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Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Would Rockstar's latest epic have you reaching for your wallet?

Oh boy. When I published our latest "Soapbox" piece about Grand Theft Auto V and how it may not be entirely suited to everybody's tastes (it takes all sorts to make the world go around, folks), I wasn't expecting a topic with over 500 comments.

It's been fascinating to see how polarised you guys are about this issue; some were overwhelmingly supportive of the stance (which, I should add, was totally my own and not necessarily representative of the Nintendo Life staff) while others were totally the opposite, accusing me of posting the piece "for hits" and "getting on my high horse". Soapbox topics are designed to generate debate — they're the view of a single person rather than a news report or feature — and I'm personally glad that the piece generated such as wide range of reactions from everyone.

However, one burning question remains: if Grand Theft Auto V did come out on the Wii U, would you buy it? Perhaps you were one of the people who replied to the soapbox with words of support for my view — if so, would you be willing to eat those very same words if the game suddenly arrived on the store shelves and plugged that considerable gap in the Wii U's third party library? Or would you stick by your guns and ignore the title? Perhaps you don't feel strongly either way?

Vote in the poll below to share your feelings on this matter.

Would you buy Grand Theft Auto V if it was released on Wii U? (1,165 votes)

Yes, without question.


Maybe - I'm undecided.


No, it's just not my kind of game.


No, I've already purchased it on another system.


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Mahe said:

Nope. I own both of the systems it's on, having it on Wii U wouldn't make any difference.



XCWarrior said:

Where is option #5 - No, I'm waiting to buy it on PC (and in my case, on Steam when its down to $5, which is all that is worth being a roster update and new coat of paint for a semi-yearly franchise.)



SCAR said:

I disagree. I have a PS3, too, but i would opt for a Wii U version, without question.
The GamePad makes the difference. Maybe you don't think so, but others do.



antonvaltaz said:

No, doesn't appeal to me at all - but I still wish it would have been ported, to widen the Wii U's appeal.



Gressil said:

I've played about ten minutes of GTA in my life. I will watch it for a laugh and carry on to watch paint dry or something. The games do nothing short of bore me. To each their own, of course.



Mahe said:

@SCAR392 You missed my point - I'm not getting it on any system, and I own all of them. Not interested in the game.



Corleonis88 said:

if there´s a game that it´s both availiable on wii u and xbox 360 (I don´t have ps4) I would buy it on the wii u since it offers something extra, even if it´s only the gamepad off-tv play. but not this game, it´s just not for me



6ch6ris6 said:

how the hell would you not buy GTA 5???
even if you dont like all the violence, driving through the world with some awesome soundtrack is worth a purchase alone!!



Tedikuma said:

I would, especially with off-TV play. Never been heavily into the series but the idea of jumping into the world on the gamepad whenever I want appeals to me.



jpfan1989 said:

I have a 360 and im still not interested. In fact my roomie isn't interested either, we were just talking about this last night.



Kit said:

Nope! I'd get it on PeeCee! Because it's way better and more customisable than on any console.



Squiggle55 said:

GTA isn't my type of game. especially not at full price. but it has nothing to do with feeling uncomfortable or guilty like your soapbox article. it's simply not my type of game. not how I want to spend my game time.



Nintenjoe64 said:

It's a shame this this vote doesn't reflect the epetition that's been going around to get the Wii U a port.

Only 4000 or so people have signed it whereas the PC version has got 400,000 signatures (allegedly)



CanisWolfred said:

Very split case here at the time of writing. Personally I could never get into the previous 7 GTAs, so I doubt I'd get into V.



SCAR said:

I wasn't too fond of any GTA to begin with, but I might have given it a shot if it was on Wii U. I have a PS3, but I'm not getting it.



rjejr said:

" I wasn't expecting a topic with over 500 comments."

Is that a record? Or at least a record for a post that doesn't have Pachters name in the title?

Is this game really that much worse (as in violent, not review score) than Zombie U? I haven't even played the free demo of that yet - the only 1 of the 10 available as of yesterday - b/c I don't like FPS or zombies.

Even though this seems more like a PS3 game to me I'ld probably get it on Wii U b/c I'm getting addicted to Miiverse integration, and as an open world game I coudl see a map on the Gamepad being very helpful for driving around the city. I really really like my maps.



AG_Systems said:

I think having the choice whether to buy it or not is important here. I probably wouldn't bother buying it, however it'd be a feather in the WiiU's cap for it to exist on the console in the first place. It needs to remain a viable platform for third parties.



SCAR said:

I think people are too quick to judge. It's a freaking game. If you don't want to play it, don't critisize those who do.



ferrers405 said:

@Phantom_R I also don't like GTA but "My IQ is a little too high for that kind of entertainment", it's too arrogant, people have different tastes, bad or good, it's their choice.



Whopper744 said:

The concept of the open world and stuff seems cool....the theme of the game maybe what turns me away from it.



withoutdk said:

i would buy it... i like GTA 1-2 and vice city... and san andreas

my guess is that if it came to the wii u, more wii u consoles would be sold.

we need the games... no matter if it is for the die hard nintendo fans or casual gamers or fanboygames... we need them all..



bofis said:

I'd consider it if it had good gamepad features like a map and such...but at the same time I never played my 360 copy of GTA4, so I was just going to ignore GTA5 this time around



Phantom_R said:

@ferrers405 Considering the amount of crude misogynist sex jokes GTA makes, I wouldn't put it above the coherence of your average stoner film.



Pod said:

I don't really play the modern GTAs, and GTAV isn't winning me over.



TreesenHauser said:

Like I said in my comment on that previous article, I'd have to make sure the game runs good on Wii U first. Given that the other versions require an 8GB pre-install before playing, I'd have to wonder how the game would run on Wii U without any kind of install like that. Both Basic and Deluxe Wii U sets only have so much memory and not everyone has an external storage solution for their console yet. So if there were a pre-install, not everyone would be able to do it, and if there wasn't, the game could suffer from lengthy load-times on Wii U with how large the game is.

If none of that were an issue, I'd love GTA V on Wii U. More games on the console couldn't hurt it. And I got to play GTA V yesterday at a friend's house, it's a game I definitely want and I can see myself buying it for PS3 in the near-future. If it were on Wii U, I'd definitely look into it on there.



Squashie said:

Would love it personally, as I won't be buying on 360 as I barely play on that console. Other than that, it would really do wonders for the Wii U.



JuanitoShet said:

@Phantom_R Wooow. Your "IQ is a little high", huh? I'll borrow one of Damien's lines, and tell YOU to "get off your high horse." :B

Tastes in entertainment vary. I understand that the game is not for you, but there's no need to come across as a pompous smart-donkey. Just sayn



ThomasBW84 said:

@rjejr You're killing fictional zombies in ZombiU, and fictional people in GTAV. In theory I'd agree that one's as violent as the other, but there's the odd moment I've seen of GTAV that perhaps crosses lines, but that's just me.

To be clear, I'm not against violent games as such, we have ratings systems etc that are supposed to deal with it. I'm against lazy parents and retailers happy to sell products to underage gamers, but that's something else. I considered this for PS3 but, honestly, I just don't think it's for me.



Beechbone said:

I own all three consoles, so if I were to buy GTA I would pick the superior version in terms of performance, graphics and controls. If that would be Wii U- sure.



bezerker99 said:

I'm not much on Mature Rated titles....but I love me some GTA. I'd get it in a heartbeat. I'll probably get it for PS3 once I get some extra funds accumulated.



Savino said:

So many cool possibilities with the gamepad.... Map, guns, phone, aiming... What a loss for us!!!



LordJumpMad said:

Even if it did come out on the Wii U, it would look awful.
It will be another port because the Wii U doesn't have the graphical power of the other consoles.



Phantom_R said:

@JuanitoShet Well, I'd rather be a smartdonkey than a dumbdonkey. Too many people who are attracted to these games aren't the most virtuous folks you'll come across.

Although I will say that GTA is some grand fun with that cheat that makes all the cars try to crash into you. That trumps beating innocent old women any day.



sikthvash said:

Very interesting results... I'm surprised by the number of people saying 'it's not my thing' when there is so much more to it than the usual violence, swearing and story. Thought the sandbox element bridges the gap between the casual and hardcore experiences - I can totally understand if the adult content is a far cry from the family experience associated with Nintendo games and it can put potential people off from playing it. To be honest I'd love to see it on Wii U just for Third Party Support if nothing else. Oh and if I had to choose I'd choose Mario / Zelda / Kirby games in a heartbeat over any OTT action / shooter =0p



JuanitoShet said:

Now on-topic, I only own a PlayStation 3. No Wii U, no 360. So if I wanted the game, I'd save up and purchase it on that platform if I really wanted it. But to be honest, Grand Theft Auto 4 was a disappointment (in my opinion, of course); it tried to be too realistic for my taste. I prefer the older, more classic titles, such as Vice City, Liberty City Stories & San Andreas.

I own all of those titles on various consoles, so if I want a GTA fix, I'll get it through there.



seronja said:

i have the game on the ps3, but i would rather have it for wii u if it was possible



JuanitoShet said:

I forgot to add that Grand Theft Auto V looks way better than Grand Theft Auto 4, by the way. But it still doesn't appeal enough to me to purchase it. Not even on my PS3.



withoutdk said:

if violence in a game is a problem ... then there is something wrong with you.

sick people see violence all over, and if they do violence themselves it is because they are sick... nothing to do with the games / movies what so ever.!



Sean_Aaron said:

No and I have to say that the fact that this kind of game is reflective of mainstream console gaming is what makes me feel little connection to the folks I see at the game shops. Maybe it's a generational thing?



SphericalCrusher said:

I bought it yesterday for PS3, but if it came out on WiiU, that would be where I want to play it. I'd just have both, due to playing multiplayer with friends. WiiU is my console of choice for the foreseeable future though!



JuanitoShet said:

@CapnPancakes Well, most of us here purchase games that glorify a mushroom-consuming plumber & females that wear skin-tight suits as they shoot down zombie-alien creatures.

It's just a game, there's no need ro take it seriously.



milojica said:

Saints Row the Third or IV. Gta V next. It would be so much great on wiiU. Not so hyped about the GTA. But i would get a copy if iz came out on wiiU



ungibbed said:

While I already bought the digital release on the PS3, I would still buy a version for my Wii U. I'm curious what the extra power of the system and the abilities of the Game Pad could add to the game. Even for the existing console generation, GTA V really set a new mark in quality third party games that it amazes me every time I load it up thinking that this couldn't be a PS3. It truly makes GTA IV look like amateur night despite the games high rankings and amazing vision for its time and extended by to DLC packs that didn't disappoint.

