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SKTTR commented on Exclusive: eShop Publishers Are Dropping Relea...:

Hope Nintendo goes up the Steam or Apple route. No barriers. No censorship. All games in all territories. No extra cost for developers, publishers and consumers.

Germany missed out on a few minor WiiWare games in the past, but on Wii U it's more than 10 games already, great ones such as Master Reboot and Ittle Dew included! :(



SKTTR commented on UCraft is a Wii U Exclusive Once Again:

Let indies create more creative freedom games, Or has everything to be a platformer? We don't have anything similar to Minecraft, so all those clones are still very welcome and hopefully good.



SKTTR commented on Feature: A Fit-To-Burst History Of Kirby Games:

Kirby's Fun Pak was my favourite for the longest time. For me it was up there with the SNES' greatest platformers (the Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country games), but now my favourite is a tie between Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Adventure Wii. The Wii really had the best options for Kirby games, even considering the disappointment that Kirby's Dream Collection wasn't released over here in Europe. I also love Kirby's Block Ball, the best Blockbreaker/Arkanoid clone ever.

3 Kirby games I missed and would love to try are Star Stacker (with the SNES version for Wii U VC as my prefered option, lucky Japan has got it on Wii VC), Tilt'n Tumble, and Mass Attack.

I just downloaded Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land and Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (both GBA VC) for Wii U, and I'm eager to get the brandnew Kirby game for Wii U when it's released this Thursday.

And for Kirby being so easy... KDL2's final boss is mega brutal (back in the day I wanted to throw that game away because of it), KDL3 wasn't easy at all with some puzzles and later stages. And huge respect to everyone who was able to complete Air Ride 100%!

PS. That video of Tilt'n Tumble running on Gamecube nearly blew my mind! :D



SKTTR commented on First Impressions: Tapping In With amiibo Tap:...:

I have all of the 30 games on Wii VC and/or Wii U VC, so it's useless to me.

I also think it would have been a better idea if each amiibo was tied to a certain game and not a random one..
Of course, well-known characters would be obvious:
Mario to Super Mario Bros.
Peach to Super Mario Bros. 2
Luigi to Super Mario Bros. 3
Bowser to Super Mario World
Yoshi to Mario&Yoshi

But then there are the ones with the potential to make this hyper exciting:
Marth amiibo gives you access to a translated Famicom Fire Emblem demo!
Ike amiibo to introduce a Gamecube demo of Path of Radiance!
Mr. Game & Watch amiibo to a HD series of G&W games!
I see potential wasted, but hey it's free, so at least it can be forgettable and forgiven.



SKTTR commented on Review: A-Train: City Simulator (3DS eShop):

The PC-Engine (Turbografx) version is on the Japanese Wii's Virtual Console. I was surprised to see this cult classic coming out in Europe as a 3DS download. It's rare that a Japanese quality simulation game gets translated.
But I need simulation games on a big HD display. If this was on Wii U I'd get it just because of it's long history and interesting gameplay.



SKTTR commented on Review: Yoshi Touch & Go (Wii U eShop / DS):

This game has such a nice soundtrack. An addictive, endless, colorful, randomized autoscroller with the freshness of touch controls which was unique and original back then.

First bad DS game by Nintendo? No way, that award goes to Pokémon Dash.



SKTTR commented on Interview: Choice Provisions on the Nindie Sce...:

Can't wait to get more info on their three new games Shutshimi, Tharsis and Laserlife.
Bring em all to Wii U of course! In Europe too! And what about possible release dates for them?

I got all their Wii/WiiWare/Wii U eShop games and VOID is my favourite too, next to lilt line and RUNNER2.
Will they publish lilt line too too? (This is not a grammatical error, the sequel to lilt line is called "lilt line too".)



SKTTR commented on Video: Shovel Knight, Scram Kitty, CommanderVi...:

Crazy. So many indie heroes in one game. And the best things is: They're all from Wii U indie games. Scram Kitty made my day! Hope there's even more ... hidden... locked... don't spoil them all!

Hope this (and Sportsball) find a way to Europe!



SKTTR commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (Europe):

6 Euro for 8 costumes? Nintendo, seriously?
23% People wanna buy them?? People, seriously??

I love Smash but this goes too far! A smash in the face.

On the upside we also get Elliot Quest this week!
And Pandora's Tower (for those who don't have it already.)



SKTTR commented on Review: Donkey Kong 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:

Made the Expansion Pak necessary because of a mysterious bug that crashed the game without one... Wow...

Back in the day I was disappointed about this games' graphics... yeah I was young and I expected to be blown away by DK64 on N64 the same way the DKC trilogy blew me away on SNES.

It blew my mind how the pop-up/fade in of the enemies is so bad compared to Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, or Conker's Bad Fur Day. They all looked better, and those weren't even compatible with the Expansion Pak.

Anyway, apart from visual disappointment I completed this game 100% (like every other game back in the day.) And the amount of content was outstanding.

