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NINTENCHIP commented on Sega Producer Explains Exactly What Went Wron...:

Co-op isn't the solution. Competitive is. Beating down your friends in a 1v1 race in Sonic Adventure 2 was always a great way to play. What ever happened to those head-to-head modes? I wish they had something like that for Sonic Generations, but they didn't. A Sonic with the Unleashed engine with a competitive multi-player would be much LESS of a headache to incorporate, but still fun.



NINTENCHIP commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

@Pikpikp Well, since all her aerials require precise aim to be worth a damn + her run speed is slow + her recovery out of her teleport is slow + her projectile isn't the best...just keep adding up the reasons why a KO teleport combo that can still miss and leave her wide open isn't that bad in the long run.

If you really wanna talk, you kind of gotta be in that environment these guys come from. I have been. 131 man tournament. Diddy is FREAKING NUTS. Like...peanuts...>_>



NINTENCHIP commented on Guide: How to Beat Everyone Else in Mario Kart 8:

People that think items are doing them in more often than not, are more often than not scrubs themselves.

As a long-time victim of the blue shell I can attest to the item balance being in generally better this time around. Could it be better? Yes. If they were gonna allow triple reds in second, the coin shouldn't be an item. Also, red shells in first is a huge finger to the guy in second. Is it better than most other MKs I played? Yes as well, especially with the hit-stun.

I'ma try using the brakes on turns for Rainbow Road. In-drifting bikes really need that tech to stay on a decent line on REALLY tight turns.



NINTENCHIP commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

You guys have seen Senran Kagura, but we're gonna get on Samus wearing sports wear under her full-body armor as "sexualization"? REAL PEOPLE wear that crap for REAL PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES...such as -> FIGHTING <-. Nintendo Life, don't make me start avoiding your site like Game Spot.



NINTENCHIP commented on UK Government Effectively Decriminalises Downl...:

@AugustusOxy Many of those old games can be beaten in hours or minutes. Games back then weren't big because they were simple. The difficulty of them made us repeat levels, thus hindering our process and making our play time much longer than it'd be if we always succeeded. Nintendo's games have good length to them. The lack of difficulty in some of them just makes you think otherwise.



NINTENCHIP commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@Yorumi 1) No, I have NO IDEA what you're getting at with the MK8 example...none at all.

I knew you had problems comprehending me, but this is absurd. Sales performance isn't ENTIRELY based on one factor or the other. MK8 didn't sell poorly because there's less Wii Us out than Wiis, so we can't expect a huge number of MK8s sold in comparison to MK Wii. That is true, but at the same time, you can't say Brawl under-performed for not selling 21 million copies. Now you're just being annoying. There's only 3 franchises that I can recall that's ever done those numbers: Mario Kart, GTA, and CoD. You're saying Brawl failed because it didn't hit that number? That's not how sales performance works.

2) You forget that ALL GAMES HAVE SKILL CAPS. How high they are depends on the vision of the devs, fan demand, and so on. There's no game out there with literally no artificial skill cap because we play with balancing, unlike real life sports where the object is to be as OP as possible and win on your own or with a team. With that said, are you sure you had fun playing Melee against those that DID use those techniques while you COULDN'T? That's the difference, and less people will say yes than no. You can feign ignorance to what I'm conveying all you want, but you're in the minority on this one. Hence the changes to the game.



NINTENCHIP commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@Yorumi 1) If you honestly, truly think that Brawl under-performed because it didn't reach TWENTY-ONE MILLION SALES, you can just stop replying now.

Remember: TWENTY-ONE MILLION sales is what you're telling me. How many games have ever even broken 10? Break out numbers like those are extremely rare, and you're saying Brawl under-performed because, even though it hit 11, it didn't hit TWENTY-ONE? I really want you to double and triple check yourself before confirming that.

2) My complaint isn't that skilled players win. It never was. All this tells me is that you don't really what I'm typing. So for the last time: The complaint isn't that skilled players win. It's that the things one had to master in Melee to be "good" in it were extremely demanding for the type of game it was. Removing that stuff helps push the overall appeal of the franchise to a wider audience, regardless of what the competitive minority thinks. If you can't comprehend that, then Idk what to tell you. You keep saying I'm saying the same things, and I keep having to correct you, only for you to bypass that correction to say I'm saying the same things as before. It's going around in circles because you aren't comprehending what I'm telling you.