GTA V is in a whole new league with enough content to require a dual layer BD or plenty of HDD space for a digital copy like I pre-ordered.

That being said, with such a long development cycle, porting to the Wii U may look a bit sloppy despite the power of the Wii U to run the game.



WanderingPB said:

I would welcome GTA V to the Wii U's library but I wouldnt buy it because I personally don't want to play GTA any more.

Still many Nintendo fans would relish the opportunity to play a GTA V Wii U version with awesome gamepad & Miiverse integration!

The great things about games is that WE have the choice to choose what games we want to play regardless of what others say and having that choice is gold.



seronja said:

@CapnPancakes the same could be asked why would anibody play mario when it glorifies eating mushrooms and killing innocent animals... it's just fun & gta is more then just a violant game, it has perfected gameplay mechanics, visuals, enviroment, driving, free roaming like playing sports or having fun with jumping of an air plane with a parachute and just look at the stunning open world... it was a great series before, now it's PERFECT! and the multiplayer will be awesome too!



element187 said:

@Phantom_R Perfect response... I agree totally.

Somethings people just outgrow as they get older... I thought fart jokes were all the rage when I was 7... but entering middle school, not so much.



Macarony64 said:

I would if they actually ad something unique to the version but I ain't fallowing the game where it goes the game has to fallow me where I game.



ferrers405 said:

@Phantom_R I think GTA it's a "big bad world" with no perspective to be creative, just trying to cash in a "shock reality of gameplay", misogyny and racist attitudes, but i really don't like your attitude about IQ, the rest I agree with you.



marck13 said:

Where you are wrong you are wrong. Maybe you were joking, but the Wii U has by far more power than Ps3 & Xbox360. Still a simple port wouldn't show, because the devs would probably (due to lack of experience with programming on the Wii U) not know how to get to that extra power.
This story is getting old..



Clayfrd said:

Yeah, I'd buy it. I already have a 360 to play it on, but haven't grabbed it yet (just don't have the disposable funds at the moment). If it were on all 3 + PC, I'd probably grab it for Wii U anyway. I'm not crazy about the license buying system Steam has (although I still use it frequently), and the Wii U has the best hardware compared to the 360 and PS3. Easy sale.



ultraraichu said:

I have to vote undecided. On one hand my appreciation for GTA have lowered from when I was 12 to now, so I'm not really hype for it.
But on the other hand if it uses the GamePad and maybe some of the other Wii U features in a interesting/ useful way, I could be baited to buy it. Worked for Splinter Cell Blacklist.



LinktotheFuture said:

Not my kind of game, but I wish it was on Wii U for the people who would want it. Not a cheap port, either, a version made specifically with the Wii U in mind.



Darel18 said:

No, it's just not my kind of game.
I tried two GTA games in the past got easily bored, I just find so repetitive that I wouldn't buy it on Wii U, not even on my X360, it's like playing Assassin's Creed 1, then 2, then 3... o.O (I own 2 and I'm done with that saga).
That's why I'm giving one last chance to this genre (GTA style) with Watch Dogs.



brandonbwii said:

There is a little TOO much swearing this time around. I don't mind swearing when it makes since in context. I have a family that swears like it's a second language and it's nowhere near how Franklin and co. talk.

It's like listening to Modern Warfare and comparing it to the rather ridiculous lines of Black Ops 2. Which had such realistic lines like "At least I've still got my balls!"



whatisyourforte said:

I would want on the WiiU solely for the purpose of getting more people on the machine. We need more people playing this console, regardless of what kind of game it is.



OrangeSmoothie said:

I'm undecided just because the open world and GTA Online look incredibly fun (playing tennis, golf, flying planes and driving around in a HUGE open world, and causing general mayhem when you feel like it), but the story mode is probably not so much to my taste at all and therefore it may not be a good use of my money. So for me, if it came out on Wii U, it would definitely depend on what else there was for me to play at the time on Wii U or 3DS.



HeatBombastic said:

@brandonbwii Salty military talk can be unrealistic in some circumstances, but vice versa in other situations.

Plenty of people really do use that much profanity btw



rjejr said:

@ThomasBW84 - "but there's the odd moment I've seen of GTAV that perhaps crosses lines, but that's just me."

Sorry if my usual arrogant attitude made my question sound like a statement, I haven't played either 1 so was really just curious. After a lifetime of watching horror movies 1 day I saw "SeVen" and it broke me - not sure why, might have been the ending - and I said never again to horror. (The Underworld series is great though, I'm talking Saw, Hostel etc.) So I'm guessing GTAV is more like that? Maybe I'll skip it after all.

Oh, from another thread - "I said disc in the article for a reason "



Elsalame said:

I so sad with nintendo.... GTA V must be on wii U day one.... They say all thirds will be on wii u.... and now.... no fifa no pes no GTA V .... batman port without online.... kmon...



Mommar said:

I'd buy it on WiiU most likely, if anything just to support more 3rd party games.



cfgk24 said:

I'm having to buy an xbox 360 to play this. I didn't want to have to do that. . . . .



ThomasBW84 said:

@rjejr Yeah, from my perspective ZombiU didn't bother me because they're zombies, ultimately! It's pure fantasy. With GTA being a sort of exaggerated parody of Western (particularly US) culture it can be a bit different. Like the "airport scene" in CoD, I just think simulating some things is too much for my taste. Watching something on TV can be challenging, but in extreme cases then actually doing it in a game is something else entirely. I don't generally mind violence in games, but there are lines I'm not willing to cross, especially if there's a sense of realism involved.

And I didn't mean to be snarky in that DuckTales comment (I can't tell whether you think I was or not!), I'm just pointing out to some that I try and give key info in articles, so they can check there first



Mytoemytoe said:

I would buy GTA V in a heart-beat for Wii U though I would be skeptical of its ability to run well without a hard drive install.

Still I could imagine the Game Pad being an awesome in game tool.



BraveBold5 said:

I choose maybe because i want first to check Watch Dogs
I do like GTA but i am not a big fan of playing with "bad" characters whose motivations are sex, drugs, kills, etc
I prefer heroes or anti-heroes, and Watch Dogs seems more to follow that



WebHead said:

40% of that 44% would supposedly buy GTA V would end up buying Mario instead.



Kirk said:

No, I would not buy it but it should ABSOLUTELY be on the system and the very fact it is not is a perfect reflection of just how dire the Wii U situation is right now and how out of touch the console is with the vast majority of [non-casual] gamers out there.



ljb88 said:

I think that at least half of the people that voted 'not my type of game' are perhaps a little sore that it's not coming to wiiu and actually would have bought it; I could be wrong of course.



SKTTR said:

Yes, of course man. This is not a mediocre handheld-GTA like the one Nintendofans got last time, you know?

Apart from it being a controversial baddonkey game, it has a revolutionary sense of freedom in both actions you can make and world scope.

Over the years I got used to skip this series as they never released on Nintendo home consoles anyway.

I watched my bro and friends playing the whole GTA series, The Warriors, and Red Dead etc. on their console of choice and occasionally helped them out on the harder missions. I'm a pro gamer with only Nintendo consoles, and they are just casual players who think they are pro because they have 'cool' games on PS360.
I hate the Xbox controller and try to stay away from it as much as I can, but it's fun to see my friends struggle with their games, their begging me to try, and the respect I gain for beating their games with ease... with a crappy controller!

My fav Rockstar game is Bully on Wii by the way. 10/10.

As always, it's a Nintendo home console version for me or nothing. Hope dies last.



SuperCharlie78 said:

Maybe - I'm undecided.
Because, obviously as a gamer, I own every platform, so I'd buy it on Wii U only if it were the best version, with best permormances and so on.
The Gamepad would fit perfectly with this game, and the very fact this game will never come to Wii U is a shame.



chiefeagle02 said:

I'm undecided. My experience with GTA has been spotty. I've really enjoyed some of the games (Chinatown Wars, Vice City Stories) and others...well, not so much (San Andreas, IV).



Sandro89 said:

Yes i would. Im not a huge 3rd party fan but GTA is one of those franchises I have to play.



Shambo said:

Undecided. I kind of lost interest in the series, since neither San Andreas nor IV were very enjoyable for me anymore. V looks pretty nice on paper, but so did IV, and seeing as I don't like playing on my ps3 anymore... Well, a Wii U version with off-tv and a gamepad gps could be just what I need to give it a try again. I guess I'd buy it.



RedRocBoy said:

Without a doubt. Big GTA fan and a big Nintendo supporter. Would be so awesome to have my WW HD and my GTA 5 on the same console. I'm the type of gamer that can get the same amount of fun out of Super Mario Bros. and a GTA type game. If it's fun to me I'm going to support it. Hope it's still coming, the language from Rockstar and Reggie a few months back has me for optimistic.



nik1470 said:

I would have rather have got it on the WiiU because arguably the console life span will be longer than my PS3 however the 8 GB mandatory install may have put me off slightly for the same reason.



Samurai_Goroh said:

No, I wouldn't buy it. I played and enjoyed the living daylights out of II, III, Vice City and Chinatown Wars. Every other GTA game has been an utter disappointment for me, particularly San Andreas. V doesn't look any different to them. So, I'd say I'm done with the franchise.



Kifa said:

I never really "got it" with any GTA title (or any similar game for that matter), so I'd skip it anyway. Not my kind of game.



Pachterkid said:

It will not come to the Wii U. The title was in development for over 5 years on the PS3 and 360, where there are a combined 150 million potential buyers. Rockstar had already developed GTA IV for the consoles and knew the ins and outs of the individual consoles, making the development process easier the second time around. They would have to start from scratch on the Wii U, where the install base is less than 4 million units, and at the time of writing this post apparently 35% of the folks on this site aren't interested anyways. It is just not worth Rockstar's time and that's a fact. Everybody who cares about GTA V already has one of the other HD consoles to play it on. End of story.



Tysamu said:

Yeah of course I would. The Gamepad's extra screen would be a godsend for this type of game if used properly. You could use it to watch the other two characters while playing as one, streamline weapon selection, stats, a larger map and etc



NintenBo said:

I would buy it just to mess around in the open world. Just like I'm going to with Watch Dogs.



