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Tue 6th Aug 2013

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Psyclone commented on Mario Kart 8 Misses Out at BAFTA Game Awards, ...:

@Peach64 I see, you still don't know what you're talking about... Shovel Knight for the 3DS should be the clear winner since we are going by your metascore ratings.

"All the nominated mobile releases have higher metacritic ratings than all the 'big' 3DS games from last year" -Peach64

Not one of those nominated mobile games surpased metacritics top 3DS game and only 2 games nominated came close to Shovel Knight, after that it's Braverly Default, Super Smash Bros and Persona Q. Quit your misinformation.



Psyclone commented on Sonic-Themed Felyne Drag Races into Monster Hu...:

It's interesting to see this type of collaboration between two comany's for a Nintendo system, what if Nintendo is on the verge of buying both!? ... lol ok maybe not.. but still interesting to see, has this happened before?



Psyclone commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

Did people already forget what Ubisoft said at E3????? they said they had a game done and ready to release on the Wii U but still decided to hold it back... ever thought that maybe that game is Watch Dogs? well let them be dissapointed, I tried it on the PC and just couldn't keep going.



Psyclone commented on Devil's Third Developer Discusses Its Unique A...:

all of a sudden the majority of people seem to care about graphics more than gameplay, the graphics don't even look that bad, did anybody see it at the treehouse? it looks beast overall and obviously it is still being worked on



Psyclone commented on Philips Secures Wii Patent Victory Over Ninten...:

@Aluwolf you really think that? then let me quote someone

"If Philllips didnt get the patent until
2011, how would Nintendo know in
2006? Should companies have to
comb through every patent and
patent pending to make sure there is
no possible way they are infringing?"



Psyclone commented on Nintendo Needs To Cut Wii U Cost To Capitalise...:

I am starting to lose respect for Ubisoft.. they have a finished game for the Wii U but won't release it because to them the install base is too little, yet it's pretty equal or more than the xbox one install base and they still announce games for it? I'm no longer buying Watch Dog and thank the heavens I didn't buy it for my pc..



Psyclone commented on Feature: Catch Up With Ten of the Nintendo Tre...:

@Melistrius thanks for the links, I watched them and dam they look good, the gameplay is fun and Devil's Third online gameplay has me excited!! I will be getting both games for sure... I just wish we could have hd videos. If anybody knows of them post the links, thanks!



Psyclone commented on Mario Kart Month: Nintendo Life's Team Shares ...:

I just got it today, I was playing single player first, I was doing good on every match, 1st place no problem.. then I went into online mode feeling confident as ever.. only to get hammered!!! I got 1st place twice in my last 10 or more races, but man it is the most fun I had online in any game thus far! amazing game, I get the feeling Nintendo will bring more dlc to this game but when you are having fun like I was, I could care less at this point.



Psyclone commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

@absuplendous so in other words you believe anything they say? what I would want is actual confirmation from the creators (Nintendo), luckily they don't worry about that and instead worry about making fun games, like those other sites that say it runs at 1080p they don't have prove neither.



Psyclone commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

@Hy8ogen I game on the PC so resolution is the last thing I need to worry about and not a fanboy, not even close.. I think it is a beautiful game regardless of what articles say, I can say the same for those sites that say it runs at 1080p, they haven't proven anything neither.



Psyclone commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

@absuplendous I clearly said they didn't prove anything, all they said was:

"We can finally put that rumour to rest right here and confirm that Mario Kart 8 instead operates at what is effectively the console's standard 1280x720."

The Wii U has plenty of games running at 1080p who's to say what is the consoles standard? like I said anybody with a keyboard can type that up, how about some in depth analysis about the resolution before making a statement like that? that's all I'm saying. I have more than a valid point and if you take that as defending or attacking, then you should take a second look at yourself, cynicism. HA