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StarDust4Ever commented on Feature: The Making of Wetrix and Its Route to...:

You know what? I bought Wetrix back in the day from Replays. I made my mom drive in the pouring rain back to Replays on a Sunday to trade it back in using their 24-hour don't like it guarantee, on the count of it sucked so bad. Given that I gave it less than 15 minutes a go in my N64, I'm willing to give it anoter go. At least it's cheap. Another semi-Blind order on Amazon. Thanks, N-Life, for re-invigorating my interest! B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Wetrix:

Wow... This game blows... But rules at the same time... If you see it on a shelf... Pick it up and try it... It can't be worse than E.T.... B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Video: New Nintendo 3DS In-Depth Review: Episo...:

Another plus I wanted to point out: the wifi slider.

I celebrated my birdthday today at Joe's Crab Shack. Once again, at some point, the wireless slider got moved to the "off" position. Much like the accidental cart eject, once again the wifi slider got actuated turning wireless communication off. Once again the potential for missed street passes. And it's not the first time. I check for the green light and notice the wireless light is not flickering. Slider got bumbed and turned off streetpass. Since it is now performed by software on the new models, I don't have to worry about streetpass being accidentally disabled.



StarDust4Ever commented on Video: New Nintendo 3DS In-Depth Review: Episo...:

@BarryDunne as for my username, it's an old college nickname (Stardust) that predates Mario Galaxy by seven years and even my love for Nintendo. My head was always in the stars, and I somehow got sprinkled with Pixie Dust. Yup, I was the token guy in an otherwise female click so go figure.

Fun fact: Space Junk Galaxy is literally Star Dust Galaxy in Japan.

There's also a club in Las Vegas called "StarDust".
A recent NASA mission to collect comet debris.
A hollywood movie by the same name.

As for my obsession with Rosalina, I fell in love with her while reading her back story in Mario Galaxy. Cheers... ;)



StarDust4Ever commented on Weirdness: According To McDonald's, Mario And ...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR Um, it's a public forum. Anyone can chime in whenever he/she wants. You were the only one seemingly offended by the charming commercial. Everyone put up good reasons why it would fall under fair use, or otherwise they got permission to do so, yet convincing you of that is basically like talking to a brick wall.

Can't accept that Mario and Bowser were friends? In Super Mario RPG, Super Paper Mario, and Bowser's Inside Story, they actually team up. And in The Thousand Year Door, Bowser is more a comic relief than a real villian. And that's not counting the countless kart/smash/party/sports titles they appear in.



StarDust4Ever commented on Rumour: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Demo To Be Distr...:

I second the idea of using a proprietary flash tech or "hu-card" technology. But there is an issue.

Optical tech is at it's practical limits with BluRay. The push from 650nm red lasers to 405nm violet allowed grooves to be spaced much closer together, resulting in an increase in capacity for a dual layer disc from 8.7 Gb to 50Gb. Further expanding the storage capacity would require adding more data layers or larger discs. Beyond about three or four layers you get serious problems reading through multiple semi-reflective platters. This would also require thicker and more expensive media.

Flash storage is starting to reach saturation as well. I can remember when flash storage was $1 per megabyte. I can also remember when RAM was about the same. Flash has now been roughly $1 per Gigabyte for the past couple years, and capacities aren't increasing as fast as they used too. Higher density could be achieved with mask ROMs, but you're back to the issue of installing updates.

Either way you're looking at $30 per card manufacture cost if it can truly holds 30-64 Gb of data, as opposed to maybe $1 for disc media. It would be the N64 vs PS1 all over again. Portable 3DS and Vita games are smaller and low resolution graphics. Also the PSP prooved that mechanical drives are bad for portables due to reliability and battery life.

While nothing would tickle my fancy more than a return to cart/card based media in home consoles, it's just not likely to happen. CPU speed and data density, both optical, magnetic, and solid state, are slowly reaching critical mass where additional performance gains are harder and harder to achieve.

Digital downloads are also suspect, as residential broadband is nearly operating at capacity already. Satalite is high latency and useless for gaming, mobile is slow and expensive, and we've just about reached the capacity limits on DSL and Cable modems so ever increasing bandwidth and 4k streaming and instant game downloads are not likely in the near future unless every home gets a fiber optic line run to it. Never mind rural customers who can't get fast affordable broadband with low latency.