Yosher said:

No no no no and a thousand times no. Never saw what the fuss about GTA was. GTA2 was fun, GTA Vice City was okay, Chinatown Wars was alright (those being the only ones I played) and none really struck to me as the great games people claim them to be. I rather be an epic hero than a carjacking mobster or whatever. Besides if Rockstar feels the need to ditch Nintendo as often as they do then they can stay away forever for all I care.

Watch_Dogs looks much more interesting anyway. Will get that one eventually (at the right price), even -if- by some miracle GTAV finds its way to the Wii U.



S7eventhHeaven said:

i like horses and hopefully when rockstar bring out the undead nightmare add-on to gta online ill be able to go horseback around los santos just like rick in the walking dead



WiiLovePeace said:

I would buy it if there wasn't the forced torture scene & if the characters/story didn't suck so bad imo (that's my own personal opinion formulated from the trailers I've seen).



S7eventhHeaven said:

i already have it on ps3 but id buy it on wii-u since it would be very useful to have the map on or even your smart phone accessable from the gamepad



CanisWolfred said:

@Yosher If those are the only GTAs you've played, then you've never played the good ones. Besides, they aren't so much fun games as they are fun sandboxes. It's much better with cheats on.



Snkfiend said:

Prove my point 44% says yes more than 36% says no that they still would buy GTAV for the Wii U. And more will say yes because they rather have on the Wii U than buying it on their competitor consoles.



wario007 said:

No, it's just not my kind of game, It is not by Nintendo players already doing Sony and Xbox fans



DarkKirby said:

If I were to buy a GTA game and my options were Wii U, PS3, 360, or PC, it would be between Wii U and PC.

I've said this before, big name 3rd party multi console games are important to the Wii U's success. The Wii U can't be successful on Nintendo games alone.



Tender_Cutlet said:

Provided the Wii U port wasn't a watered down version [like FIFA13] I would buy two copies to support a Wii U release.



TwilightV said:

Nope. The graphics in 4 gave me headaches, and the series as a whole is pretty repetitive.



DESS-M-8 said:

I'd have bought it day one. Trying to resist this and battlefield 4 on my
Ps3 as it will deplete my Wii U funds. Don't know how long I'll last.



sleepinglion said:

Nope, not my style. I respect the genre, but glorifying crime just isn't for me. Still, it'd be a nice hit for Nintendo if it were available.



Tasuki said:

Well if they had it came out on the Wii U at the same time as the 360/PS3 version than I probably would have opted for it on the Wii U especially if it had of tv play. Now if it were to come out later like for example Mass Effect 3 or AC 3 did then I probably wouldn't double dip for it on the Wii U at least not until it hit the bargain bin since I have it for the 360.



AJWolfTill said:

I would buy it, but when the price had gone down and I wasn't spoiled for choice on Nintendo Systems.



ejamer said:

Although somewhat curious about the game, GTA doesn't really do it for me anymore and I've got young kids at home that I don't want exposed to the mature themes in the game at this point - it much more likely that I'd buy something we could play together.



DiSTANToblivion said:

Saw the opening to GTA V on YouTube. Storywise the game looks to be incredibly generic and stale, with subpar emotional investment. The gameplay on the other hand seemed fun, though I've never played a GTA game that held my interest for more than two hours. Seems it's just repetitive shallow violence. If this wins Story of the year for gaming over the The Last Of Us I'll lose all hope for humanity. At least violence was relevant in that game and the story had emotional investment. Anyways... rant over.



odd69 said:

I wouldnt even think twice, i would love to see it come to the WiiU. Not sure if its the right platform but it would be interesting nonetheless



Williaint said:

... then don't buy one...
Because Kids want to be Teens, Teens want to be adults, and adults want to be Teens.
It's that foul loop, which is full of generalizations. If there WERE more third party games, they probably would sell. UBISOFT and SEGA are getting a majority of the third party Wii U market. If Rockstar showed up, the sales ( per-console) would be very good, I tell you what!
It also wouldn't exist if GTA V was never made. Nor would this blatantly obvious comment.
I don't understand your last two points... Are you trying to say that Wii U owners are jealous of 360 and PS3 owners because we didn't get the game, too?

Shouldn't the voting results have changed a little from 230 votes to 420?



idork99 said:

If I had a Wii U, maybe. Since I'd never buy a Microsoft nor a Sony machine. But it wouldn't be a game to persuade me to buy a Wii U at the moment if it were available.



Rashef said:

I would. But since I probably won't be presented with such an opportunity I guess I'll have to wait for Watch_Dogs.



drgfl said:

Not my type of game. That's why I'm mostly a Nintendo fan.
Also, I don't really like controversial games.



cmk8 said:

I haven't really enjoyed a GTA game since Vice City, but would give this a go if it were on Wii U.



kereke12 said:

Heck yeah I'll buy it for Wii U with the off tv support that would be sweet. But.......Other then that Nintendo will never allow that to happen even if you do petitions or what ever....



brandonbwii said:

Well, in the case of BO2, I could've seen something like the aforementioned phrase being used if you survive an explosion or mortally wounded (getting a quip out when you know you might die to maintain your wits).

At the moment in question however the guy was almost hit by a bus and was perfectly fine.



Mr_G said:

Even though i own it already i would say without a doubt. Its what the wii U needs and it would be amazing on the game pad.
It was one of the biggest loses the Wii U could have gotten



brandonbwii said:

Of course many of us would buy Mario instead. Especially if they were released in the same month. It doesn't mean there's not an audience for other types of games though. Yes, even on Nintendo platforms.



brandonbwii said:

It's a shame we don't get GTA V. Personally I kinda miss the cartoony simplicity of the PS2 games. Chinatown Wars was also great if you can get past the lackluster characters and obtrusive touch screen gimmicks.



brandonbwii said:

It's funny hearing the GTA hatas. It's a series definitely not for everyone, but quite a bit of it seems pulled from Nintendo. The slow starts, targeting systems, exploration, minigames, and handful of needless fetch quest kind of remind me of a certain elfin hero.



Nukarmer said:

I'd love to have it on Wii U so that more people bought the console. so that more companies made games for Wii U. so that GTAVI would release on Wii U without asking us.



Doma said:

Would if i owned a WiiU... but that console isn't for me – I already have a Nintendo box devoid of third party support called the 3DS. Who needs another?



Colaman112 said:

I'm not disappointed it's not on Wii U and I don't feel like buying another system just to play it. If it did come to Wii U, I would buy it, but I don't think I miss on anything either way



AlexSora89 said:

It would mark the series' debut on Nintendo home consoles. As a friend of mine put it, "the Wii U is missing the [third-party] game of the year", so of course it being on Nintendo consoles would be a good thing. In fact, more games like MadWorld, Bayonetta 2 and GTA V would help a lot shaking Nintendo's status quo as "the kiddy gaming juggernaut with the kiddy gaming franchises".
Nope, dammit. EarthBound has Giygas, Kirby has Zero Two, Metroid is... well, Metroid, and Pokémon has freaking Ghetsis. Sure, Nintendo tends to be kid-friendly, but it's not like all of it necessarily is.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I'd trade in my PS3 copy and get it for WiiU, just for the off-tv play alone.

It isnt a dig at PS3, I love my PS3. I just really enjoy playing console games on the gamepad and being able to surf the web or post weird GTAV drawings on the MiiVerse community.



AlexSora89 said:

Thanks for reminding us of Watch Dogs! That game has no competition on Wii U. It's a "goalie-less goal", as we say here in Italy. I think Ubisoft is gonna bow before Nintendo pretty soon.



mamp said:

I'm one of the few people who actually bought and played/loved GTA china town wars on the DS so yeah I'd buy this in a heart beat. Also had Bully on the Wii (even though I had already played it on my PS2). Plus with gamepad features included in the game the Wii U version can take this game and make it even better.



bigtig said:

supposedly there is a petition for a wii u and pc version. the pc version is getting signatures but the wii u isnt. please post a link so we can spread the word and sign it!



Jaz007 said:

I wouldn't get because is has way too much sex, swearing, and it takes the violence too far. I don't really care if something is trying to present something fictionally (like ZombiU) or realistically (like COD airport). I care about how violent the action is, not who or what it's on. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it was much cleaner though (which system, here's the list from last to first, PS3, Wii U, and PS4.), I love the idea of being a criminal robbing banks, stealing cars, and then running over people with the stolen cars.



bonesy91 said:

one: Saints row is amazing and would rather have it.
two: It would be a shallow port that would exclude features of ps3/xbox360 titles
three: I'm not a fan of the series anyway



Araknie said:

Nope, it's not the fun ride GTA should be, last good one was San Andreas because it didn't take itself seriously.

I'm playing Saints Row IV on PC right now, that reminds me of Vice City, believe me GTAV has taken clear inspiration from the Red Dead Redemption kind of dramatic plot, only too far more violent and disturbing to actually be called art.

The dialogues in GTAIV were just clusters of bad words and GTAV is only slightly under that.

I can tell you that Saints Row IV has less swears than GTAV, also when i finish SRIV i will have Watch_Dogs to pick up for me Wii U. I've plenty of innovative Free-Roaming games to play, next year i get a Free-Roaming RPG as X, and i spent 300 hours in the original Xenoblade Chronicles.

Really, GTAV is not the place i will search my creativity fix.



Tony_342 said:

I've already bought it on PS3, but if given the option, I would have bought it on Wii U. I would imagine that a big, open-world game like this would greatly benefit from a system that has 4 times as much RAM. Also, I would rather buy a new game for a new system that I'm still going to be playing in 5 or 6 years, rather than a new game for an old system that's about to become obsolete in a couple months.



PK_Wonder said:

I bought a PS3, my first non-Nintendo console, BECAUSE of GTA V. Grand Theft Auto is my favorite series. and I'd buy it again on Wii U



CoffeeWithGames said:

If you're only a Wii U owner, and looking for an open-world game that you don't have to be super concerned with content, I highly suggest going with LEGO City Undercover.

I am having great fun with the title, and I'm not even sure how far I am into the storyline, but have already put more than 10 hours into the game. With TONS left to do based on my percentage that I have completed.

