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Thu 29th Oct 2009

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Mr_Nose commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

While other sites have posted first hand rebukes to the original article, Nintendo Life expounds on it.

I think I'm about done, here. Again.
If you have genuine questions, comments, or concerns for our Editorial team, the Contact Form is open to you. However, the backhanded insults need to end — TBD



Mr_Nose commented on Christian First-Person Shooter Super Noah's Ar...:

He is risen, indeed!

I'm a huge fan of Spiritual Warfare on the Sega Genesis. That game needs sequels.

Yeah, the quality of some of their other titles is a little suspect, but kudos to Wisdom Tree for putting them out there in such an increasingly secular world.



Mr_Nose commented on Feature: Looking Back at Nintendo in 2013 - Pa...:

As a fan, it's been nothing but the best of times. Had some great 3D gaming experiences, and had my notions of what a next generation console could offer, blown out of the water by Nintendo's amazing Wii U. Best Ninty system yet.

I've experienced no drought,
and been nothing but pleased with Wii U and it's features, on a daily basis. And the future looks even brighter.



Mr_Nose commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd January (North America):

I have the Code of Princess cart, but I'd like to have the digital version. Does anyone know if the save is stored on the cart? I'd hate to lose all my progress.

Ah, now that I think about it, I'm sure it's on the cart.



Mr_Nose commented on Shenmue's Ryo Hazuki Is Speeding Towards Sonic...:

Waitaminute, didn't the original trailer show him in the game? I still don't have this.

Ah, Shenmue... One of the best games for one of the best systems ever made. I still have three systems, and hundreds of games, and I would never part with them.

There IS a way to play PAL Shenmue 2 on NTSC Dreamcast, but I can't go into details.



Mr_Nose commented on Matters Of Import: Welcome To The Bizarre Worl...:

The only other way to play this is on MAME. These are the kinds of big, beefy arcade games that the VC needs, not NES versions of arcade games. Wii virtual arcade was sadly underused. I had such high hopes for it. The VC platform is perfect for this sort of thing. Come on, don't let it end with D&D chronicles.



Mr_Nose commented on Sega Looking To Bring More Free-To-Play Titles...:

Sega, stop all this nonsense and put every available man, woman, and child on translating, and releasing Segagaga on either the 3DS, or ( preferably ) Wii U.

I'm not kiddin', do it now. C'mon, I'm waiting. Come on, you owe me one, anyway. Don't you dare ignore me!



Mr_Nose commented on Feature: 12 Days of Christmas - EarthBound Esc...:

Earthbound broke the mold of JRPGs in ways too numerous to mention, and it's still just as refreshing, and enjoyable as ever. Such an intelligent game as well, with some of the best writing, humor, sound effects, and music.

Easily one of the best games to come out of the 16 bit era, and that's saying a lot.



Mr_Nose commented on Nintendo Titles Fail to Infiltrate the UK All-...:

@banacheck News can be good or bad, but the bigger problem is many of the registered users who use Nintendo sites to voice their animosity for Nintendo and it's console. It doesn't create a very welcome environment for the fan. Forums on such sites degenerate into 'for and against' wrestling matches.



Mr_Nose commented on This Video Brings Back Festive Sega Memories o...:

@LetsGoRetro Here's a good list... ( with screenshots. )
Sega had me at the first Phantasy Star on the Master System. I was never into the super deformed, only seeing one party member on the world map, Final Fantasy games. And it all came together in Phantasy Star IV, my all-time favorite Genny RPG.

Here's a good action/platform list, with a number of honorable mentions...
For me, games like the Shinobi series ( and the incredible 'Shadow Dancer' ), not to mention Eswat, basically anything team Shinobi did, Wonder Boy, The Valis Series ( anything Renovation did ) and a slew of others, made Genesis my favorite 16 bit console.



Mr_Nose commented on Marty Reminds 3DS Users What Not To Do On Miiv...:

@Olaf-symbiote Maybe he sees the logic, or the positives, while others spin everthing into a negative. If you're so dissatisfied with Nintendo, there are other choices, you know?

I should also point out that Nintendo is giving 3DS users a glimpse into what is a very cool application on the Wii U. Did you not expect a dumbned down version? If you want the full effect, consider upgrading. BOW!



Mr_Nose commented on This Video Brings Back Festive Sega Memories o...:

Always loved Sega the most. There were, and still are, only two true legends in the home console world, Sega and Nintendo. Microsoft and Sony will never be of the same calibur. When Sega left the hardware business, gaming lost some of it's heart. only then did I appreciate Nintendo as the remaining legend left in the field. If it weren't for Nintendo, I'd go full-on retro.



