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Jllanos22 commented on Nintendo Provides a Handy Quick Guide to Compl...:

@Laxeybobby agree. Maybe with the PC option we can copy the data of the new one to the better micro memory and then do the transfer moving the remaining data without deleting MH. To be honest, I decided to get the MH 3ds it because it came with the game but I didn't know that the copy gonna be digital.



Jllanos22 commented on Nintendo Provides a Handy Quick Guide to Compl...:

I'm getting the MH new 3ds. How can I secure the MH4 game already installed on the new one if I decide to change the micro sd memory with a better one plus if don't log in to my Nintendo account how will I get it registrated?



Jllanos22 commented on New Pokkén Tournament Controller and Gameplay...:

If it doesn't have a Wii u release then please don't show this game Nintendo!!! With the region lock and all I still thing that games like this will never reach the US. After the Wii u bad sales last years, I don't know why Nintendo chose to do a arcade game of a game everyone will want and worse of all, Japan only. One more reason to buy a Wii u and they throw it away like that. Sometimes I don't know what is Nintendo thinking.



Jllanos22 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

Better do a HD skyward sword game and compatible with the gamepad. Wii games don't look good in a HD tv. We can look how pixelated mario galaxy 2 is on Wii u. I hope they release some updates to smooth the edges for a better look.



Jllanos22 commented on Happy New Year From All at Nintendo Life:

Happy new year Nintendolife!!! Last year was Nintendo's comeback and this year their aiming for the top. Star fox, Zelda, xnoblabe, devils third, yoshi and other awesome game will be released. Get ready big N gamers. N4life!!!



Jllanos22 commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

I'm from Puerto Rico and the store where I pre order my copy(the two disc version) and they had plenty even though the guy that sold it to me was despred to get a copy too. Maybe they didn't have that much. This is a good thing seen to many people interested in a Wii u game(awesome Wii u game). Our Wii u community its till growing. That's shows people that good games sells consoles and not the way around. Reggie you where right.



Jllanos22 commented on Video: Sanzaru Games Discusses Sonic Boom: Sha...:

No sonic for me. It feels like sonic is been changed to someone else since his last game lost world. It's not a unique character anymore. Sonic is a lab rat of gaming right now by making all this different types of gameplay and see what pops out. Plus the new voice of sonic sucks. I don't know if you guy agree with me but I prefer the sonic hero voice actor better.



Jllanos22 commented on Video: Début Footage of UCraft Aims to Show M...:

I don't get. Why I see so many people complaining about ucraft? This developers are making the difference and bringing a version of the game many of u like. Support this guys that want to make games for Wii u since everyone else is sabotaging the Wii u by not giving us anything but hope but not delivering.(like destiny)



Jllanos22 commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):

This game was game of the month in gameinformer and you guys gave it 8/10? A 9 is the real answer. Can't wait till October to get my hands on this game(1 and 2).



Jllanos22 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

This happened to me one time but what I don't recommend is using super glue. It would be the end of you're c pad rubber cap. I got new ones from Japan that you can use as extension on the one you got right now or use only the extension instead.



Jllanos22 commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

Why another one? And if I buy this one, what am I going to do with the 2ds and 3ds I already have? Do we gonna have a discount for for having Wii u and 3ds registered at club Nintendo? Or at least a satisfactory low price.



Jllanos22 commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

My favorite Zelda game is twilight princess since it was my first Zelda game I played. Hoping to see the new ideas for the legend of Zelda. You can imagine the future Zelda games just by watching the assassins creed games. Little by little, they bring the story to now modern days. The last Zelda game that took a step forward to the future was spirit tracks witch you travel a more modern hyrule kingdom by trains. Even if this happens, there is no doubt that they will make it as the other ones. You always gonna see wizards, zoras, goron,fairy's and all the things that make Zelda special.



Jllanos22 commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:

Trainers like this one only think of winning and look what happens. This cheating thing has been in all the Pokemon games so I don't understand why Nintendo haven't done anything about it. In game boy was the game shark, action replay in ds era and now the internet. Nintendo needs to do something to stop this and make people train their Pokemon the right way. So you ask me what do I think? I think that the guy knew what he was doing. Don't tell that the champ played all those Pokemon games and And won all those tournament and didn't know about the pokeball because that is bullshit. Didn't know about a dream ball, Hahahahahaha, very funny!!!!



Jllanos22 commented on Tomonubu Itagaki Thinks Gamers Will Buy A Wii ...:

I watched both videos(campaign and multiplayer) and its a awesome game. You can even make your own maps( don't know if you can play them online). This game is along side yoshi and splatoon in my most buy list in 2015. New idea for a shooter and it looks great so far. They should release a demo for those making their mind if they going to buy it or not. By releasing games like will make some people stop seen the Wii u as a little kids console(hate when someone says that) and attract more people to buy this great console that I got no regret on buying it(yeah, no xboxone or ps4). Nintendo got the games I want so I'm going no where.



Jllanos22 commented on Nintendo Needs To Cut Wii U Cost To Capitalise...:

A don't know why ubisoft is giving advice since we are not getting the new assassins creed on the Wii u or other new games except for just dance and delaying watch dogs for Wii u was a big mistake. I already cancelled my copy for bayonetta 2.



Jllanos22 commented on Nintendo Announces The GameCube Controller Ada...:

This is for does cry babies that can't play ssb without looking to the past. This a good news but come on people!!! New consoles, new beginnings, new controllers. Keep up and adapt because technology isn't waiting for u to let go of the game cube.



Jllanos22 commented on Hyrule Warriors Confirmed for 14th August in J...:

This game should be called " the legend of Zelda: chronicles of Hylia" based on the manga in hyrule historia. For does who doesn't have this awesome book, the link in the manga haves the same scarf( only change color from red to blue in the game)as the link in hyrule warriors. This game might be before skyward sword.



Jllanos22 commented on Nintendo's Plan for "Redefining the Definition...:

Can't wait for the new console but that doesn't mean that I didn't liked the Wii u. I'm still waiting for some of Nintendo exclusives like metroid, ssb, zelda( awesome HD) and surprises that Nintendo got in store for us. Love the Wii u. Nintendo 4 life.



Jllanos22 commented on Ubisoft Now "Fully Focused" On Making The Wii ...:

Giving us exclusive content will make a lot of people happy for all this waiting. This game is on my list since November but end up buy cod ghost because it didn't came out. Ghost with no dlc is really desapointing but we learn not to make the same mistake again.



Jllanos22 commented on Review: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Del...:

@MamaLuigi agree. Play it anyway and see for yourself if u like it or not. Don't buy games relying on reviews and discover for yourself. I got sonic lost world which had a review of 5/10 by ign but when I play it, it was better than the review said. It has a classic/ modern feel with a interesting way of exploration like the genesis games.