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Jampie commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Disney Magical World, Style Savvy: Trendsetters, Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns on my new Peach Pink 2DS~ (Recently just bought all of these digitally, even though I own the physical copies @_@). Also, Advance Wars and MH3U on my Wii U.



Jampie commented on Nintendo Download: 17th April (North America):

@LDXD Oh wait. I guess Child of Light releases on April 29? Or well... that's what it says on an email about "Wii U news" I got from Nintendo. Lol. But Ubisoft's website for Child of Light says April 30. @_@. Well, whatever. April 29, April 30, close enough. Lol.



Jampie commented on Tomodachi Life is Big on Character, But Modest...:

Definitely getting both physical and digital. I have a habit of double dipping for life sim games. :( I just love physical copies to have on my shelf and the digital copy is much more convenient since I'm so lazy to swap. D; Haha.



Jampie commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd April (North America):

@8bitforever, what? Only 3 GBA games? Are you kidding? There are more than 3 coming out this month... Just 3 are coming out today.

EDIT: Sure, Nintendo's account system is not ideal, but I'm pretty sure people have said before that if you contact Nintendo, you should be able to get your system repaired/game transferred when sent to Nintendo, games back or refunded, etc. Yes, it is a hassle, but it doesn't mean your games are gone for good.



Jampie commented on Nintendo Confirms a Mickey Edition 3DS XL For ...:

Not really a fan of it. Seeing as I already own a 3DS and 2 3DS XL's, I would much rather add that Peach Pink 2DS to my collection. +_+ If it was the Persona Q, Curtain Call, or white MH4 3DS LL on the other hand... I would get those immediately! <3 _ <3



Jampie commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards Are In For March:

Ooo! I want the Super Mario accessory box. Seems like I'll have a long day ahead of me full of filling out surveys. I really should start filling them in ASAP instead of just leaving them there. @_@;



Jampie commented on Review: BLOK DROP U (Wii U eShop):

Well, for this price, I'll be getting it and giving it a try as well as to support the developers. I like seeing developers asking for feedback. :)



Jampie commented on Nintendo Confirms Club Nintendo Promotion for ...:

Oh nice. People could also go to Target this week (Feb. 23 to Mar. 1) and purchase a 3DS XL and get a $30 gift card, which they could use towards one of those six games. Then hold off until March 1st to register them~ ;D The Limited Edition M&L:DT 3DS XL is also eligible for this gift card offer I think (according to Target's Weekly Ad online...) and it might even make the deal better since it comes pre-installed with the M&L:DT game and is the same price as a 3DS XL. :P Although it may not be as easy to find... since it's been out for a while.



Jampie commented on Famicom Remix 1 + 2 Coming to Retail in Japan:

Oh man, I want it to release here as a physical copy, but at the same time I don't. :( Lol, I already have the first one downloaded, but I would totally double dip if it did... I love physical copies and the box art looks very nice.



Jampie commented on Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Storms to the Top of t...:

@zeldazero But in your previous posts, you're saying that it should be released for/be available on BOTH systems. If it was an exclusive, yes people would probably go out to get a Wii U, but you weren't saying that. So would a huge majority go out and buy a Wii U just to play it if it's available for the 3DS that they already own? No, as Yomerodes had just shown with another game. You also didn't answer my question about how the GameCube did with its Game Boy Player. I didn't see that many people rushing out to buy a GameCube. Also, I do think that there are plenty of good games that has been released for the PS Vita in Japan, but that still didn't make the PS Vita TV any more popular even if it was cheap and could play games on the TV.

Of course if you were to switch the situations about the amount of games around, then it would sound better, but then the 3DS would be the one doing terribly. So either way, I don't see the point you're trying to make by stating that because one of them would still be doing bad so the problem isn't even solved.

Also, the DS games being available on the Wii U makes sense because currently, Nintendo is not selling anymore DSes or developing for it. Nintendo is trying to sell the 3DS also, not just the Wii U. (EDIT: The addition of some sort of 3DS adapter for the Wii U may benefit some people, but the majority most likely wouldn't be rushing out to get a Wii U and would still go for the 3DS since it's at a lower price point if they were interested in portability and/or majority of the 3DS games. Even with remote play for the PS4 and PS Vita, people aren't rushing out to buy a PS Vita.)

EDIT: But we're getting incredibly off topic. I was only trying to tell you that I think you're putting the blame on the wrong company for DQM2 being put on the 3DS, so I will just stop here because I'm no expert on this stuff.



Jampie commented on Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Storms to the Top of t...:

@zeldazero So because it's a Nintendo console, it's Nintendo's fault if SE wants to publish the game on the 3DS. Okay. I definitely still think you're putting the blame on the wrong company for this one. So even if Square Enix doesn't want to develop for the Wii U because it might not make them money, it doesn't matter and they shouldn’t be given that choice of what system they can develop for? The 3DS is by far more popular than the Wii U in Japan right now and I doubt releasing the game on both systems would make a difference.

Should they just forget about making the game at all then if SE shouldn't be allowed to put the game on the 3DS if it isn't made available for the Wii U? That wouldn't be good for Nintendo either. That would probably just ruin 3rd party support for the 3DS and then they may have two failing systems on their hands. I doubt it would be a 'quick port' from the 3DS to the Wii U since the two systems are so different… it would still take time and money. And isn't the reason why PS4 games are playable on the PS Vita because of Remote Play which is done through streaming? So it's not exactly a port that game developers would have to make for the PS4 and PS Vita. Pretty sure the 3DS and Wii U isn't set up like that.

Why should every game be playable on both platforms? Systems need their own exclusives to distinguish themselves from the other systems. Would a majority of the people really go out and buy a Wii U just to play DQM2 if they already had a 3DS that could play it as well? Not everyone is made out of money. The 3DS game would probably be cheaper too. What about the GameCube? Was that a console to have when you were able to play GB/GBC/GBA games on it? Look at the PS Vita TV. Is that selling well? Most likely people who want such things are not the majority, but a vocal minority.



Jampie commented on Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Storms to the Top of t...:

@zeldazero Are you talking about DQM2? If you are, then how is it exactly a 'bad decision by Nintendo' that the game is on the 3DS? The game isn't developed or published by Nintendo if i recall correctly, it's by Square Enix. So why exactly is it Nintendo's fault that it is on the 3DS? Lol. Yeah, Wii U isn't doing well and Nintendo is partly to blame, but I'm getting tired of hearing people blame them for other things not even in their control.