Mr_Nose commented on NPD Results Deliver a 3DS Milestone And Modest...:

People are making things worse than they are.

There are still twice as many Wii Us in the wild as there are Xbox ones, and PS4s. Things will only improve, especially when the big guns come out.

Sales of the other current gen systems will taper off. Most people are still struggling in a poor economy, and shelling out around $600.00 for a system, game, and online service is out of the question for them.

The economics of the entire gaming industry are very different now. We are not going to see the same kind of numbers across the board as we saw last gen. Heck, many are predicting the decline and downfall of console gaming in general.

Again, I would remind the nay-sayers that the Wii U isn't going away any time soon, Nintendo makes money off of hand helds, clothes, food products, and on and on.

And Sony and Microsoft fans are gloating over selling half as many systems as Nintendo has? Seriously, stop arguing over numbers and enjoy what you have.



Mr_Nose commented on Video: This New Kirby: Triple Deluxe Footage i...:

I'm surprised at how much is reused from Return to Dream land. This almost looks like an expansion to RTDL. I mean, I'm not complaining, it's one of my favorite platformers, as is Epic Yarn, from last gen. It's just that they mess with the formula so much on the handhelds, I wasn't expecting it.

I would have loved a little Wii U Kirby. I'll have to be satisfied with the aforementioned. Yeah, and Dream Collection, too. ^_^



Mr_Nose commented on Review: 3D Altered Beast (3DS eShop):

@TheGZeus I'm sorry. I don't see the rage in my post. I certainly didn't feel any rage while posting. I guess the type written word can't account for inflection and whatnot. That's probably why we have smiley emotes.



Mr_Nose commented on Review: 3D Altered Beast (3DS eShop):

Reviews on Sega's 3D titles should be based on the success of the conversion.

This game was a system seller. Most of Sega's ports were as good as, if not better, than the arcade originals. I was floored when I saw this demo-ing in Children's Palace for the first time.

If you don't like the game, so be it. It's still a legendary piece of the history of the Genesis/Megadrive. And should have a spot in the heart of many a Genny fan.



Mr_Nose commented on Video: Here's Another Chance to Check Out Nint...:

I feel strongly that we just saw a staged Metroid reveal.

When asked about the pin, Reggie appears to be reading his response off of a teleprompter. Reggie and the Retro guy can both be seen looking at their prompter, while the obnoxious dude can be seen looking at his. Each pair having one directly across from them.

At the end of the clip, all three are clearly ignoring their prompters, and looking at one another as they speak, leading me to believe that the 'scripted' parts were finished. Earlier in the clip, Reggie accuses the interviewer of going off prompter. And numerous comments were made about the prompters throughout the show. They were definitely using them. Reggie's near blurting out of 'of course' was a freudian slip brought on by the interviewer's off the script prodding.

Reggie wears a Metroid pin to honor Retro, and not a bunch of bananas or something more in the spirit of the game they are currently trying to sell? I don't think so, and it's very unlike him. And this 'impromptu' discussion of the pin pops up?

No, I think Nintendo is having a bit of fun with us, while promoting their newest release. Metroid was the big reveal.



Mr_Nose commented on Super Mario 3D World Picks Up Best Nintendo Ga...:

Yeah, this was a no brainer.

However, I hope everyone sees now what a farce this show is. Not only do the producer's think that jokes about killing prostitutes and the elderly, crotch grabs, F-bombs, N-bombs, are suitable entertainment for an 'awards' show, they also expect YOU, the average gamer, to enjoy it.

Oh, and seeing bones break is sooooooo cool.

People were disappointed with Reggie? He's the only part of the show I wasn't disappointed with.



Mr_Nose commented on Talking Point: Moving To Smartphones Is Not Th...:

Anyone with the 'digital aptitude' already has Nintendo on their smartphone. For free.

The only reason gaming on smartphones is thought to be so lucrative, is because of the high volume of teenage girls, soccer moms, and business men, far outside the general circle of video game enthusiasts, buying stupid, cheap games that they'll play for 5 minutes a session.

But wait! Doesn't anyone want to play a farming sim with the Master Chief? Maybe a plants vs. zombies featuring Ratchet and Clank? No? Oh, I see. It's an insatiable hunger for Nintendo franchises that fuels this never ending topic.