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Thu 25th July, 2013

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B_Troof commented on Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next...:

Wii U still got a good 3 to 4 years left in it's life cycle but it still is interesting to think about. Obviously it will be more powerful. Knowing Nintendo it will be around the same specs a PS4. I hope they keep they GamePad but make it 1080p. It will be the first to launch before PS5 and Xbox 4k ;) They will move on from the Wii name (I hope) and they will make quality games.



B_Troof commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

Alot of good memories with the Cube. Games like Luigi Mansion, Resident Evil 0, Double Dash, Wind Waker, Mario Golf are just a few of my favs. Pokémon Crystal on my Gameboy player was epic as well.