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WaxxyOne commented on Video: Everything We Know About Nintendo NX, S...:

The NX is going to be a box that beams signals directly into your mind without the need of a television, audio equipment or wires of any kind. It's going to be remotely controlled from space via a dense grid of satellites Nintendo is planning on launching within the next few months. The box will be completely free for consumers, and will have the ability to wash your car and feed your dog when you're not at home. Finally, the launch date is obviously this weekend. Please wait outside your back door for the drone to deliver the device sometime between 7 PM Saturday evening and 4 AM Sunday morning (EST). Implanting a chip inside your skull is optional, for now.



WaxxyOne commented on You'll Now Be Able To Play Mini-Games During L...:

And this is why software patents are such a horrible idea. I get why you need to have copyright laws for the actual IP, but to be able to patent an arguably gimicky part of a game and stifle creativity for 20 freaking years... that's just nuts. What if Nintendo had patented the side-scrolling platformer in 1985? Or the concept of collecting 100 of something to earn an extra life? Or what if they had patented console games that let you edit and create your own content when they released Excitebike? Think of all of the great games that would have been unrecognizable or missing entirely.

The software industry has always thrived on sharing new concepts and ideas. Software patents poison that environment by stifling competition and creativity.



WaxxyOne commented on Weirdness: Someone Has Created A Real-World HU...:

Wow, this is really original and exciting! Imagine an electronic device that could operate or control something physical. Like a keypad that accepts a code and then unlocks a door when it's entered properly!! The future is real!!!



WaxxyOne commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

So... Nintendo is censoring boob size now? It's not like she's naked. How is this supposed to be taken by girl gamers who have bigger breasts than the character in game? That they're somehow "indecent" or in need of censorship even when clothed? Come on, NOA, join the 21st century and stop the routine censoring of art.



WaxxyOne commented on SNES Title Super Star Wars Coming to PS4 and Vita:

This just serves as a great example of why Nintendo's VC service has never been all it could be. The Wii version was just pathetic with very few games having ANY changes from their original releases. The Wii U added save states and off-TV play, and nothing else. Nintendo should be updating these games with modern features to make them more appealing.



WaxxyOne commented on Sony Wishes The NES A Happy 30th Via Twitter:

It's nice of Sony to acknowledge everything they owe to Nintendo and that the Playstation would not exist without them. I mean, if Nintendo were to suddenly stop making consoles, who would they steal their ideas from?



WaxxyOne commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

Censorship is censorship. People should have the option to choose what they want to see and not without "big brother" deciding what's appropriate for them or their family. It's not about wanting to see digital titties, it's about the integrity of a work of art being kept intact and not tarnished by the ideals of someone other than its original author(s).

Imagine if we started censoring famous paintings or statues to cover up nudity or suggestive poses. People would be up in arms and it would never be allowed to stand. Why shouldn't it be the same with video games?



WaxxyOne commented on Super Mario Maker Gets Mid-Level Checkpoints a...:

I wish they said how checkpoints will work with level uploading requirements.

For example, if you can make use of checkpoints to complete the level for uploading purposes, then players can make even more ridiculously hard levels than are already flooding the service. I would prefer that checkpoints are disabled when doing the upload run, so you have to be able to beat it in a single run. This would ensure the average level difficulty doesn't spike when checkpoints are released.

On the flip side, what's to stop the trolls of the world from using checkpoints against the player? For example, you could place a checkpoint in a location where the only option is death. If a player makes the mistake of hitting it, this would at a minimum cost them an extra life in the 100 Mario challenge mode (assuming the option to start the level over from the beginning is still there, which I assume it will be).

So, my ideal solution would be: You have to hit every checkpoint when you're completing the level to upload it, and if you die you start over at the beginning. Come on, Nintendo... read my thoughts...



WaxxyOne commented on Super Mario Maker Gets Mid-Level Checkpoints a...:

@stinky_t Deleting a level removes it from the online service, but you keep any stars earned and it gives you back its slot so you can upload another level to replace it. This is probably what they mean when they say you can "edit" your courses — just delete the old one and upload the new one with changes.



WaxxyOne commented on Video: Here's What Xenoblade Chronicles Looks ...:

This really doesn't prove anything. For one, console games are designed for a targeted clock speed, so they can use CPU cycle-based delays to determine timing. Changing the clock speed to something other than the game expects can result in the game running slower not due to a lack of hardware capability, but just because the timing is different than the developer intended for it to be. So the game could perhaps run faster than shown but is executing unnecessary wait cycles on a slower CPU.

