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Turbo857 commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:


I hear ya but regardless the true Smash experience can't be fully captured by a handheld. Any fan that picks up Smash for 3DS and likes it a lot, at the very least, has to remotely like fighters. That said any fan of fighters knows the complete experience is on the console version. Therefore, the 3DS version could be a Trojan horse to get these gamers to pick up a Wii U for the console version.



Turbo857 commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:


Dude, have you ever played a traditional console fighter that had a superior portable version? The 3DS version is not going to negatively impact the Wii U version's sales. The music, stage variety and online experience alone is going to be superior in the Wii U version. Any hard core smash player who owns a Wii U or is waiting to pick up a Wii U for Smash, is still going to do so regardless of whether they choose to pick up the 3DS version.

Picking up a fighter on a handheld with a comparably smaller screen size to even the Gamepad's screen isn't going to satisfy the hunger for a console fighter. If anything it'll serve as a nice appetizer.



Turbo857 commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

So many downers on this forum. Look, I don't care if the 3DS comes out in the summer. No Smash fan is going to not pick up this first HD console Smash Bros. game. It's ludicrous to think that the 3DS version will impact the Wii U version's sales. Not gonna happen. Wii U will provide a more stable online infrastructure, HD graphics, and different stages and music. And Christmas is a perfect time to release it actually. Most likely getting both.



Turbo857 commented on Talking Point: The Timing of Nintendo's Super ...:

Would be nice to see, Pac-Man, Chrom and Ike announced in the Smash Bros. Direct. But it's vital that they nail down this online component since Brawl's was abysmal.

Mario Kart Wii's online component was perfect in my opinion and it was released very close to Brawl so I don't know why Brawl's online was so bad. It's never hard to find an online match against someone in Street Fighter IV even today so a smooth online experience in the new Smash Bros. will tremendously boost the Wii U's online viability/interactivity.



Turbo857 commented on Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheel Available For Preord...:


I do indeed claim that I have played all MK games and I do indeed claim that I am much better at MK Wii with the motion controls. There are in fact narrow shortcuts in Mario Kart Wii stages as well especially in some of the retro stages so I question the accuracy of your statement. As with Punch Out Wii, when it comes to MK games I'll never go back to analog control.

I've adapted very well to the motion controls of MK Wii and the steering is simulated very accurately in my opinion. Some reviewers said the motion control sucked and are imprecise in MK Wii, and some said they sucked in Punch-Out Wii. But since I've beaten both games (all modes in each) with motion controls I guess it's safe to say I'm living proof that they work rather effectively. I even slaughtered friends who played against me in DBZ BT3 when I used motion control and they used analog. So if people think motion controls suck, it's simply because they suck using motion controls. It's a play style that they simply haven't learned to adapt to or aren't willing to learn to adapt to. Probably the same people who complained about it in Skyward Sword when they use unnecessary over-exaggerated movements and claimed it exhausted them. They just sucked at it.

However, I can't currently defend the Balance Board movement implementation in Punch-Out. I found that imprecise, but I will be trying out again later.



Turbo857 commented on Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheel Available For Preord...:


The motion controls were not inaccurate. You tilt the remote right, you go right. You tilt it left you go left. Not everybody prefers them but I found them to be appropriately sensitive and work really well, as they did in Punch Out Wii, and as they did in Skyward Sword. I find Mario Kart Wii to be the best one and 150cc is as always very challenging.

As a gamer who's played every MK game I don't feel that the Wii edition was dumbed down at all for casuals. The core gameplay of MK was always pick up and play.



Turbo857 commented on Investor Wants Nintendo To Create Mobile Title...:

This shareholder is a classic suit moron and I'm so glad he's not a majority shareholder. The only time Nintendo "needs" to make and sell mobile phone tailored games is when they no longer feel they can succeed at selling hardware. And that day's not coming for awhile if ever.

.99 cents for Mario to jump higher is a terrible, idiotic suggestion and this moron should be banned from meetings and have his function reduced to shutting the f$$$ up and only receiving quarterly/yearly financial statements

Sega tried this already with Sonic Dash on iOs which has in-app purchases and I'm sure that any income ever received from that game pales in comparison to any Sonic game offered for more $$ currently available on Xbox Live, PSN network or Nintendo eShop.