I was quite happy with its longevity/replayability. Nothing is worse than saving money for weeks and paying 150DM/75€ for a handful of hours when you're young, but with this game you had plenty to play for weeks and your moneys worth. 10€ is a steal, especially in times without good 3D collectathon games.



SKTTR commented on Nintendo Download: 9th April (North America):

Tetrobot is a real quality puzzler I need to recommend especially for the sales price. If you liked the high quality level of puzzle games like Art of Balance, Pullblox World, The Swapper or Toki Tori then now's the time to pick up the underdog Tetrobot, Neko's best release so far. Top design, content, and presentation.

I'm gonna get ASA. :)



SKTTR commented on Gallery: Wii U Owners React to Screenshot Remo...:

I had a few Commodore 64 prn games when i was a child. Was just loading disks searching for cool games because I got a 100er box from a flea market and some disks didn't have a label.
Well, it was funny to come across them. Didn't make me feel bad or uncomfortable. A bit ashamed at first maybe but most games were hilarious more than anything. Just like AVGNA. In hindsight those 8-bit and Atari graphics were harmless even back then. Some horror games however, even in 8bit, gave me nightmares.



SKTTR commented on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Reckons "It Would Be Co...:

I voted for a different Rare character duo in Smash.

KRYSTAL & TRICKY from Starfox Adventures.
1. She's a new character.
2. She's a girl.
3. She uses a fighting pole which is unique in Smash.
4. Tricky the dinosaur can attack as a sidekick.
5. A Dinosaur Planet stage with some gorgeous music can be added in an update.
6. More Starfox love, especially now with a new Starfox game on the horizon.
7. These two Rare characters are owned by Nintendo.
8. You know you want that Krystal&Tricky amiibo.



SKTTR commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd April (Europe):

Can someone send me a Gravity Badgers download code in exchange for either a Duck Hunt (NES), Metroid Fusion (GBA), Mario&Luigi Superstar Saga (GBA), WarioWare (GBA), F-Zero Maximum Velocity (GBA), A Link to the Past (SNES), Art Academy SketchPad (Wii U) or Pikmin Short Movies (Wii U/3DS) download code?



SKTTR commented on Community Interview: Give Us Your Affordable S...:

My question: Is Nifflas doing the soundtrack? If so, I'm on it day 1. How many tracks are in there, how many hours of music?

Knytt Underground had an amazing 3 hour soundtrack. One of the best on Wii U, or should I say in game history? Up there with my other favourite soundtracks EarthBound, Chrono Trigger, Tetrisphere, World of Goo, and the DKCs. Also, 8.99€ for that 20+ hour game was such a bargain, so I'm more than happy to spend a bit more on his new Wii U game.

That argument about the game's price is funny though. Cheapskates. Probably mobile phone players. No respect for quality exclusives that use Wii U proper.



SKTTR commented on Review: Elliot Quest (Wii U eShop):

I grew up with 8 bit games, so I have a soft spot for these kind of graphics and music.

But I don´t like many of the old games. Due to their lack of save points many are too difficult and frustrating. The other thing is, there are no hardware or file size limitations in a modern "pixelgame". Anything is possible and much more surprising.

I also prefer modern 8-bit games over new Virtual Console releases. I love to play retro-looking games on Wii U and find them more appealing than original NES/Atari games nowadays. And I played hundreds.



SKTTR commented on Gunman Clive 2 Developer Talks About a Possibl...:

I prefer HD home console versions instead of 3D portables. So yes, any good 3DS game that gets a polished Wii U port is gonna get my support.

I´d love to see both games combined for a more fitting (bigger) home console experience though.



SKTTR commented on Underground Is Coming Stateside Next Week, And...:

I completed Underground 100% and found it quite enjoyable! It´s a very atmospheric and original puzzle game / construction adventure mix.
One of the few good and unique Wii U exclusives. Now that a few months have passed (since the EU release) I´m ready for a sequel.

Wish Grendel Games success!
It´s crazy how this relatively small indie team achieved to make their own hardware. Respect for that! Probably one of the biggest curiosities and the most risk-taking game to ever hit the Wii U.



SKTTR commented on Elliot Quest Patch Adds Several Additional Con...:

The Wii U GamePad is the best controller Nintendo made so far. The perfect size, feels as it was made for my hands, or for normal hands in general instead of kids hands. Obviously don't need to mention the other unique, practical and comfortable features.
I don't like playing 3DS and Xbox One because their controllers give me cramps. I wish I could use the Wii U GamePad for my 3DS and Xbox One. I bought a 3DS XL but it's still too small. The games are great but the controls aren't fun. I skip the New 3DS and hope the next Nintendo console is a hybrid: a Wii U that can also play 3DS games.

Anyway, since Wii U can be played with a bunch of different Nintendo controllers it's always nice to see when a developer puts all options in.
I can't wait for Elliot Quest to release in Europe next month.



SKTTR commented on Kaio: King of Pirates, by Keiji Inafune's Comc...:

They got $4 million dollars on kickstarter for Mighty No. 9 minus $3.8 million dollars for the losses on Marvelous' Kaio.

