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If i'm not doing something important my head is probably somewhere in the clouds. You may know me as funny, intelligent, witty, lazy, cool-headed annoying, stupid, the best around. But you may also know me as your best friend.

Mon 26th April, 2010

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Captain_Toad commented on Wii U Pre-Orders Enjoy a Healthy Boost Followi...:

Sigh. After two years of absence with not much buzz surrounding its wake up call, (maybe I missed something) It (Edit: and by It I mean Project CARS) came in first?... whatever....(Edit: good for Project CARS I guess.) Awesome for the WiiiU to come in first in preorders list.

Heh, though what do I know about percentages?



Captain_Toad commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

And yet there's no sequel to ZombiU whick sold pretty decently upon launch......

...whatever, you better compensate for this Ubisoft and I'm not just talking about a yearly Just dance on the Wii or the rabbids (well maybe the rabbids...if it's good like Rabbids go home.).



Captain_Toad commented on Steel Diver: Sub Wars Gets an Upgrade to Versi...:

@alex167 Heh, always here to help.
@The_Ninja Nope and I doubt they're ever bringing it here considering the type of game is since well..submarines using Morse was the only means of communicating amonst other submarines. Heh, there' preset messages at least to alleviate some of the pain though

Yes. Friend options and the other updates. I'mma buying the Premium version next week! Watch out shipmates!



Captain_Toad commented on Video: This Is Possibly The Most Almighty Falc...:

Heh, yep this Project M. Don't mind (except them changing pit up special grrrr I'm never getting over that).

@sketchturner Pit thought that captain falcon was dead. Falcon survives and charges up a reverse falcon punch while pit is firing arrows. Lands it just as soon as hit the ground. Figuring that the falcon punch isnt very easy to land over people that are constantly moving and that it takes some time to charge up ESPECIALLY a reverse one. This is feat defying.

Which makes it all the more awesome



Captain_Toad commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

Heh, figured....kinda. Though I kinda wish they confirmed that much earlier months before release. Way to be a hype killer for the majority....... still buying it though, not missing my chance to play as darunia. ;)

Maybe this direct'll be a palate cleanser.



Captain_Toad commented on Satoru Iwata Is Still "Recovering Steadily" Wi...:

Heh, those armchair analysts, though they're right at some points. The WiiU while a underrated console amongst it's peers, won't top out this gen or being very likely to finish last. Nintendo has hard lessons they need learning from this gen.

That being said the smartphones and home console comparason needs 2 stop.