Any mobile phone marketing strategy implemented by Nintendo should be to advertise their software on their own hardware and they are already aware of this.



Turbo857 commented on Wii Fit No Substitute For Real Exercise Accord...:


Dude, I'm living proof that Wii Fit U can replace regular exercise because the only exercises I do is on Wii Fit U.... and I've lost 12 lbs. The only thing I do outside of Wii Fit U is walk to work.

My routine consists of Free run (30 min), Free Boxing (15 min), Single leg reach (20 reps each leg), Single arm stand (20 reps each arm), and Ultimate Obstacle course (advanced). I have 2 other routines which consists of Yoga exercises and Planks (90 seconds), Single Leg Extension (20 reps each leg), Lunges (15 reps each leg) and Core Lunge (advanced). Not trying to toot my own horn but in addition to my weight loss, I've become very fit as well.

With 77 exercises, if a person can't lose weight with the software they are simply not using it they way it was intended. I'm not sure how credible this University of Western Australia is but they clearly do not know what they are talking about and obviously didn't test the software extensively.

And for you to keep telling people over the course of 3 hours that it wasn't Wii Fit U that was responsible for their weight loss, makes me believe that even Brain Training might not be enough help you.



Turbo857 commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:


You obviously missed my point. Regardless of the fact that Miiverse can be accessed through other devices, the simple fact that the Gamepad is provided out-the-box means that every Wii U game experience is integrated with it at the very least through Miiverse.

And I would argue that Miiverse is best experienced through the Gamepad anyway based on the size of the screen alone.



Turbo857 commented on Guest Blog: Shut up! Nothing is Wrong With The...:

Indie-games may not shift consoles... yet. But they are gaining traction and certain sweeten a consoles library pretty well. Innovation comes at a great price in this industry and I applaud Nintendo's decision to prioritize this in each piece of hardware they release.

That being the case I think this article is correct that Nintendo should favor reaching out to indies rather than AAA developers when it comes to getting exclusives on the Wii U. Indies share Nintendo's view on innovation and I feel they will ultimately be the ones to make better use of the Wii U's features.



Turbo857 commented on Ubisoft Refuses to Comment on Watch_Dogs Wii U...:

I don't consider myself to be a pessimist, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Watch Dogs was cancelled. I understand Ubi's gotta watch their bottom dollar, but I don't approve of their business practices.

Rayman Legends delay? Ok, I get it but I'm sure their delay of the Wii U version impacted its sales potential. Wii U version of Splinter Cell: Blacklist with no offline co-op? Inexcusable. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag with no DLC (not even at least Freedom Cry)? Inexcusable.

You either go all in, or don't go at all. You don't give people a taste and then prevent them from getting the rest of the meal. So, if they're cancelling Watch Dogs the least they could do is man up and admit it already.



Turbo857 commented on Mario And Zelda On Mobile Could Bring New Play...:

I don't believe Nintendo should offer old games its already published on a smartphone that's already on or should be coming to the Virtual Console.

Nintendo sells Super Mario Bros. for $5, so selling that on an iPhone for $5 could discourage people from buying it on Nintendo systems, so that's not going to happen.

What they'll probably do is make exclusive quick, fun, but bite sized games for smartphones using their characters. Maybe something like a chopped up NES remix offering Wii U ads at the bottom while people are playing this mobile minigame.

But they should avoid porting full games in their existing library to smartphones. They don't fit the popular free or $1 model very well either.



Turbo857 commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:


Really? People are still complaining about the Wii U name. For the last time, it ain't the name, it was abysmal marketing during its first year on the market. Xbox One is by far the stupidest console name I've ever heard for a successor than the Wii U. But Microsoft just markets better (and spends more $) than Nintendo so people knew what it was on day one. Nintendo has stepped it up this holiday season but they need to do this throughout the year.