StarDust4Ever commented on Video: New Nintendo 3DS and XL Batteries Put t...:

On my 3DS xL, I typically keep the brightness on 1 at home (3 if in a bright office environment and 5 for outside). Color rendition is poor in battery saving mode so I keep it off. I occasionally use 3D. When I do, it's at halfway (full gives me headaches). I love 3D though and would like to use it more with the eye tracking... :)



StarDust4Ever commented on Weirdness: According To McDonald's, Mario And ...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR Get off your high horse. I'm sure that McDonalds lawyers reviewed the commercial before it aired and made sure that all the i's were dotted and t's crossed. If it was infringing, it wouldn't have aired.

IMO, McDonalds is disgusting and no amount of advertising will convince me otherwise, but I must admit this latest commercial is heartwarming, certainly better than the head-scratching "what's in out food" campaign. Artery-clogging trans-fat, that's what...



StarDust4Ever commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

No love for Wario Land. Then again it's writing on the wall than none of the titles got over 15% of the vote, and that's with 3 votes per person, even considering the 20 unique entries. Poll needs to be scaled to the right a bit.

I voted Super Paper Mario, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and WarioLand: Shake It.



StarDust4Ever commented on Weirdness: These Push Guards for the New Ninte...:

I cram my 3DS xL in my pants all the time and yes, on multiple occasions, I have had the 3DS card partially eject from the slot. I would be concerned however, that the device in question may inadvertently scrape the 3DS card, or worse, get stuck between the card and the system, preventing a proper ejection.

A better implementation would have been for Nintendo to just redesign the card slot to be flush with the end of the card. The outer wall of the system stops a couple mm short of the edge of the DS/3DS card. If the outer wall was flush with the edge of the card, but still had the finger dimple for easy removal, then a lot of accidental ejection incidents would be averted.



StarDust4Ever commented on GameStop Cancels European Rosalina amiibo Pre-...:

@Mario_TehPlumber Seriously dude, I've watched your troll videos. Rosalina is one of the most awesome characters Nintendo ever created. Cosmic sorceress with an intriguing back story and she has far more class than bimbo Princess Peach or obnoxious miss "Hi I'm Daisy!"

I get that you don't like her, but please tell me, what good is spending your hard earned cash buying up every Rosalina preorder so fans can't have her gonna prove in the long run? Also learn not to swear so much...



StarDust4Ever commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Had a Strong Start W...:

Actually, Amiibo support just might push me over the edge with regards to buying MP10. If it's got a decent single player mode, that is. Being an adult gamer with no kids or friends to play with, it's either online or solo mostly.

I'm still on the fence with regards to Smash Bros. It's either go online and get my butt kicked or set up and play against boring CPU adversaries.

And I do enjoy collecting Amiibo. A free-to-download Skylanders/Infinity style sandbox adventure game would be awesome. Make it happen, Nintendo! ;)



StarDust4Ever commented on GameStop Cancels European Rosalina amiibo Pre-...:

My Rosalina preorder from got a ship notification yesterday. My Rosetta preorder from Play Asia also got a ship notification today. I double downed not because I plan on scalping but because I really wanted this figure. I was right not to trust Target.

Then there's the whole issue of that MarioTehPlumber potty mouth self-proclaimed Rosalina hater buying over 100 of them. Why?



StarDust4Ever commented on Didn't Pick Up The Pink 3DS XL? Hard Luck:

@astrotriforce I'm in the same boat as you, man! My favorite color is technically purple but I like pink too. It takes a man that's secure with his manhood to game on one of these. I've been enjoying my Pink 3DS xL for the past two years. I get lots of complements in public, and a few strange looks too, LOL!

I originally couldn't decide on the blue/black or red/black model, so I decided to wait for Nintendo to announce more colors, and when the pink/white model came out, I got all giddy like a school-girl! :* Fun fact, I put puffy pink fur decals on my DS phat gray launch model, which still wears pink to this day.