LEGO City Undercover has:
1) Open-world
2) Tons of unlockables
3) LEGO games humor

Content side:
1) No cursing
2) No nudity

I have also heard that LEGO Batman 2 is an open-ish type world game, but haven't played it, so not really sure about it and how it would compare to LEGO City Undercover. But, LEGO Batman 2 is on the Wii U as well.

For those of you that have been playing GTAV, is there any sort of content filter in the game? And do you have to be concerned with foul language if you are just driving around, meaning, getting cursed at by citizens and the like?



ccanfield1 said:

I had to select "Maybe" because the answer I want to select "Yes, I would buy if it had Wii U specific features" is not a choice. Honestly, I would purchase it on whichever system has the best version.



SomeBitTripFan said:

No, I respect the game from a technical standpoint, but the content isn't really something I take interest in. Still, the Wii U is the perfect system for GTA. What other console (barring PS3 if it has Vita support) allows you to take the content off the screen so you can play it without anyone seeing what you're doing.



jpfan1989 said:

I am much more interested in getting Watch Dogs, I may get it for the WiiU rather than 360



Joey_Joe_Joe said:

It's pretty easy to understand why Rockstar doesn't release games on Nintendo home consoles. They simply wouldn't sell because of the type of people who generally buy the consoles and Wii U is no different. Why waste the money or effort.

People complaining about lack of 3rd party support (especially exclusives) will need to get used to it because even if they did they'd probably end up being unappreciated and it's unlikely that they would sell. I doubt Watch_Dogs will sell that well on the Wii U either but that's just my opinion.



MikeLove said:

"Sorry, but you aren't invited to our party" - Rockstar

"I wouldnt have went anyway! Your parties suck!" - Bitter Nintendo fan

These GTA articles and comment sections are just getting embarrassing now.
Could you ever imagine a PS4/PC/Xbox website posting an article about an upcoming Nintendo exclusive, talking about why they don't enjoy it and how they are glad it's not on their systems?

Of course not. They don't suffer from the same inferiority complex.



Kirbybrawl said:

Id buy it since i dont have the other consoles. Im not even into realistic games like this but there multiplayer video blew my mind.



Sabrewing said:

I rather enjoyed Rockstar's port of Bully for the Wii, and I wouldn't mind a "proper" GTA title on a Nintendo platform. It wouldn't have to be 5.



Void said:

Well, I'm not 17 yet, so I won't be able to buy it on any system.



FluttershyGuy said:

I'm undecided on GTA V, and there other things that are higher on my wish list. However, I'd like the OPTION of getting it. And other 3rd party games. The arrival of PlayStation 4 will ironically also mark the 4th generation that I've had to buy a second console to have all the games and franchises I play available to me.

It would be wonderful for a generation to come along where I'd only have to buy one console. But, I guess if that happened, it would mean Nintendo left the hardware business, and became a 3rd party themselves. So, I better be happy buying the current Nintendo and PlayStation console (I'm not an Xbox fan).

However, I wish Nintendo would solve whatever problems that makes 3rd parties seemingly hate them. Be cheaper and less space-consuming for me.



Lassenwolf said:

Not anymore. With Nintendo not putting out any first party in the first year and no one and I do mean no one buying 3rd party games like splinter cell( 2% were sold of 1.8 million) not being able to get online in a game( no sales no people ) I'm only buying wiiu first Party. If it's on the xbox i'll buy that one. On the other hand the big n finally may be getting it. wuii sports in HD coming out and online play and wiiu fit the whole game free for 30 days or free if you have the board and fit gaget. The one game I will get is bayonetta which is exclusive unless they do a rayman lie and release it on all systems



Boxmonkey said:

I buy one console every generation, without doubt I would buy this on wii u. Nintendo should do everything in their power to get games like this in their systems it they want to attract the more hardcore gamer. I personaly feel like nintendo lied to us all when they said that they would have major third party support for the U.



turnmebackwards said:

Brought it on PS3 & I don't think the Wii U could handle it firstly it would not even fit on the basic model due to being 8gb needing to be installed. Also I believe games can't be installed from disc on the Wii U so would not even work on the premium console.

Next nearly a year since release the console still has many bugs & freezing issues with games you just have to look at the problems with the new Splinter Cell game on Wii U. Along with many frame rate problems on the Wii U I just hope the next update improves all of this.

Due to knowing all since because owning a Wii U since launch I'd still have got it on PS3 as more reliable / stable console.



Gamer83 said:


I'm not really sure if it would widen the Wii U's appeal. I'd like to see it on the system just because I'd like to see if Rockstar would use the gamepad in creative ways and to give the Wii U another great game, but as far making the console more appealing to more people, I doubt it. I'm guessing the vast majority of people who would buy the game already bought a 360 or PS3 back in 2008 to play IV and this generally isn't the same crowd that's into Mario or Zelda so I'm not sure they'd run out and spend $300 on a Wii U to play a game they could get on a console they already own.



Shining-Void said:

Eh, i could really care less about it. I don't like the direction GTA has been going. They've been degrading females a little to much for my tastes. I have to draw the line somewhere. Also some of the crimes the player commits sicken me. That being said i do enjoy San Andreas on my PC.



DrRandle said:

Not even a little bit. I think the GTA series in general is really overrated. On top of that, I would be more inclined to play an open world game like that or Saint's Row on my PC, which can handle it -way- better.



Nukarmer said:

@brandonbwii sure not. not if you don't take it into account when deciding which console to buy this coming Christmas.

suppose you really want a Wii U but your son says "if only it had GTAV too..." and you're like: "oh, now it has, i'll buy us a Wii U and we'll both be happy now"



rmeyer said:

I have an xbox 360 but I've never been a Gta fan. I did like the first half of red dead, but ultimately am more into fantasy games than Rockstar games



daveh30 said:

it would depend on timing. earlier this summer, when there was nothing coming out, maybe, just to have something to play. today, highly doubtful. There are much better games coming out between now and Christmas that will be monopolizing my time.



Einherjar said:

A definite no from me. I simply dont like these kind of games and teh whole "be a bad guy" metallity behind them. If others want it, sure, release it. Im not forced to get it. But i dont really want it in any shape of form.



Mystemo said:

I own both a 360 and PS3 but I was not a huge fan of GTA IV so I'm not planing to buy GTA V until the price is reduced. But if there was a Wii U version I would probably buy it just to help show that we want developers to release their games for the system.



warlordovblood said:

Nah wouldn't buy it either way, gta 4 did nothing for me. I don't see how this one would be different. I personally don't find these kind of games entertaining anymore. To each their own though.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'd give it a shot. I've never played a console GTA game before and maybe it's quality, or lack thereof, would encourage me to purchase other Rockstar games in the future.



GN004Nadleeh said:

@XCWarrior you act like that is a bad thing. all nintendo does is remake the same game over and over again, same games different system. and now they are down to hd remakes which was last generation. i have a wii u and a ps3 and the ps3 is played far more. if nintendo would allow gta v on this system they might have sold some this year. there were millions os ps3's out there when gta released yet the nintendo fanboys get all gitty when the system sells ONLY when nintendo decides to release games, also gta requires an instalition which requires memory, something the wii u is lacking



x-mas_mii said:

I'm waiting on a pc version, but otherwise, yes. I have played about 40 hours of san andreas over the years on ps2 and 7 hours on pc since last December. I find this series fun as I can make a challenge for my self and have fun. like last night, I wasted time standing on top of a building and shot down a helicopter with a shotgun. this only erased the want of ever doing that (somehow) in real life.



Relias said:

No it does not appeal to me at all.. but even if say it did.. still no.. because we would either A. get a port that is missing features.. or B. get a port that would not have the DLC as others would.. (Which I guess you could consider A.. but I mean like no online if it had it.. no co op.. if it had it.. or something like that.. I mean technically if they are willing to take away whatever the DLC is to Lego Batman 2.. and no off line co op on Splinter Cell.. I can only imagine what they would take out of here)//



ricklongo said:

In a vacuum, I'd probably buy it, and then end up regretting it and trading it in after roaming around commiting crimes gets boring and the main quest fails to pick my interest.

But right now I probably wouldn't, since my gaming budget is limited and there is a LOT of Wii U / 3DS games I want to get in the coming months.



Slayer said:

Definitely not, who would buy it on Wii U when lots have bought it on Xbox 360 and PS3?



Interneto said:

HEY GUYS LOOK AT @Phantom_R! He is so special because is QI is higher than those who play GTA!... Hmm, guys?

See? No one cares. Stop acting like that.



Chris720 said:

Not my kind if game, but it wouldn't hurt for it to be on the Wii U just to widen the third party offerings. Not to mention, it is a game that would move a lot of units and give the Wii U a more adult vibe and widen the audience market.



AyeHaley said:

I am not into GTA or other realistic violent games but I picked yes.
And the reason is that GTA5 has a fantastic looking world full with fun stuff to do besides killing people. And I want the game to just mess around like flying a boeing or go mountain biking etc.

Oh and I mainly chose yes cause I couldn't pick "Could buy it on PS3/X360 but would rather have it on Wii U" as an option.
Seriously this game needs the GamePad. Lets hope Wii U sells buttloads this holiday season so we get GTA5 alongside PS4/X1/PC.

At first I thought "No! I thought GTA IV was awful, creepy and gritty. I am not buying the next one..." But after buying Red Dead Redemption on a hunch and loving it (well everything except the needless killing but its kinda historic and takes you to a wonderful wild west world instead of reality I am trying to escape so, meh.) and seeing GTA 5 in action with its amazing soundtrack and holiday/miami/whatever vibe....I am willing to take that chance again.



XxGame_LoverXx said:

The Wii U version of GTA would be way better then PS3 and Xbox 360.....jus like comparing Splinter Cell blacklist and Raymen to the Wii U version......Plus the gamepad would give us more option like changing the station on the radio, picking diffrent weapons, and looking at the map using the gamepad instead of pressing pause...I could go on and on.....I mean if they maybe stuck in sum Nintendo features similar to what they did with Tekken Tag 2 I believe GTA V on the Wii U would be a success



Ricube said:

I would, I also signed the petition on even if I'm not really a fan of the series. Still I think it's a game with a high value and... well... if someone doesn't like it for all the right reasons he might have, he doesn't have to buy it.
Anyway, even on this site this game moves a lot of opinions and I think that means people are really interested in it!



