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StarDust4Ever commented on Limitations on Console Manufacturing and Sales...:

They should re-release the Wii in China. Wii was vastly more successful than Wii-U. Citizens there are too poor to afford the latest $400 consoles from MS and Sony. Market the Wii mini bundle for $79 USD equivalent and people will buy it in droves. When the NX comes out, they will already have market share and be in a position to dominate.



StarDust4Ever commented on Weirdness: Super Mario Bros. 3 is Rather Creep...:

Creepy. I will never look at those mounds, and clouds with eyes, the same way again... :o

The author got his games confused. SMB3 was legit. SMB2 was all a dream, possibly as an excuse for why the game wierd and not playing like Mario (because it wasn't).



StarDust4Ever commented on EVO Players Loved Hyperkin's New GameCube-Insp...:

@BulbasaurusRex Nintendo put analog triggers in the original Classic controller, then nobody used them, and they were gone from the Classic Pro and Wii-U Pro. Really dumb Nintendo. I opened my PDP controller and the analog triggers are entirely fake. There's a huge spring in there and you have to depress it all the way down to actuate the button.



StarDust4Ever commented on Talking Point: Assessing the Odds of Super Mar...:

@Kirk No kidding. When I got hooked on Little Bit Planet GOTY, I did the whole campaign and several spinoff series like the Pirates Pack (water) etc...

I typed "Mario" and there were literally tons of fan made Mario themed stages, many of which I came back to months later, prooving they were never pulled by Sony.

People have been hacking Mario games since the late 90s and the grid based system still employed in 2D and 3D Mario games is perfect. Nintendo should have done this ten years ago on the Game Cube. To say there isn't demand for this is silly.

Also viral marketing is paramount. If Nintendo does not at least include a You Tube uploader, with full stage support instead of one minute like they did with MK8, they will have missed a huge opportunity.



StarDust4Ever commented on Razer "Definitely Considering" Making Controll...:

A fight stick Pro controller would be neat. Better if you can switch between Classic and Pro modes for Wii and Wii-U software. One issue with Smash is that it uses the analogs for movement and Dpad for taunts. This analog emulation wouldn't work out well with a stick.

I would mostly want the fight stick for VC games. I've built custom joysticks for Atari, NES, and SNES and once you get used to the control scheme, they work well for platformers and other games too, not just fighters or arcade sims.

Fight sticks use different muscle groups (wrist, forefingers) compared to gamepads (mostly thumbs).



StarDust4Ever commented on Nintendo Still Hasn't Decided Which Zelda Time...:

Gah! No two players? Blasphemous! As an adult gamer with no kids and a non-gaming fiance, very rarely I can get together with one friend. Three players is unheard of. I imagine this three player option is mostly wasted development and will be little used. Even among families with multiple kids, I imagine many share the console between members and may not have 3 3DS systems. I certainly hope this supports download play and does not require three game carts... :p



StarDust4Ever commented on Speculation Grows That AMD Will Provide the Ni...:

@darth2d2 I have a strong suspicion that the NX and most 9th generation consoles will be mostly download or download only. Disc drives are expensive and wear out. With MS and Sony requiring mandatory installs, and flash storage on the brink of overtaking discs in capacity, I could see the NX not coming with a disc drive or using a modified 3DS cart slot for media. 3DS games have a tab on one side to prevent insertion on DS, so an added tab on the opposite side will prevent NX carts from being inserted in a 3DS. Disc drives are especially prone to breakage on portables and suck battery life. IF the NX is a portable, it will need to be downloads or cart based storage, so console version would also use this.



StarDust4Ever commented on Speculation Grows That AMD Will Provide the Ni...:

@darth2d2 good point. x86 is power hungry and a handheld form factor would require massive batteries. Think clunky laptop batteries.

ARM would be ideally suited for a hybrid platform. I'm thinking a slimmer form factor gamepad with Pro controller support and hdmi output to HDTV for multiplayer. ARM processors are beginning to approach mobile x86 CPU in terms of cores and clock speed, and with 64-bit extensions and larger caches could become a formidable contender to x86, so I think in a couple years time they could compete directly with PS4/Xbone using an ARM solution.

The NX could come in a variety of form factors for portable/home models. The smaller screen will have a lower native resolution than HDTV and require less graphics acceleration when operating off batteries. The NX could be docked as a home console and would run at maximum horsepower when displaying HD visuals.

ARM is a popular platform and most development envoronments have extensions for x86 as well as ARM. Android/iOS would be easy to port so expect a good number of indie devs, but unfortunately this also means more crapware, so mobile architecture can be a double edged sword. The NX touchscreen as well as buttons would be suitable for both mobile and classic play styles. Backwards compatability with 2DS could also be achieved. The 2DS uses a single screen to emulate dual screens and the NX would be no different.

Sadly whether Nintendo chooses to side with ARM or x86, PowerPC is dead and so backwards compatability with Wii/Wii-U software would be impossible, although I would like to see Pro controller support. Another possibility Nintendo will create a Pro2 for NX with touch interface like PS4 has. Keeping PowerPC to maintain backwards compatability would be corporate suicide as support for it in the 2010s is non-existent.



