you close the lid (the screen blacks out but the game/CPU will continue to run) quickly draining the batteries, none of the DS or 3DS background functions are operable, and if I remember correctly you have to shut down/reset the console to get back to 3DS mode.

I was fine with this setup but other players may not be. Either way, GBA is now on Wii-U VC with full emulation perks (save states et al), albeit Genesis, TG-16, and N64 are nowhere to be found. It may be possible to crudgingly support Game Cube VC through compatability mode, but it would need some kind of frontend/modification/virtualization to handle the controller inputs. And compatability mode would block access to the Wii-U system memory where the VC games are stored or even Wii control inputs when running under compatability mode under Wii.

Don't hold your breath, but I would pay $$$ for a retail HD remake of Mario Sunshine similar to what they did with Wind Waker.



StarDust4Ever commented on Super Smash Bros. Wii U Basic Bundle Heading f...:

Yeah the 8Gb blows hard. When I preordered my 32Gb Deluxe in 2012, I took one look at the 8Gb Basic option and laughed. Pay $50 more; get a sensor bar, charging cradle, vertical Wii-U standoffs, 4x the storage and a $60 game included at no extra cost. Yes, please! Consumers aren't stupid, ya know...

Heck whenever Nintendo gets around to releasing the first DLC pack for Smash Bros with playable Bayonetta et al, it likely won't even fit in the 8Gb Wii-U's paltry flash memory. Remember, only ~3Gb of that thing is allocated to downloads and save data. By comparison, the 32Gb model has ~27Gb allocated to user data/downloads, so you could argue the Deluxe edition holds 9x the storage, not 4x... :p



StarDust4Ever commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

I checked one of my local Targets this morning. 3 Wii Fit Trainers and one Villager, but I'm not a "prospective" buyer and wasn't interested in owning them, so I left them on the shelf.

I'm thinking the Duck Hunt dog will be another short supply Amiibo if things go this way. As a big fan of CRT light gun games, I have to have that one.



StarDust4Ever commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

Hmmm... The Wii Fit Trainer will probably be the most valuable based on rarity. I don't do speculative buying, but the Wii Git Trainer just looks lame from a gamer perspective. Lots of the rarest games are super expensive because nobody bought them back in the day. Playability isn't even a factor, unless and an R4 selling for around the price of an R7-8 like Earthbound...

I gotta get that Duck Hunt Dog, I mean how freakking cool and retro is that? Smash Bros trophies in the flesh! B-)

I also gotta get Rosie and Luigi and Bowser as well to match my Mario Galaxy rubber ducks:



StarDust4Ever commented on Sonic Boom is Doing Pretty Well!:

I haven't seen the show. However, I downloaded the demo last night. Played through two of the scenes (the first and third, because I don't care for boss matches). Honestly 8 plays is enough. I deleted it after only one. :p



StarDust4Ever commented on Weirdness: Defective Fox and Villager amiibo N...:

This is sad folks... Dual cannon Samus, Link missing shield paint, legless Peach, Fox missing his eye patch, wonky-armed Villager; what's next? Can't wait until Nintendo figures a way to add Pokemon to the Amiibo lineup. Can't wait to see what kind of defects crop up.

Of all those I've seen thus far, the dual cannon Samus was the only one that looked really freakking cool. Someone out there with deep pockets will eventually buy a complete set of New in Box defective Amiibos.

Another thing I thought of. Besides cosmetic errors, what if an Amiibo figure gets the wrong chip installed? Like a Samus with a link NFC chip inside it. You wouldn't know unless you opened the box... :p



StarDust4Ever commented on Wii U YouTube Application Receives An Update, ...:

The YT app blows imo. I deleted it a long time ago.

The html5 web browser works flawless.

The 3DS, on the other hand, sucks donkey (both the incompatible browser and YT app). Still, I've somehow logged over 1500 hours on that craptastic 3DS browser thingy. Confession; I'm using 3DS browser right now, for toilet surfing... B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Sonic Boom is Doing Pretty Well!:

@Dipper723 I'm a bit over twice your age. I had fond memories of waking up early Saturday mornings in the 80s/90s to watch the cartoons. We never had cable, but between all the local channels, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, and UPN (which later on merged with WB to form CW), I had six channels full of cartoon shows to choose from. Among my favorites were the Bugs Bunny show on ABC, Garfield and Friends, and Bill Nigh the Science Guy. Also there were cartoons on FOX weekday mornings and afternoons. When I was younger it was Ninja Turtles, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, and later on in the 90s, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Batman & Superman, good stuff. Now it's just court TV and other filler junk. :p