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mookysam commented on Dragon Quest X Compilation of All Three Versio...:

I just don't see the point in localising an MMO at this stage, especially for the Wii U. Dragon Quest is already a niche franchise. I love Dragon Quest, but of all the unlocalised games and XI, 10 is at the very bottom of my list.



mookysam commented on Chief NES Designer Describes Nintendo as an In...:

I don't think they are. Their game projects are just as subject to commercial considerations as any other major publisher. Nintendo often make creative, excellently constructed games, but I no longer think they are the driving force for creativity in the industry. It is not as if other developers or publishers have failed to innovate in other genres or make creative games.

In recent times Nintendo has been of the view that innovation comes primarily from hardware, but I think that innovation should come from software first and foremost.



mookysam commented on The Super Famicom is 25 Years Old:

I never owned a SNES (I was a Mega Drive kid ) but I have enjoyed it's legacy through playing an array of virtual console emulations, remakes and rereleases. Chrono Trigger, with its beautiful pixel art and amazing soundtrack is my favourite SNES game - alongside the similarly marvelous Final Fantasy VI. It's interesting that neither was originally released in Europe, so the system doesn't quite the same cachet for European fans; yet both games perfectly capture the spirit of early 90's game development and highlight what a wonderful system the SNES must have been.



mookysam commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

The Vita is said to be extremely easy to develop for; the hardware is familiar and the developer tools friendly. The Wii U may well be powerful in its own right, but it's unique architecture must surely be a hurdle, even more so in light of the system's poor sales.



mookysam commented on Talking Point: The Latest Nintendo Direct Was ...:

It was good. Pleased with Twilight Princess HD which I think looks very nice, and the Dragon Quest VII localisation announcement. The brief snippet of Zelda U was a nice surprise but more important was that it has been again confirmed for the Wii U. The Wii U and 3DS are certainly winding down, but this left me feeling more optimistic about Nintendo's 2016 after the dull E3.



mookysam commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

I thought it was good. I honestly wasn't expecting much, especially after the hideous E3, but 2016 now looks like it will be a decent send-off for both the 3DS and Wii U.

The big news for me was Dragon Quest VII being confirmed. Not as excited for VIII as I still have the original, but his will be my first opportunity to play VII.

Very pleased that Zelda U has been reconfirmed as a Wii U title. I was beginning to worry that it would skip the console altogether. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I liked the little snippet of sound. Also looking forward to Twilight Princess HD, which I think looks nice. The Wolf Link amiibo looks great and I'm interested to hear how it will work with the game and transfer data over to Zelda U.



mookysam commented on Preview: Getting Lost in the World of Xenoblad...:

@ThomasBW84 Story is usually quite an important feature of Japanese RPGs for me. I really enjoyed the linear story in the first Xenoblade, so just wondering how much of a backseat it takes to the wider spectacle of exploring the open world? Do you think the focus on siide quests could get dull? i.e. get so many of such an item etc etc.



mookysam commented on Dragon Quest VII And VIII Both Confirmed For W...:

@JaxonH @Peach64's comment is valid though. Fans have been begging for this for years and calling Square-Enix lazy money-haters. You would think from the noise made online that there is significant demand for this so the proof will be in the sales. Localising a title like this is expensive and time consuming (whoever publishes it) and so the sales will be watched extremely closely.

Great news though. So pleased it's finally coming over.



mookysam commented on Parent Trap: Oft-Forgotten Wii U Features That...:

The Wii U is a good console and has some excellent Nintendo games. However, given the cost of the system itself, if a budget conscious family is more interested in the backwards compatibility aspect, wouldn't it logically be better to just keep their Wii? I think this is one problem Nintendo has faced with the Wii U and 3DS, how to convince people who are perfectly happy with their older devices - particularly families and "casual" gamers - that they need the upgrade.



mookysam commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Release Date Quirks in N...:

The ability for NoE and NoA to localise games and make their own scheduling decisions is actually a good thing. If NoE didn't have this autonomy it would always defer to NoA, who isn't best placed to make these decisions for Europe. The best examples I can think of are Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story. They wouldn't have been localised at all if it hadn't been for NoE.