StarDust4Ever commented on If You're A Female In Japan, Then The Nintendo...:

Honestly, I like the cutesy stuff more than hardcore. I loathe FPS genre in general but love Kirby, Yoshi, and yes, Mario-anything. Fact of the matter, I like colorful, imaginative worlds over the gray/brown hyper-violent FPS crap that seems to be mainstream on PS/Xbox. On Nintendo, things are different. Heck, even Bayonetta is awesome. Yes, I'm a dude. My fiance thinks games are dumb, but I appreciate that people are different, and couldn't give a crap about the male/female ratios. Female gamers tend to liven up forums and game rooms though. But I have respect as well. I'm also the biggest Rosalina fan on the planet so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I would like to visit a girl gamer museum, but can't, because I'm male. Descrimination is still that, even in Japan.



StarDust4Ever commented on Mewtwo amiibo Spotted In The Wild:

Not a fan of Pokemon, but I'll hand it to them, the Mewtwo character is one of the better designed Pokemon characters besides their poster child Pikachu. I would buy it if I sae it on a store rack, but IMO not going out of my way to procure one. It can stay of eBay...



StarDust4Ever commented on Gunpei Yokoi Discusses The Struggle To Make Th...:

Brilliant epitaph about the rasoning behind underpowered. Battery life was abysmal on the Lynx and Game Gear since blue/white LED tech had not yet been invented, the screens require a cold cathode tube to illuminate, which was the primary source of battery drain. Even today, the primary source of battery drain in mobile devices (besides wireless) is backlit screens.

He brought another point about toys. His speech almost serves to forshadow Nintendo's recent foray in to Toys-to-life aka Amiibo.



StarDust4Ever commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

Historically, mid-console generations have failed. Pre-crash consoles that came after the 2600/VCS, Turbo Grafx (between gen 3 and 4), early-mid 90s consoles, 32X, Jaguar, CDi, 3DO, Neo Geo AES, all failures.

If the NX comes mid-generation with ARM processor (b/c with 3DS but not Wii/Wii-U), presumably a slimmer stand alone game pad without the console, that you can hook up to a big screen and uses Pro controllers for multiplayer, and two form factors, a large home unit and a smaller portable.

I will get one but releasing u der-powered stop-gap consoles mid-gen would essentially be "pulling a sega" and the NX may very well be Nintendo's Dreamcast. I'll support it but would probably become a full time retro gamer if Nintendo goes third party. I've got enough games in my backlog to entertain myself for years... B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Video: Mario is Unreal in This New Take on The...:

@GotchaForce4 "True 3D Mario sequel?" Umm, Sunshine and both Galaxies were superb followups to 64. Nintendo only got sterile with level design in 3D Land/World, which play way too much like the NSMB series. Even so 3D World is awesome with both single and multiplayer. I just wish Ninento would get back to free-world exploration. The latest 3D Mario feel like obstacle courses.

As for this unreal engine, the environs do not match the Mario theme at all. It seems like someone just dropped Mario in a sandbox World from another game. But a more humanoid looking character might work if they toned down the acrobatics. Make Mario 6 feet high instead of three, slimmer profile with a head in scale with an adult body, and tone down the jump height to about 4 feet max. Or better yet make up a new character.



StarDust4Ever commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

In all truthfulness, those clamoring for the NX to be backwards compatible with Wiii-U will be sadlu mistaken. The Game Cube, Wii, and Wii-U all run on PowerPC architecture, which for all practical purposes is dead in 2015 and beyond. The NX cannot be backwords compatible if it runs on something else. That leaves either x86 or ARM, and Nintendo will likely choose ARM since x86 is power hungry and expensive.

Nintendo also stated that the NX will be a fusion of console/handheld, and possibly run as a third pillar for a while to Wii-U and 3DS. I envision a redesigned Gamepad (tablet with buttons), an HDMI out, and backwards compatability with 2DS (if it runs ARM). ARM is gaining power with each generation and there's a good chance it could be comparable to Xbone/PS4 in processing power by 2017 or whenever this thing drops.

ARM NX would be the perfect platform for indie developers to embrace. Nintendo could even create a tablet sized and smaller portable NX, with unified account system so gamers with two consoles (one for home and one on the go) can sync games and save data between them. I could also see it utilising the Wii-U Pro Controllers as well for multiplayer.

Much as I'm afriad to say this, there's a good chance games for the NX will be download only, as both Wii-U and 3DS are slowly gaining sales toward digital. Disc drives are expensive, although NX cards utilizing the 3DS slot may become a possibility. BluRay currently holds 50Gb and chances are good that game cards holding this much data will be affordable withing a couple years. I could picture an additional tap on both sides of the 3DS card to prevent insertion of NX cards into a 3DS.



StarDust4Ever commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

I'll have to admit, some of the entries were pretty weak. I'm not sure how PM/M&L will work. They each have different visual styles and battle mechanics, though I can't imagine it being blander than Sticker Star.

The Triplayer Zelda is a bit of an oddity. A deep adventure game is not the type of format you want for three-way multiplayer. Multiplayer experiences are better served in quick bursts. I'd imagine much of the game has you tripping switches and activating various events, which in single player mode would add tedium of constantly swapping character roles or overall dumb AI. I can easily see bonus content, side quests, or events that require multiplayer coop to pull off, locking you from 100% completion in single player. Online would be equally fruitless as progress in a level is tied to a game file, as well some opponents may be newbs or worse deliberately sabotage the quest.