I've got the New 3DS xL black on preorder. Sadly I missed out on the Zelda edition 3DS (but I did manage to score the special edition MM3D with the Skull Kid figure), so I'll have to figure a way to decorate and customize my New 3DS since it won't take faceplates... B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

Glad everything worked out. I'll have to see if my glasses prove to be problematic or not. Even if the camera focuses on the specular reflection of the glasses instead of the retinal flash, as long as my head is centered it would likely still work. Maybe the recognition software could be updated to ignore glasses reflection. Reggie of NOA and Iwata of NOJ wear glasses and I'm sure numerous other developers on Nintendo's internal team are aware of any issues if they exist.



StarDust4Ever commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

@kenzo It may actually work, but we aren't entirely sure how the face recognition software works. The specular glare from the lens of the eye as well as the shimmering retinal reflection may also be blocked as well, assuming the handedness of the polarized light is reversed in both instances.

You cannot view the IR beam directly, however most embedded cameras like those in cellphones, 3DS, etc have poor quality hot filters. The colored cells on the sensor pass IR light and require a filter with a powerful dye to block IR light from hitting it. On embedded cameras, this filter is so thin that a small amount if IR light will pass. Using your cellphone camera or a 3DS, you can see light from IR diodes (remote controls, Wiimote sensor bar, etc) as violet dots. Hold both polarized lenses together to ensure they cancel properly using IR light.

Also if you open a Wiimote with a triwing screwdriver, you can remove the IR lens and affix it to a cellphone or other cheap embedded camera and use it to take IR photos under extremely bright incandescent lighting or sunlight. The wiimote will operate fine without the filter in place provided there aren't any strong point light sources behind the TV. Leafy vegitation appears snow white instead of green under IR light, people with light or dark skin appear pale, and certain dark colored clothing such as lycra or spandex may become white or even see-through [!] . Dollar bills have invisible IR bar codes printed on them that bill scanners can read. The world will have a shimmering surreal almost alien glow to it. The sky will appear black with white tree tops.



StarDust4Ever commented on Wii U Enjoyed Its Best Ever Month of US Sales ...:

@Robotron2084 "I've heard rumours that Nintendo are going to have to move away from their Power PC chips after this gen, due to them not getting continued, meaning they'll be left with no choice but to go into the ring with Sony and Microsoft, technology wise."

I have this queasy feeling in my gut that Nintendo is gonna go with ARM for their "unified platform," instead of x86 like MS and Sony did. ARM processing is slowly becoming a real beast, and they are continually becoming more powerful. Nintendo is not going to put an expensive, power hogging AMD/Intel x86 CPU into their "unified platform." The current gen Sony/MS consoles' exhaust vents could be repurposed as hair dryers, for cripes! Nintendo consoles have been and always will be quite and efficient.

To continue that trend, Nintendo are likely going to make it ARM based, possibly maintaining backwards compatability with the 2DS but not Wii/Wii-U. With any architecture change, some or all backwards compatability will be lost. More importantly, the switch to ARM will simultaneously be a slap in the face to third party Sony/MS developers as well as a boon to indie developers already accustomed to developing on Android/iOS.



StarDust4Ever commented on Professional Super Smash Bros. Player Proposes...:

@Zach Kirby and Meta Knight pbbtf!

Wario and Captain Syrup would have been slightly more interesting.

A long term relationship between Mario and Peach would never work out. Peach run poor Mario into the ground trying to rescue her from "planned" kidnappings by King Koopa.

Rosalina the cosmic sorceress should be the real woman in Mario's life. Mysterious but charming backstory unlike bimbo Peach and a genuine willingness to aid his quest. Mario is too blinded by his unhealthy obsession for Peach to realise that.



StarDust4Ever commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

@kenzo a circular polariser might work in a mirror but specular reflections are generally horizontal polarization.

Sunglasses are horizontally polarized to cut through road glare. I can also for instance see fish in a pond better because the water reflections are eliminated. The exact polarization angle of a reflection depends on the angle of the light striking the surface. Generally the polarization angle is perpendicular to the plane of the light wave and parallel to the non-metallic surface.

Cenima glasses have circular polarization so that if you tilt your head slightly you won't get double image. One eye is clockwise polarized; the other is counterclockwise. Light waves passing through such a filter will behave like a corkscrew.



StarDust4Ever commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

@Metal_Slugger No. The Gamepad Charger tip is wider than 3DS and supplies 5.25V instead of 4.6V.

