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Samurai_Goroh commented on Rumours Surface of Android Emulation On The Ni...:

Nintendo has already denied that the NX will run Android. However, Amazon might be porting its Amazon Prime apps or something to it. This would cater to the music, film stuff that Nintendo doesn't do.
Xbox One has Xbox Video, Xbox Music. Amazon could be Nintendo partner for that sort of thing.
And I'd love for some Disney/Pixar films with Nintendo's IPs.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Review: EarthBound Beginnings (Wii U eShop / NES):

I'm playing for the first time and enjoying it, but at sometimes it feels like a Earthbound downgrade.
It sure is old-school and unforgiving, grinding is essential, encounters are random and the battle system is not as sophisticated or unique as the sequel's.
But I can't stop playing this 26 years old game for some reason.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

@Aromaiden No, I also bought it amongst other things for a new Mario Galaxy or similar in scope game, which by the way we are clearly not going to get either.
There is a fine line between liking Nintendo and being a sucker for them. I'm not keen on crossing that line, so Wii U is going to be the last machine I buy from them in quite a while. I played some very good games on Wii U, but right now I don't feel that my loyalty and investment has really paid off.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Nintendo Apologises for eShop Issues Caused by...:

@Luna_110 It happened with Steam a couple days ago with the opening of the Summer Sales. I could not buy anything in the first hours of the promotion, server overload.
And everyone pretty much agrees that Steam is an amazing online service. So, is it ok for Valve to fail but not for Nintendo?



Samurai_Goroh commented on Street Fighter Legend Ryu And Fire Emblem's Ro...:

I love Ryu and Street Fighter II as much as the next guy, but Nintendo should not allow characters from games that are long gone from Nintendo hardware.
I liked Snake on Brawl, but hated the fact that Wii got precisely zero Metal Gear Solid games. I know the 3DS has Super Street Fighter 4, but if Wii U doesn't get some love from Capcom, the character should not be there.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

@Quorthon I'm not slandering anyone, I stated facts. The money the pledgers gave SMS was not dropped on the street's cobblestones. It was consigned with a specific purpose, not to be forfeit.

Thank god I never gave them a penny! I would be talking to an attorney, instead of you right now if I had.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

@Quorthon So you consider a sensible and legitimate business practice to lie and deceive your consumers in exchange for their money?
Fact #1 Slightly Mad Studios made a formal promise to develop a Wii U version.
Fact # 2 Slightly Mad Studios received money from their costumers with the intent of delivering said version.
Fact # 3 Slightly Mad Studios did not deliver said version.
I'm sorry if don't bother trying to understand their angle. So you pay for something and then you may or may not have it? They don't owe you anything, though luck chap, it's plain economics. That's it?

As it stands now, Slightly Mad Studios are a bunch of liars, and if they do not refund people they'll become a bunch of thieves. It's not business, it's theft. Maybe even racketeering.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Feature: Go Fast - An Ode To The Glorious Chao...:

Grande artigo de retrospectiva, Shiryu. Foi ao ler os teus comentários há muitos anos no GameOver, que resolvi comprar o F-Zero GX e depois a minha vida não foi mais a mesma, claro está. Já conhecia o X, mas na GCN a coisa ficou mesmo a outro nível.

Well, Nintendo has been teasing our supersonic thrill inclinations a lot on the Wii U, haven't they? First Nintendo Land, now the superb Mario Kart 8 DLC... I like to be optimistic and believe in the grooming theory. A new F-Zero is bound to happen, whether on Wii U or the next generation, I believe. F-Zero NX makes too much sense.
Starfox was at a point almost as dead and now it's coming back on Wii U, Fire Emblem was on a downward spiral until Awakening. Nintendo just needs to reinvent the franchise to a new breed of players as well.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

I've bought the first one for €3 on an eShop sale.
While this sequel does looks much more refined and therefore I am more than willing to pay more than that for it, I find the current price tag excessive.

€12 would fare much better.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Talking Point: What's Next For amiibo?:

A Pokémon spin-off on Wii U with Amiibo support would make people go wild. I'm thinking something like Mystery Dungeon and of course they're not going to make 700 plus Pokémon figurines but they could swim in cash with just a dozen or so.

Also a Nintendo Land sequel with RPG-like progression and Amiibo storage would be great.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Super Smash Bros. Wii U Basic Bundle Heading f...:

@ikki5 Portugal went bankrupt in 2011 and I still could afford a Wii U. It's not like a bankrupcy means your bank accounts are reset to zero and the middle, upper classes vanish into thin air, you know. Countries are eternal in nature and go bankrupt all the time; you go bankrupt, you make a deal with the international creditors, you cut budgets and endure austerity for a while, and then you're back out of the woods.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Dear Nintendo, Please Let The Next Wario Land ...:

Not as good as the Wii one but quite nice. Looks like what Wario Land could be if they made it on the DS hardware.
They should release the VB Wario Land as a 3D Classic on 3DS, I want a chance to play that game at last. And make a new 1080p 2D hand-drawn Wario Land for Wii U.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Video: New Rodea the Sky Soldier Footage Shows...:

I love Sin and Punishment, so I want this to try this too. I understand why they're not releasing on Wii as originally planned, but they should make more efforts on porting this to the Wii U with the jump to hd graphics. Graphics-wise it looks like a Wii game and not even one of most impressive ones.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Review: Xavier (Wii U eShop):

It's crap like this that makes me think Nintendo has made the eShop development far too accessible. We don't want a cesspool marketplace like the smartphones have on a console.



Samurai_Goroh commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Use The Wii U GamePad?:

@NbaJunkie I have Wind Waker HD, never played it on GameCube, but there is no way I would play it without my GamePad now. Inventory, Navigation (I would seriously get lost at sea, it not for it), the wind waker songs memo, aiming with the gyro, tingle bottles and the PictoBox camera... everything is made so much better with the second screen. I don't end up using off-TV because of this. No Pro Controller for this one, thanks. For a remade game, not built from the start with the GamePad, I'd say they did a terrific job.