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NES, SNES, N64, GBA, DS, WII U I've been there for the whole journey and now I'm looking forward to Nintendo's bright future!

Wed 16th Jan 2013

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AMR commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

Prof_Elvin_Gadd said: "As far as sales goes, it really doesn't matter to me. As long as the console sells well enough for Nintendo to fully support it I could care less if it "beats" PS4 and XB1 in worldwide sales." pretty much summed up my opinion on this matter



AMR commented on Review: TNT Racers - Nitro Machines Edition (W...:

I'll admit I was initially put off by the lack of online multiplayer BUT the single player aspect of this game seems nicely fleshed out so I'll definitely be picking this up when I have some spare eShop change. Great review.



AMR commented on Zombie Title How to Survive Confirmed for the ...:

@brandonbwii It's weird though because MH3U, NFS:MWU, COD:BOU, Sonic Racing, Tekken & Injustice (to a point) all have decent online. From what I've heard Nintendo's online is a little different BUT that shouldn't stop a dev who takes pride in their product from supporting it (see Candle & DirectX11 as an example of dev's tweaking things for WiiU) as I'm sure if they reached out to Nintendo they would help them every step of the way. To me it just seems like a lazy cop out.



AMR commented on Zombie Title How to Survive Confirmed for the ...:

Ok here's an honest question, what exactly is "wrong" with the WiiU's online infrastructure thats stopping dev's from putting online in their WiiU games? Is there something I'm missing because I seriously don't get what the problem is. Someone enlighten me please.



AMR commented on Ripstone Confirms Details for Knytt Undergroun...:

@XCWarrior I'm hoping for online multiplayer as well, would be a missed opportunity if they didn't add it. The only thing that worries me is that the dev's keep talking about online leaderboards and haven't explicitly said the game will have online multiplayer (even though the Wiiware original did). I'll probably still pick it up but that would definitely sour my enthusiasm a little bit.



AMR commented on TNT Racers: Nitro Machines Edition Screeching ...:

Wasn't this announced for EU on "August 8th or a week after" , looking forward to this & hoping it still has online multiplayer as the developers don't seem to be talking about it. The WiiU has vastly better online than the Wii and that managed online multiplayer so I'm hoping they keep it in for this Ultimate version.



AMR commented on Video: Game Freak May Have Made Solitaire and ...:

I should never have watched this, I knew that anything from GameFreak would be awesome and now the wait for this to come westward is going to kill me! Please release this in the west double quick time, I need this in my life!



AMR commented on Video: UK Comic Rufus Hound Explains The Wii U...:

Kudos Nintendo UK, great advert. Perfect balance between tongue-in-cheek comedy & easy to understand information, no way people could be confused by this. More stuff like this Nintendo, colour me impressed!



AMR commented on IGN Editor: If Wii U Doesn't Pick Up, Nintendo...:

For Nintendo to just dismiss the WiiU and start again with a new console would be suicide for the following reasons:

  • It would irriversably damage the Nintendo brand, look at the damage the 3DS price cut has had on the WiiU (a lot of people have held back on buying one because they expect Nintendo to drop the price as they did with the 3DS). Now imagine how burnt gamers who bought the WiiU would feel at the thought of buying a new console.
  • It wouldnt solve the main issue with the WiiU right now which is lack of games
  • What would the new console offer other than beefier specs similar to PS4/Xbone and as we know a spec battle is something Nintendo has no interest in
  • The WiiU in itself is not a bad console, it is powerful enough to produce titles like Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2 which have wowed people with their visuals it also offers more control methods and other features no other console has e.g. Miiverse

All in all Nintendo's best course of action would be to do what they are already doing which is work on a line up of games 2013 - 14 and beyond which is irresistible to gamers and with the masterpiece that is Pikmin 3 I can see this happening already!



AMR commented on Nintendo Blames 2011 Tohoku Earthquake For Slu...:

Really puts things in perspective doesn't it. People are moaning about games taking a little bit longer than usual while others are having to rebuild their lives after a natural disaster. My heart goes out to all those affected (the repercussions of events like this take years to heal). I hope people learn from this and think before they decide to jump on an Internet forum and spit venom. On a positive note situations like this make the arrival of polished titles like Pikmin 3 even more miraculous.



AMR commented on SEGA Is Hoping To Win Back Platforming Fans Wi...:

With both Super Mario 3D World & Sonic Lost World seemingly returning to their 2D roots it looks like 3D platformers are finally moving in a direction I can get behind. So excited by both these titles



AMR commented on Impressions: Multiplayer is a Big Deal in Nint...:

To me this strategy from Nintendo is a stroke of genius, local multiplayer is one of the WiiU's key strengths against its main competitor the 3DS (that might sound strange but both consoles are fighting for the same "all ages" market as the line between handheld & home console has blurred. PS4/XBox1 are a different demographic IMO), if Nintendo promote the WiiU's local multiplayer strengths (as they seem to be doing), its graphical muscle and improved online infrastructure then they will be onto a winner as it will appear different enough for consumers to want to pick up.