And no they shouldn't have made the Gamepad an add-on because you'd see even less developers trying to use its fullest potential. Blueray players are so cheap now anyway I could care less if a Nintendo console can play Bluerays. More and more people are streaming video and movies nowadays so I don't understand the critique.

Online features are disappointing? It is significantly a better experience than the Wii and it is still very unique in comparison with it's direct competitors.

Doesn't it have many games that offer mulitplayer online? Yes. Does it work with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, YouTube? Yes. Does it have an internet browser? Yes. You're really gonna take points away from the Wii U just because it doesn't have HBO Go?

And what about Miiverse and TVii? How is Nintendo's online capabilities inferior to the competition and prior generation when NO console current or past offers anything comparable to a FREE Miiverse experience?

Oh I forgot, the PS4 has integration with Facebook? No thanks, I rather talk to gamers about games, not let my non-gamer friends know what I'm playing.

All Nintendo needs to do is advertise, release games, maybe invest in more development studios and slash the price of the deluxe to $250.



Turbo857 commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

I've owned every Nintendo home console (and all handhelds since Game Boy advance) and one thing a Nintendo fan must endure is..... limited third party support. I've also never only owned just a Nintendo console exclusively in a generation. If you're a hardcore gamer you'll eventually have to buy at least one more console from a competitor.

Nintendo, especially nowadays, traditionally puts out graphically inferior hardware in comparison to its competitors which inevitably translates into ports skipping Nintendo platforms. But their consoles features make it stand apart from the competition and increase its potential for producing unique exclusive games.

However, as long as Nintendo invests in more development studios, contracts with more 2nd parties, continues to produce high level first party quality software (while releasing installments of dormant IP (Starfox, Metroid, F-Zero, etc.), solidifies indie developer relations that allows them to produce quality exclusive content, then their home console business will exist with few third party exclusives. And that's perfectly fine with me.

The burden is now on Nintendo to produce even more high quality exclusives at a more frequent pace to increase its install base in order to attract these third party exclusives.



Turbo857 commented on Review: Super Punch-Out!! (Wii U eShop / Super...:


You didn't like the artwork for the Bald Bull or Lil Mac in Punch Out! for Wii??? I think they come a LONG WAY from the 8-bit spites of the NES. Little Mac actually looks like a fighter instead of some skinny dwarf. They just made the size proportions between the Mac and his opponents more practical. If Lil Mac makes his highly anticipated arrival into Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS he should have this look from the Wii version.

Personally I love the game's music and think it was genius the way the game's traditional theme plays to different instruments depending on who you fight.

I thought the Mac & Doc cut scenes were pretty funny sometimes and Doc eating a chocolate bar is always classic. I just wish they used subtitles for the fighters that didn't speak English.

Ah well, different strokes for different folks. I still haven't beaten Donkey Kong either.



Turbo857 commented on Review: Super Punch-Out!! (Wii U eShop / Super...:

The Wii-make is my favorite by far and I prefer the motion control over the traditional way. It's really good with the balance board but I had trouble at Soda Popinski. Gotta try it again later. Super Punch-Out comes in second then the original.

But the rapid punches and strong hook to the gut from Super Punch-Out we're cool exclusive attacks.



Turbo857 commented on Feature: 12 Days of Christmas - Super Mario 3D...:


I really don't understand how some people say this isn't in the same vein as Mario 64 or the Galaxy games. Mario has the same moves he's always had. The levels in 3D World feature exploration and encourage collecting.

The Galaxy games features much smaller scaled levels than Mario 64 and Sunshine and were very linearly focused on collecting the star at the end of the level (very much like grabbing the end flagpole). So the Galaxy games have a lot in common already to Mario 3D World. Also, many of the powerups in Mario 64/Galaxy games had time limits and those were removed for the better in 3D World.

I hope Nintendo never goes back to Mario 64/sunshine styled level design. I rather have many smaller scaled stages with variety than one huge mountain level to collect 7 stars on.

I personally have no problem if future Mario games were sequels to Mario 3D world.



Turbo857 commented on Review: Wii Fit U (Wii U):

I agree completely.


I don't understand why people keep saying Wii Fit isn't real exercise. Anybody who shares that opinion has obviously not spent enough time with it or is not using the software the way it was intended.

