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Sun 2nd Jun 2013

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Oniinside commented on Speculation Grows That AMD Will Provide the Ni...:

As a customer I'd more likely give up to retrocompatibility if that was the case for Nintendo to get closer to competitors, in terms of horsepower or just in terms of architecture... sure thing, an HD console with x86 would be even more filled with nindies (I say nothing about multiplatform cause we don't know the specs)



Oniinside commented on TIME Lists Its Reasons For Picking Wii U Over ...:

there was a Ps4 at a local store the other day and... I have to say I was not impressed by the graphics, even if it was ok for a "next-gen" I suppose (Fifa was played while I passed behind players). I hope consumers are not attracted by that!



Oniinside commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

I'm not an architect XD I talk about user's experience, and I am the first to say that there are differences, even in that case... (i.e. Kinect) but owning a Ps3, I feel fully satisfied on that side of experience, and while I look for WiiU for new things, I wouldn't pay for an xbox because I find there TONS of things in common with Ps3



Oniinside commented on Mario Kart 8 Team Talk GamePad Features, Track...:

I'm going to buy this only if they come out with something really peculiar... the reverse gravity is not enough imho... not after MK Wii and 7! A deeper solo campaign would be awesome (or, simply put, a more extended one)