NINTENCHIP commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@Yorumi First off: Just because Brawl didn't sell 21 MILLION COPIES just to satisfy your demands of what expanding an audience "should" be, doesn't mean it didn't expand the audience and sell well. The point is that each version sold more than the last version. Saying "because there's 3 times as many of this console, there should be 3 times as many sales" isn't exactly fool-proof logic. Asking any game to sell 10 million is already a HUGE success. Why on Earth are you tossing around 21 million like it's easy and expected for ANY game to hit?

Secondly: You act like you're making points like Senario, but all you've done is say "If it isn't 100% hard core skills, it's Mario Party". So you haven't noticed how fighting game design has turned to ease their difficulty curves for newcomers for the past half a decade? All of a sudden Smash can't do this too?



NINTENCHIP commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@Senario As far as Mac goes: He's a boxer. Insanely fast, good counter, etc. The point is for him to use combos to build damage, STAY ON THE GROUND, and then use a finisher to send them from the ground to straight up KO. His domain is the ground, not the air. If he's able to cancel his air attacks' landing lag, he can use the faster aerials in-tandem with short hops, fast falls, and smooth landings to give himself more options than he's supposed to have based on his character design. The point of it is to make sure each characters falls inline with the strengths and weaknesses they were designed to have. Abusing the ability to make faster attacks out of aerials was seen as a problem in that regard, and thus removed.

As for skilled players being light years ahead, the FGC has been fixing that since SF4. Easier windows for combos, more competent combo breaking options, high-reward moves like Ultra Combos in SF4, and so forth. Fighting games have been taking steps to tone down the difficulty and huge learning curve for half a decade and counting. You can have a competitive game that can invite newcomers to be good at it too. The game doesn't have to crush peoples' spirits because you want the greatest of canyons between you and your opponent.

I don't just play fighters. I play MANY types of games competently. Pokemon, fighting games, racing games, RPGs, platformers. I'm definitely no slouch to hardcore gaming. Still, I'm not gonna sit here and say the demanding input speed for shffling was a great system mechanic that made the game look great. It looked choppy and buggy with all that speedy, jerky movement, and all those inputs just for the sake of MOVING, let alone fighting, was ridiculous.

Lastly: Lowering landing lag? Yea, fine. I didn't say I was against that. Not to the point of zipping around the stage like Melee, but somewhat if need be, sure. Good dashing mechanics? Outside of tripping, there's no need to make mention of it in the first place. Fast-falling? The point is that landing lag from incomplete attacks punishes the mindless use of fast-falling. Short-hopping? If you use short hops responsibly, you can avoid landing lag on most of your moves, anyway. i don't despise competitive play. I despise the Melee community's elitist mindset when addressing Brawl, which in-turn causes me to spite the game to some degree as well, which I don't think is unwarranted.



NINTENCHIP commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@Yorumi You're still not understanding what I'm saying.

I'm not saying the most skilled player shouldn't win. I'm saying the skill cap for what's considered "good" shouldn't be barred by things like "You should be able to consistently input 6-7 different commands per second in order to shffl properly". It's about making sure that even if someone's good, the possibility of ever winning against them isn't so unbelievably low that people get deterred from playing the game. You can even out the playing field a bit without making a game either Mario Party or Street Fighter.

Secondly, no, the way you bring skill levels closer together can come in many ways. Yes, you can include random elements that punish skilled players, but you can also simplify/polish a game so there's less to be skilled at in the first place. That isn't punishment. That's just lack of a gain. The lack of shffl-ing and "wave dashing" isn't a punishment. It's just a lack of those things. So that slows down those that would otherwise use them, but it's not an in-game punishment for knowing how to use them.

I don't hate Melee. I hate Melee's elitist community, though, and I definitely spite the game to some degree due to them selling Brawl short at every possible turn. Brawl did what it was supposed to do: Expand the fan base. It did it well. Why Melee players make it look like a raw turd...I have no clue.



NINTENCHIP commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@Yorumi Brawl still sold better earlier on in the Wii's lifetime anyway. Part of that can be thanks to the reputation it earned from the previous entries, but part of that is also due to the longevity it gained in stores from people enjoying the game instead of getting crushed all year long.

