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Jllanos22 commented on Review: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Del...:

@MamaLuigi agree. Play it anyway and see for yourself if u like it or not. Don't buy games relying on reviews and discover for yourself. I got sonic lost world which had a review of 5/10 by ign but when I play it, it was better than the review said. It has a classic/ modern feel with a interesting way of exploration like the genesis games.



Jllanos22 commented on Video: Check Out The New Free Fall Map In Call...:

Nintendo life should ask them if they are going to continue giving us more dlc or this is just a "here so u can shut up" scenes. This one map made a lot of people happy today and it would be a shame that it ends with just free fall.



Jllanos22 commented on Video: These Are The Ten DS Games We Want To S...:

Advance wars dual strike was way better then days of ruin!!! Better characters, gameply and background music!!!

If spirit tracks is on the list then u need to put phantom hourglass since it could be a good for wii u for those who played wind waker and want to play the sequel. I rather see 64 or game cube game instead of ds!!! Star fox assult, donkey kong 64, majoras mask, mario sunshine, f-zero gx, golden eye, classic mario party 1, star fox adventure, luigis mansion, tales of symphonia and SSBM.



Jllanos22 commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

EA was really dead to us since the begining. They got a lawsuit from investors from a game that is full of glitches(battlefield),NBA Live is garbage, FIFA and mass effect is the only good thing they done. That's why we took it out of the list. Children are our future and by them, nintendo will became a tradition for the family. Nintendo 4 life!!!



Jllanos22 commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

If Nintendo needs more sales then its time to do what nintendo fans want. Starting by taking down the region lock, bring back old nintendo games like F-zero and star fox or a FF crystal chronicle and do whatever it takes to get third party games. Bring games like MH frontier(wii u)and 4 (3ds), Dragon Quest X, we are still waiting for X and a metroid game in HD, give us a release date for SSB, u got bayonetta for May and that's to far away why not march. It would be perfect lineup. DK now on February, bayonetta in march and mario kart 8 and watch dogs in April. Nintendo can comeback!!! The 3ds it's ok! Time to focus on the wii u!



Jllanos22 commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

The wii u is going to be fine. Been the only online free console and after watching from games like AC4 and CODG the wii u is at side to side with the PS4 and unlike PS, Nintendo has a great list of exclusives and the only thing to do now is that Nintendo start making them. The wii u a better price than the PS4 with game included and extra control and now at 2014 Nintendo has a good lineup with mario kart, super smash bros, bayonetta 2, a unknown game that they are working on and other surprises that Nintendo might make there move to release it for the wii u. Finally we all have to remember that Xbox and PS are known for their hardware problem from the start but nintendo doesn't have that problem. At the end, the games are the ones who will attract gamer to buy one console. Unless you are hardcore and want to have all three. Last year I made my decision to buy the wii u and support it all the way till Nintendo's new console arrive in the future.



Jllanos22 commented on Boy Credits Mario Kart After Taking Control of...:

Think of it as if mario kart was a simulation(it is a simulation)of someone driving. Thanks to the experience gain by it he save his grand mother. For parent who saw this have to think now that video games are not a waist of time and kids are really learning something that will help them in the future.

That's the power of wii and Nintendo!!!
What is Microsoft and Sony teaching your kids???
How to shoot???



Jllanos22 commented on Miyamoto: Fresh Experiences Make A New Game, N...:

The wii u it's your new console and as new so they have to think for their future game. They already have enough titles for kids but now they have to take it to another level with hardcore game. Make metroid your exclusive shooter with online multiplayer and bring other ones to the wii u and not just wii u play or mario and sonic. One was fine, two was over the limit, three it's just tells you that u don't know what else to make and now a fourth game it's crazy. Nintendo needs new faces because mario, link and DK are all famous character and they all would still sell but bringing new personality and worlds to their consoles, people can enjoy the wii u in many different ways.