Nintendo do usually release the biggest games - such as mainline Mario and Zelda - simultaneously, thankfully, but with smaller games I can see the logic in being able to vary the schedules to give them the best chance of succeeding. NoA may have confidence in Yo-Kai Watch, but in Europe I think the established Mario and Luigi actually has a better chance of selling during the Christmas period, and Yo-Kai Watch will get more chance to shine in the quieter Q1. I remember when the DS was launched; Europe got it later than North America, but Minish Cap was released instead.



mookysam commented on Talking Point: As Rumours Come and Go the Desp...:

Nintendo Directs are great for core fans like us and I always enjoy them, but I don't think they are a good way of marketing games to a wider audience or engaging with people they need to grow the user base. I honestly don't know what they could show at this point that would be that exciting unless they could really pull something out of the hat.



mookysam commented on Editorial: It's Far Too Soon to Go Download-On...:

I don't like to buy "retail" games digitally on the Wii U or 3DS because they cost far more than buying a physical copy. It's an absolute rip-off! Nintendo have said that they will not reduce the price of their first party digital games because they think it devalues them, which is ludicrous. Aside from pricing, I also don't like to buy them for these consoles because Nintendo still lack a proper account system. I did get Ace Attorney 5 and Shin Megami Tensei IV digitally in sales because there was no other option.

I will always prefer physical over digital for a variety of reasons and feel it has a valuable place in the industry, but I am not entirely opposed to digital. I have bought "retail" games digitally for the 360, PS3 and Vita when they've been cheap in sales. I buy games on my phone and tablet. All have a proper account system!



mookysam commented on Eiji Aonuma is Aiming For an Open World "Surpr...:

I desperately want this and while I didn't find the Famitsu update yesterday terribly encouraging, I do have faith in the team to produce an exceptional game. Perhaps Nintendo are behind the curve when it comes to open world game design but I think if the creative vision hinted at in the reveal is fully realised this could be something very special.

Like @rjejr I get the impression that this is still early in development at a time when the core of the game should be set in place. Maybe the transition to a HD console has caused problems? I guess the big concern I at this point is if it has been shifted to the NX.



mookysam commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes ...:

This would be a single player experience for me as I know only one other person who would play it with me. Playing with strangers without voice chat sounds cumbersome. I loved Four Swords Adventures, but am put off by how single player seems to have been implemented here. It sounds like having the Links follow you and being able to round them up in a totem with one button press would have made an enormous difference. :-s @ThomasBW84 How much fun do you reckon can be had if the issues in single player can be overlooked? Would you recommend this as a solely single player experience?



mookysam commented on Parent Trap: ​Does The Wii U Still Make Sens...:

I actually think the original Wii is probably still a better option for families, particularly if they are on a tight budget. They can be picked up for cheap as chips and with the NX just round the corner I'm not sure the Wii U is a great investment for families unless there is a price drop - irrespective of how great core gamers like us find it.

As for the other consoles, they are now priced competitively with the Wii U and do (or will) offer a wide selection of games, including those suitable for children like the toys to life games, minecraft and others. The NX will be competing with them.



mookysam commented on Talking Point: The NX Hype Will Ramp Up as Nin...:

I still think this will be primarily a handheld - perhaps with a dongle allowing for use on a television - powered by mobile chips. This would keep it affordable and still fit the handheld/home hybrid "Industry leading hardware" could well mean modern, powerful mobile hardware.



mookysam commented on Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Is A Fusion Of Hom...:

I'm sceptical about the specs and/or handheld component simply because of the cost. How will Nintendo keep the system affordable with a mobile unit included? The gamepad was the main reason the wii u was so expensive and why Nintendo were unable to reduce the cost. Will they want to make the same gamble again?



mookysam commented on Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Will Contain Ov...:

Dragon Quest Heroes has come out today so I'm not going to completely write off the series' chances in the west just yet. If it sells well enough XI may be released but for all the 3DS games I suspect S-E will be wondering if the market is viable enough at this point in time.



mookysam commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight P...:

This is my favourite Zelda game and I certainly wouldn't say no to having the opportunity to play it in HD. I always thought this would benefit more from a HD port than Wind Waker did as the latter is still beautiful, even in standard definition. I suppose Nintendo could pull a Majora's Mask 3D and announce it in a Direct before releasing it early next year but I would be surprised. That said the release schedule next year is looking horrifically barren and a HD remaster is a good way for any platform holder to fill in the gaps.