#1 If you never played a Wii Fit game, the exercises start with low reps. The more you do the exercise you'll unlock more reps per exercise and combining them with other exercises can make for an intense work out.

#2 Granted, there are a lot of games in Wii Fit U and some of them are more "intense than others".

Your wife should go to "Personal Trainer" function and select "Intense" and the software will generate exercises based on that preference.

And I beg to grossly disagree with your wife's assessment when Wii Fit U contains exercises that offers 20 reps for One Hand Stand, 20 reps for Lunges, Side Lunges, 30 min Running, 15 min Free Boxing, Core Lunge (advanced), Row Squat (Expert) any exercise in the Dancing category. Virtually any exercise in the Strength category are exercises where you'll break a sweat, unless of course you're doing it wrong.

In closing, this software can totally replace going to gym if you want it to and the reviewer should've spent more time with this before coming to that conclusion.



Turbo857 commented on iPhone Gaming Controller Could Mean "The End O...:

As long as button control for mobile games are "optional" smartphones don't have a chance at dethroning Nintendo and/or making dedicated portable consoles obsolete. Also, smartphones have nothing comparable to the 2 screen gaming innovation either so, they've got a long way to go.



Turbo857 commented on Talking Point: The GamePad and its Role Defini...:


The novelty of the Gamepad's features and its innovations is clear when you hit the power button and use it to control your TV and console.

Miyamoto said himself, its primary features are to make traditional gaming more convenient (using touch screen menus and off tv-play) and enhance the motion control experience when working with the remotes and nunchucks (Pikmin 3, Nintendoland).

Not every game is going to take advantage of all of the Gamepad's features. But even in games where the gamepad is used minimally, like Ninja Gaiden 3:RE and Assassin's Creed 3, having that 2nd screen makes things a lot more convenient (quickly hopping to Miiverse, navigating maps/upgrade menus) .


Wii U games don't require you to engage 2 screens at the same time. When designed appropriately the 2nd screen is there to make gaming "convenient" even when it's just a map. With games that use map navigation, the map on the gamepad is usually much bigger than maps displayed in a HUD and you don't have pause the game to glance at it.



Turbo857 commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:


Mario Galaxy is a sequel of sorts to Sunshine as Sunshine was to Mario 64. They have their own flavor but in essence they are improvements upon the same formula... and that's cool.

But Mario Galaxy's innovations are mainly it's mini spheres with their own center of gravity and the space setting. It didn't completely change Mario, just greatly improved upon a formula.

Also, ya haven't played 3D World yet so you can't really judge all its innovations yet. I also wouldn't be surprised if 3D World winds up being the best Mario ever made. Who knows?



Turbo857 commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:


"The new Mario 3D World might make a difference but even with that it seems a case of updating an existing game to an extent rather than something completely fresh like Mario Galaxy. Same with Wind Waker."

Dude, am I reading this correctly? Are you really dismissing Mario 3D World as a rehash/remake or update to an existing game? Especially in the same vein as Wind Waker HD? Ya gotta be kidding me.

I don't see how 3D World can't be considered as fresh as an exclusively 1 player affair as Mario Galaxy. Ok the Galaxy series was excellent but their originality came from the mini spheres with its own gravity. Seriously, big deal.

3D World shows a whole lotta variety in its powerups and multiple characters. It looks to me like the most original Mario game we've gotten in quite some time. Dismissing it as rehash simply on the fact it's a spiritual sequel of a 3DS game is just ridiculous.



Turbo857 commented on Review: Batman: Arkham Origins (Wii U):

Geez, I swear this game unfortunately gets judged WAY too harshly. All because City was a perfect game. Look I'm sorry, but there's very little that could be added or improved with current gen hardware to make the Arkham games formula any better than it is now. Outside of a 2-player co-op campaign (split screen or gamepad co-op), new story/villains and incorporating the Batmobile in some capacity, I don't see what can really be improved.

The way to review a franchise game is simply by how fun and engaging it is to play first and if it at least lives up to the quality of its predecessors (which Origins does). It should first get credit as a quality game before points get deducted for its lack of innovation. I didn't care that Megaman sequels showed small incremental improvements in gameplay. I played them because most of the time they were quality titles (Megaman X6 not so much).