XxGame_LoverXx said:

@0Games So whatcu saying is if Nintendo started making Zelda Games on Playstaion and Xbox you woldn't buy it because everybody bought it on nintendo console 1st



MegaManEP3 said:

I'm another who's waiting for the Steam release/Steam sale to pick up GTAV. If it came out yesterday on WiiU as well though, I probably would have bought it. Having GTAV on WiiU would be fantastic for the platform.



JustinH said:

The GTA series really doesn't interest me much, but I did really dig Vice City. I dunno. I probably wouldn't get it, but I do think the Wii U hardware would be a good fit for it.



MAN1AC said:

I got it for PS3 and probably wouldn't even consider it if it was released on the Wii U.



theberrage said:

No, I only want remakes and rereleases not new games. That's why there is wii u! I like supporting mediocre software and efforts.



rjejr said:

@eLarkos - Damo vs the 2Dees. (That would be a good Chuck episode title, if you know Chuck).

@ThomasBW84 - "And I didn't mean to be snarky in that DuckTales comment (I can't tell whether you think I was or not!),"

Oh, admit it you were a little snarky, but it was all in good fun snarky, not mean snarky hence the It was funny.



Drewroxsox said:

I got it for ps3 yesterday... Nintendo is going to miss out on a lot of potential sales without the game because, that's all anyone is talking about buying or playing right now.



Tuturoopa said:

The HUD is so tiny I would love to have the map and everything on the gamepad, I would sell my ps3 version and buy the Wii U version if this were to happen



Doctor_Pancakes said:

I got it for PS3 and for one hate the mini map given in the game... if I could have a USEFUL map on the game pad at all times to look at so I could glance down to know where to go instead of having to have my eyes glued to the bottom corner of the screen maybe I'd be able to enjoy the games world... which would look FANTASTIC on the Wii U due to it being more powerful and able to play the game with more detail. And after playing NFS on the system I think the controls would be loads better too. We already know shooters are great on it.



Spanjard said:

How exactly is it good for nintendo if majority of Nintendo gamers wouldn't buy this and when the huge install base of ps360 owners would just buy it for their respective systems.
Sales would be very low, also because it would probably be a cheap port.
And a message would be send that even AAA third party games wouldn't sell on a Nintendo system.

I say, goodbye GTA, stay the hell over there and don't bother coming.



TruenoGT said:

I wouldn't buy it personally, but I'd welcome it to the system for those who would. There's a lot things the Wii U could bring to the series, with the unfortunate exception of enough sales.



Captain_Gonru said:

@SCAR392 I would agree with you only as far as to say that IF I were to get it, and IF it were available on Wii U, I would get it for Wii U. The GamePad would be great for the map and waypoint marking (you hear that, Assassin's Creed?). I also have both a PS3 and a 360, but am still unsure if I'm going to get it at all.



Lvl100Caterpie said:

I would not buy this game and no one else should either. It is a morally corrupt game and Nintendo should neither endorse it or encourage individuals under 18 to play the game.



Dpullam said:

I would say yes, but I already bought it for Xbox 360. It's pretty darn fun so far.



HouseofBees said:

It was a great article, and I'm sure there are a lot of Nintendo gamers who feel the same way. Putting aside potential misgivings about the game's moral compass - it's just not a Nintendo game.

People are put off by nonsense like the aesthetics in Nintendo games when more fun and innovation for less money is right in front of them.



3Daniel said:

No. Its not a game for me. I just never got intp sandbox titles. I passed on Lego City as well. However I am a huge fan of the original top down 2dthe affair. But that was mostly so I could run pedestrians over. And hey fox news, never onc did doing so cause me to do so in real life.



GuyMan said:

As usual, the comment section is filled with people who only like Nintendo games, pretentious hipsters, the regressive, and people who can't handle the content of the game (no other fanbase complains about it ).

I'd definitely buy it on Wii U. The system needs all of the M rated triple-A titles it can get. Its time to move forward. On top of that, the game is phenomenal. It has a higher score than Mario Galaxy on Metacritic, and I can easily agree with that. Its simply gaming stepping forward.



Senario said:

@Snkfiend doesnt really good prove any point, much less yours. It just shows that the community is almost half and half on if they would buy it or not. Stop trying to get into a battle of "I am right and everybody else is wrong."

@GuyMan ironically it is also pretentious to think that people who would not buy the game only play nintendo games or are hipsters. Just saying, is it so hard to believe that it is not a game for everyone?



I-U said:

Yes, I would purchase Grand Theft Auto V if it had come to the Wii U; however, I'm just going to get it on the 360. I've only recently got into GTA with DS's Chinatown Wars, and I'm fond of the freedom that the game provides. I'd imagine, considering the size of GTAV's map, that freedom will be even more expansive with this title.



WaxxyOne said:

Not putting this out on Wii U is a major mistake of Rockstar. I've no doubt the game will be considered a smash hit anyway, but there are so many opportunities that the Wii U could deliver for them and it's a shame they gave the system a pass.

First off, the Wii U is currently the leader in hardware performance, so they could push so more polys or spend those extra resources adding enhanced special effects or sharper textures, which would also bridge the gap between now and the inevitable PC release. Secondly, the game pad could make juggling between the 3 main characters a snap, allow you a great map view or hold HUD elements so the main screen doesn't have to be cluttered, or just let you take better aim with a sniper rifle or similar weapon.

A sandbox game set in a major city is also a great place to try out Miiverse integration. Imagine being able to come across graffiti of other player's Miiverse postings on buildings or tunnel walls in the game.

On Nintendo's side, the game would go a HUGE distance in proving that Nintendo isn't just about kid games. They should have made every effort to woo this game onto their system.



UgliestSoup said:

This NIntendo fanbase is full of people that can't pass a day without playing Mario 64. Open your eyes people GTA is not a bad game. Stop saying that it is bad. Its looking better than the crap Nintendo is releasing this year



EarthboundBenjy said:

Got nothing against the game devs who make Grand Theft Auto games. It's just not my thing. I would rather spend my time replaying Mega Man or Castlevania games or...anything else except for GTA.



swordx said:

GTA bores me to tears. Is i a bad game? In some ways, yes, but overall? No. I just dislike the game.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I probably would eventually. I like GTA its just not at the top of my list, there are too many games I'm more interested in at the moment.

The Wii U could certainly use more games like GTA though. A lot of Nintendo fans might not like it but there are still plenty of people who do, and liking Nintendo and liking other types of games isn't exactly mutually exclusive. The more games that suite different tastes the better, more options are never a bad thing.

I don't like God of War but I don't get mad at Sony for making it or insult the fans for liking it. Its funny how many Nintendo fans don't like being made fun of for liking Nintendo games, but have no problem doing the same to others. Talk about becoming the thing you hate most.



Epicnessofme99 said:

I had my doubts and actually voted before I had played it today but I found it to be alright, still a little out of the usual for me though but I would definitely purchase it if it came out on the Wii U.



Cyberbotv2 said:

No, I have a PS3 and still wouldn't purchase it. I played GTA III years ago and fell asleep playing. There's just something there that never grabbed me.



Henmii said:

Nope, not interested at all!!

Besides: From what I have seen this game looks graphically very weak, a bit like The Sims 2 (or 3)! Surely Rockstar can do better?!



Urbanhispanic said:

I'd buy it if it came out for the Wii U. I like a lot of games ranging from the likes of Mario, Zelda and Metroid to Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, God of War and the GTA series (including the DS version.)

Just because I play some games that feature violence doesn't mean I can't appreciate other kinds of games that don't glorify or overdo it.



Urbanhispanic said:

By the way, I thought the Manhunt series was a little more over the top that GTA but just like other games that I play, it's JUST A GAME.



hcfwesker said:

The games are fun, but wear off in the first few hours. Missions become repetitive, driving routes become longer for the sake of making the game longer. Let others blow their money on the game and enjoy it if thats what they're into. Most of my friends that play GTA rave about every new game for about a week, then complain cause they get bored of the repetitive missions and the only reason they turn on the game is to shoot rockets at helicopters and such. Yes, it's fun to blow stuff up and cause havoc but I need a game the keeps me entertained throughout after the novelty wears off. GTA never did that for me.



Marioman64 said:

I try to get all my games on my nintendo stuff, since I use them the most. However is I need my Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Katamari, Tales of Vesperia, GALLONS of other fantastic JRPGs, I use my xbox 360 and ps2. I've never actually owned a GTA title, but one on Wii U would be fantastic to add to my collection



ajcismo said:

I'm focused on playing Zelda in the near future. But I'd consider buying GTAV, probably via eShop, if it were made available and had all the bells and whistles of the PS/360 versions. Knocking a few bucks off wouldn't hurt either.



sillygostly said:


And if it includes gamepad novelties such as those shown in the picture that FishieFish posted, then all the better. I reckon that a lot of GTA V fans would be willing to double dip if the gamepad is implemented really well.



gregrout said:

IGN just released GTA V numbers.... this game made $800 million dollars on it's release date. It's expected to hit $1 billion by the end of the month. You don't pull in that kind of money without substantial demand from gamers. This doesn't bode well at all for future Wii-U sales in 2013. The only game I see coming remotely close to this for Nintendo is Smash Brothers in 2014.



TheHunter said:

Nope, not a fan of GTA. But I'd so buy Saints Row for Wii U. Beating people with a giant purple dildo with 1:1 motion control. That there is a console seller.



Rafie said:

Oh we go again! -_-

Well obviously GTAV is doing something right to all the haters saying "it's violence, sexist...blah, blah, hurr, hurr!" It's more to the game than what's being said in the majority of these comments. It's really JUST A GAME! Geez folks. Some of you actually give good reason as to why you either don't like the series or have moved on. Very understandable. However, there are a lot of you who just sound like "sour grapes". If it's not your deal, then don't buy it. That doesn't mean it isn't a great game.

Face it folks, had this came to the Wii U...people would be all over it.
It's doing great on sales right now. Check it out!



AVahne said:

Oh why not? I'll probably grab a copy. Maybe. There's still Watch_Dogs and other games to play...



Yoshis_VGM said:

I could really care less about this game (it's not my thing) but it would be better if it was on Wii U. It would help expand its third party library.



