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Thu 25th April, 2013

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dumedum commented on Amazon Confirms US amiibo Pre-Order Times for ...:

Robin showed up to me but when clicked it didn't go into the cart. Anyway, its all quite insane and while frustrating I can't help but feel good for Nintendo that there is all this hype. With all the gloom about a failed Wii U amiibo is more popular than any PlayStation out there. Theyre selling like cupcakes. Imagine if they just stood there unwanted being a flop.
I got PAC Man, Wario, boy inkling, charizad.... So this was quite successful overall.



dumedum commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

I don't think there's any disagreement that there are $20 worth indie games. There could be even more expensive ones. The point of contention is this sentence "We feel Swords & Soldiers II is such a game". It didn't help them that they offered the first game for $1. That made the first game look too cheap, even though it's a great game, and was a WiiWare masterpiece. I hope they do succeed in selling the game, but they know they were pushing it, and this could hurt their sales. They could have made more money if they priced it around $15, so it's a business point mistake to me.



dumedum commented on Nintendo Unable To Promise When It Can Remedy ...:

At the end of the day, it's just amazing how popular these amiibo are for Nintendo. There are plenty of amiibo to be found, of course some are sold out, and it's frustrating, really frustrating to me too, but it just means that Nintendo was successful. amiibo sold in millions, more than the Wii U itself , and showed how popular and strong the Nintendo brand is. Really positive thing from this generation.



dumedum commented on Nintendo Committed To Making Smart Device Gami...:

Should have done this years ago and I applaud Nintendo for doing this now. It will help create a bigger market for Nintendo. Doesn't hurt the console one bit. If anything, it's more advertisement for Wii U etc.



dumedum commented on Those Yoshi's Woolly World Yarn amiibo Are Up ...:

amiibos are so popular in the U.S. that I,m afraid I won't be able to buy these yarn Yoshis. I want to buy all 3. I like it that they have multiple versions of the same characters. Obviously any Yoshi will work with the game like with Mario party 10 and smash. No confusion. Just options.



dumedum commented on Nintendo's Implementation of Cross-Buy is Surp...:

This is why Nintendo does transfer mechanisms instead of one account to play all games regardless of hardware. Digital stuff like this is always opened to abuse. Google, Apple and the rest also just live with the abuse. I remember downloading World of Goo (though the Wiiware version is the best...) on an Android tablet that didn't belong to me using my account used with my cellphone.. simply a free copy for my parents in law. When you want to throw out money like that, you don't tie software to hardware.



dumedum commented on TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT, The Game Freak and ...:

@Resh LOL, true. Some of them also seem particularly obsessive, posting like 20 or 30 comments in the thread :)
Personally, I don't see the big deal here. So Nintendo is going to miss out on a small scale...... 2D platformer !. What a bummer... Wii U really needs these games badly, especially lame clones of Rambi LOL.



dumedum commented on Nintendo Announces Fresh Release Details on a ...:

looks like good times a' coming... won't be able to resist the Affordable Space Adventures, Swords and Soldiers II and probably the others as well :) Love my Wii U. If only I had more time to play all these games.



dumedum commented on Review: KAMI (3DS eShop):

I actually played this on mobile like a year ago. It's an okay game, nice puzzles I guess. I wouldn't say it's gorgeous though, not at all.