That's still $200.000 left for MN9 and that translates to: 10 people with a monthly paycheck of $1600 working for 12 months on the game. Still a fair amount of money and time for a medium sized indie team, wouldn't you think?



SKTTR commented on Gallery: The Natives Are Most Definitely Hosti...:

Nothing against a clone.
1. There should be good clones of good games that aren't available on the system.
2. There should be good clones of good games that can't get on the system because of legal reasons.

And since there's not a MineCraft clone on Wii U I'm all for it.

I don't know how close this is to MineCraft (as I don't know every MineCraft pixel by heart), but it's concerning, so please don't rip off the graphics straight and try to do your own thing, or your game gets pulled and no one is happy.



SKTTR commented on Two Tribes Co-Founder Doesn't Think He Would H...:

At least it did appeal to me, a longtime puzzle adventure core gamer. With 25 years of experience in this genre is was blown away by Toki Tori 2's ingenious puzzles, outstanding design and wonderful audiovisuals. I paid 13,49€ on launch date and thought it was worth much more than that.

One of the indie highlights on Wii U and my number 1 favourite Wii U eShop game of 2013. After this I went to buy everything Two Tribes had to offer, and while all of their games are great, I still think Toki Tori 2 is much better than everything else they produced so far.

As for RIVE, I'm excited to see if they can pull off an action game as (so far) their strength is in quality puzzlers.



SKTTR commented on The Man Behind Fluidity And Stealth Inc Discus...:

Wii U has the TOP3 'Best Shooters of 2015' in their pipeline:
1. Splatoon
2. Starfox U
3. Devil's Third
(Didn't count Metroid Prime Trilogy which was already released this year).

There are Nintendo fans that like shooters, but they need to have pure gameplay, like the ones above. Wii U fans don't really want those scripted hellzones that feel like 50% movie and 50% game.



SKTTR commented on Life of Pixel Developer Highlights Sales Figur...:

Oh, I'd get it for nostalgia. Love how they nailed the oldschool graphics.
A nice throwback to classic systems. It doesn't seem to be much more than that though. If it's around the price of a SNES game (7.99) retro platformer fans like me certainly pick this up (on Wii U).



SKTTR commented on Koei Tecmo Says Hyrule Warriors Has Breathed N...:

Wii U has 3 Warriors games already. There's really no need for more.
1. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
2. Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2
3. Hyrule Warriors
and if you want you can also play the Wii games
4. Samurai Warriors 3
5. Samurai Warriors Katana

I have more than enough Warriors games. Hyrule Warriors alone will keep me occupied for the rest of 2015 and when I finally complete it I'll need a long Warriors vacation, especially with Xeno and Zelda on the horizon.

If Tecmo Koei could stop this Warriors overflow and bring Project Zero 5 and Romance of the Three Kingdoms U over to the west, that would be more interesting.



SKTTR commented on Don't Seethe Too Much Over Xbox One Shovel Kni...:

Since there was a Shovel Knight cameo in Armillo, I always wondered why there wasn't an Armillo cameo in Shovel Knight...

Looking forward to Plague Knight and multiplayer content.

Battletoads and Kratos? Seems random. Is this an extra level or something?

If the Nintendo version gets a cameo, Link from Zelda II or Meta Knight sound alright, but I guess it's not easy to license those characters.
Anyway I'm not suggesting or wishing for anything, wanna be surprised and see what they come up with.



SKTTR commented on Euro Release Of BLOK DROP X Twisted Fusion Sel...:

First day sales?
Well, it was released alongside 5 other eShop games in NA,
and alongside 1 other eShop game in EU.
Launch day sales are generally better when not much else is released on that day.
Also, Europeans love puzzle games.

I think UK sales are better because people in UK know BLOK DROP U.
Germany doesn't have access to BLOK DROP U so BLOK DROP X is new/unknown to them.



SKTTR commented on Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Announced for ...:

Trine 2 - Director's Cut is the number 1 indie megaseller on Wii U in almost all regions, and the reasons are probably really nice detailed HD graphics and a beautiful presentation and introduction that seems to lead into an immersive world, unique gameplay, co-op 3-player local and online, voicechat, all original content + all DLC content in one package, and everything expected like off-tv-play and no bugs. It helped that it was a launch game and has a good demo too, so I wonder what happened to Trine - Enchanted Edition for Wii U.

However, Trine 3 looks like a different beast. Much more exciting.

My main issue (a minor one) with Trine 2 was that stages were too long, lasting around 20mins each. And a deep forest wasn't just one relatively long stage. It was a series of several relatively long forest stages. I personally prefer shorter stages (then it's easier to take breaks when playing with friends and more comfortable when you missed items/collectibles). That, or a map.



SKTTR commented on Review: Pac-Attack (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo):

Good you pointed that out. If you want Pac-Attack with 2-player mode on Wii U you need this SNES version because unfortunately all GBA games on Virtual Console don't have their original multiplayer link feature.

But if you don't care about multiplayer, just get the GBA Pac-Man Collection where you get this and three other games for less money.