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Wed 24th Jul 2013

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Jampie commented on Nintendo Download: 6th November (North America):

Got the Pikmin Short Movies last night. They're amazing. A bit pricey, but I love Pikmin, so it's worth it for me. Haha. My mom really enjoyed watching it as well, especially since there was no dialogue that she would have to read or listen to to understand what was going on; it was just the Pikmin's expressions, sounds, and little thought bubbles.



Jampie commented on Nintendo Download: 16th October (North America):

Oh sweet. Squid Odyssey is on sale. Wanted to pick up both versions for a while, but didn't have enough funds available since it wasn't exactly high on my priority list with all of the other games coming out. >< So I'll be getting Harvest Moon 2, Legend of Dark Witch, Squid Odyssey (3DS/Wii U), HW DLC, and Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance this week.



Jampie commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (North America):

Bought Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call on release day. Ended up double dipping on it because I want it to always be on the system. Haha. The game is so addicting! @_@; Definitely getting Legend of the River King 2 today!



Jampie commented on Ace Attorney Trilogy Will Boast Visual and Dia...:

I already have the physical copies, but I'll definitely be double dipping! The price is fair since buying each game on the DS nowadays would cost more; it's about $20 for each game, I believe? $10 per game is fine by me.



Jampie commented on Screenshots Disabled in Comic Workshop Miivers...:

@ModestFan93 You still are able to share it with friends, just not on Miiverse (which I do think sucks too, but at least there are other options). According to their FAQ, you are able to share your work on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr (I don't think that is working at the moment though), through the Nintendo 3DS Image Share Tool. They are also working on an English version of the Workshop Gallery so that users could upload it to Collavier's official online gallery.



Jampie commented on Guide: How To Import Miis Into Tomodachi Life ...:

@Phantom_R Yup. It can be done in the Town Hall, but if you got the Miis from other people, I think they would have to allow copying (?) so that you could edit their nicknames. My friend sent me one that didn't allow copying, so I wasn't able to edit her nickname, but another friend did, so I was able to.



Jampie commented on Nintendo's Plan for "Redefining the Definition...:

@rjejr But it still is a Nintendo game, whether you consider it one or not. Just because X wouldn't be the first 10 games that people list, it doesn't mean that it isn't a Nintendo game. By that logic, anything outside of Mario, Zelda, DK, and Metroid, Star Fox, Pikmin, Kid Icarus, Animal Crossing, etc doesn't count right? Steel Diver or Tomodachi Life would probably be the last thing people list, but is that not a Nintendo franchise? Lol... That's like saying that Fire Emblem isn't a Nintendo franchise because Intelligent Systems develops it. When people think of Pokemon, they think of Nintendo too, but GameFreak develops it. So would it be impossible for Nintendo to ever make new franchises if their first party studio games don't even count as their own games? Naughty Dog games must not be Sony games then. Is that why even when Nintendo does introduce new franchises/series, it never counts or something so people keep saying they rehash and have nothing new? Pushmo was developed by Intelligent Systems, does that not count as a Nintendo game? Also, I don't get what you mean by your comment for them developing for the 3DS. I never said Monolith Soft couldn't... I was just telling you that they are a first party developer for Nintendo because you said that the games they make "aren't really Nintendo games," when they are Nintendo games... What is the point of buying developers and making them first party if the games they develop don't even count as your games/games you own? :



Jampie commented on Mario Kart 8 Club Nintendo Promotion Offers a ...:

@norwichred According to NoA's Club Nintendo, "You can purchase Mario Kart 8 as packaged game, digital download, or as part of the Mario Kart 8 Wii U Deluxe Set bundle to qualify for the offer." So yes, this offer applies for the digital download version as well.



Jampie commented on Review: Yumi's Odd Odyssey (3DS eShop):

@zool It was released as a physical copy in Japan iirc. Not sure how much it was priced physically in Japan, but I'd imagine it would be the normal price for physical copies of games. It was only released digitally here ($30 at that, which is probably cheaper than the price of a physical copy would be) because it's a rather niche title. Many Japanese games are kinda taking this route nowadays when it comes to localizing the game in the West. Look at Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, Senran Kagura, etc. If they want to gauge interest for a title they are not sure will appeal to the Western audience, then they will release it digitally. So I don't really agree with what you're saying that not enough effort was put into the game. :T It's a great game.



Jampie commented on LostWinds Now Available For Wii to Wii U Transfer:

@Rukiafan Hmm... that's interesting. One commenter said that he was able to transfer it (Link-Hero, comment #38?). His profile states that he's from the U.S. I live in the U.S. and I was able to purchase LostWinds yesterday from the Wii Shop Channel in Wii Mode on my Wii U since it is now available on the Wii Shop Channel, but it wasn't there before this announcement. Was the transfer unsuccessful when you tried it? D:



Jampie commented on LostWinds Now Available For Wii to Wii U Transfer:

@BJQ1972 LostWinds is available for me in the Wii Shop Channel in Wii Mode on my Wii U. I just purchased it a few hours ago along with LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias. Could it be that it's only available/working properly in the US at the moment?



Jampie commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Disney Magical World, Style Savvy: Trendsetters, Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns on my new Peach Pink 2DS~ (Recently just bought all of these digitally, even though I own the physical copies @_@). Also, Advance Wars and MH3U on my Wii U.



Jampie commented on Nintendo Download: 17th April (North America):

@LDXD Oh wait. I guess Child of Light releases on April 29? Or well... that's what it says on an email about "Wii U news" I got from Nintendo. Lol. But Ubisoft's website for Child of Light says April 30. @_@. Well, whatever. April 29, April 30, close enough. Lol.



Jampie commented on Tomodachi Life is Big on Character, But Modest...:

Definitely getting both physical and digital. I have a habit of double dipping for life sim games. I just love physical copies to have on my shelf and the digital copy is much more convenient since I'm so lazy to swap. D; Haha.



Jampie commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd April (North America):

@8bitforever, what? Only 3 GBA games? Are you kidding? There are more than 3 coming out this month... Just 3 are coming out today.

EDIT: Sure, Nintendo's account system is not ideal, but I'm pretty sure people have said before that if you contact Nintendo, you should be able to get your system repaired/game transferred when sent to Nintendo, games back or refunded, etc. Yes, it is a hassle, but it doesn't mean your games are gone for good.



Jampie commented on Nintendo Confirms a Mickey Edition 3DS XL For ...:

Not really a fan of it. Seeing as I already own a 3DS and 2 3DS XL's, I would much rather add that Peach Pink 2DS to my collection. +_+ If it was the Persona Q, Curtain Call, or white MH4 3DS LL on the other hand... I would get those immediately! <3 _ <3