Secondly, it's not about punishing skilled players. It's making sure skilled players aren't light years ahead of players trying to get better, so that those that aren't as good don't give up. Also, what about Brawl was a "coin flip"? Even if you don't like Brawl, to say it's based on a lucky coin flip is a tad -> elitist <- (right word this time). Anytime I win in Brawl I know it's based on my skill unless they tripped into my wining Smash attack when we're both on our final stocks at high percentages...which never happened. Regardless, based on the second paragraph, you hardly understand what I'm trying to convey to you.

And the third paragraph is once again about punishing better players. Look, I don't see what's in Brawl that punishes better players. Tripping was added to punish those that start and stop dashing too much (part of that schizo-looking meta from Melee), but as far as punishing you for being better in general? Nothing. So why are you saying it like if you become good in Brawl, you magically lose stocks? It's not about hand-outs when there's no items on, anyway, so that's also sort of moot.



NINTENCHIP commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@randomlypikachu Oh you'd THINK they wouldn't destroy you. I have friends that are competitive in fighting games I've never played before. They WILL NOT HESITATE. If you're completely hopeless, they might hold back for a second or two, but freaking trust me on this one. They will NOT hesitate.

Like I said: I have a bit of everything. I'm skilled in a decent slew of games. I'm not in others. I have friends that are totally casual, and others that aren't, but are better or worse than me at certain games. I've had experiences from just about every stand-point you could ask me to look at it from.



NINTENCHIP commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@Senario Here's the thing about Lil Mac:

-His ground game isn't like Kirby's. His ground game is purposefully made to be the best in the game, or one of the best.

-His air game's built to be the worst in the game, or one of the worst.

If he's able to shffl to abuse air attacks with little to no lag while having a god tier ground game, what do you think that makes? A complete MONSTER. That simply isn't smart balancing. The point of removing smooth landings was to deter abusing short hops to throw out free, fast aerials on characters that shouldn't be able to launch them that fast. Kirby doesn't fit that example because he's not meant to be sluggish in the air, or a heavy hitter outside of his forward smash and hammer. If you can keep yourself from abusing short hops in-tandem with fast-falls, you can just have the auto-cancel cancel your move's animations for free by gauging the height of your jumps when attacking.



NINTENCHIP commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@Yorumi If you play against casuals in enough games, you'd understand. I do, so I do understand. Consider this example:

-You and your 3 friends play Fighter X. You're the only one that understands the mechanics/glitches/exploits/tricks/techniques in it at an advanced level (pretty much everything a competitive player would take advantage of unless it's explicitly banned).

-Because of this, you easily win. Over and over again. The chances of you losing are extremely low, and if you do lose, your friends question if you let them win.

-Over time, either your friends get better, or the amount of them that want to play Fighter X goes from 3/3 to 0/3.

That's the basic gist of it. The point is to make it so that, even with advanced players, the possibility of winning doesn't seem so far out of reach that it doesn't deter those guys' friends from wanting to play/purchase the game too. Brawl did that, and sales for the game reflect the goodwill from it. My cousin (who's definitely a casual gamer) actually showed some pride in improving while playing Brawl, and it's one of the few fighting games I can suggest to play left in my house. Yea, his chances of winning are practically zilch, but it's not a complete curb stomp like it'd be if I were hard core in Melee and played him in that...or just played him in SF or Tekken or something.



NINTENCHIP commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@DarkKirby The problem is that the Melee community literally spits on Brawl, and that's undeserved. They come off as narcissistic for their game, belittling Brawl when its main purpose was to expand the audience for Smash, which Melee's scene repaid in kind with extreme bashing and eventually modding to make Brawl into MORE MELEE.

I honestly think that, as long as the game still uses the auto-cancel from Brawl, we should be straight. L-Cancel (smooth landings) made some characters too good in the air, and guys like Lil Mac would be straight up STUPID in this game if they can manually reduce recovery frames. They just need to speed up the actual recovery frames on the characters appropriately, but NO manual cancels, please.



