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Sat 22nd December, 2012

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ccanfield1 commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop:

Seems like a good price point. At the sale price I'm even tempted to pick it up eventhough I already own the disc version. I'm just wondering if anyone has compared the graphics to see if the digital download looks any better than the disc ? I doubt it and couldn't really tell from the link to the Youtube video earlier in the comments.



ccanfield1 commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:

I am really concerned with this recent trend. It happened to me with the Target exclusive Rosalina amiibo, the Limited Edition 3DS Majora's Mask game with Skull Kid figure and now the New 3DS XL. Nintendo should do more of what they did with the ambassador edition presale of the New 3DS in Europe. Programs like that, tied to Club Nintendo accounts where people would have to have a large number of games registered, could help to curb some of this and make sure the most loyal customers at least could have a chance to get some of these limited release items. As we see with the eBay sales, a large amount of the actual sales aren't going to people actually interested in playing these systems but are just trying to make a quick buck. I called Nintendo and Best Buy today to voice my concern over this issue.



ccanfield1 commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:

I'm bummed this one was already sold out online. I was just looking Friday to preorder once I heard this was a Target exclusive but it wouldn't show up when I search for Rosalina. Then when I looked on Sunday it was already sold out. I've managed to get or preorder every other character. Now this is going to be the only one I don't have coming. Guess I'll have to be at my local store the day it comes out and hope I can get one before they are all gone.



ccanfield1 commented on Research Firm's Black Friday Data Shows Wii U ...:

I think Nintendo and Sony made a mistake by only pushing bundles and not discounting their systems like Microsoft did. I love my Wii U but had a hard time not picking up an Xbox One myself. I'll still wait until Halo 5 comes out.



ccanfield1 commented on Cross-Buy is Now a Thing on Nintendo Platforms:

I love cross buy on Sony's platforms. It's one of the reasons Playstation is my console of choice when purchasing multi-platform games. If Nintendo started doing this I might be more inclined to buy games on their system.



ccanfield1 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's E3 Plans Are Full of...:

I'm excited to see what Nintendo has to offer at E3 this year.. However, I can't help but feel like this is Nintendo losing it's seat with the adults and now being relegated to the kids table. It's hard to be taken seriously by the media and core gamers when you choose to do this. Yet, as a Nintendo fan, it doesn't hamper my enthusiasm.



ccanfield1 commented on Hardware Classics: SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color:

Thanks for doing this article. I love my NGPC. I have 2 and even got one modded to add a front light to the screen for easier play in low light conditions, which is about the only issue I have with the system. So many great games and the control stick is still the best I have ever experienced on a handheld.



ccanfield1 commented on Nintendo Apologises for Nintendo Network Issue...:

I'm glad they got the eShop back up and running before the end of many of the sales. If I had missed out on some game sales because of the outage then I would have been really upset. Since it didn't and it just delayed my purchase a few days, I'd call that a minor inconvenience.



ccanfield1 commented on Happy Birthday, Wii U - You're One Today:

Just like with the 3DS, I made the mistake of being an early adopter of the WiiU. I should have waited at least 9 months after their original release before making either purchase. I feel it is an issue with gaming these days. Systems and games are released too early in order to make certain dates. Features like TVii are advertised like they will be coming out at launch, only to have them delayed several months (Nintendo isn't the only one guilty of problem like this). I should have learned my lesson from the 3DS troubled launch and waited to buy the Wii U. Overall, I am happy with my Wii U now. There are finally some good games available or soon to be available for the system. They really need to come out with a system that has more internal memory though.



ccanfield1 commented on Out Today: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker...:

I am waiting on the physical disc. I only buy download versions of games if there is a significant savings for doing so. I don't expect to sell this game but with a download version I can never do that without selling the system. Why should I pay the same amount for a game they didn't have to put on disc, package and ship. Some of that savings should be passed on to consumers as incentive to purchase digital, in my opinion.



ccanfield1 commented on Exclusive: Pure Chess eShop Releases To Featur...:

Finally someone is putting a little extra effort into a Wii U release. I think the most exciting fact is the cross platform play between Nintendo and mobile devices. If this a sign of some things to come, I think it will be a great way to increase the number of players available online in multiplayer.



ccanfield1 commented on Pachter: Nintendo Has Lost Its "Mojo":

I hate to admit it but I think Pachter is right. If I didn't already own my Wii U, I would be asking myself the same questions this holiday. For me Nintendo would fall second on my list, behind a PS4, but his points are valid.



ccanfield1 commented on Impressions: The Best Buy "Nintendo Experience":

I couldn't make it to the event in Arizona. It would have been a 4 hour round trip for me to go if I could have. I asked a relative to go for me who lives in the Phoenix. They could only go Wednesday and arrived an hour after the event started. The event was already full and they wouldn't let anyone else sign up to play, so they left without getting to play anything. What crushed me was they didn't get any Nintendo swag to share with me :(



ccanfield1 commented on Talking Point: E3 Exposed the Strains of Ninte...:

My concern is that unless there is a substantial price drop this holiday, most people looking at purchasing a system won't be swayed enough by Nintendo's lineup. Especially if they can't play third party games like Call of Duty: Ghosts or any EA sports franchise. I already purchased my Wii U at launch but with 3 choices this holiday, it would be a much tougher decision.



ccanfield1 commented on "Too Early" To Talk About Updates For Sniper E...:

I hadn't played this game yet and was looking forward to the Wii U version. However, since so much content is left out why would I want to try it out on Wii U ? I could pick it up for cheaper with more content on another system. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy for these companies when they don't expect a game to sell well on Wii U and they release an inferior product. I am not going to purchase the Wii U version of a game when I know it is going to be missing out on so much content. I made the mistake purchasing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Wii U and I won't make it again.



ccanfield1 commented on Talking Point: E3 2013 Is All About The Games:

Nintendo better show off some amazing games that outdo Sony and Microsoft. Otherwise gamers won't be spending their money on Wii U and instead will be saving it for PS4 or Xbox One. I hope the Big N gives me many reasons to pick up my gamepad this E3.



ccanfield1 commented on Poll: Wii U Hardware Revisions and Accessories...:

One of the features I like is off TV play of games on the gamepad. So a smaller gamepad is not something I would like, mainly because of that. Extended battery life is something that is essential for both the Wii U gamepad and the next 3DS. NFC characters would be cool too.



ccanfield1 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Step Up for the...:

In my opinion, the eShop is Nintendo's only hope for the Wii U besides major 1st party releases, such as Zelda or Metroid. Their work to reach out to indie developers and continued efforts to improve the Virtual Console are essential. As a current owner of a Wii U, digital downloads are the only reason I'm turning on my system at all. Otherwise, it would be turned off until Pikmin 3 is released.



ccanfield1 commented on Ubisoft Confident Its Titles Will Attract Game...:

This thinking makes no sense. Why would anyone go out of there way to purchase a Wii U for games that are all cross platform releases. Maybe if Rayman Legends was still an exclusive that might have helped sell a few systems but since it is coming to 360 and PS3 most people will likely get it for those platforms they probably already own.



ccanfield1 commented on This Famicom GamePad Skin is a Thing of Beauty:

I never buy decals but because of the issue with fingerprints showing so easily on the black Wii U, I bought the original NES design skin from Decal Girl's website. I love the look on my Wii U and no more annoying fingerprint marks to keep cleaning off.



ccanfield1 commented on Talking Point: DLC's Increasingly Important Ro...:

This was my issue with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. I purchased the Wii U version because I liked the off TV support for multiplayer. However, I am now somewhat regretting my decision because DLC isn't available. I hope they at least release some discounted package of the DLC in the future. I would hate to never be able to get any of the content being offered on other systems. Worst of all, it will make me seriously question whether to purchase a main stream game like that on Wii U, even if it is available, because I don't know that I can count on them continuing to support it. Especially, when it comes to making patches to fix issues with the gameplay. It took forever for them to release any for COD:BO 2 on Wii U



ccanfield1 commented on Talking Point: Lessons to be Learned, Again, F...:

I would like to see a cross-buy/cross-play function be brought in between the 3DS and the Wii U, similar to what Sony is doing with Vita and PS3. Wouldn't it be a nice feature to entice 3DS owners to pick up a Wii U if all the Virtual Console titles coming for Wii U were cross playable with the 3DS. Then you could game on the go and at home. If you already owned them on the 3DS it would allow you to have a small library of games available to you and might increase the value seen in the Wii U.



ccanfield1 commented on Satoru Iwata Taking Over CEO Role of Nintendo ...:

I guess this move makes sense. Especially if Iwata is taking personal responsibility for next years financials (1) (2) I would want to make sure there was no one to blame for any failures but myself. By having more direct control over all of Nintendo's operations, he really is making it his personal commitment to meeting the financial goals they've established.

1. Iwata Implies That He Could Step Down Over Sluggish Sales Performance
Posted Thu, 31 Jan 2013 | 11:10 GMT by Damien McFerran
2. Feature: Nintendo's Financial Revelations and Hardware Strategies
Posted Wed, 24 Apr 2013 | 17:30 BST by Thomas Whitehead



ccanfield1 commented on Interview: Marc Franklin - Nintendo of America:

Love how PR guys are so good at talking without really saying anything. Everything Marc said was already said in the Nintendo Direct. I am glad you asked the question about the problems with the retail release of Fire Emblem because I think that is exactly why the digital downloads of that game are so high. I won't be surprised to hear that downloads of MH3U are high in Europe also. However, Marc would attribute it to the same reasons he gave for Fire Emblem downloads in North America and not the failure to properly distribute a game. However, at least there is the digital download option for when distribution problems like this do occur.



ccanfield1 commented on Wii U System Update Coming Next Week:

Finally. I feel like a lot of these things should have been on the system from the start or at least in the first couple of months. Panorama View was something they showed at E3 and I really have a problem with features being advertised as if it is available right away. This shouldn't have taken almost six months to finally come out but I'm glad that it is. I am especially looking forward to Wii U VC and improved load times.



ccanfield1 commented on Site News: Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!:

I'm relatively new to this site and have only really been regularly checking it for the past year. Yet, I have already come to learn what a great resource it is to learn about all things Nintendo. Keep up the good work. Happy Anniversary !



ccanfield1 commented on New Patch Released For Call of Duty: Black Ops...:

I was just playing Zombie mode with a friend today. I got this version for the ability to play with one person on the gamepad and the other on the TV. I love that there is no split screen. I love that they are updating but they really need to release the DLC too.



ccanfield1 commented on Aliens: Colonial Marines Seems To Have Been Ab...:

I know this game is bad, but when there pretty much hasn't been a game released on the Wii U since launch, isn't something better than nothing ? I hope they can resurrect this game like Ninja Gaiden 3 and make it the game Gearbox originally envisioned. However, for that to happen they actually have to put some of their own people on the development.



ccanfield1 commented on Wii U Version Of Deus Ex Will Be The "Ultimate...:

I haven't played this game yet, so I'll go ahead and pick it up. Price tag will dictate whether I pick it up right away or wait for a price drop. I wouldn't pay more than $30 for a 2 year old game. Even with these additions.



ccanfield1 commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS):

I took advantage of the Amazon preorder discount and saved $20 by purchasing both. This will be my first real experience with the series. I can't wait to hunt at home and on the go.



ccanfield1 commented on Talking Point: The Problem With 'Old' Wii U Ports:

Excellent article. I just hope they give the Wii U a fair shake but it sounds like studios may have already had their development dollars in PS4 and Xbox Next efforts. Hopefully, major releases coming soon for Wii U will help to bolster system sales and companies will again pickup projects they might have shelved. I'd hate to see third party support relegated to the dismal state we saw on Wii. However, I will always support Nintendo's quality and innovation. Maybe the excellent JRPG titles finally making their way to the US on the Wii will have enough success so that we may see more ports of Japanese Wii U releases here. I'm just afraid it won't come until the end of the consoles life cycle.