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They dont call me Captain 4 nuthin.

Male, 24, United States

Hello, Captain Toad here. Your ever so lovable and helpful fungus at your service. And no I'm not related to the Clickers from the Last of Us, don't bother asking.

Mon 26th April, 2010

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Captain_Toad commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

Heh, way to Nintendolife to be honest for it 2nd year rating. Here's to another year! As 2015 looks to be rather promising gamewise and hopefully Ninty realizes that from a mass appeal perspective. Yes Ninty we know has the best value and the best games out the trifold bunch. Stop talking to us people in the internet about it and start telling the masses about it clearly and loudly! (and hopefully has this WiiU become a christmas present in me home pls.)



Captain_Toad commented on Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal Demo Available N...:

@GreatPlayer System exclusive games doesen't always guarantee success they just makes the games they feel would work best on a platform of choice. The system makers (i.e. nintendo) just pushes the games out.

Oh and concering sonic's and sega's sales sucess on nintendo platforms.

Nother Oh That Rayman legends stunt. Ubisofts fault and the Rayman Legends team was left hanging to the point that they had to put in a free challenge app as an act of apology. I could count that nintendo didn't throw enough money for that to be exclusive or something but that's another story.

And yet one more oh, Sonic boom hasn't come out as of yet so we can't have official word on it's success as of right now.



Captain_Toad commented on Video: Watch 10 Minutes Of Captain Toad: Treas...:

Ok, I know that was embarrassing of me just falling over like that from the 30 second commercial but I just can't help but crack a smile. Maybe I can brave this venture after all. ;) (BRING IT ON!!!)

Oh and Yoshi's New Island, go away please, no one likes you.



Captain_Toad commented on Feature: Does Super Smash Bros. Wii U's Smash ...:

While I do to an extent miss an big single player mode and maybly (not officially confirmed bonus stages between classic mode) I'mma not let this sour my eventual purchase I mean we've got enough single player stuff already WITH online with tourneys thank you very much.

(Just don't let it be another subspace emissary that while fun was a one and done deal and basically got too big for its own good. Have it be like melee next time and expand it a bit. ;) )

Need to try out smash tour when I get a couple of friends over or something..