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mookysam commented on Preview: Fabulous Fashion and Questionable Gam...:

Four Swords Adventures was marvelous in both single and multiplayer so I was hoping that this would be in much the same vein. I only know one other person with a 3DS so wouldn't be able to enjoy it in local multiplayer and online sounds ghastly.

This seems like a bit of a quick development job to pad out a rather weak winter release schedule.



mookysam commented on Mario Memories: Being Taken To A New World In ...:

I adore Super Mario Galaxy. I bought a Wii (preemptively in August 2007 because of the high demand) just for that game and Metroid Prime 3. I hadn't skipped the previous generation and also had a 360 so it wasn't like it brought me back to gaming, but the sense of joy and wonder I felt when I played Galaxy for the first time is hard to describe. It made me feel like I was little again. I was so giddy and just couldn't stop smiling. For a game to really make me smile is the mark of an exceptional game.



mookysam commented on Chris Pranger From Nintendo Treehouse Discusse...:

Larger companies have to consider if it is worth using the same amount of manpower to localise a niche title when it could be better spent localising a title that is likely to sell more and make more money. Smaller publishers manage it because they are focused only on their niche but for a big publisher like Nintendo they have to make more money to cover their company overheads and ensure they can continue bringing lots of different titles over.



mookysam commented on 3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In...:

I think the Vita will have quite a few years left in it because it is so well supported in Japan. There is a lot to trickle down and be localised. It is now a niche system in the west but it is successful in its niche. Small companies like NIS must find some degree success in releasing the sorts of games they do here or surely they wouldn't bother. Sony have given up on the Vita so it is already companies like NIS' playing field.

The 3DS is less well supported by third parties but gets a big, big push from Nintendo. How much longer it has legs I guess depends on how quickly they decide to shift gears to its successor. Still some big titles to be localised though.



mookysam commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

@Mogster I think the NX version could actually maybe perhaps be a port of the 3DS version! No mobile hardware is powerful enough to run UE4 and if the NX is a console/portable hybrid then I reckon it will be primarily a handheld rather than the other way round.



mookysam commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

I'm pleased that it is coming to the PS4. I've wanted to play another console Dragon Quest ever since VIII. Of the two versions I think it is more likely to get a worldwide release simply because of the vast PS4 market in the west compared to Japan.

On the 3DS version I like the SNES styled graphics on the bottom screen. Very cool.



mookysam commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

Very sad news. While we never knew him personally, he was not afraid to poke fun at himself and in doing so endeared himself to people in a way other company leaders do not. I always enjoyed his "Iwata Asks" series (laughs) and the insight they brought to the design process of many Nintendo games.

The enormous success of the DS and Wii was his greatest achievement and will be his enduring legacy.

RIP Iwata.



mookysam commented on Feature: What If The SNES PlayStation Had Actu...:

Nintendo acted appallingly. They would have been fully aware of what was in the contract before signing it so it was hardly a case of them being somehow caught unawares by an underhand Sony.

I'm glad that Sony decided to keep working on the project themselves. Gaming would be considerably worse off without them.



mookysam commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:

I have a couple of my favourite characters, which look nice on my shelf and I think are great, but the current stock situation is really draining the fun out of even wanting any more. It's also driving the worst kind of consumerism given the sort of behaviour and buying habits it is promoting and of course the ever present scalpers. I agree with you Tom; why are Nintendo producing more and more new characters when they can't even satisfy demand for earlier amiibo? It's rather baffling.

Nintendo are missing a trick. Amiibo could and should be a huge hit with kids but they don't even get to shop shelves in the UK. What is already a big success could be enormous. I went to my local Argos recently and the large amiibo shelf was completely empty. In GAME, they only had a few Donkey Kong and Peach.



mookysam commented on Koji Igarashi's Castlevania Successor Teased b...:

I love the IGA metroidvanias. Symphony of the Night, Dawn of Sorrow and Order of Ecclesia are wondrous. The most perfect examples of the genre (sorry Samus, you know I still love you). I hope Michiru Yamane will be on board to compose the music



mookysam commented on Fans Are Translating Dragon Quest VII On 3DS B...:


There were a lot of the Jedward ones on TV. The thought of them still makes me cringe.

I still think DQ7 will get a release. Square-Enix have been releasing the mobile ones and are now localising Dragon Quest Heroes, so they haven't completely abandoned the franchise in the west. If nothing else Nintendo have a pretty barren release schedule and could localise this like they did with Bravely Default and Fantasy Life.



mookysam commented on ​Here's A Sneak Peek At The New Theatrhythm ...:

I'd love for this to come to Europe (along with DQ7 and the DQ monsters remakes ) I'm not sure I'm keen on the character designs compared to the originals though. In Theatrhythm Final Fantasy it was so the different art styles of the original games could be homogenised, but the Dragon Quest designs have always been consistent.