NINTENCHIP commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

Here's my thing: L-Cancel + Short hops + Fast falls = Shffl. Shffl made the game's skill cap skyrocket from where it'd otherwise be. Apparently, Sakurai thought that the best way to combat against Shffling without completely throwing things out of whack would simply be to remove the l. Now, they could speed up recovery frames, true, but for the most part, I like the auto-cancel from Brawl more than the L-Cancel (smooth landing) of Melee and 64. It makes it so that if you space your aerials, you get pretty much no landing lag at all, and if you're trying to abuse short hops, you get punished with landing lag. That's a very important case to make, because cutting recovery frames by short hopping and spamming aerials makes characters like Ganondorf much faster than they should be, which people are forgetting all too conveniently.



NINTENCHIP commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:

Here's the thing guys:

1) You can't tamper with stats so far this gen. You CAN tamper with stuff like genders, pokeballs, and shiny status.

2) His Aegislash was legit. Its mother, somewhere down the line, had a pokeball that was tampered with and had its ball altered. Not sure about the shiny status, though.

3) I don't think he should be disqualified for a legit Aegislash with a bad mother.

4) Despite 3, this brings a good point to a head: Pokemon's competitive community is WAY too lenient with hacks and cheats for the sake of "time". They'll argue their reasoning to the death of them, and that's understandable to a minor degree, but Pokemon's about Pokemon TRAINERS. That means it's the breeding, team building, and battling. Not just the battling part. If you're taking shortcuts in the breeding and team building phases, you get access to hard-to-obtain stuff way too easily, like perfect shiny Heatran and Cresselia. That or straight-up hacks like Mega Latios and Diance (both of which haven't been released yet, but their data's in the game). If Pokemon's gonna become more popular on a competitive level, the hacking and cheating needs to be culled out much more aggressively. It doesn't look good when people are cheating their way through the preliminary steps of competitive Pokemon. Still, since this Aegislash in and of itself is legit, and just reflects a bad parent, I don't think he should be disqualified for it.



NINTENCHIP commented on Fi Confirmed For Hyrule Warriors Along With Sk...:

As much as I'm all for female characters in games and stuff...the ratio is literally screaming "Link and the Honeys" right now. Like, are there NO significant men in Hyrule outside of Link? O_o

Even if the male/female ratio was 4:6 or 3:7, that wouldn't be too off, but 1:9?



NINTENCHIP commented on Senran Kagura 2 Website Updates With New Gamep...:

@BoobooMama "...these sorts of h-material".


I understand people like it, but don't get on others for voicing why they don't like it. Otaku culture churns this stuff out and it polarizes anime lovers from everyone else. As of late, it's doing more harm than good.



NINTENCHIP commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

@Yorumi Ok, I don't know who you're arguing with, but I say patch it out because it's imbalanced with inward drifting bikes. I initially didn't care, but he said MOST, not ALL, vehicles can do this. It's like saying MOST, but not ALL, vehicles can snake. It's imbalanced on a technical level, so they should level the playing field. Otherwise, I wouldn't care either way.

Better argument than the others, right?



NINTENCHIP commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

Patch it out because they removed wheelies for this very same reason. It was imbalanced in favor of inward drifting bikes, and now we're doing something that is imbalanced AGAINST inward drifting bikes. It's a balance issue. Patch it out.



NINTENCHIP commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

@shaneoh You make good points, and that's the other side of this coin: Yea, it isn't tasteful, but it's not taboo worthy either. There's a line one should cross, based on the context of their society, before we get into that. Still, people going "it's no big deal" don't realize just how warped Japan's sex culture is. They had an issue somewhat recently where some young boys tried to start a, and I kid you not, "rape club". Yes...a "rape CLUB". Like, a club dedicated to extracurricular stalking, molestation, raping, and mind breaking. That, and "Battle Raper: The Game" was a thing. Then there's Sengoku Rance, and on the slightly less edgy side, there's Qwaser of Stigmata that's a thing. FYI: None of that is safe for work.

Still, this is all on another level in comparison to SKB, but that doesn't mean that SKB isn't comparable. There's gotta be some degree of class here, in some shape or form. I can't show this to people that aren't nerds or otakus/weabs without expecting weird looks and/or remarks. Hell, I'm the one that give my friends that own these games those same weird looks and/or remarks.

But even with all that's not something to call people to arms against. If people wanna buy it, they can buy it. It's not truly sexist, so why not?

Side note: Guys like Thor and Cap America aren't objectified. They're idealized. If they had ball sacks hanging to the floor and a chain that could smack someone with a slight turn of the hips, then yea, that'd be comparable.