TLDR: Nintendo need to keep highlighting all the things WiiU can do that 3DS can't and local multiplayer is one key area



AMR commented on First Impressions: Super Mario 3D World:

This title gives me exactly what I've wanted from a 3D Mario title. A 3D platformer that plays as well as 2D one, Nintendo has even stated that there is a focus on speed running (which adds more weight to this). I'm pretty sure the genre defining next-gen Mario everyone was expecting is in development as well. But in the mean time if Nintendo can pull of the most refined 3D Mario to date (which looks likely) I'm all in even if it isn't completely original.



AMR commented on Poll: Which Wii U E3 Game Has Impressed You th...:

@JulioSince1990 For me 3D World blew my mind because of what it represents. Its 3D Mario with 2D sensibilities (i.e. fun, exploration, richness of envirinments). I enjoyed Galaxy 1 & 2 but felt they were more spectacle than fun. Mario games 3D or otherwise should be fun first spectacle second and this game looks like a return to form. The fact that this game was created alongside 3D Land means of course there are going to be similarities BUT if you look at the levels shown closely there seems to be a much much richer environment to enjoy. It may be a safe title but that isn't going to stop if from being a classic. It's the first 3D Mario I've been excited for in a long time. PS if you haven't done so already check out the 3D World developers interview it's a great watch. I don't expect you to share my views but I hope now you see why its one of my E3 highlights.



AMR commented on Poll: Which Wii U E3 Game Has Impressed You th...:

I honestly can't choose. Pretty much everything shown blew my mind (Super Mario 3D World & Megaman were the best surprises for me). Nintendo hit the ball out of the park this year, everything on the list is a day one purchase from me!



AMR commented on Shin'en Multimedia Defends The Wii U Hardware:

@Diz93 @Diz93 @Varia01 Really glad to see guys stepping forward who appreciated how good Metroid:Other M was, my little disclaimer was because the game has a "marmite" reputation (peeps either loved it or hated it) and I wanted peeps to judge it on its visual merits not just their opinion of the game. I loved it though definitely one of my top Metroids. Couldn't play the Prime series due to simulator sickness which is one of the reasons I hope the next Metroid is 2.5D like M:OM. If Nintendo can get graphics anywhere near the CG cutscenes in that game we're in for a real treat.



AMR commented on Shin'en Multimedia Defends The Wii U Hardware:

"the Wii U is not the big leap hardware power-wise but it is a big leap to the Wii" THIS! A thousand times this! The Wii produced Skyward Sword, Galaxy 1& 2, DKCR & Metroid:Other M. Imagine the quality (visual and otherwise) that will be possible with the extra power of the WiiU we are in for some stunning games trust me!



AMR commented on The Wonderful 101 Launch Dates Revealed:

W101 will really hurt Rayman sales, I'll still pick it up but with SLU in June, Pikmin 3 in July & W101 in August it may have to wait due to lack of funds and time. Ubi should have kept it at launch.



AMR commented on Squids Wrapping Its Tentacles Around The 3DS a...:

Watched the trailer and was quite impressed, don't let the Angry Birds comparison put u off (it's just referring to the sling-shot mechanic the game looks a lt deeper). I'll be watching closely to see how it develops. If its a well done iOS port like Kung Fu Rabbit The Game Bakers will deffo be getting my money



AMR commented on Club Nintendo Refunds Coins To Wii U Owners Wh...:

This is really cool, shows that despite all the negative feelings some peeps have towards them Nintendo is trying to do right by its customers. Nice to hear some good news! Despite DICE & EA this has been a pretty good week for WiiU.

1) Nintendo confirms a "WiiU Software Showcase" for E3.
2) Two more eShop titles announced
3) MH3U a "Smash hit!" (future MH looks good for WiiU/3DS on the back of this)

Let's not get bogged down with negative WiiU/Nintendo news, we still have a lot to be be happy for



AMR commented on Developer Interview: Rex Rocket Creator On Bri...:

Really liking the positivity in this article, nice to hear some dev's putting Nintendo first in their plans. You guys have my respect and (if both games end up as good as they look) my £££'s to



AMR commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Identity Crisis:

I might be alone in this but I quite liked the adverts, they are OBVIOUSLY not designed for the likes of you and me but suit the "family" market perfectly. We need to realise that Nintendo are a family friendly company so adverts like these are a necessity. Do you really think Mum and Dad would pick up a WiiU for the family home on the back of ZombiU/Monster Hunter/Ninja Gaiden? That being said, once the kids have gone to bed you know Dad will be busting out some Monster Hunter IMO that's what makes the WiiU the perfect home console.