Second, as stated the new 3DS has more improvements than just raw clock speed, some of which we know about and others we probably don't. It's doubtful that Nintendo just used the exact same CPU and upped the speed on it. They could have added new opcodes or routines that the game takes advantage of that aren't available to the original 3DS. It's entirely possible the game would actually run much slower or not at all on an original 3DS without significantly rewriting the game code.



WaxxyOne commented on More Wave 5 amiibo Pre-Order Sale Windows Conf...:

It looks like all the mentioned Amiibo are already selling (for ridiculous prices) on Amazon today. If this article is wrong, it upsets me that NintendoLife wouldn't verify the information before posting it. I was able to snag Palutena for MSRP during the last Amazon preorder window with relative ease, and I was looking forward to doing the same with these, particularly the classic Mario one. Now it seems if I want one I'm going to have to get lucky and find it at a local store or pay three times MSRP for it.

Get your facts right or don't post at all, please.



WaxxyOne commented on Weirdness: In Some Parallel Dimension, This Ni...:

'"Proper" account and reward system.' Yes, because Nintendo would use language that an upset fanboy would use to describe their displeasure with Nintendo's current online model and imply that the current system is improper. This scam was not at all convincing...



WaxxyOne commented on Review: The Fall (Wii U eShop):

@SpymeXD: I have the same experience. I at first assumed it was just supposed to be part of the malfunctions occurring, but now I'm not so sure. I Don't want to spoil the game for myself but I also don't want to keep playing something so obviously buggy if it's not intentional...

I also love how the game has no manual (beyond the standard legalese and controllers you can use to play it — with no key for what the buttons do) and does not tell you how to interact with objects in the game world until AFTER you've already reached a point you couldn't get to without interacting with objects in the game world.

So far, not impressed.



WaxxyOne commented on Video: GameChap Shows Us Five Ways to Get Bann...:

This video is lame and misleading. The auto-kicks are simply there to prevent people from leaving the game unattended or intentionally griefing players who actually want to play the darn game. From what I can tell, the game will boot someone who is not attacking players, or is just repeatedly executing the same move over and over again. Despite what they speculate in the video, that is not playing the game and no one is such a noob that they would literally just keep spamming the exact same move while doing very little else for the 5 minutes necessary for the game to detect it as idling.

Seriously, if you want to just mess around, play locally with your friends. It's not that difficult, guys.



WaxxyOne commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

This game sounds great by all accounts. I want to hear how it plays online as well as there will likely be day-one jitters that will be worked out over time. I was particularly impressed that with only 5 arenas on offer the reviewer found the game different and fun every time. That's impressive indeed.

Now if I could just find that darn squid amiibo...



WaxxyOne commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

@Quorthon I am admittedly "guilty" of being one of those Nintendo fans who continues to buy their consoles primarily for their games. I do own some third-party titles, but the vast majority of the games I buy and play come from Nintendo. If they decided to become a third-party developer, I would continue to buy their games, and I would be forced to buy whatever the best console/PC choice they would be on.

That said, my worry is that Nintendo is not just making "boxes" to play their games on. If they really wanted to, they could just stop making new consoles and focus on pumping out great game after great game. Sounds like a great plan, right? Yeah, except the problem is, look at what they've done with their consoles, and then look at what their competitors have done.

You mention the N64. That's as good a starting place as any. When the N64 came out, Nintendo's competition was the PlayStation and the Saturn. Both consoles featured CD technology that wasn't yet ready for prime time (as evidenced by the ridiculous load times and the extensive amount of prerecorded cutscenes prevalent in the games), and controllers that were little more than rebranded SNES controllers with a couple extra shoulder buttons. Nintendo innovated with the N64, creating the first home console with dedicated 3D graphics hardware and an analog stick. Sony's response was to double up and add TWO analog sticks to their controller, then force 3D rendered crap-fests like Crash Bandicoot onto a system that really couldn't handle it.

So then Sega dumped all their money and effort into a 128-bit powerhouse and Sony went with a more reasonable upgrade to the PS2. Let's see what innovations they brought to the table with those. OK, Sega's controller supported optional add-on packs (Nintendo came up with that), while PS2 came with force feedback technology out of the gate (Nintendo came up with that). Both consoles of course had powerful hardware and cost an arm and a leg, while the N64 kept trucking.