Quite frankly, most of my friends that own this game love it as much as City. It provides that same level of addiction as City and imo easily deserves a rating well above a 6.



Turbo857 commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Tennis (Wii U eShop):


I disagree. It's inaccurate to dismiss Wii Sports Club's Tennis as a "slightly waggly" experience. The Wii motion plus certainly provides for a more immersive experience to the level where you have to be careful how you hit the ball and the position you actually hold the Wii remote. Hence the reason Nintendo included new practice modes so you can actually get used to hitting the ball and see how different playing with the motion plus actually is.

My lag experience has probably been less than a 3rd of the games I've played but not enough to make me feel like I've wasted my $10.



Turbo857 commented on Marth Confirmed as the Latest Challenger in Su...:


I agree in some respects but FE: Awakening may be the most popular game in the series having sold over a million in sales worldwide but Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn both sold close to a half a mil each so that ain't too shabby either. Ike also was a playable character in Brawl which could've only served to boost his popularity even further.

Since Ike's been in 4 high selling games so far (POR, RD, Smash Brawl, downloadable in Awakening (and has a descendant character in Awakening), I'm not inclined to believe Chrom is the more popular character only on the fact the game he was featured in happened to sell the most in its series. I'd even go further and say Ike's more popular than Marth. Marth's just more iconic because he's the first lead in the series and he was the first FE character the west saw appear in a game (Melee).

It's funny how most people think there'll be a replacement/exchange with FE characters instead of just additions. Why can't there be 3 or 4 FE characters? Roy was removed in Brawl because his game was never coming to the west. Ike fortunately doesn't suffer from this problem obviously. If he got replaced there'd just be 2 characters representing the franchise and that seems a little silly especially when you consider the series current popularity. They should just have additions this time around imo.



Turbo857 commented on Marth Confirmed as the Latest Challenger in Su...:


??? I surely hope Ike doesn't get replaced with Chrom. Chrom was a very by-the-numbers FE lord. Ike was a far better character and the only FE lead (outside of Marth) to star in two console games. Ike even has a special descendant character in Awakening arguably put in there just to pay homage to him.

I disagree that Chrom is the more popular character and I'd be disappointed to see Ike replaced.



Turbo857 commented on Mamma Mia! The Mario & Luigi Wii U Bundle Is S...:


And those are very good points: Inflation and value at point of sale. But if little Joey's mom would've paid $350 for a deluxe + Mario U bundle, she could've done that by buying the Basic set and Mario U for the same price last November. The Wii U did have a successful launch regardless but post-launch momentum suffered terribly and I believe the high price point was a significant factor (especially compared to the consoles on the market at the time).

And you hit my point exactly regarding my 299.99 launch price suggestion: Don't you think Nintendo will always compete this way (hardware wise) when launching consoles? I don't think they'll ever put the kind of money into developing their hardware as Sony and Microsoft. They don't prioritize graphics like that. I think they'll always spend less, focus on innovation and creating unique experiences.... and that's the way they should compete imo. I just think that if that's gonna be their strategy, try to keep the price point attractive and affordable for the masses

And you're right about Nintendoland: Using an unknown IP to sell an innovative idea that's not easily grasped until you at least experience it firsthand is not the best way to launch a new console.



Turbo857 commented on Mamma Mia! The Mario & Luigi Wii U Bundle Is S...:


"The last system that sold like hotcakes that was bundled with a Mario game was the SNES. Think about it. They should have done this from the start last November."

You mean bundling a Mario AND launching the Deluxe edition at $299.99. The Wii U deluxe edition was the highest priced console debut in Nintendo's history. In the future, Nintendo should really avoid launching consoles over $299 and without a reliable IP (namely Mario) bundled with it.



Turbo857 commented on Poll: Is Nintendo's Wii U Advertising and Mark...:


Name confusion exists because of ineffective marketing. It doesn't matter what you call something you wish to sell as long as it's a good quality product and the marketing is solid. The Gameboy Advance didn't have this name problem. Did people think the 3DS was a DS with a third screen?