SlayerG said:

I would definitely buy this game. I loved vice city and red dead redemption. The gamepad showing the map and weapon selection would be awesome in that sandbox environment.



shonenjump86 said:

I'm actually getting this game on 360. To be honest, I was never really big on the series but I always enjoyed watching my friends play it, and I did enjoy playing GTA4 online with friends. GTA 5 caught my attention though, and I like that Trevor character. I buy most of my 3rd party games on 360 so I probably would not have gotten this on Wii U.



shokwave2 said:

@hcfwesker GTA IV was a gloomy, repetitive game, but GTA V has fixed all that with a huge variety of missions. Yes you may be shooting people every few missions, but what other games has you driving a mini submarine in the depths looking for government experiments, flying planes to drop of cargo drops, and sneaking into celebrities mansions to steal their underpants for weird fans?

Also with GTA online releasing next month, i don't see how you could get bored with over 500 missions intially, team deathmatches, races, etc, plus custom matches and races, and the ability to form a crew, buy mansions, vehicles plan heists and robberies.

Fair enough if it's not your sort of game but to say it's boring and repetitive when you probably played a 5-10 year old game is a bit stupid. It has 100 times more playability than Mario Kart, as there is only what 20+ tracks to race? And then what, race them again? Now that's repetitve. I'll be buying Mario Kart when it's released but i can see myself trading it in after completing the single player and a few weeks of multi. A game like GTA has freedom and the ability for downloading expansions, something Nintendo is not very good at doing.



shokwave2 said:

@hwrose379 so true. The more gamers playing Nintendo consoles, the more third party software we would see, and the better of us as gamers would be.



JusticeColde said:

I would buy it if they would add back the regular car physics so I can do what I usually do in GTA games, mess around by crashing, destroying and performing stunts with cars.



Luffy said:

I've never played a GTA game before but I've watched my cousins play it. Seems so lame. I wouldn't buy it if it was a dollar.



mikeyman64 said:

I'm stuck between 360/Ps3 and PC. I played IV on 360 only because someone gave it to me, but I'm much more a fan of PC games. Better potential graphics, which for this game is a big plus.

Best part about GTA games = driving, imo. I spent most of the 100s of hours I played 3 and 4 driving around, jumping ramps, dropping sticky mines, and causing general mayhem.



MAB said:

Watch Dogs looks like a better more innovative take on GTA anyway



miletich3 said:

GTA V made me regret selling my PS3 to my uncle this past January. So unless Rockstar is planning a Wii U port, I'll just save it for a gaming PC.



banacheck said:


in the first 24 hours Take-Two Interactive Software and the Grand Theft Auto Series has beaten its record with over $800 million in launch-day sales.

It's great to see GTAV doing very well, R* deserve the success thay are getting at the moment after 5years of development.

Hopefully R* next gen game is RDR2 which i can safely say R* should boycott the Wii U are reading them comments, after all most of R* games contain adult themes. Which isn't family friendly enough for a Nintendo platform.

I feel sorry for those that want GTAV on the Wii U, but it's there own community thats preventing some excellent 3rd support.



FineLerv said:

These comments... shakes head

Why is it acceptable for an XBox/PS owner to have no interest in a Mario game but outrageous for a Nintendo user to have no interest in a GTA game? I've never been able to sit through an entire GTA game (including China Town Wars) so it's pretty obvious the series is not for me. Does that make me a bitter fanboy? What a juvenile assumption.

Also, people really need to stop validating the legitimacy of their opinions by pointing to review aggregators. Opinions are subjective, not scientific.



banacheck said:


Why is it acceptable for an XBox/PS owner to have no interest in a Mario game

No thats not fact that's your opinion, also opinions can be wrong like you've just proven.

pointing to review aggregators. Opinions are subjective, not scientific.

Yes an opinion an opinion that shared by the majority of these comments , hence the comments being proof of that opinion.



Senario said:

@banacheck It is comments like these that make me think that Nintendolife really needs to get a handle on the type of people who comment. Seriously, opinions cannot be wrong. That is literally impossible. A lot of people here seem to not even like Nintendo let alone belong on a Nintendo centric website, only being here to hate on Nintendo stuff. Why not get a handle on this and make an overall more positive community rather than letting it continue?



FineLerv said:

"No thats not fact that's your opinion, also opinions can be wrong like you've just proven"

No idea what you're trying to say; I wasn't stating any facts. I was simply saying that the specific comments devaluing people's opinions for not wanting the game are hypocritical.

"Yes an opinion an opinion that shared by the majority of these comments , hence the comments being proof of that opinion."

Proof of a consensus, not proof of a fact.



andrea987 said:

People seems to forget we're playing games in our REAL life. It's all about lowering your standards - or cauterizing your conscience, whichever you prefer. If you choose to have high standards, just be prepared to be in the minority, though, that's all.



banacheck said:


Seriously, opinions cannot be wrong.

His opinion was XBox/PS owners have no interest in a Mario game.

So yes that opinion is wrong like it or not just because i own a PS3, it doesn't mean i don't play or own NSMB.

So what your saying if you don't post positive comments, even tho you don't agree with them you shouldn't be on the website. What a joke.

i agree i shouldn't of said fact,



banacheck said:


If you choose to have high standard

seriously your know better than anyone else, who play fictional games. hopefully this train of thought you don't take into every day life, or you might end up on death-row. As people with the same train of thought as yourself some went on to committing evil acts, it's called narcissism.



Thunderbird said:

no. I already got it for ps3. I don't think it's gonna be any better on wii u. I will maybe buy pc gta v cause of better online



FineLerv said:

@banacheck "His opinion was XBox/PS owners have no interest in a Mario game."

No, you've misunderstood me. My apologies for not being more clear. I was specifically referring to situations WHEN an XBox/PS owner doesn't have any interest in a Nintendo game nobody bats an eye. But, when a Nintendo user shows no interest in a game not on their platform, everyone loses their mind.

I have all three systems so I'm well aware that people who like Halo can also like Mario.



banacheck said:

FineLerv said:
Oh, i know what you mean now, i just don't like some of the comments about what type of games you play, makes you a less of a person or something. But i'm sorry if i've jumped on you, i agree on that, i've seen some people do that.



skywake said:

Can I check all the options? I'm not that interested in GTA anymore and I'm not sure if I could get it. However if I was going to get it I would probably want to get it on the PC instead because I think the game is best suited to that platform. I also think the Wii U would be much better off if it did exist on the platform and I'd be very happy if I was given that option.

I happily got Chinatown Wars on the DS so I do disagree with the main argument here.



Twilight_Crow said:

No matter how good a GTA is I'd never get one. I understand it has its fans and that is fine; I completely support violence in video games, but not all violence is the same, and there are some kinds that are not fun for me.

That said, shame it didn't come to the WiiU.



zionich said:

I never could get into games based on real world , even fictional, violence. Im much more drawn to fantasy violence. Same for movies. Movies like Training Day or series like Sons of Anarchy disturb me.



3DS_excel said:

I would definitely have bought it for Wii U. Instead I got it for PS3. Despite what people's view on the game are, it is a big mistake IMO for it not to be on Wii U. The added features the touchpad could have brought to the game as well as probably slightly better graphics, than the current gen, could have helped boost sales and improved the image of the Wii U to non owners.



Hunter-D said:

Simply not my kinda game. That doesn't mean that I haven't tried it though, I've played GTA II, III, Vice City, San Andreas and a bit of IV. The most fun I've had with the series was Chinatown Wars on the DS, but still I'm just not into these games.



kurtasbestos said:

The only thing I ever found remotely interesting about this series is that if you try to obey traffic laws it actually makes the game super challenging because they don't expect you to do that.



FineLerv said:

@banacheck No harm done. Totally agree that the games people play don't define them as a person. Same goes for any form of entertainment. I've known remarkably intelligent people who only watch reality television. Let's put an end to stereotypes, I say!



erv said:

I really don't care much about gta, even though it's a quality game.

Too much trying to be cool and "realistic", too little trying to be fun and exciting. I get the appeal in general though, it is a good game.



ULTRA-64 said:

I want gta Wii u.......the fact we are even having a debate is embarrassing, the ratings board decides what's 'too much' all you have to do is buy it or not. The Wii u will never have parity with the rest of the games industry so long as the biggest release in years isn't on the only next gen console. It really is damming for the console. You can blast Nazis and smash zombies in a bath of blood in other games so content isnt the issue here, it's Nintendos inability to operate in a way that draws in competitive business. They NEED games like this or they will fail this generation.pure and simple! And btw, I hear allot of people hear dissing a game they've never played.....would you really like it if a Xb/ps fan dismissed Mario/zelda adjust another one, didn't like the last! Games evolve, companies and fans Need to aswell!!!



kegluneq said:

noooo. I always prefered to play gta games on pc. so... I'll wait and play on my pc.



plunkettmonster said:

I would not buy this if it were available on the Wii U, because I don't like the realistic feel of the game. Crime in games is fun if its fake loooking but when it mimics reality too much I find it disturbing and disgusting. Maybe because I am a father I have gone soft over the years I really could not say but realistic crime games that encourage bad behavior I would buy even if it were cheap. Give me Mario, Link, Kirby, Mega Man, Metroid, Pikmin and all the rest of the characters that have made Nintendo great over the years and I would gladly shell out some cash but Rockstar's mega seller on the Wii U I would not.



Zael said:

I continue to say that third parties will not support nintendo and if they would then they would support with bad conversions, with frame rate problems and bugs.
I have found in d&d mystara wii u that the player's stats are bugged, but I have also the ps3 demo where the stats work well.
So I conclude that third parties will work bad on wii u (if they will work)
So, if i had to buy gta 5, i would choose a ps3 version or pc
The wii u hardware gives many troubles to programmers, it is too different from ps3 and xbox360, but third parties works first on ps and xbox and next convert on wii u with all the problems
The wii u should have been a standard architecture hardware console to have good conversions
only first party and nintendo will work well on wii u, so no reason at this point to wish a gta 5 on wii u
About the hardware I have found that the wii u has been already hacked with mod. and probably can run copies so nintendo don't understand that it is useless to make ibrid hardware because this doesn't protect them from nothing, it only makes third parties work harder
So I suggest you to not waste your time in hopes but to work on asking to nintendo a new hardware as soon as possible



Technosphile said:

" So I suggest you to not waste your time in hopes but to work on asking to nintendo a new hardware as soon as possible"

That strategy worked well for Sega I hear




Now I already bought it on Xbox 360 but I would have had preferred to have it on Wii U. I am really sad that Nintendo could not fulfil the promise of being a console that would have all the multi-platform titles.
Also, I cannot see how anyone can ignore the greatness of GTA V after playing it. People who find the game disturbing, because of sexism and your role as a criminal, have missed that the game is a satire of our society. It doesn't glorify criminality or misogyny. It mocks it. An example is the fictional show 'Americas Top Hooker' with the slogan "It's time to judge women again!". These are clearly a critique against a sick mass media.



