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sleepinglion commented on Timing Of NX Launch Could Help Nintendo Grab S...:

After finally picking up a PS4 last night for Battlefront, Nintendo should really get the word out there that fans can play online against one another WITHOUT a subscription fee. Lame, Sony. Lame. I love my Wii U, even more now that I know not to be charged for Splatoon online is a kindness.



sleepinglion commented on Review: Wild Gunman (Wii U eShop / NES):

Right, the title released for BTTF Day! Made total sense, but the baffling bit is that Nintendo of America declined to release it stateside despite the Back to the Future films being filmed in, set in, and produced in America. Sigh, NOA. Sigh.



sleepinglion commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Challenge With Super...:

I feel as if the "New" series would be more endearing if it were to adopt different artistic styles with each sequel.
SMB 1, 2, and 3 all had different sprite art, whereas the "New" titles seem to recycle everything only with added resolution in subsequent entries. This interchangeable aesthetic makes them all seem a little boring. At least to the eyes.



sleepinglion commented on VS. Excitebike Launches Into Some Races Very S...:

A bit curious as to why N doesn't release its arcade ports. The Mario Bros. arcade rom uses different sprites than its NES counterpart. Donkey Kong arcade has more animations. I remember seeing VS Excite Bike in arcades as well, though it may have been a part of the Play-Choice 10 system.



sleepinglion commented on Review: 3D Gunstar Heroes (3DS eShop):

I'm at the point where all I have to read is 'M2' and I'm on board.
These dudes need to keep turning out awesome ports. Nintendo could revive their 3D Classics line in no time with these folks at the helm.



sleepinglion commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. 3 - 1990:

I remember seeing The Wizard in theaters and even walking away with the little micro Nintendo Power issue given to viewers. It was just an unbelievably huge deal that remains one of my favorite games today.



sleepinglion commented on This Controller Wants to Bring the 'Next Gen' ...:

Nice idea, but the angle of the B and A seems awkward... but hey, I grew up with the traditional NES pad and enjoyed the dogbone version as well. Their B and A placements were just so darn comfy. For purists like me, 8bitdo makes some killer pads.



sleepinglion commented on Review: 3D Streets of Rage 2 (3DS eShop):

This release is another joy from M2. They treat classic titles with care, respect and will hopefully consider releasing more of these in the future, whether for Sega or by taking over Nintendo's dud of a 3D Classics line.



sleepinglion commented on Interview: Amy Andersson on Conducting the Sym...:

I had a chance to meet her when the tour visited a nearby state. She was wonderful and stayed after the show to sign posters and things.
I recall asking her if the chances were good of seeing an official CD release, a longer collection including the material played since the Twilight Princess disc.
She smiled and said, "Ask Nintendo." I had the feeling it was a pretty common question.
So let's go, Nintendo! A CD set, a DVD or Blu-Ray concert, let's do it!



sleepinglion commented on Nintendo Download: 16th July (North America):

@aaronsullivan Some really good points, man. I can relate to being discouraged some weeks. Whether or not a title we've been hoping for emerges, it would smooth things over a bit with fans if NOA appeared to be making more of an effort... especially when we're able to see what Europe and Japan have each week.

Ideally, there would be one VC title per week per console. An NES, SNES, DS, N64 and GBA title. Heck, even a Wii. Here in America we have a lot of catching up to do in that area. Even at THAT pace, Nintendo would still have so many unrereleased gems in their back catalog. The Virtual Console frustration has been ongoing, and while Blaster Master is a stellar title, if you're an SNES, N64, DS or GBA fan you were bummed today.

My suggestion to Nintendo would be run some VC sales on lean weeks like this. Sure, there might not be a lot of new retro content, but hey, a few nice discounts could soften the blow.



sleepinglion commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

The Wii U, even in dedicated gaming circles, was met with criticism prior to launch. A confusing name that included 'Wii' in the title (which did and continues to confuse some consumers who see it as an add-on) and weaker horsepower under its hood than the rival products. I love my system and am still very happy with the purchase, but Nintendo should take the lessons it learned from this release and focus on a system with a new name and a new look.