A lot of people throw flame on the name when really the Wii U is inline with console names of the past. Even still, it's a much better name than Xbox One which is also potentially confusing since the name doesn't immediately suggest a numerical advancement from Xbox 360.



Turbo857 commented on Poll: Is Nintendo's Wii U Advertising and Mark...:


Hmm, as far as a hook for people to get into: I'd say Off-TV play is a big one and needs more advertising showing a good mix of virtual console classics and current multi-platform games. It's a great feature and even though Sony is going to use the Vita to bite off the feature, Wii U offers this out-of-the-box with less strain on your wallet. In the same commercial there should be comparisons of multi-platform games that feature split-screen co-op and then show the Wii U playing the same game with the TV and gamepad.

Also, this may be non-game related but I don't know why it's never mentioned that despite all of the features of the Gamepad, it's also a very useful, convenient, bonafide universal remote. It's the only next-gen console that offers a controller that can adjust the volumes and change channels of your TV and/or cable box.

Even when I'm not playing games, the Gamepad is always front and center since I use it to turn on my TV.

Those are 2 quick features that should be easy for the public to grasp and understand about the Wii U.



Turbo857 commented on Iwata: Wii Fit U's Free Trial Period Will Impr...:


I agree completely. I own and actively played Wii Fit for a long time now and loading up and trying Wii Fit U really blew me away with its presentation and all of its added features. Especially the options to completely customize your own routines, select and combine pre-set routines, or have the software generate random routines for you based on either how many calories you want to burn at that moment or how long you'd like to work out. And the gym joining community option is a really cool addition, making health and fitness an interactive experience. But the mirror mode was a total surprise! You can actually see in real-time how you're doing some of the exercises along side the Wii Fit U trainer. Should be helpful to many users.

The body tests have new ways to test you and some of the tests use the Gamepad in pretty cool ways (same with some new mini games/exercises).

If there is any "casual" gamer that bought the first Wii Fit, they need to try Wii Fit U! Now I just gotta find a Wii Fit U meter.



Turbo857 commented on Iwata: Wii Fit U's Free Trial Period Will Impr...:


Heh-heh, there are indeed a lot of variables at play here. I'm intrigued by the XBone's fitness offerings actually and I commend them for not selling their new hardware without Kinect (don't limit innovation). But that half a grand price-tag without a game is going to be a tough sell for many this holiday season.

Those fitness-centric wrist devices are cool too but a common complaint is how sweaty it gets when running which is something the Wii Fit meter may have an advantage with, lol.

I hear ya man, likewise. I'll catcha on miiverse. Looks like we got a lot of passionate fans on here and that gives hope. The Wii U doesn't deserve to sell like a Gamecube.

But rest assured: The games are coming. The true litmus tests will be... drumroll... Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros., and Super Mario 3D World. Those are the true system selling franchises. If we don't see units move after those... then we gotta problem.

But in the meantime, we can't blame Ninty for trying to court back these casuals.



Turbo857 commented on Iwata: Wii Fit U's Free Trial Period Will Impr...:

That's okay, ColdingLight. we can see the passion. Even still, just because you don't want to download the game doesn't mean other people won't. I've said this before on another forum, if you need more space save $50 and get a 1 terabyte hard drive. It's not that big of a deal really.


Yeah, fitness apps on smartphones exist (and I've used a couple of them) but they seem fairly one dimensional for the most part imo and not as comprehensive as all of the features offered by Wii Fit U + Fit meter. I like to see my lifetime workout progress on bigger screens and the fact that the Balance Board can measure my weight and BMI is a pretty convenient feature. So, there are numerous ways Ninty can distinguish itself from other fitness programs on various platforms.

Pretty cool that you included that article btw. It just brings up another excellent point that should be communicated in the Wii Fit U's marketing campaign, comparing its comprehensive features to inferior offerings from smartphone and tablet apps.



Turbo857 commented on Iwata: Wii Fit U's Free Trial Period Will Impr...:


Look, some of your points are valid. Your 3 mil Wii U user base statement is a fact, hence the reason Wii Fit U isn't for them (unless they're like me and into health and fitness).