@kenzo You say you need reading glasses to view the New 3DS? I have the opposite problem. I'm very nearsighted and without glasses, my eyes won't focus correctly beyond 12 inches (30cm) which is a bit too close for the recommended 35cm viewing range.

I'm concerned that gaming in the dark with glasses on, the New 3DS will focus on the IR glare reflections on my glasses lenses, rather than my pupils, resulting in potential ghosting with 3D images. Honestly the issue of wearing of prescription eyeglasses as opposed to contacts is something I havent given thought to until it was brought up.



StarDust4Ever commented on New Nintendo 3DS Videos Show Off Compulsory Sc...:

@123akis Nice bump! I've got my American 3DS xL on preorder as of yesterday.

Just leaving this on the table here, I've built arcade controllers for NES, SNES, Atari from scratch; I think I can handle a bit of disassembly to extract the micro SD card for my system transfer. ;)



StarDust4Ever commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:

Scalpers need to be scalped for crimes committed against the hobby. Pun intended! :|

I may get some gold vinyl sheets and cut my own triforce applique sticker to apply on the cover of the black edition. It will look cool and won't permanently modify or damage the console.



StarDust4Ever commented on Poll: Which New Nintendo 3DS Will You be Buying?:

Although I find the xL model vastly superior to the standard due to my large man hands, the restrictive lack of options in NA can not be a good thing. Not everyone has hands/pockets the same size I do.

I wanted the Zelda one but as it appears to be unobtainable for preorder, I reserved a black model at Gamestop. But I'd kill for a Pink/White option like my previous 3DS xL. So lovely with my Princess Peach theme. Grown ass man talking here... B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

Also I wear eyeglasses but am very nearsighted so if wearing prescription eyeglasses in the dark confuses the IR sensor with potential lens glare, I could take them off and play closer to my face. The original sweet spot on the standard 3DS was close enough that my eyes could focus on it, but the xL pulled the sweet spot back a bit and gets just fuzzy enough that I don't see the squareness of the pixels. Without corrective lenses, I can't focus sharply much further than 12 inches from my eyeball. I routinely use my Wii-U Gamepad without wearing them however.

Lens glare might be a real issue for people playing in the dark who are far-sighted or use reading glasses because they cannot focus in close range.

@superstick I know about the letters on the dark / xL models. I was referring to the fact the NA Super Nintendo used purple/violet buttons instead of rygb. Purple is technically my favorite color and I actually like the boxy NTSC SNES design, but I like the multicolor button scheme better.



StarDust4Ever commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

I need the strait dope specifically on the NA version: NA purple buttons, or EU/Jap style multicolor?

Also can someone with a PAL New 3DS xL report on the auto-tracking? I need to know if the camera uses IR to track the player's eyes in total darkness. I do a lot of bedtime gameplay.

Either way, I preordered the black model since preorders for the Zelda edition are gone like the Dodo.



StarDust4Ever commented on Reminder: Club Nintendo New 3DS Ambassador Pro...:

@scamander Good to know. I learn something new everyday.

From the wikipedia Debit Card article:
"Credit card use in the Netherlands is very low, and most credit cards cannot be used with EFTPOS, or charge very high fees to the customer. Debit cards can often, though not always, be used in the entire EU for EFTPOS. Most debit cards are Maestro cards. Visa debit cards are often not accepted, for example ticket machines at railway stations accept Maestro debit cards but not Visa debit cards. However, all kinds of cards can be used in ATMs."

I flew to Italy in 2005 and spent 2 weeks there. I withdrew money from Italian ATMs with my US Visa debit card and PIN, paying everything in cash. I also kept my cash money in my passport wallet under my shirt at all times to prevent pick-pockets. My guide said that was the safest place to keep it, not in a handbag or pocket. He also told me banks had better exchange rates and I avoided paying fees for international transactions by using cash. When I arrived in the US I converted my remaining Euros to US dollars at the Houston Airport. I kept the coins as souvenirs though.

Also my bank account got flagged once in 2006 when I ordered some games from Hong Kong (Lik-Sang). My bank asked me if I approved the transaction, I told them I did and they released the hold on my account. I've since done almost all international transactions using Paypal when possible. Nearly every foreign website I've ever dealt with that ships to the US supports Paypal, and it's safer because I don't worry about leaking my credit card info to unscrupulous vendors.