I reckon this could see a mobile port...



mookysam commented on Clive 'N' Wrench Aims to Bring Back Those Rare...:

I miss the genre. I recently played the first Spyro and though dated in some ways it was still good fun.

It seems there has been quite a lot of focus on side-scrolling NES styled platformers in recent years, so it is nice to see the N64 era platformer (complete with chunky visuals!) get a bit of attention from indies.



mookysam commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

F-Zero X would actually be really, really nice in 3D so that would be a particularly good candidate for me. My vote has to go to Super Mario 64, however. That game is glorious. I wonder if Nintendo have anything planned for the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros...


I'd love a Donkey Kong 64 remake (or virtual console release!) They could replace the Rareware coin and Jetpac arcade mini-game.



mookysam commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

I can understand the disappointment many feel. Yes, it's disappointing when something you have been looking forward to is not released in your region - this is something Europeans can particularly sympathise with. However, I can't help but feel the several thousand internet forum-goers are but a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things. In any case, petitions and pleas for the release of certain products do not always translate to comparable sales and companies have been stung by this in the past. For a business with known problems maintaining profitability in recent years is it worth it? I believe, however, it is more an issue of allocating stock globally than anything, with respect to their streamlined manufacturing capabilities.

If folk want to boycott buying a New 3DS at all, that is their right, but the XL is still a lovely piece of hardware that people shouldn't miss out on.

Anyhoo, Thomas nice balanced article as usual.



mookysam commented on Pokémon Shuffle Available to Download Right N...:

The gem prices are too high, but I have no idea how it compares to the pricing structure of Candy Crush Saga. Are the coins streetpass coins? Also, how does this game compare, gameplay wise, to Pokemon Link Battle?



mookysam commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (Europe):

Castlevania! I've wanted the physical version for absolutely ages but it is rather hard to come by. I won't get it right away but it's nice to know it's there.

What is the Castlevania price in GBP?



mookysam commented on Soapbox: Portable Gaming Forges a Special Rela...:

I love handheld gaming. There's something wonderful about having everything you need to game self-contained in one little unit and I'm still legitimately impressed by it. Handhelds have the ability to be suck me into my own little world more than when gaming through the TV partly because I am less prone to distraction. I actually rarely game away from home, but it's nice to sit or lie comfortably without having to be tethered to the TV. If I need a break but can't turn the game off I can just put a handheld to sleep and not worry about wasting electric.

I've been gaming on handheld platforms since the GBC and these days find that they command more of my gaming time, on average, than any of my home consoles. I'm especially fond of the Vita but my favourite handheld of all time is the DS.



mookysam commented on Meet Playtonic, A Studio Of Ex-Rare Staff That...:

I absolutely loved mid-to-late 90's Rare (and Viva Pinata ) This could have real potential given the talent involved and how 3D platformers are pretty much non-existent these days outside of Mario. A Wii U release would be nice to pad out the library.



mookysam commented on Link’s Swimming is a Notable Change in The L...:

I really liked the swimming in the original. It made traversing the great bay area very quick, which was handy for a certain part of the game involving some eggs. This change will bring Zora Link in line with Goron Link's fast movement ability, however. I wonder if they'll place magic pots around to compensate?



mookysam commented on Feature: Dreaming of a Nintendo Christmas - To...:

I have particularly fond memories of playing Nintendo games at Christmas. My Dad got me an N64 for Christmas '97 and I can remember how wonderful and amazing Super Mario 64 was, as well as Diddy Kong Racing (especially the Christmas themed tracks!). My favourite series to play at Christmas is Zelda. I loved playing Majora's Mask when it first came out and spent all day Boxing Day playing it whilst stuffing my face full of mince pies.



mookysam commented on Nintendo 64x64: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina o...:

As per my review I think it's a brilliant game. I play a lot of older games and find that dated graphics and whatnot are not an immediate deal breaker for me unless they horrifically affect the playability. There have also been big advances in game design thanks to technological improvements, but that doesn't mean older games can't be enjoyed on their own merits.



mookysam commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Horrifying Halloween ...:

I played a little Resident Evil (playstation) on my vita. I was actually surprised that something so old and dated looking was able to make me jump. The controls certainly take some getting used to. I'll continue playing it this weekend but only at night. Bwahaha.