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Fri 4th October, 2013

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Olmectron commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

I think it's really good for new talents to have an easier way to get into console market. That goes right now for MS, Sony and Nintendo, as different as their policies may be.

However, I think there could be something like that "community games" from MS commented on the article. So people is aware about the kind of games that can be found in that category.



Olmectron commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

@DefHalan The Letter, huh? That's what Steam Early Access is for. While Nintendo doesn't implement something like that, the common user won't be able to know that, (even if it's posted on Miiverse). Don't know how Nintendo let that game in, really...

Is that "not finished" info in the eShop game description ?



Olmectron commented on Video: Watch Zelda Lay The Smackdown With The ...:

This is not canon. So, it doesn't matter if we see Link using Triforce of Power or if Zelda uses the Deku Mask. Midna is already there! Wasn't she supossed to be locked inside Twilight Realm for eternity???

This IS NOT canon.



Olmectron commented on The North American Version Of Tomodachi Life W...:

@element187 @FOREST_RANGER Well... Yes, they may sound different, but they are still understandable. And there have already been 3DS games in America which used the European Spanish, for example: Pokémon X and Y, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

This is just an excuse for Nintendo, they have used European Spanish and French several times already in America, so why wouldn't they just do the same with Tomodachi? I would say it's laziness. Including more languages always means more sales, even if those represent only 5% or less from the total user base.

However, Nintendo has done quite right recently. They are way better today for localizing than they were in the GBA/NGC era, when nearly every game in America was English only. Some major examples would be Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 and both Zelda games for Wii, which were the first Nintendo first party games to include Spanish as a language. And, more recently, Pokémon X & Y for Nintendo 3DS, which are the first Pokémon games to make it here with Spanish as an option, even if it is the European one (Yes, Pokémon Black 2, White 2 and before were all Enlish only and/or French, not sure).

I'm glad with Nintendo for getting better in localizing some games, but news like this one, even if it's just one little issue, makes me think NOA still needs to take better decisions when it comes to localization and marketing. Because that's what this is, a bad decision, and not a technical issue.



Olmectron commented on You Can Now Pre-Order eShop Games Via Nintendo...:

It looks like the UK online store already uses Paypal, not only credit cards. Although, it would be nice to see Paypal implemented officialy on the Nintendo eShop.

But, hey, Sony just recently started accepting Paypal as a payment option.



Olmectron commented on Nintendo Australia Confirms Game Boy Advance W...:

@unrandomsam Is that because of the bigger resolution and scaling problems? (The fact DS games look awful on a 3DS XL). If so, then you could do as Nintendo says for Nintendo DS and DSi games: "Press and hold START or SELECT when loading the game from the HOME Menu. This will cause the game to display in a lower resolution."

Here, "lower resolution" means the original DS/DSi resolution.



Olmectron commented on Pokémon Bank Goes Live in Europe and Australia:

For those getting the app already, I have a question:

Let's say you put up all of your Kalos Pokémon up in the Bank, then you erase your save file and start it all over again. Then you download some of your Kalos Pokémon from your past save file into the new one. How does the game treat those Pokémon? Are they marked as gotten from trading, so they get more experience points? Or are they treated as your own?

Thanks. I would try it myself right now, but I don't have an European 3DS.



Olmectron commented on Retro City Rampage: DX Set For February Releas...:

Does Cult County make use of the CPP? Didn't know that, and I've been playing several levels already. Will check it next time.

For me, I've used the CPP XL very well with Monster Huner 3 Ultimate and Kid Icarus (I'm not left-handed, but I prefer so much to use the ZL button instead of L or R for shooting).



Olmectron commented on Nintendo Download: 30th January (North America):

I'm glad they added The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition again in North America eShop because my old DSi was stolen.

Just for this, Nintendo made me smile once again. At least for a short but pleasant time.



Olmectron commented on Developer Of New Dreamcast Shooter Redux: Dark...:

@TheRealThanos Thank you. Yep, I use WinZip. The hard part for me was because it didn't have any extension when I downloaded it (.zip, .rar, etc.). It was only "."

I think I'll try with the WinRAR version you linked, since sometimes I can't open some compressed files with different extensions using WinZip. Thanks again!