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They dont call me Captain 4 nuthin.

Male, 25, United States

Hello, Captain Toad here. Your ever so lovable and helpful fungus at your service. And no I'm not related to the Clickers from the Last of Us, don't bother asking.

Mon 26th Apr 2010

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Captain_Toad commented on Undertale Creator Open To Nintendo Port, But W...:

It'll probably happen at some point. The posts and art posts on miiverse referencing that game is rampant

(Trust me when I say it's RAMPANT!)

and is just too good to the point that the creator mentioned it. We just need a competent porter.




Captain_Toad commented on SEGA 3D Classics Collection is Heading to Reta...:

@Expa0 Obviously if were talking about games. Not much. But in terms of features, there are game modifiers (chaning sound effects, game screens difficulty and even game modes!), games that never saw a home release and obvious 3d support (some games benefit from this) and portability.

Of course I may not change your mind with this but things shouldn't always be looked at face value.



Captain_Toad commented on Zack & Wiki and Super Mario Advance 4 Look Set...:

Oh no it's mario You guys hate mario.

Seriously tho. Hacking in the E-readers in as a package deal is wonderful. I thought they would be added in as seperate DLC.

Nintendo, you need to do this with more games like Street fighter 2 GBA with the Akuma glitch patched out! [Edit; It seems like they did.]

And freaking Zack and Wiki. Never thought this would see the light of day.

Am I sensing a vc resurgance?



Captain_Toad commented on Review: Bigley's Revenge (Wii U eShop):

These types of games can be done correctly without being obnoxious and pandering, (seeing that miiverse posts in the main community doesent help) I wish Ninja Pig can understand this....or at least charge $3 for the morbid curiosity.



Captain_Toad commented on Feature: Five Alternative Nintendo Reveals and...:

Next evel games. Turn those frowns upside down with Federation force and tell us why for the champ at your craft.
@Minotaurgamer Yes, lets accept our endless 2d platformers from mario here on till forever. shall we.

No one needs mario galaxy 3, yooka-laylee or a hat in time anymore!

And if Metrioid fed force fails this gives Nintendo the message (a bit skewed) that metroid is dead.



Captain_Toad commented on Epic Dumpster Bear is the Real Name of an Upco...:

Minus the budget visuals and animations, we seem to have..Oh my Palutena. It's a runner! Though upon closer inspection it seems to have some crazyness to it with the castles, bosses and story being nonexistant (in a good way). I'll give this a watch.



Captain_Toad commented on Nintendo Download: 7th January (Europe):

Damned if you do add mario eventually, damned if you don't add mario eventually. What'cha gonna do in Nintendo's virtual console service? Anyway. Drill dozer, I felt silly skipping this when I saw this at gamestop. Will this come with the patented rumble support and cross westside? Find out EVENTUALLY on NA'S DOWNLOOOOOADSSS!



Captain_Toad commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals and Releases That Wi...:

My toad senses is telling me is that Zelda U is gonna slip to next year considering what little info we have of this game, even with much down time ya have to keep the hype going. If ya gonna show of Zelda U Ninty. It has to be now. Not later, NOW. Ya cant keep it under wraps for much longer.



Captain_Toad commented on Yusuke Hashimoto Talks Star Fox Zero and Colla...:

OK, I may not have an PHD in opinions but there were the insults whether you intended it or not.
Those were your words.
"Ahaha, listen to yourself, you're trying so hard."
"This is the funnest trash I've read in weeks."
"What are you, 12?"
And I know it's not related to the current topic at hand and is a bit of an offshoot but...
"Way to run this site like 14 year olds."



Captain_Toad commented on Monster Hunter X Has Just Passed 3 Million Uni...:

@OddworldCrash Heh, the Monster Hunter games requires a lotta patience, studying monster attacks and dealing with animations and stuff that your character does. If you plan to come back to this, I recommend to watch some youtube tutorials and some help from people and log in a couple more hours because the MH series isn't for everybody. Not exactly your standard rpg and not exactly a jump in jump out kind of game.



Captain_Toad commented on Nintendo Download: 24th December (North America):

Nintendo's not-sale downloads desides to take a Holiday eh?
Nothing besides a smash character download and other stuff that isn't this I'm planning to get.
I was hoping for puzzles n dragons to have a sale along with dat update..whcha gonna do?

Happy holidays everyone.
(Relaxes on hammock)



Captain_Toad commented on Monster Hunter X Has Just Passed 3 Million Uni...:

@Socar 3 million, less than a month, every mh game since a least 3 has been west-side, also its gaining popularity in the west.

I don't see why not this iteration, (or at most a super version) can't come west-side.

Sometimes when video games like puzzles and dragons and yokai watch sell like hot cakes in Japan. It can be worth rolling the dice on localization.