Nintendo hit a snag with the GameCube, because they fell down on the innovation front. They tried to compete by adding extra power and disc-based games, and it hurt them in the long run. They did go ahead and add analog triggers to the controller, something that both MS and Sony would copy unabashedly in the future.

So the Dreamcast died an early death and Microsoft threw its hat in the ring, creating a console with no imagination that was basically a PC in a box with a controller that combined the least innovative features of a PS2 controller and a GameCube controller. Grats.

How did Nintendo follow up the GameCube? Oh, right, they went back to their focus on innovation and created the only console that grandparents and non-gamers went out and bought, not for their kids, but because they actually wanted to play. That's amazing. They did it by innovating motion controls into the console world, something few had thought of and no one had had any success with in the past. While Microsoft and Sony chortled about the Wii's lack of power and "kiddy" motion controls, the Wii's sales slammed through the roof and kept on rising. It's telling that both Sony and Microsoft each developed their own competing motion platform, with Sony's being a direct ripoff of the Wiimote and Nunchuk.

With Wii U, Nintendo once again innovated, and with all innovation comes risk. The tablet-as-a-controller did not grab the public in the same way motion controls had done for the Wii. I continue to think it's a great idea that continues to be underutilized in games. Nintendo Land is a great showcase for how you can make party games that offer experiences you can't get on another system. Both Sony and Microsoft went to work ripping off the idea as soon as Nintendo announced it, though with the Wii U's relative failure neither company has pushed their technology much.

So now we have the two leading consoles, just a couple of high-end PCs in an expensive box, whose games are far more expensive than their PC counterparts and with multiplayer features disabled except for customers willing to shell out for premium online plans. No thank you, sir. If I wanted to play on a computer that I can't control the components of, I would buy a Mac.

So what happens if Nintendo goes third party? I can tell you really easily. Microsoft and Sony continue to put out faster and faster consoles with no imagination, and continue to ask ridiculous amounts of money for them. With the innovation of Nintendo gone, you won't get the future analog sticks, motion controls, add-on peripherals, screens-on-a-controller, or any of the other innovations they have single-handedly introduced into the world.

Hey, this post went long, but I had a lot to say. So sue me.



WaxxyOne commented on Nintendo of America's Newest Recruit Is Bowser:

Guys, he's from Electronic Arts. They are practically the devil incarnate when it comes to the world of video games. If Nintendo lets him have his way he'll probably insist that the next Smash bros. only includes 8 characters out of the box, with the rest being $10 each for DLC ($8 if you own the character's Amiibo). The demo video that teaches you how to play the game will also likely be an additional $5, and all of the content released as DLC (over the 2 year period after the game releases) will be on the disc from day one.

Basically, he has absolutely the right name, as the results will likely be the same as King Koopa stepping in to "aid" the Mushroom Kingdom with its foreign policy....



WaxxyOne commented on Weirdness: The Moon in Majora's Mask Probably ...:

Dear NintendoLife:

You request that we not use ad blocker while visiting your site, since it reduces your revenue and makes it harder to continue running the site. Fair enough.

However, while trying to watch these videos and enjoy the content that you make available, I have repeatedly been interrupted by audio from the video ads you allow on your site which rudely start themselves up and play at the most inconvenient times, requiring me to close out of your site and view the videos elsewhere so I can enjoy them properly.

Video ads are one of the most annoying types of ads on the planet, and the reason that so many people turn to ad blockers for relief. Please visit sites like Penny Arcade and GMail to see how ads can be done correctly, and without forcing themselves into viewers' lives and making us want to find ways to kill them. Then you will continue to get your revenue, and we will be happier with your site.

That is all.



WaxxyOne commented on Video: Mario Kart DS Skids Onto Wii U Virtual ...:

I'm not surprised at all that the online mode doesn't work as I would be surprised if they reactivated it for this one game. At the same time, I'm really disappointed that Nintendo is not taking advantage of the Wii U's built-in capability to communicate wireless with the 3DS to at least give owners of that system the ability to play multiplayer with the system. It seems like a no-brainer for this type of game. If they're not going to invest in the little bit of effort it would have taken to enable that feature, why even release a Mario Kart title at all?



WaxxyOne commented on Video: Fan Manages to Port F-Zero to the Mega ...:

Sega's already admitted that "Blast Processing" was purely a marketing term that had zero basis in reality. They needed something they could say the Genesis had that the SNES didn't. They could have talked about the higher clock speed, but using technical terms like megahertz in a commercial aimed at kids and their technically-illiterate parents (especially in the 90s!) was a surefire way to lose your audience. So they invented the term Blast Processing because it sounded cool and technical at the same time. Basically, they just lied to the viewer, which honestly happens all the time in marketing so it shouldn't come as a surprise.