One explanation for the heavy bias towards retro titles in the eshop charts is that in addition to being brilliant they are also relatively cheap. Nintendo never reduce the price of retail games on the eshop and I think this puts people off buying. Not to mention the console won't even let you buy a game if there isn't enough room to download it.



mookysam commented on Editorial: A Wii U Price Cut is Still Worthwhi...:

A price cut will eventually come simply to clear inventory. The Wii U is now at the point where it is not even competing with the other consoles and I doubt Nintendo see the value in giving it a particularly hard push this Christmas. Sales are not going to meaningfully increase so they may as well ride it out; they're surely hoping to make a completely clear break with the NX. I can't help but wonder how much goodwill they have lost, however.



mookysam commented on Voice Actors Union Authorises Strike Action Wi...:

I think they should strike on principle if they are being treated unfairly. It sounds like they have some valid concerns. Many people seem to be under the impression that every video game voice actor is "rich". Some people may command higher fees (particularly Hollywood talent) but the reality is the same as it is for most jobbing actors. Voice acting is not the most important part of a game and I don't think sells copies, but it's not unimportant either.



mookysam commented on Preview: Fabulous Fashion and Questionable Gam...:

Four Swords Adventures was marvelous in both single and multiplayer so I was hoping that this would be in much the same vein. I only know one other person with a 3DS so wouldn't be able to enjoy it in local multiplayer and online sounds ghastly.

This seems like a bit of a quick development job to pad out a rather weak winter release schedule.



mookysam commented on Mario Memories: Being Taken To A New World In ...:

I adore Super Mario Galaxy. I bought a Wii (preemptively in August 2007 because of the high demand) just for that game and Metroid Prime 3. I hadn't skipped the previous generation and also had a 360 so it wasn't like it brought me back to gaming, but the sense of joy and wonder I felt when I played Galaxy for the first time is hard to describe. It made me feel like I was little again. I was so giddy and just couldn't stop smiling. For a game to really make me smile is the mark of an exceptional game.



mookysam commented on Chris Pranger From Nintendo Treehouse Discusse...:

Larger companies have to consider if it is worth using the same amount of manpower to localise a niche title when it could be better spent localising a title that is likely to sell more and make more money. Smaller publishers manage it because they are focused only on their niche but for a big publisher like Nintendo they have to make more money to cover their company overheads and ensure they can continue bringing lots of different titles over.



mookysam commented on 3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In...:

I think the Vita will have quite a few years left in it because it is so well supported in Japan. There is a lot to trickle down and be localised. It is now a niche system in the west but it is successful in its niche. Small companies like NIS must find some degree success in releasing the sorts of games they do here or surely they wouldn't bother. Sony have given up on the Vita so it is already companies like NIS' playing field.

The 3DS is less well supported by third parties but gets a big, big push from Nintendo. How much longer it has legs I guess depends on how quickly they decide to shift gears to its successor. Still some big titles to be localised though.



mookysam commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

@Mogster I think the NX version could actually maybe perhaps be a port of the 3DS version! No mobile hardware is powerful enough to run UE4 and if the NX is a console/portable hybrid then I reckon it will be primarily a handheld rather than the other way round.



mookysam commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

I'm pleased that it is coming to the PS4. I've wanted to play another console Dragon Quest ever since VIII. Of the two versions I think it is more likely to get a worldwide release simply because of the vast PS4 market in the west compared to Japan.

On the 3DS version I like the SNES styled graphics on the bottom screen. Very cool.