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Whopper744 commented on Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Super Smash ...:

No local tourneys seems crazy to me. What stopped them from making a bracket local tourney like they did in Melee and Brawl? I play way more local than online anyway. Kind of feel like with online being so big one local fun is taking a hit. Seems like an easy addition. I'm not in the business though.



Whopper744 commented on Team17 Is Publishing Yooka-Laylee And Wants To...:

With the amount I spent on the Kickstarter, I wish I could have went with a physical copy of everything but it was just too much. At least I got the shirt. Now since I don't have a PC, I'm not sure what to do about that digital artbook...I really wanted that physical more than anything since I can look at pictures online anyway.



Whopper744 commented on Super Smash Bros. Is Getting A Massive Update ...:

I love everything here...except I am disappointed that K Rool may only be a costume now. I wonder what we will get from the ballot if that's the case. I just hope it's not a particular anime looking guy that I've heard alot vote for. Not my thing personally.



Whopper744 commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS eShop Games of 2015 -...:

I wish there was some sort of 'Splatoon Lite' perhaps for 3DS eShop. It could be maybe some single player challenges, or just a smaller version of online and local multiplayer to have on the go that you could connect to your main save file to get more exp, money, etc. It would definitely have to have some things to do offline though. I usually can't play my 3DS online since I'm not home when I play it most of the time.
Not really sure where that came from.



Whopper744 commented on Video: This Trailer For Super Mario Maker Is R...:

I hate to stir the pot but I've heard that whole thing about 100 premade levels on the disc is not true. I can't find the source at the moment but you all might want to check on that.
Anyway, this was a very well done trailer. My best gaming memories are mostly something Mario related.



Whopper744 commented on Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack CD Club Nintendo Rewar...:

There are about three things that Nintendo is doing right now that's in the top of the homepage somewhere that NoA has no part of, and this is one of them. I hate to whine, but why on earth can this available in NA (and not a NWS exclusive). I'd pay money for the darn thing. Now my only options are paying probably at least $40 on eBay for it and I'm not doing that for a CD, even if it is awesome



Whopper744 commented on Nintendo Explains Reasoning Behind Upcoming Mi...:

I know this is not realistic, but I wish there was a way you could have the label of adult or minor, and could block the other if wanted. I feel strange when I find out I've commented on a kids post, and I hate when I'm trying to have a conversation about a game and some kid comments with 'hi' or a scribbled drawing 3 different times.



Whopper744 commented on Genyo Takeda The Likely Choice For Nintendo Pr...:

It makes sense, even though I've always been a big Miyamoto fan. I don't think he'd want the job anyway honestly. I haven't done much research honestly on this guy honestly, though I've probably played games he's been involved with for years. Just not a name you hear as much.



Whopper744 commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

I've never seen so many people cry about a just announced game as I have this one. It might not line up with your own fanfic or made up image of what they should try out next with Metroid, but how do you know it's going to be so terrible? I know it's been too long since we have gotten an official, regular Metroid game, but the reactions I have seen have just been childish.



Whopper744 commented on Nintendo Still Hasn't Decided Which Zelda Time...:

No two player mode besides battle?? There goes another game for my wife and I to enjoy together. So I have to play this by myself or with exactly three.people? I've been wanting to play this and Fedration Force, but these limited options worry me.



Whopper744 commented on Talking Point: Competitive Gaming With Super S...:

I see how helpful things like the competitive Smash scene can be helpful, but I think that group can come across as very overbearing at times personally. I've played the series like crazy since the first one, but because I don't play with crazy techniques and don't want to play Project M, I'm usually made very unwelcome when trying to talk to other Smash fans on sites like resist, and I get kind of tired of wanting to talk about the series but all I can find are post about the Melee stars like they're idols or something. I've never felt more disconnected from fellow fans on a series I love them I do with Smash (well, the Sonic fan base is not the best either on a side note).



Whopper744 commented on Interview: Senran Kagura Producer Kenichirō T...:

I understand the appeal of a beautiful woman, but sexualized cartoon characters just seem very odd to me. I've never really liked most anime anyway. Most anime I've been around is playing Fire Emblem and watching Sonic X just because I liked the game series, though I never cared much for that style still.



Whopper744 commented on Feature: Taking to the Skies for a Final Look ...:

I am quite excited for this one. Been a fan since the 64 game and enjoyed the SNES game when I went back and played it. While I'd admit nostalgia does help fuel my hype, I don't think that's the only reason I'm looking forward to this game. Seems very immersive with the gamepad use. I hope the co-op plays out well.



Whopper744 commented on Sega Sorry That It "Betrayed" Fans, Hopes To W...:

Call me naïve, but I'd still give Sonic another go in the future despite the past 10 years or so not being as impressive as the first 13 or 14 years of him being around. I've always been a huge fan of the Adventure games, and I've enjoyed many of the sidescrollers as well, especially Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Advance. This may not be THE thing that make it less interesting to most, but I just honestly haven't liked the 'style' (for lack of better terms) the newer games have taken. I feel like since about Colors (though the gameplay was pretty good) they have taken cheesy to an all new level, minus Generations perhaps. Lost World's 'Deadly Six' were more annoying than anything, especially the overly depressed guy that I never could beat since the platforms under me would disappear before he'd die, despite being hit 400 times already. Compare them to say, someone like Biolizard or Chaos. Not near as threatening interesting in my opinion anyway. Would like to see the Chao garden make a strong, updated return too, along with playing as different characters. I know that seems to be very unpopular, but I always enjoyed that.



Whopper744 commented on Poll: Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplaye...:

From the looks of the polls, everyone is still sore that games like Fedaeation Force isn't made like all the old Metroid games, or no one hardly has friends. I know it doesn't work for everyone but I'm a big fan of good local multiplayer.



Whopper744 commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd July (North America):

My favorite game of time, released again birthday. I already own it on like 4 other systems though. May get that Ace Attorney Trilogy, but the Vs game has kind of turned me off some from the series in were Dual Destinies is what got me interested to begin with



Whopper744 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

I can't believe the way the internet has acted...well then again, I can. Got to have something to complain about. Seriously though, why can't they do something a little different under the 'Metroid' name? They never said there never will be another game staring Samus again that plays like all the other games. I know it's been a while, but the reaction to this game has just been childish.



Whopper744 commented on Interview: Warren Spector on the State of Nint...:

I enjoyed both games very much (Big Disney and Nintendo fan myself). I've always liked Warren Specter's attitude as well. Definitly seems like a guy I'd like to meet.

On a side note, this is why I enjoy both those companies so much. He's speaking about Disney here, but I think it could fit with Nintendo as well at times:

" When you start working for Disney, one of the first things you learn, sort of by osmosis, is they don't make games for kids. They don't make movies for kids. They make entertainment for families. "



Whopper744 commented on Review: WarioWare Twisted! (GBA):

I love the series, but this is the only title I somehow never got a hold of. Sadly I doubt Nintendo would ever care to put this on VC since it would require a little extra effort due to the gyro controls and getting it to work right with the game pad.