HouseofBees said:

@GuyMan Hm. Just as it's pretentious to only choose to play certain games, it is to see a 5th sequel that, by all accounts, is essentially identical to its predecessors, as "gaming moving forward".

I don't need games to be sold to me like a morally corrupt film for over-excited teens. As long as it's fun, that's a good game.

For me, the 'satire' argument only works up to a certain point. It's not a get-out clause for anything suspect, and it's been overdone for this game.



andrea987 said:

@banacheck That shows how much things have changed. Before it used to be called "trying to be a good person". I suppose it was too long, lol.
What I meant with my first sentence, anyhow, before you jump to conclusions, was that even if you play games in a virtual reality, who plays it it's you, your person, your emotions, your instincts. The same we're using in real life. So if you're saying indulging in vicious acts, even though in a game, does not affect us at all, you're kidding yourself. Would it make you a killer? Probably not. Would smoking cause you cancer? Probably not. It's still not something I'd like to put inside me, whether in the brain or in the lungs.



TravisTouchdown said:

I dunno what it is about Liberty City, but I tend to only enjoy games that take place there, GTA2 being the sole exception. I have no clue why since between GTA, GTA3, and GTA4 all have different versions of it. There's just something about the layouts they make for it. With that being said, I WOULD have bought GTA5 just to show some support for the Wii U and given it an honest try, but since it skipped Wii U, I'm not gonna bother.



XCWarrior said:

@Hetsumani By that I mean it doesn't come out every year, but the game doesn't change a bunch from game to game. It's a ton bigger, but you're doing a lot of the same stuff over and over.

I know that's how most games work, but in this case it feels to samey. I beat GTA 3, then gave up in San Andreas because I felt like I was doing the exact same stuff in a bigger town, that had a lot of dead space.

I still said I might buy it, but that torture scene I've heard about makes me think twice.



XCWarrior said:

@GN004Nadleeh Woah there buddy. First off, as you see above from my other comment, most games are not much different than their predecessors. But in this case, it feels too samey. I'm not buying Wind Waker HD, i very seldom buy remakes (Star Fox 64 3D was one of my first, mostly b/c I wanted a handheld version).

Second, Nintendo wants GTA on their system. They've said so many times. Rockstar won't make it. Don't blame Nintendo.

Third, I play my Wii and Wii U a ton more than my PS3. I go months w/o playing my PS3 because I hate the load times and what not. To each his own. I hate having to install games... I know Nintendo is getting there too... but I still hate it.

@PEDRO12 Apparently not enough if you can't have a female lead. Some of the best games I've ever played had next to money spent on them. Spending a lot of money on something doesn't make it good. And don't trust reviewers, they are all too scared of backlash from internet to give it anything less than a 9.



piccolo85 said:

I would have bougt it day one!

Damn, I bought it day one, but I had to buy a PS3 aswell... Well, at least I get to play PS3's great backcatalouge now.



siavm said:

I don't like buying games twice. So I am happy just playing it on 360. And for anyone saying this is the same game or not your cup of tea you are probably just fooling yourself. From the two days I have played this everything about it is awesome. Violence is the draw but they and so many full on activities to this game that even you haters of the franchise might be swayed to give this a look. You can play tennis, golf, save people from getting mugged or chasing a purse snatcher down and returning the purse, towing cars, scuba diving, racing on and off road, parachuting off mountains, and a lot more things that don't involve violence. So things are full featured enough they could be their own game but it is one game. So haters play this at a friends house (if you are 17 or 18 in some places) and see this is more than just driving and shooting, and why a lot of people are saying this is probably the best game of the year.



TreesenHauser said:

@mkdsweegee Tell that to Splinter Cell Blacklist, which suffers high load times on Wii U, while the other console versions (which have a pre-install) play just fine. Alas, you have a good point.



GuyMan said:

@HouseofBees I play a wide variety of games across many platforms. So that argument is invalid.

Also, just so you know, you're basically advocating for censorship when you ccomplain about nonexistent things like "moral corruption." That and you sound like you were raised by Drake inside of a church. That and it gives us Nintendo fans a bad name amongst the general gaming community.

About the moving forward, GTA V is quite different in many areas, and it pushes current hardware to its limit.



MAB said:

Yeah, it pushes little old granny over outside the grocery store so you can steal her welfare cheque



HeatBombastic said:

@FineLerv While everyone is entitled to an opinion, with freedom of speech, comes freedom of criticism. Plenty of people think other opinions are wrong; like if I was an evolutionist, I'd think a creationist is wrong.

You're entitled to your own opinion, otherwise you couldn't make them. But there are times where you may be challenged with a stronger, more logical opinion.



HeatBombastic said:

@Senario Opinions can be wrong. If I thought all blacks were evil, that'd be my opinion right? But that's clearly biased and proven to be incorrect; as there are many admirable blacks out there.

With freedom of speech comes freedom of criticism. It's completely fine if a game like GTA didn't add a female main character because of some unstated opinion. However, we have the right to ask why. That's an example of a hypothetical opinion, being challenged by another possible opinion-- GTA with a female playable character would be cool.

Opinions can be wrong.



FineLerv said:

@HeatBombastic "You're entitled to your own opinion, otherwise you couldn't make them. But there are times where you may be challenged with a stronger, more logical opinion."

When the only evidence being presented is the popularity of an opinion then there is nothing that legitimises the opinion. Shall we start debating which colour is the best now too?



Quickman said:

@kereke12 If that was the case then Nintendo wouldn't never have allowed GTA to be released on the DS. This video on the other hand, may shed some light on the subject..

@TreesenHauser It's a 3rd party party game though, ubisoft are not going to put any more effort in than simply getting it up and running on Wii U + Gamepad. If Blacklist was built from the ground up for Wii then it would have blown the PS3 and 360 versions away in performance.



Relias said:

@theberrage Reads post.. looks at the not one, not two, but three different remakes of God of War 1 & 2 that came out last gen.. plus Kingdom Hearts Remake.. plus Deau EX Machina Remake, Ninja Gaiden 3 remake, Dragon Age Remake, and list goes on and on that is available on other consoles as well as Wii U.. and that is not even adding all the remakes on Sony's Portables currently available.. and just shakes head and laughs and laughs... you are kidding right??



XCWarrior said:

@Big_L91 You mean the series? Heck no I didn't avoid them - I bought them all. NSMB brings a very important new feature - multiplayer. Meaning it's a game you can play with your wife/girlfriend, whatever. We've beaten both Wii and Wii U versions together. If an area is too hard for her, she can bubble. If you have a significant other and want them to get into games, NSMB is a great entry point.



Genesaur said:

Eh, I'd maybe get it, eventually. It certainly wouldn't have me "reaching for my wallet," but I'd like to see it as an option for Wii U owners. Keep the hardcore (meaning in tone; I firmly categorize GTA as a casual gamer's game) coming.

@SysFin That's true. Saint's Row is kinda more fitting to a Nintendo system than GTA. Its irreverent sense of over-the-top humour seems in line with stuff like Platinum's work (maybe that's a stretch). It'd be interesting if Wii U got Saint's Row, instead, and continued to never touch GTA.

@FishieFish Brilliant! Day 1 purchase!



Laxeybobby said:

A novel but pointless poll as RockStar will never port this to WiiU. Even if the WiiU had an install base of the multi millions and all of them said yes on this poll, it would never happen.



billychaos said:

Nope, not interested. Frankly, i'm a little confused why so many people want GTA on a Nintendo console. It will do way more damage than help it. Xbox live and PS has had a strong online presence over the years and no one cared. As soon as Nintendo even put pictochat on the DS...OMG just about every News station and newspaper had articles and spots about 'How predators will use the DS to find your children' (at least in America). I don't even want to go into the articles about how 'Pokémon promotes devil worship'. Such a backlash could happen if GTA were on Nintendo. Again, this perspective is from America though, things may be different in the UK, not sure.



GrimSh said:

The GTA series have always been great in terms of satrical humor, excellent writing, boundless freedom and, of course, creativity. I would stand in line to purchase the title if it came out on Wii U.



banacheck said:


who plays it it's you, your person, your emotions, your instincts. The same we're using in real life.

Than i would suggest you don't play games if you cannot distinguish reality from a video game, especially when your sat in front of a TV with a DS3 pushing buttons etc very life like lol. And no your real life emotions are not the same as the ones you experience in a video game, but you do experience emotions while playing games studies have shown this.



accc said:

My answer is no, because I would only want to play it on a PC. GTA is too ambitious to be held back by the constraints of console hardware.



ULTRA-64 said:

@MadAussieBloke I'm trying so hard not to get sucked into the drama of all this. Seems petty for some. Your comment about watchdogs is right, it's a more mature concept and I have high hopes for a Wii u multiplatform release we can define as the best......if we get screwed on that.....I am considering, at 30, retirement from Nintendo o_0



Pete_Stooge said:

Probably mentioned before: GTA was on the DS (it was rated a 9 on NL), so gta can work on a Nintendo platform.

GTA is just coolness. If the violence makes you feel uncomfortable, i guess that's a good thing...




I wish I had saw this earlier but now I wish I didn't see this at all.

This is EXACTLY what I be talking about, I can't imagine someone NOT getting this game especially if it actually came out on WiiU!


When a game doesn't come to WiiU you fools always say "Oh no one cares or that's not my type of game" like your better or whatever! ALWAYS!!

I got GTAV on 360 and it's absolutely AMAZING one of the best games I've played this gen let alone MY WHOLE life. Sex and killing isn't what the game is all about it's about experiencing the world, the characters, the story, the wacky and just having FUN!


It's a huge shame ANY console misses out on this craft of perfection and inovation, PC players have been begging for this game while Nintendo fans say they don't care it's because of people like y'all the WiiU gets NOTHING!!



kyuubikid213 said:

The question isn't whether or not I would buy it, but whether or not I want it on the Wii U. The answer to both is YES. Even if it isn't to your liking, it's a game that, as far as I've seen, has gotten glowing reviews. If such a high-ranking multi-platform game hit the Wii U, it'd be looked upon more kindly in the eyes of the media and the other gamers in the community.