NINTENCHIP commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

@Yorumi Well, respect for women =/= objectification of women. An objectified depiction of a person doesn't mean you don't respect that gender. It's just an objectified depiction of a person.

It shouldn't be banned by ANYONE. If gamers want it, they want it. Nintendo banning even this would only tarnish their rep more. It's already good/bad enough they don't have much in the way of violent games. This is really their only mature series they got on the 3DS.



NINTENCHIP commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

As for my own two cents:

1) The franchise crosses some lines, and it IS made purely for the gratification of male gamers. They can even be dressed up in pasties in the Vita game, for crying out loud. How would I know? A friend of mine has the Vita game. Total weab, so most Japan-stuff gets a pass from him. Including the rape stuff.

2) Sexually objectified characters aren't exactly sexist. It can be seen as demeaning, but you're not coming to any broad conclusions based on sex. You're not discriminating either. It's just a stupid character design choice solely to make men think with their peanuts. Not ban-worthy, but it's peculiar.

3) Lastly, I think women want to see themselves as desirable as possible when playing a game...but this is a "no". Men don't get the features thrown in a mess when designing men, but they do for girls, for some reason. If they're gonna make big boobs, at LEAST don't make the physics look like the freaking moon landing, or DoA on the PSP. They "plop", not bounce around in 30 directions. Part of the issue is that they don't even move in a way that even somewhat resembles real jiggly bits. It's creepy, and if they fixed that about the physics, it would definitely settle better with gamers, even if only by a little bit. THEN we could get to the other stuff (ages, costume choices, the whole "tearing" thing...)



NINTENCHIP commented on Keiji Inafune And Inti Creates Announce Azure ...:

@JaxonH I guess, but I'd like to have seen something at least somewhat different. Maybe a brawler with a similar theme? Maybe something that's a bit more of a "bigger, more complete experience"? They're usually so straight forward: "Jump/Shoot the bosses. Jump/Shoot the big boss. Credits.". I'd like to see some flexibility with his game design.



NINTENCHIP commented on Keiji Inafune And Inti Creates Announce Azure ...:

Ya know what? I'm sort of getting tired of this same song and dance. This is why I don't whine about Nintendo and how it reuses IPs. This guy's behind two new IPs now, and THEY BOTH PLAY LIKE FREAKING MEGA MAN. That's the freaking difference between a new IP and a new way to play. You can make 1,000 new faces, but I won't be impressed if I realize they all should be one face.

I can understand M.N.9, but now this game is also a "Mega Man-ish" game. It's sad that this guy can't escape that one style of game play.



NINTENCHIP commented on Senran Kagura 2's Japanese Website Bounces Int...:

@thelastgogeta Dude, the PS Vita version has pasties, and beating any character enough removes part of their undergarments (either top or bottom), but it's censored. At least Tekken has the decency to leave the more revealing looks to the more revealing clothing, like swim wear. They don't just shove everyone into lingerie for their default get-ups, nor do they tear them off, nor do they give people nothing but skimpy clothing to wear.

DoA...I ain't vouching for that...



NINTENCHIP commented on Talking Point: Sonic and the Wii U Both Seek a...:

The look isn't too disturbing, outside of Knuckles, really. However, this game sounds, and will be, absolutely horrid. The REAL problem with Sonic is that he doesn't stick to what works, and then he does something horrid. Right now, he's left the Unleashed (daytime) style of game play, only to go all parkour, which didn't work. Now he's mixing Knuckles Chaotix with open worlds and and action adventure? Can we just have Sonic be a freaking action platformer, and then have him STAY that way? I play Sonic games to move fast, jump around, fly through turns, and speed into goal rings, not "focus on combat and exploration".



NINTENCHIP commented on Guide: How To Become The Ultimate Monster Bree...:

@GuSilverFlame Ok, I don't have a 6 IV ditto at all, and getting 4-5 IV pokemon isn't incredibly hard. It might take longer than usual, but you can bridge the gap by using preexisting 5 IV males that you may have bred (if eligible). It makes things easier.

Example: I wanted a Sylveon bred for battle, so I used a 3 IV Ditto and bred it with a 5 IV Vaporeon I already had in my team. Ended up with a female, 5 IV, Modest Sylveon. Not bad, I'd say.