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Whopper744 commented on The Latest Miiverse Update Has Users In An Uproar:

Eh. As long as that arrow is there to fix it I guess. Some of my friends post every time they do something small anyway. Now can we get rid of those 'suggested user's' or whatever it's called? I see the same.ones every, and I'm not randomly adding someone on Miiverse.



Whopper744 commented on Nintendo Announces Best Buy Locations and Deta...:

I figured they'd avoid WV like the plague again, but wow. That's bad. Now every time they try to hype it, it's like them saying "LOOK AT WHAT YIU CAN'T BE A PART OF DESPITE BEING A FAM FOR OVER 20 YEARS!"
I really don't care much to watch strangers compete in these games. I never was into keeping up with the "Melee experts" either for that matter, even with really liking the game.itself.



Whopper744 commented on Work in Progress Video Fires Up Shigeru Miyamo...:

I'm not sure I fully understand what this is talking about honestly. I thought for a second we were talking about the Nintendo e3 show/direct being shown on a certain TV channel that I figured out that's not what they meant.
On a side note, I wish e3 was still held in May so bad.



Whopper744 commented on Feature: The Poor Career Choice of Super Smash...:

As much as I enjoyed Melee and all the games in the series, I think it would do that group good to move on with the series. My opinion anyway. That, and get away from Project M. I don't see that ever happening though. They aren't going to make Smash feel like Melee again, and while I'm fine with that, the super competitive crowd doesn't seem to be.



Whopper744 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Plans are a Perfect Bl...:

Pretty cool stuff. Though back in the 90s and early 2000's I think the competition would have been even more exciting to me. Then I thought I was the best Nintendo gamer ever. Now, thanks to online modes, I have had to learn what it's like to lose to someone who seems to have too much time on their hands. Or I just sort of suck. :p



Whopper744 commented on ​The Prices of the Remaining Physical Goods ...:

So I spent 800 of my last 810 coins to get a puzzle that comes in a small bag when I could have spent half that and g it a game? Nice. Sorry, I know someone doesn't like that I'm complaining because it's all free stuff anyway, but it's still a bit frustrating



Whopper744 commented on Video: Our Guide to the Splatoon Global Testfi...:

Nice commercial. Kind of builds excitement I think. The US used to have some good one.years ago, but now all we get is commercials with a bunch of kids sitting around, and a very kiddie sounding narrator. One thing ive always liked about Nintendo is being quite appealing to everyone, and not just kids. The commercials here kind of make me think it's no wonder some other people say Nintendo is for kids.



Whopper744 commented on Nintendo "Currently Investigating" The Idea Of...:

I just want simultaneous release dates for games more than anything. We got Smash a week before EU which was kind of messed up, and we haven't even got a release date for Yoshi Woolly World, but they are getting it in June, for some examples. VC over here is way way behind with some releases.



Whopper744 commented on Feature: The Key Details on Splatoon, Nintendo...:

This game is looking like alot of fun. Local has always been more important to me than online, mostly so I can actually enjoy games with my wife, but this one looks limited in that area. Even if i do have to play it alone though, it still looks like fun. I just hope that balloon minigame is fun for us. Online against others can be fun, but im usually not that into playing strangers. I like to enjoy games, not play people who do nothing but play, and end up being so good it's no fun for the rest of us. Getting destroyed by a stranger over and over in a game is not my cup of tea.



Whopper744 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th May (North America):

I hate to join in complaining, but there are too many unreleased VC games for there to be nothing on the 3DS. As for Wii U, Still missing Metroid Zero Mission and Mario RPG at least here in the US, and a Wii game or two. Megaman is cool though, just not into.that sort of difficulty.



Whopper744 commented on Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Confirmed For Th...:

This sounds cool, but I have to wait to play the demo at 11 PM (Eastern time) tomorrow night and that's it? Maybe I'm just not used to such online focused games. I hope that local battle dojo is still pretty fun.
I did just read about the 7 am time Saturday though. That's more my time to get some game time in. I know when I'll be joining.



Whopper744 commented on First Impressions: Hands On With Playtonic's Y...:

This just looks fantastic. I love the games these guys have worked on before,'s good to see they still seem to have that magic they had before. Great to hear about the guys working on the soundtrack as well, such as David Wise. I guarantee that will be beautiful.



Whopper744 commented on Nintendo Download: 30th April (North America):

Amiibo tap, that puzzle demo, and maybe even Paper Mario even though I own the cart. The ease of playing it on the same system as all my newer games on my big TV, in the living room, on the gsmepad if needed, and added miiverse almost makes it worth 10 bucks again. I already did this with DK64 though, and I'm still playing through it. In other news, where is the 3DS VC??



Whopper744 commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

They seem to be slower with the Wii U VC then they were with the Wii..I'm kind of over waiting a third time for the same games. The VC could be so so much better, but at times feels like some wanted opportunities. Not just the selection, but the lack of effort put into some, like how there is no multiplayer in the game boy games on the 3DS, or the GBA or DS games on the Wii U.



Whopper744 commented on Get Ready To Build With Mario Maker On Wii U T...:

Looks great...too bad it's not releasing earlier though. Would be nice if NA got Yoshi in June instead of fall. Only Wii U game I've got this year is MP10 (which is fun) and I still don't have a real release date for my next one unless if I get Splatoon.



Whopper744 commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Knits Up Some Release Det...:

Definitely getting these, but what the check is up with the release date for NA??? The game is done and released in English in EU in June, but we get a general release date of fall?? That's worse than how long EU had to wait on Captain Toad by months! I can't not understand why they don't do more worldwide releases at this point, but I'm also not part of the business.