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Thu 7th November, 2013

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sevex commented on Fi Confirmed For Hyrule Warriors Along With Sk...:

I really wish Nintendo would remake Skyward Sword. Even though it hasn't been long at all, I just feel like that game could have been so much better with some tweaks. (No sword & bomb motion plus controls, less nagging from Fi, more actual conversation with Fi, easier/less tedious outdoor puzzles, harder dungeon puzzles, more frequent material drops and bugs for easier upgrades, faster potion mixing/buying, and probably a couple other things.)



sevex commented on Planet Virtual Boy Founder Explains His Passio...:

I grabbed one of these for cheap on eBay back when old video games were just old video games. Pretty glad I did, it's such a cool unique device. And the way it's designed makes it a perfect shelf decoration or conversation piece!



sevex commented on Upcoming Child of Light Patch to Rename Diffic...:

@unrandomsam uPlay isn't mandatory, but even if you're not signed in you'll still get these "uPlay Action Completed" prompts every now and then, which are likely just to make you feel like you're missing something by not logging in. I just find them ugly and intrusive considering how pretty the game is.



sevex commented on Upcoming Child of Light Patch to Rename Diffic...:

I wonder if anything else is coming in the patch. I'd like an option to disable uplay notifications.

Also, being able to bind Igniculus's abilities to the right trigger would be cool. I find it awkward to control him with the right analog, but activate his abilities with the left trigger.

A manual save option, or even just "save and quit" would be pretty awesome as well. I'm always anxious about quitting cause I'm not sure when it saved last.

And maybe a bit more clarity when using items and equipping Oculi. I got really far before I realized I could use those stat upgrade items on other party members, or even equip them with Oculi.



sevex commented on Talking Point: Horror and Metroid Could be a P...:

I agree with this! When I was playing the original Dead Space I kept thinking how cool it'd be if there was a similar game, but with a Metroid theme. They did a great job with the exploration and backtracking mechanics.



sevex commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Upcoming Game Boy ...:

I wish they'd add some sort of colour/contrast control. Some GBA games had extremely washed out palettes to try and offset the dark screen, so they'll look kinda crappy on a TV. (See Super Mario Advance 2.)

Also why would they release the GBA version of Yoshi's Island over the Super Nintendo one?