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Sun 18th April, 2010

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Tasuki commented on Nintendo and Universal Studios Announce Theme ...:

I find it ironic that it's Universal Studio. To think the studio that once sued Nintendo thinking that Donkey Kong was infringing on the King Kong copy right could now have Donkey Kong in the same park as King Kong.



Tasuki commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

And this is why I still have my old consoles. I will admit Nintendo sold me on the Wii with the VC but after that turned into a disaster I didn't put much faith in the Wii U library. If Nintendo was able to bring Earthbound to the Wii U VC their should be no reason why they can't other SNES games unless it's just laziness on their part.



Tasuki commented on Nintendo Submits Trademark for NES Controller:

@Zach I wouldn't be surprised. I have seen that image everywhere. On tshirts, wallets, belt buckles heck I have even seen it on condoms.

We know how Nintendo likes to keep their IPs close even if they don't use them. With what they have done with YouTube LPers and rom sites concerning their stuff there I wouldn't be at all surprised if that's why they did this.



Tasuki commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Dreamcast:

I just recent hooked up one of Dreamcasts (I have the white one and then the Black Sports Edition one) this past weekend and have been playing it alot the last few days. I can't believe how well alot of these games have held up to this day.



Tasuki commented on Former Rare Devs Playtonic Want Donkey Kong Co...:

@BanjodorfSWF Maybe they worked out a deal with MS for them in those games. Cause from my understanding Rare created King K Rool and the Kremlings for another Rare game originally most people think it was Battletoads but the point being is if they created them wouldn't they be owned by Rare?



Tasuki commented on Weirdness: Hospitalised Man Steals More Than $...:

I know this too well as well. Back when I lived at this one place my roommate had junkies coming and going all the time. I was so worried that my stuff would disappear so I locked everything in my room and wrote my name on everything with a black sharpie.

Well one day my GBA SP went missing and sure enough I found it a few days later at my local Gamestop to make a long story short after proving to them that it was mine and telling them it was stolen they still refused to give it back to me. It took me filing a police report and pressing charges on Gamestop for receiving stolen goods to finally get them to give me it back. That is the main reason I don't do too much business with Gamestop to this day. They don't care how they get the trade in just that they do.



Tasuki commented on Retrospective: Sega's Streets of Rage Series:

SoR 2 was probably my most rented Genesis game ever. Even to this day I play it ever so often on my Wii. In fact the SoR games were the first Genesis games I downloaded from the VC service.

@DaveCook: Great article man brought back alot of great memories for me. In fact I think I might play some tonight. And yes the music was great in SoR. I even have Go Straight as a ringtone on my phone.