At the end of the day: It all comes down to the marketing. If Nintendo puts a Wii Fit U commercial after every fast food restaurant ad, you'll see some Wii U's flying off the shelves. If they mention Wii Sports Club is available too, that'll "sweeten" (no pun intended) the deal.

There are slim-average sized people gaining weight everyday. The casual market may have shifted, but if their weight's shifted as well a Wii U Fit bundle should appeal to them. Ipads and tablets aren't going to make these casuals any lighter.

If the marketing is there you'll be wrong, if the marketing isn't there you'll be 100% on the money. We're just going to have to wait and see.

Considering the position the Wii U is in currently, selling Wii Fit U in this manner isn't a bad strategy.



Turbo857 commented on Iwata: Wii Fit U's Free Trial Period Will Impr...:


You really believe that?!? If people paid $350 to play Wii Fit, why wouldn't people pay $320 to Play Wii Fit U? And why does everybody think the Wii Fit series is supposed to replace a gym. It's more or less there to help you set goals, track your progress, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I consider myself a hardcore gamer and I've used the Wii Balance Board consistently since I bought it. I find it much more convenient to workout at home and besides a gym membership doesn't do calorie counting or show visual progression charts. You do more with this software than just exercise.

Also people gotta keep in mind that Wii Fit U is mainly aimed at casuals and overweight hardcore gamers. If you don't fall into that category, there are other games on the horizon to fill your library with.



Turbo857 commented on Iwata: Wii Fit U's Free Trial Period Will Impr...:


If it's marketed the same way Wii Fit was when it was released... it'll sell systems hands down. Wii Fit was a phenomenon that caused people to spend $250 on a new console + $100 for a Balance Board/game. Now, the price of entry for those who kept their Balance Boards (like I did) but don't own a Wii U is $320. And considering the increase in value Wii Fit U and the Fit meter offer this time around compared to its predecessors, that's quite a bargain.

Don't underestimate the fact that we will never have a shortage of new overweight/obese people entering our society and looking for new ways to shed those pounds. They spend $20 a class on yoga, $30-$60/month on gym memberships, and $100+/hr on personal trainers, $600+ on treadmills and ellipticals. When it comes to being healthy and happy you can't put a price on fitness.

So, yeah this game/bundle has the potential to be widely successful if Ninty splurges a bit on marketing.



Turbo857 commented on Nintendo Will Be "Careful" About The Artistic ...:

My favorite Zelda art style's Twilight Princess. That game had the best NPC character proportions. I find in a lot of Zelda games: Link, Ganon and Zelda 3D models usually look cool most of the time. But Hylian (human) NPCs design usually look from silly to downright proportionally horrendous. I didn't find this to be an issue at all with Twilight Princes. But in Skyward Sword (and Wind Waker) it's visual apparent.

I don't mind seeing Zelda games as realistic or cell shaded or even a mixture of both: But please Nintendo get your Hylian NPCs looking better!



Turbo857 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Clarifies That Local Multipla...:

Yeah, I'm in a similar boat as most people on this board. I favor local co-op above all but when Nintendo speaks about Mario 3D World, "accessibility" is a common theme regarding the philosophy behind this game.

That being said, a 3D Mario game that includes online and offline has the capacity to be accessible to more gamers since you satisfy both crowds. When a game could've offered local co-op but offers on-line, that's still better than nothing.

I was really hoping Pikmin 3's co-op and vs. modes had online play especially since zero of friends even like Pikmin. But online play is very modern and Nintendo should embrace the feature in little more of there core franchises when its feasible. And I think the 2 games I mentioned above fall under that description.



Turbo857 commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:


I don't think ditching the Gamepad from the package is a good idea. Nintendo would be better off doing another price cut later . Gamepad's potential has yet to be unlocked and it's going to reasonably take some time. We all witnessed how long it took motion control technology to get to the level displayed in Skyward Sword. That's the price of innovation.

Cutting the Gamepad out of the box package will be detrimental to its innovative 2 screen gameplay potential.