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They dont call me Captain 4 nuthin.

Male, 24, United States

Hello, Captain Toad here. Your ever so lovable and helpful fungus at your service. And no I'm not related to the Clickers from the Last of Us, don't bother asking.

Mon 26th April, 2010

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Captain_Toad commented on Nintendo Download: 26th February (North America):

Just gonna put in all 6 dkc&l games at once without a gap in weeks between. Eh okay, didnt wanna complain anyways. Restore the Wii vc dk games and I've got yourself a show. I'm not spending any money this week so...ironfall!



Captain_Toad commented on Nintendo Looking To Offer Affordable Smartpho...:

Hey look remakes of classic games. Im in!
@VanillaLake There was an article (if someone can find it plz.) saying that remaking a 3d classic isn't just adding a 3d layer and calling it a day. They had to remake the engine from scratch.
Maybe Nintendo would do something like this to make 3d classics easier?