G3ry said:

The game is great, I love exploring the city on my chopper or a really fast car, discovering all its secrets, he violence is only optional.
I know what U say not caring about the game is NOT true and are only being foolish, plus the Wii U needs game like these.
Support Wii U!!! (THE WONDERFUL 101)



theberrage said:

@Relias By my quick count, %97.5 of all Wii U VC games were released on Wii. Listen, I bleed Nintendo. I'm critical because I care. Let's face it, Nintendo really has tanked with the Wii U, so far, by lack of software and effort.



xNoktemAeternus said:

i like how on another article GTA V wasnt a big deal, too violent, not for nintendo etc. now they put up a poll asking if people would buy it and almost half said they would, makes sense



koops330 said:

Im not a big GTA fan I like Saints row more but I would(because right now I need a WiiU game) unless Staints row 4 was coming out on the WiiU also



shokwave2 said:

It's funny how most people are acting all mature and saying "GTA is too violent and sexist, it's not my type of game". Yet they say they would rather buy Saints Row IV if it came to the Wii U, when in reality the Saints Row franchise are the more immature games than GTA and contains just as much sex, violence and drug use. They have know idea on the full gameplay of GTA except for the few videos of strip clubs and killings they've seen on YouTube.

Probably 10% of the game has drugs, excessive violence and sex involved. The remaining 90% of the game involves driving, diving, flying, hunting, comedy, finding collectables, races, vehicle and character customisation, challenges, etc. These sort of comments make me realise why mature content rarely gets released on Nintendo systems.



Relias said:

@NINTENBOY Not in denial.. I just said it is not my type of game.. never said it would not be good if the game came out for Wii U.. but the thing is.. well two things actually..

1. We would most likely get a gimped version of it.. (Much like Batman Arkham Origins) or a version that has all the features but does not work out of the box.. or something....


2. Even if it did come out most Nintendo fans would not buy it.. and it would not make money on the Wii U.. put that with the attitude of gamers who do like this sort of thing.. that they refuse to buy what they call an inferior version of the game.. (Actually somehow believing that the Wii U's graphics are not as good as last gens systems..) and well I think you can see what the most likely outcome would be...

It's not denial.. it is just fact... I know there are people who are exceptions to number two on this site.. but when you compare them 1 to 1 with all the owners of the system.. it would not be pretty for something like this on the Wii U.. (If nothing else I think Assassins Creed and especially the new Splinter Cell is a good example of this)..



Relias said:

@theberrage I agree.. but I was pointing out the others do not have all new titles either.. because I felt you were saying that was all Nintendo did.. (Was re release everything.) and that is not entirely true.. it was a misunderstanding on my part I guess..



Twilight_Crow said:

@theberrage @G3ry @NINTENBOY

Excuse me that I tell you this guys but you really can't guess exactly the reasons anyone of us has to not want GTAV (or in my case any GTA). Since I'm an oddball, let me be very specific.

I'm not in denial. I know the games I like and the games I don't. I got a PS3 and bought Assassins Creed 2 and INfamous and discovered I'm not fond of open world sandbox games to begin with. Then there is the fact that I don't like shooters of any kind, and this has a main gameplay of shooting. Yes it does have many minigames and things to do... did I mention I don't like open sandbox games already? Yes, I think so. The story, I'm not interested in it, even if it were a movie or a TV show, is not something I would watch. Finally it looks very realistic, this I can pass if the game is enjoyable, but games that happen in realistic worlds already have problems with me liking them; and I'm talking visuals here, don't go and tell me it is just fantasy anyway, I know that.

So... no, I don't want this game in any console. As you can see is not even specifically the violence, but this particular game's violence is not my thing EITHER.

Why the heck am I going to buy a game that has so many things I either don't like nor care about?

It looks like a great game, won't be the first great game I don't like.coughMetalGearSolidcough It would be great if it came to WiiU, because of the people that likes it. I think is a piece of art, the way they managed to make it so violent to even disturb people like some movies do, and the world they designed, R* did a great job, but not because a game is good it means it's going to be liked by every gamer in the world.



shokwave2 said:

@Twilight_Crow i respect that you can see that GTA is not just a game but also a work of art. Good to see you're not verbally bashing the game because you don't like it's various components: sandbox, shooting, etc. I'm the same with turn-based rpg games (Final Fantasy series, JRPG's) but i can see they're deep games with their own history and they look great, but i just can't get into them or enjoy them.



Gold_Ranger said:

I have it for my 360, in fact, thats WHY I bought my 360.
But I would get a WiiU version day 1!



hcfwesker said:

@shokwave2 it all boils down to D'ffrent strokes for D'ffret folks. I can go on and on about how great games like Fluidity and Toki Tori 2 are because I like games that let me do my thing and explore and figure things out for myself. Every GTA game I've played there's an arrow or compass telling me where to go during missions; that's always been a pet peeve of mine in some of these "block buster" games. I play games for the sense of exploring and discovering objectives on my own. Again, as I said, GTA just never did that for me. I understand it has a cult following and it does offer many things to do, it's just not my type of game.



Nintygek said:

Estimated PROFIT on PS3/Xbox360 1.23 Billions Dollars (without PC version profits). Come on, release a WiiU version already! They admitted to having it "up and running on WiiU". If PS360 can run it, WiiU no problem Just imagine the gamepad options! GPS with navigation sound (turn left now), In-car view on gamepad-3rd person view on TV, off-TV play, In-car sounds (like radio and character reactions), in-car radio controls (change radio stations), general MAP, etc..... And this is just my imagination. My opinion? They will announce it along with PS4 and XboxOne



Nintygek said:

With current install-base? 250.000 copies easy. Just imagine after the Nintendo first party releases. 5-6 million WiiU's worldwide by begin 2014!



Rei7 said:

Yes more options the better and will increase sales.
If Nintendo fans stays this arrogant, we will probably not see anymore new Wii.
Wii U is struggling and it needs every new game it can get.



Cybercalypso said:

Yes I would buy it on wii U without question. Wii U needs this type of game and others as well. Hardcore gamers as well casual gamers would flock to wii U because it has it all right across the board.



JimLad said:

It wasn't a very good soapbox, I think that's why you got such a strong reaction.
There wasn't much to debate about, it just seemed to be one man saying "I don't like this game" You should keep opinions like that to a blog, not a major news wesbite.

I lost interest in GTA after Vice City. Not because it's a bad game but I had just had my fill by then (I played the first five games to death) There probably is a potential market on WiiU, and I have no doubt it would sell better than the majority of the system's current releases. That was never the main problem though. Nintendo has turned GTA away so much in the past because of it's violence I think Rockstar just gave up trying.



HouseofBees said:

@GuyMan Interesting. But...

Advocating censorship on the grounds of 'moral corruption' and accusing a game with blanket ad-space of being a bit cynical when it comes to the moral side of things are different. I don't think any sane gamer would tolerate censorship (a general term if ever there were one) considering how some fantastic games have been released despite similar questions being asked.

And no, I'm not the person to go on about upholding moral values, or any of that twaddle. I think technically it's fantastic - that much is obvious. I'm also, as a Nintendo fan, a bit jealous - Nintendo's key games need this sort of massive promotion.

The more multi-console games are released on the Wii U, the more good exclusives there'll be, and fewer arguments like these.



GuyMan said:

@billychaos Because Scarface: The World is Yours, Chinatown Wars, GTA Advance, The Godfather, and Driver: Parallel Lines didn't happen.

The media wouldn't give a poopiedoodledoggiecacapooplepoop. Besides, why should Nintendo have to appeal to the same media mongols who write negative articles about them constantly?

@HouseofBees I could see why you'd be jealous.
Watch the profanity please — TBD



3dRich said:

I have been asking local retailers about the possibility since March of this year. The response has ranged from "it's a possibility" to "Nintendo doesn't want M-rated content on their consoles". I have also gone so far as to ask Nintendo and Rockstar themselves (via their respective 1-800 numbers). The answer from both has been that there are currently no announcements.

Personally, I think a golden opportunity has been squandered by not releasing a Wii-U version alongside the console's price drop. But I hope it isn't too late to abandon all hope of a future release.

While I am more of a Saint's Row fan myself, I feel there is plenty of importance in having the year's biggest title on the Wii U:

1. GTA V has made a billion dollars so far. That means a LOT of media attention that the Wii U is missing out on. Not to mention holiday season is nearly upon us.

2. GTA V could take advantage of the Wii U's unique features, such as Miiverse and off-screen play. The touch screen could be used for maps, inventory, sniper mode, etc.

3. Grand Theft Auto is arguably the proverbial 800-lb gorilla of M-rated titles. While I am certain many people on here have enjoyed the fantastic Wii games MadWorld, No More Heroes, and House of the Dead: Overkill, Their names just aren't as powerful in the public eye as GTA. This would be a big step in dispelling the myth that Nintendo is just for kids.

4. A polished version could showcase the power of the Wii U

5. Like it or hate it, GTA V has received mostly positive reviews from the press. Is there really anything wrong with having an acclaimed third-party title added to the library?

My answer to the poll question is an obvious "yes". But what else can Wii U owners really do to make it known that Grand Theft Auto V is desired on our console?



Nintygek said:

YES!! Off course I would buy it on WiiU. Already have WATCH_DOGS in pre-order. Rockstar can make this a test to see if it would sell on a Nintendo console. Install-base of WiiU will get a big boost the next month thanks to the major releases of "only on WiiU" titles.

My guess (if they release it) they will announce it alongside the PS4/Xboxone version.



Eatmynintendods said:

The gamepad could give the wii u exclusive modes and extra mini games it could be if its released it could be the best version



Relias said:

@3dRich On Number 5.. according to could not get past a 8.. why.. because no matter how polished or wonderful it is.. it's on a Nintendo system.. and a lot of sites are like that.. as thus do you get the one that has a 8.. or a higher rating if you have a choice?? I think most will get the higher one.. cause since the Nintendo got a 8 it has to be the inferior version (Even if it was the best one) so love it or hate it.. I would not mind seeing it on Wii U.. (Even though I won't buy it) but it will never do as well and will just lead to another third party.. giving Nintendo bad Press..



MarioMan247 said:

I wouldn't, but there HAS to be an incentive like making cocktails with the tablet or costumes/level packs based on nintendo themes like a metroid Night club.

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