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Whopper744 commented on Brinstar Confirmed as Classic Stage for Smash ...:

Great to see another Melee stage confirmed. I know people will cry about her being over sexualized for Smash Bros but honestly it is a costume taken straight from a Metroid game anyway. As a side note I think I'm happy most women don't look like this anyway. She needs to eat something! Ha. Jokes aside though, I think even her lack of fat whatsoever makes sense for her anyway. If you've ever played a Metroid game you know how athletic she is (more so than a normal human)



Whopper744 commented on Video: Mario Kart 8 Isn't The Only New Mario K...:

My wife and I got to play it in Springdale, Ohio at Dave and Busters while we were on a trip to Cincinnati this May (a few weeks before MK8 came out which we have played the crud out of) and we loved it. We played every track at least once together. If I was a rich man I would have bought one of my own no doubt. Here's a few of our pictures from it :

As a side note, no it's not as good as Mario Kart 8, but it was a lot of fun as an arcade racer. Having played the original Mario kart GP arcade at Disney World back in 2012, I can say this one is better in several different ways.



Whopper744 commented on Fi Confirmed For Hyrule Warriors Along With Sk...:

Alright then... kind of an odd choice (not as weird as the bug girl but, hey whatever works). I am wondering why it's all females besides Link so far though as others are. Is that something that the makers of the Warriors series pretty commonly does??



Whopper744 commented on Hyrule Warriors Downloadable Costume Sets Feat...:

Those HD pictures of Twilight Princess makes me wish they would make a Zelda for Wii U as realistic as they can. The artistic styles are cool, but I just really want to see a super realistic Zelda at least once.
I'm also hoping since we've seen the moon, we could possibly get the Skull Kid playable, which I'd usually say sounds far fetched but we got the stinkin bug princess playable for cryin out loud.



Whopper744 commented on Feature: Braving the Queue At Nintendo's Best ...:

Wow! Your experience sounds pretty crazy! Well, my wife and I were crazy enough to drive 3 hours away to Lexington KY since Nintendo forgot WV is a state (not just for Smash mind you). We ha a good time, enjoyed the game, the Nintenod staff (my wife is pregnant and they kept checking on her but she was fine) and cool free stuff. But. It was not worth the 3 hour line. We were in line in front of the nerdiest, most dirty minded/mouthed, rude group of teenagers I have ever met. Never in my days have I met a more annoying bunch, but I kept to myself or just talked toy wife or the same guy in front of us.
I'm just thankful I have an awesome wife that puts up with stuff she really doesn't have to in order to make me happy.



Whopper744 commented on Mercedes DLC Confirmed for Mario Kart 8 in the...:

Yay! I don't care what it is, any added content to this gem of a game is welcome to me! ...and as much as I like Mario's world to be separate from the real world, I'm really not going to let this bother me. I mean, it's like one time DLC...I don't think it's really that bad.



Whopper744 commented on Review: Pac-Land (Wii U eShop / NES):

Thank you for letting me know why I never could make it past that pit after visiting the fairy thing. I had no idea I could do that... Yeah communication of these things in this game sucks.



Whopper744 commented on Mario Kart Month: Expanding the Universe of Ma...:

I am really torn on this idea. I kind of like that this franchise can focus heavily on Mario instead of the others since that's what Smash Bros is for honestly. But, I do have a lot of love for other Nintendo franchises as well...



Whopper744 commented on The Wii U Version Of Super Smash Bros. Will Ut...:

I do not want to have to buy figures like you have to with games like Disney infinity (which I actually do own but it cost me way too much).
I don't have the money for this kind of stuff, nor the space in my house to pile it up.



Whopper744 commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd May (North America):

Nothing for me this week.
My guess with SMK by the way is they will release it the week of 8's release, so next week... An also one day before 8's release in this case. Didn't they do something like this recently with another series? Maybe I'm thinking of SMB3 and NES Remix 2



Whopper744 commented on Video: The Piranha Plant and a "Crazy Plunge" ...:

Got to try out a lot of these new items today at the demo at GameStop. I am really loving the new ones, especially the boomerang. The courses are beautiful (at leat the 8 I got to play during the demo) character choices are good, and the game itself plays great. Very happy with it.



Whopper744 commented on Mario Kart Month: A Brief History Of Mario Kar...:

Interesting articles. Just adds to my hype.

By the way, does anyone else call the Spiny Shells, First Finders? I'm not sure why I have, but I've always called them that since Mario Kart 64 came out, and I believe many others I've played with since then have too.



Whopper744 commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

For those brining up Sonic Transformed I honestly liked the game and didn't have any problems with it. I think the gameplay was actually very good, and I think it looked fine. I've seen games on super powered PC's and while they do look good, my interest has just sort of stayed with Nintendo's consoles over the years for whatever the reasons. I think I just like Nintendo's exclusives more than what anyone else has to offer, and I don't really care much about the graphics.



Whopper744 commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

I seriously think people who still cry about someone or something being racist when its clearly not intending to be, are more racist then some of the idiots who actually openly say they are. Just my opinion though.
Honestly, I think people go out and try to find things so they can be offended. I don't get it.



Whopper744 commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

So if it's alright to ask, I read the whole review (good stuff) but I'm a little unsure about the character unlocks. Is the 30 that have been announced the whole roster or is there more to unlock that has not bee revealed?



Whopper744 commented on These Super Mario McDonald's Happy Meal Toys i...:

US please! I personally loved the old N64 Taco Bell toys and promotion. I wish I could find that stuff...sadly it may have been trashed long ago by my mom. I had several of the pog like things and most if not all of the toys from that one. Yoshi was and still is my favorite.



Whopper744 commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

Will defintly be picking this one up asap.
Just got back from Dave & Busters during a trip to Cincinnati and got to play Mario Kart Arcade GP DX with my wife, and man was that fun! Got me even more hyped for this.



Whopper744 commented on Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Software Bundle C...:

This just seems utterly stupid to me. I'm not driving to NY for this. And I'm not going to eBay when people put it on there for ten times more than its worth either. I just don't see the logic in this as most others here don't either.



Whopper744 commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Kicks Off its Mario Kar...:

It'll probably be out in NA the week of May 30th (so the 29th beig Thursday). I kind of understand this, but I don't like it at the same time as I'll be too busy with 8 to mess with SMK the next day (as much as I do love that old game). Just my speculation though. They way they did SMB3 with NES Remix 2 is sort of an example of this.