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The Red Devil.

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Tue 19th February, 2008

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Knux commented on Super Mario 64:

Awesome idea! I would love to see more stuff like this! :D



Knux commented on Review: 1001 Spikes (3DS eShop):

@Philip_J_Reed: Is it pretty glitchy? I would like to buy this, but I hate buying a broken port. I know there is supposed to be a patch for this, but Nicalis usually takes forever when it comes to those...



Knux commented on Video: Mario Kart 8's Balloon-Popping Battle M...:

This is lazy and foolish on Nintendo's part. There's actually people like myself who love Battle Mode. Nintendo could have offered both options (modified tracks and arenas), and eveyone would have been happy.

Now Mario Kart 8 will never be a 10/10 game because we'll always know what's missing. Bad move, Nintendo. :|



Knux commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

I totally expected this. It looks like utter crap with Yoshi's name slapped on it. Come on Yarn Yoshi because you're my only hope!