The Genesis has already been shown to be the inferior system in every important way. Anyone who has coded software for a variety of systems can tell you how little the MHz rating of the CPU matters compared to hardware features like the amount and speed of the RAM, the video chip's capabilities and specs, etc. SNES had the better hardware in every other case, and it clearly shows in the games that hit both systems.

Which only makes sense, when you think about it. The Genesis came out 2 years before the SNES, in 1988. They designed a system to beat out the NES, and they succeeded.



WaxxyOne commented on Sonic Team Boss States That There Are No Plans...:

No no, please let Sonic die. He hasn't had a good game in decades, and it's debatable whether he ever did. Why people keep looking forward to new games that turn out to be disappointment after disappointment is beyond me, but you're enabling Sega to pretend that the character is still (and ever was) viable! Stop buying the trash, folks!



WaxxyOne commented on Video: See the Virtual Boy's Star Fox Wannabe,...:

Anyone have advice for how to get these YouTube 3D videos to play on a PC using NVidia 3D glasses? It's kind of silly that I have to have a new 3DS to view these properly since my PC is fully set up for 3D and I can already use it to game or watch movies in 3D.



WaxxyOne commented on Launch of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask N...:

I am mad at Nintendo for stock issues. When they formally announced the new 3DS for NA in the Direct, I was instantly sold on it, but then they flash this Majora collector's edition that they apparently can't keep in stock for more than 30 seconds at a time. If I can't buy the one I want, I'm questioning why Nintendo deserves my money at all.

I'll probably pick up the New 3DS at some point, but I'm tired of stock issues and I'm pretty fed up with the whole company at this point.



WaxxyOne commented on Link’s Swimming is a Notable Change in The L...:

This change is great, guys. I can't count the number of times I slammed into things while trying to maneuver where it actually mattered — in the underwater dungeon sections. Yeah, swimming around in the ocean (all 10 feet of it) was fun, but it was never practical and there was no reason to do it for more than a minute before moving on to actually completing the game.



WaxxyOne commented on Weirdness: Hands Up If You Knew About the Supe...:

Um. Really? I've known about this trick since the game came out, and I assumed everyone else did as well. Also, I don't know why people are saying Start + A, when it's far easier to hold A and THEN hit Start. (A doesn't do anything when held by itself) Also also, to my knowledge there is and has never been a way to continue from a level in world 8 and start on 7-1. If that happened, either your copy is messed up, you weren't actually in world 8, or... I dunno, ghosts? In any case, you always start on the first level of the world you lost your last life on when using that trick.

While we're at things I thought were obvious, you do know that after beating the game once, you can select the starting world from the title screen using the B button, right?

The Zelda trick is to start a new file on the original Legend of Zelda, and enter your file name as ZELDA. If done properly, Link will immediately be holding a sword on the file select screen, indicating the game is on the second quest. You can use this to go straight to the second quest without having to complete the game first.

....Also, in Zelda, there's a second quest. (You guys at least had to know that one, I assume......)

Any other obvious things I can share? NARPAS SWORD? JUSTIN BAILEY? Konami code? Capcom code? Maybe the reverse Mario glitch from SMB?

(Oh, and another bonus one people might not know — Try playing Mega Man 3 while holding right on the 2nd controller....)



WaxxyOne commented on Video: Donkey Kong Country Returns...To Wii U:

@BLPs I love it when a non-programmer who knows basically nothing about how to code starts pretending they understand how it works. You do not have to go "line by line" through anything to update something as simple as "If the player is shaking the Wiimote, perform action" to "If the player is pressing a button, perform action." Hell, most likely Nintendo could make that change without even cracking the code of the game itself open. Just add a simple wrapper around it that maps a button or two to a simulated input of the controller being shaken. Pretty sure anybody who's coded an emulator could tell you how easy it is to "trick" a game into believing a control is being used when it's not.

Nintendo's continued laziness with VC games has always been frustrating to me. It took far too long for them to add something as simple as button remapping and save states to VC titles, and the way they implemented Wii mode in the Wii U is just embarrassing. Hopefully once they start releasing Wii games with the promised gamepad support, they'll also patch the system to allow the gamepad to be used as a classic controller throughout the Wii mode and its hosted games, but with Nintendo you can never be sure they'll make the logical choice.