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StarDust4Ever commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:

@IceClimbers Consoles are a bit more complicated than that. Traditionally, consoles are loss leaders, especially at launch. Sell more consoles at a lower price; get more revenue from increased game sales. Also advertise the crap out of it, something Nintendo failed to do with Wii-U during it's year-long head start.



StarDust4Ever commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Lev...:

Ah, the secret warp pipe. I remember playing on my Game Boy Color back in the day. I made it to World 8 and took the warp back to World 5???

Later on I picked it up on All Stars w/ World for SNES, then picked up the GBA Famicom Mini Series #21 from Lik-Sang. Good times. I generally loathe tough-as-nails platformers, but the way Lost Levels keeps kicking my @$$ keeps me coming back for more in a way that no other game does.

Especially with the blind leap of faith over a pit, praying that the Koopa Troopa will be in the right spot to make a clean hop to safety, or dastardly castles with their mazes. I never could finish 8-4 before the timer expired, even with save states.

And this is coming from someone who loathes "Nintendo hard" games like Megaman, etc, but I'll be Bowser's whipping boy any day...



StarDust4Ever commented on Mario Memories: How Super Mario Land Made Me A...:

I definitely has it's charm. I recently picked up a DMG Game Boy and installed a backlight mod. This really helped a lot. My first Game Boy was the Game Boy Color in 1998 when I was a senior in high school. That did not stop me however from diving into the world of monochrome Game Boy games, but recently picking up an original led to a greater appreciation for the monochrome library.



StarDust4Ever commented on Video: Say Hello To The SNES Game Which Ships ...:

@Uberchu The SNES game contained within the GB ROM is region locked. It's not dumb. Well yes it is dumb Nintendo did this but not that it doesn't work by design. The E region GB ROM contains a PAL encoded SNES ROM which will fail to load on an NTSC system and visa versa. I loaded the European Space Invaders ROM on my GB Everdrive on my Super Game Boy. The SGB enhancements worked exactly as expected but the arcade mode, which injects the SNES ROM to run on the SNES somehow, will throw an error message if the SNES is the wrong region, ie PAL vs NTSC.

Early SNES games until about 1992 did not exhibit region protection outside of the lockout chip. Later SNES games detected the hardware timings and refused to boot if the console region didn't match. This locks most later PAL games from running on cloned hardware. Super Famicom is identical to NTSC SNES besides cartridge form factor, but PAL hardware has notable differences. The Space Invaders ROM is presumably so small it fits into the SNES 128 kbyte RAM and runs entirely from there.



StarDust4Ever commented on Video: Say Hello To The SNES Game Which Ships ...:

Fun fact: Space Invaders GB is region locked. If you put the American GB cart in a PAL SNES/Super Game Boy, you will get an error screen, and likewise if you put the PAL GB cart in the American Super Game Boy. The rest of the SGB enhanced game will run however.



StarDust4Ever commented on GameStop Confirms amiibo 3-Pack Pre-Order Even...:

@Jimsbo Maybe region has a big role? I showed at 2:20pm and they had oodles left. Only 4 preorders before me. But my Gamestop is on the outskirts of town. They have two within a block of each other in a popular shopping district on the opposite side of town. Perhaps also major metropolitan areas have a higher population of scalpers. In any case, I showed up 4+ hours after open and secured mine. They were expecting a line outside the door but noone showed... Hmmm, maybe the scalpers gave up this time?



StarDust4Ever commented on Super Smash Bros. Version 1.1.0 Update is Now ...:

@Mikes All my replays are gone???

Update data is stacked anyway, on top of the main program. If Nintendo tried, they could run old replays with only the applicable update data active. For instance, the Mario Kart 7 & 8 patches didn't kill ghost data. Even my Maka Wuhu MK7 Ghost still worked. But they rather screw over their loyal fans and not be bothered by making replays backwards compatible or even giving users the chance to record them prior to applying the update.



StarDust4Ever commented on Limitations on Console Manufacturing and Sales...:

They should re-release the Wii in China. Wii was vastly more successful than Wii-U. Citizens there are too poor to afford the latest $400 consoles from MS and Sony. Market the Wii mini bundle for $79 USD equivalent and people will buy it in droves. When the NX comes out, they will already have market share and be in a position to dominate.



StarDust4Ever commented on Weirdness: Super Mario Bros. 3 is Rather Creep...:

Creepy. I will never look at those mounds, and clouds with eyes, the same way again...

The author got his games confused. SMB3 was legit. SMB2 was all a dream, possibly as an excuse for why the game wierd and not playing like Mario (because it wasn't).



StarDust4Ever commented on EVO Players Loved Hyperkin's New GameCube-Insp...:

@BulbasaurusRex Nintendo put analog triggers in the original Classic controller, then nobody used them, and they were gone from the Classic Pro and Wii-U Pro. Really dumb Nintendo. I opened my PDP controller and the analog triggers are entirely fake. There's a huge spring in there and you have to depress it all the way down to actuate the button.



StarDust4Ever commented on Talking Point: Assessing the Odds of Super Mar...:

@Kirk No kidding. When I got hooked on Little Bit Planet GOTY, I did the whole campaign and several spinoff series like the Pirates Pack (water) etc...

I typed "Mario" and there were literally tons of fan made Mario themed stages, many of which I came back to months later, prooving they were never pulled by Sony.

People have been hacking Mario games since the late 90s and the grid based system still employed in 2D and 3D Mario games is perfect. Nintendo should have done this ten years ago on the Game Cube. To say there isn't demand for this is silly.

Also viral marketing is paramount. If Nintendo does not at least include a You Tube uploader, with full stage support instead of one minute like they did with MK8, they will have missed a huge opportunity.



StarDust4Ever commented on Razer "Definitely Considering" Making Controll...:

A fight stick Pro controller would be neat. Better if you can switch between Classic and Pro modes for Wii and Wii-U software. One issue with Smash is that it uses the analogs for movement and Dpad for taunts. This analog emulation wouldn't work out well with a stick.

I would mostly want the fight stick for VC games. I've built custom joysticks for Atari, NES, and SNES and once you get used to the control scheme, they work well for platformers and other games too, not just fighters or arcade sims.

Fight sticks use different muscle groups (wrist, forefingers) compared to gamepads (mostly thumbs).