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Sun 20th January, 2008

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StarDust4Ever commented on First Impressions: Tomodachi Life:

While I am glad Nintendo decided to release this game, it is definitely not for me. I find life simulators boring since I view video games as a way of escaping the mundanes of life, not revisiting it. Go out and experience real life! That said, I'm sure this will be a hit with the casuals young and old alike. hopefully this sells well because we need more stuff to come over from the Land of the Rising sun.



StarDust4Ever commented on Rusty's Real Deal Baseball Gets Into the Swing...:

Not a big baseball fan so I'll give it a pass. I'd be willing to bet however, that the "haggle" system uses a simple algorithm, that this algorithm gets discovered via experimentation, and people will post strategy guides online detailing specifically how to haggle the lowest possible price, every time. That will take some of the allure out of playing yes, but people will get top value for their dollar as a result. Interseting DLC strategy nonetheless. I'll probably download it just to preview the haggling engine, and see how low I can get the offers, and still not bite on it. See how desparate the old mutt can get... :p

3DS Sub Wars, on the other hand, was a brilliant concept. I bought everything in the game. Nice to be able to unlock "historic" subs early on without the need of earning medals, many of which are better than the "stock" sub you start with, even if they give veterans little advatage over regular unlockables. B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Swedish Speedrunner Breaks Record For Fastest ...:

I kinda liked the way the OOT guy warped strait from the Deku Tree to the final Ganondorf fight with small Link and three hearts. Completely broken the game, just like the slide through walls glitch in LOZ:ALTTP, except anyone can pull of the SNES glitch. I have a three-star LOZ:ALTTP glitch save on my Wii-U Virtual Console. B-)

Now if only somebody need to use the clock tower warp exploit to break LOZ:MM.



StarDust4Ever commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

@DiscoDriver43 Yoshi's Island SNES won't work because Nintendo apparently lost the documentation or otherwise can't be donkeyed to get Super FX chip emulation runnings. Nevermind they did DSP1 (MarioKart) and SA-1 (SMRPG) on Wii VC. So presumably for the forseable future all we have is the lower resolution but otherwise equally good GBA port. If they do it right, 160p GBA will scale a pixel perfect 3x integer ratio to the 480p Gamepad. Somehow I know they'll screw it up like how they scale NES games to 4x3 aspect (with horizontal scaling artifacts) instead of 1:1 square pixels on the 3DS. Or they'll probably might run a bilinear filter on it and turn it into a blurry mess... :p



StarDust4Ever commented on Review: Devil World (3DS eShop / NES):

@Agent721 I agree with you on the bad review part. It seems many reviewers seem to be unfairly harsh on early NES/Famicom games. People need to remember that the Famicom released in 1983, right around the time video games crashed in the states. Compared to Atari visuals, even the earliest NES/Famicom games were bright and vibrant compared to what was currently available. I too imported Devil World Famicom a few years back, mainly as a curiousity, and have found replay value in it. Yeah I'm aware if the reasoning behind this game coming to the states due to the religious imagery, but there is nothing offensive at all in the way the symbols are used. It's a cute little platformer that fits in well with the arcadey feel "maze craze" fads of the day, along with Ladybug and other Pac-clones. The theme and motif works well for the time period. It certainly is far more playable than say CluClu Land or several other early maze-based NES/Famicom games. If you enjoy early arcade games, give this a try; it will not disappoint. Just don't expect the same gameplay as say, Pacman. This game is very unique and nothing else like it exists before or since.



StarDust4Ever commented on Two Tribes Shoots Down the Possibility of Toki...:

I bought every iteration of the game as well. Toki Tori 2+ whatever devs are being snotty. "There's no Market?" Well, I bought each iteration of the game, so I know there IS a market. It may be smaller than you expected, but to declare "there's no market," is a slap in the face to those of us who did buy the game. Two Tribes is saying we don't exist... I did enjoy the Wiiware version, and I bought the 3DS VC version as well as the Wii-U eShop reboot of Toki Tori 1 for 2 bucks. Also I did buy Toki Tori 2+, albeit a few mounths after lauch, but wasn't overly impressed with it. I played the first few levels and it seemed there wasn't a lot to do, and not much uniqueness aside from the artstyle. Also one of the elements of the original Toki Tori was the puzzles required you to think because you could easily die, or move a platforming element the wrong way and be forced to restart, and in later stages with enemies, timing became crucial and in some cases enemy forced you to hurry up and act quickly or fail. At least in the early stages of Toki Tori 2+ it seemed that there was very little element of danger or items to hinder progress.

Two Tribes, you've insulted your fanbase and have basically written off the eShop platform, then fine. You can go under for all I care and I'll have plenty of other entertaining indie games to play.



StarDust4Ever commented on The Wait for Mario Kart 8 Is Filled With Sunsh...:

How did all these cart racers get past the security checkpoints? Oh wait, this is Nintendo we're talking about! :D

I still thing the Thwomp palace is my favorite track so far. I can't wait to get "pancaked" by a Thwomp; there's nothing quite like it! B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Images Emerge of Wii U Mario vs. Donkey Kong T...:

This looks awesome! However, this tech demo is not DS emulation. The screen at the top is way higher resolution than the DS. I don't recall the game zooming out like that on the top screen. I secretly kinda wish Nintendo had made a DS player (anyone remember GBA player) that locked onto the Gamepad and utilized the data port underneath, instead of Virtual Console, but obviously reselling the games will earn them more money.



StarDust4Ever commented on Furrtek Software Engineering Revives The Game ...:

@AshFoxX I wasn't calling anyone "stupid". I would love to see N64 homebrew as much as anybody, but the system is extremely difficult to develop for without a developer's kit. It's a pity that emulation has come so far yet nobody has managed to get code running on it. Even most N64 hacks don't work on real hardware.



StarDust4Ever commented on Nintendo 64 Support Teased For A Future Hyperk...:

I'm stoked! :D If there was one console that needed the HDMI treatment, it is the N64. Some of the games really are gorgeous, but the blurry display on the console ruins the experience a little. I'm hoping it is something similar to this:

But as someone who has the Retron5 currently on preorder, I hope that they come up with a way to make the Retron5 compatible. It would be slap in the face to early adopters if they turn around and release a newer version of the Retron so soon.



StarDust4Ever commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

I wonder what would Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency have to say about this? She's the woman who raised 150k on Kickstarter to raise public awareness on female stereotypes, and whom released the infamous 3 part video series "Tropes Vs Women".



StarDust4Ever commented on Electronic Arts CEO Discusses The Company's Pl...:

VR is good for a research tool, flight/space training, etc, but not very practical for consumers. Ditto for motion capture suits often used by CGI actors. Great idea having virtual arenas and stuff, even making the video game you play in a real physical world when you get real excercise but in practice, humans don't like to be severed from the world they live in. It's a scary place to go alone. Sitting on the couch doesn't take you out of that comfort zone; strapping into a VR machine certainly does. Fads aside, VR as a form of entertainment died in the 90s, and it will "die" again, despite the tech is mature now. Just look at Virtual Boy. Also, games as a form of entertainment often get spectators. I invited my mom and fiance into the room when I defeated the final Bowser on SM 3D World. Why? Audience. Bragging rights. I even turned off the 3D on my 3DS to share with my mom to watch the end credits of Zelda ALBW. All that is lost to VR games. You can't even snap a cheap screenshot of your achievement with a camera. :(