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Sun 10th Nov 2013

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n057828 commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

Guys new system $449 for PS4, new game $99, cont $99 and internet and add it up well what can i say they are still making ps3 and 360 games so why change. Its like DVD vs BR and I love DVD...
As for nintendo well its true it fun and Im a fan boy so what can I say Im buying about 60% of the games that come out, why not!
To me its like apple Ive always been told why buy an Iphone, its $$$ and so are the apps. Well you see i believe I will pay for what i get a fantastic product and value for money. Andriod samsung unit cost almost the same and you know 85% of the apps i have are free so you know what.
Nintendo cos you know so!



n057828 commented on Cliff Bleszinski Thinks Super Mario 3D World I...:

Those of you who had the hack for the Wii ( We all know what that was) now support Nintendo in these silly times...
They next gen want to push hardware that sells software, thats BS!
Both of those systems have hardware issues from disc drives and streaming Nintendo well touch wood have not. we all know 2014 wii be nintendo its up to us to buy some games!
Im mean come on they are making a loss on the systems!

Im buying 3d world today, respect!



n057828 commented on Talking Point: The GamePad and its Role Defini...:

What they missed was a new add on TV or a new name like Wii 2 HD. The parents dont even know its a new console BUT Nintendo is good on suppport and controllers, they have many controllers and its good to see it within most games. Nintendo do some adds this xmas and say Wii U new console with HD and then show prious Wii familys using the old controllers too. IE a parent waving a nun chuck and say Wii U then handed the game pad! 2014 will be Wii U I know!



n057828 commented on CNET Outlines Console Purchase Choices And Hig...:

Dudes its Value for money One $499, cont $99 $50 online and then one game $99 add it all up!
Guys its like the old PC days CPUVid cards ran the software now its the reverse software runs the hardware and Nintendo's famous saying is "its the games guys"
Mid 2014 will be the icing on the cake, Nintendo get the quality games out!



n057828 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Resilience Against W...:

I f the facts hold out then Tendo is doing fine. Its a market ploy in that they PS and MS still make games for the non Next gen systems and are shooting themselves in the foot. Lets have a break down in say next gen inc Wii U and old gen. You will fine most players will still be using the old gen. Somply because they can and next cant play them!
Will this post be the same in 6 months I believe Wii U is the under dog and wii kick donkey mid 2014!