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Sun 20th January, 2008

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StarDust4Ever commented on Super Mario Maker Will Allow You to Unlock ami...:

I think you get the unlock on your screen, but you still need to scan the physical Amiibo to add mystery blocks into custom levels. But if you play a level that has said Amiibo in it, I assume it's only added to your checklist.

I placed a Rosalina at the end of my Shell Shocking Goombacide because I love her...

Might need to incorporate Wario in future designs because he seems to be unicorn as well...



StarDust4Ever commented on Google Produces a Pretty Super Mario Anniversa...:

@shani yeah, the whole deal in the end credits of Mario 2 with Mario waking up and realising it was all a dream prooves it's non-cannonicity. But many enemies were introduced in SMB2 that make appearances in future games. Pokeys, Shy Guys, Bobombs, Sniffits, Birdo...



StarDust4Ever commented on GAME Processes Additional Charges on Super Mar...:

Holy Cow... Seven charges! I would imagine with all the customers rushing to the banks to issue chargebacks, this will quickly escalate to a PR nightmare. I wonder whatever the UK's equivalent of the Better Business Bureau will have to say? Maybe it's a scheme and the extra funds are getting siphoned to a Swiss bank account? Somebody's job is getting axed for sure, possibly jailed.



StarDust4Ever commented on First Impressions: Getting Down with Shantae: ...:

On the topic of whether or not to use a Dpad: I first determine if the game is reading it as a digital or analog input. Tilt the thumbstick ever so slightly until your character moves. Now push it all the way to the edge. If you character speeds up, it is analog control and you should use the stick. If your character moves at the same speed regardless of how far you tilted, then it is digital and you should use the Dpad. Platformers designed for analog movement tend to be clunky when controlled only by the Dpad, especially in 3D.

Special case for Super Mario 3D Land/World where Mario essentially moved at constant speed regardless of how far the stick was tilted, but there were about 16 or so discrete directions Mario could travel in. Only 8 of these were accessible via the Dpad.



StarDust4Ever commented on Mario History: Super Mario Sunshine - 2002:

@lateral_centro never got the poison river one. After finally getting Yoshi all the way to the Island on the boats, I dropped down the tube. Never could get every coin but finally made it to the end alive. Took the exit pipe like an idiot.

Pachinko I did once after an insane amount of tries. You can access the Pachinko machine with either the hover or rocket nozzles. Hover is much more useful.



StarDust4Ever commented on Men Suspected of Planning Pokémon World Cham...:

@hcfwesker Yes, blame their behavior on ultraviolent video games. Just what we need: more censorship. Not that banning ultraviolent games would affect Nintendo in any way. Life is not a friggin video game. People aren't just pixels on a screen to be gunned down. Crisis averted. Lock 'em away and toss the key...



StarDust4Ever commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

Ever since the first level editor for Super Mario Bros by YY came out (allowing anyone to make their own ROM hacks), I swore Nintendo had to release a Mario game that let you create your own levels. Every kid in the 80s doodled in notebooks dreaming up their own levels. Now those levels can become reality!



StarDust4Ever commented on VS. Excitebike Launches Into Some Races Very S...:

VS Excitebike: Let's see...
7 courses. Play the qualifier lap (no bikes) to race in the final (with bikes). Bonus intermission after the 3rd and 6th tracks where you jump obstacles.

Overall more intense and tighter lap times compared to NES version.



StarDust4Ever commented on Nintendo of America Provides an Update on Thre...:

@SlayerG Glad to hear is getting a restock. I got her already but she's always been one of my favs. I wonder if they're still doing Mario Party reskins for Rosie, DK, and Wario? I've got the Smash Wario (imported, never seen a US version) but would love a classic color scheme. And Daisy and Waluigi if they ever do a wave two Mario Party...

Dr Mario ordered. Can't believe it's still online...



StarDust4Ever commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:

@IceClimbers Consoles are a bit more complicated than that. Traditionally, consoles are loss leaders, especially at launch. Sell more consoles at a lower price; get more revenue from increased game sales. Also advertise the crap out of it, something Nintendo failed to do with Wii-U during it's year-long head start.



StarDust4Ever commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Lev...:

Ah, the secret warp pipe. I remember playing on my Game Boy Color back in the day. I made it to World 8 and took the warp back to World 5???

Later on I picked it up on All Stars w/ World for SNES, then picked up the GBA Famicom Mini Series #21 from Lik-Sang. Good times. I generally loathe tough-as-nails platformers, but the way Lost Levels keeps kicking my @$$ keeps me coming back for more in a way that no other game does.

Especially with the blind leap of faith over a pit, praying that the Koopa Troopa will be in the right spot to make a clean hop to safety, or dastardly castles with their mazes. I never could finish 8-4 before the timer expired, even with save states.

And this is coming from someone who loathes "Nintendo hard" games like Megaman, etc, but I'll be Bowser's whipping boy any day...