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Tue 10th Jul 2012

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Araknie commented on Wii Sports Club Will Download Automatically Wi...:

During the Wii period everybody asked Nintendo to do an harcore console.

We get Zombi U, Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 and people asks something that will drive Wii owners over the Wii U.

So Nintendo scractes their head and see the success of Wii Party and Wii Sports and does some refreshing on that over the Wii U.

Now that's not good either?
Well dear folk, i just Nintendo will stop listening to people because you're driving them crazy and i hope you are happy to destroy the only company that begs to listen to your desires.

Because having Infamous: Second Son as the only next-gen exclusive game that's not a racing simulator or a shooting game on both PS4 and Xbox One it's not enought of a reason to get all that excited.



Araknie commented on Feature: The Madness That Is Super Mario 3D Wo...:

@MadAussieBloke It's the best multiplayer Mario ever seen and you tell by looking at the videos if you don't believe the article.

He can post in any article if he wishes, even if he doesn't like said game. There is no rule against this. If you feel like there's a problem, simply report it next time. -Lz



Araknie commented on Wii Party U Can Be Downloaded Digitally Down U...:

@ferthepoet It's internal inflation, it's a matter of internal proficency.
They are in big trouble for their main sector, witch is farming, because of the desertification of the land.
Really it's a problem that's growing since the 70s, thus makes the internal market with a steep rise of the internal inflation and so the prices rise.



Araknie commented on Video: Watch Our Friends At Eurogamer Argue Ov...:

@unrandomsam You are still assuming. And forgetting.
In every Mario game, to date, al new controls and power-ups, were exploited in the first two worlds in not the first one.
That's not half the game.
Especially if this has the SWorlds of 3D Land.

You are not willing to remember and consider reality and legacy before shouting out your opinion and that's bad.



Araknie commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Clarifies That Local Multipla...:

Games with co-op modes should never have online, Nintendo or not, simply because i don't like to rely on strangers i like to compete with strangers.

And there's Wii Sports Club and Mario & Sonic with that, people can't really complain now, they got all sorts of options if they own a Wii U.



Araknie commented on Readers Of EDGE Consider Ocarina Of Time And M...:

Halo doesn't exist, Halo: Combat Evolved is the real thing.
This a spectacular fail coming from EDGE.
(yes i like EDGE because has low standards for everything, they eff-up sometimes too, but at least they're more honest from the start in making you understand that 6 is average and 7 is good)



Araknie commented on David Jaffe Is A Massive Fan Of Nintendo, But ...:

Uhm Nintendo does this internally.

Why every move that Nintendo does is wrong for everybody who isn't playing the actual game? Like all reviews saying that Sonic Lost World is bad because Sonic dosen't go fast: you double tap the left trigger and you get an infinite spin-dash, witch was max speed in 2D Sonic games. That's what they did with that game, with Nintendo collaboration, took 2D Sonic gameplay and put both 3D and 2D levels in the game.
This makes it hard because of platform? Yes. Is Sonic a platform game? Yes. So why people think it's bad to think what you do in a Sonic game when you go fast? I don't know, noobs maybe?

Super Mario 3D World is not done by Miyamoto, hence why it's different from any other title. Aonuma now handles Zelda, hence why the revolution in that. The Wonderful 101 is a concept made by Nintendo that originally had to have 100 Nintendo characters, but it seemed redundant so they literally ordered Kamiya to change the concept and make it original.

Yes, Nintendo isn't revolutionary at all, isn't in continuous change and all that. They make games with japanese developers...uuuuh that's



Araknie commented on Pokémon X & Y and Monster Hunter 4 Continue C...:

It's clear now, Japan doesn't want no more home consoles, i think only portable and pc gaming is gonna sell well there for a while.

I was looking at all 2013 weekly sales and that's the only reason for it to be like that, witch comes to my mind at least.



Araknie commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

I want to add something more just for the sake of it.

And then people say that Wii U shouldn't have a GamePad because there's no games for it.

This below is a message to all people thinking logical and with business mind of the gaming world.

Are you going to lament the fact that Wii U has exclusives but not third parties? Then if for 2 weeks a games isn't out you are gonna say that Nintendo doesn't support the Wii U? Then are you gonna say that you love the GamePad but it's not the right move, better adequate than innovate? Then a comeback saying Nintendo should innovate?

Every move Nintendo does in any direction gets a negative comment, it's like the internet has no purpose anymore for Nintendo.

You should be thankful they are listening to what you think but if you don't like how one thing it's done you shound't buy it, so if you don't buy it nor you are interested for it in it's current state it's supposed to not bother you. If you are bothered you will bother Nintendo and the successor if Iwata could not be as patience as him and decide it's not worthy listening to us.

I don't like many things that Nintendo does: i don't like the 2DS, top-view Zelda games, Wii Party U, Wii Sports Club, New Super Luigi U, Wii Fit U.

What do i do? I don't care about them and i buy things that i care for, like: Pokèmon Y, Braverly Default, Sonic Lost World and Super Mario 3D World to name a few.

I don't care what people or reviews say, if i like and i wanna play it on that hardware with that software that tickles me the right way, i'm gonna play it anyway.
And don't go talking about wasting money and such arguments, for consumers, gaming is a wasting money business with every product. We just look at it as an investment in our fun, imagination and childish mind.

We look at it as escapism from 1st world problems. Gaming is fun, sometimes challenging and frustrating but always because you wanna have a challenge and all what comes with it always or sometimes, or maybe just fun if that is enough for you. That's the reason why you game...right?



Araknie commented on The Wonderful 101 Update Now Available To Down...:

@ricklongo You find the files in the game and you finish the game one time you can get added to the library many thing that you unlock by exploring, this in a section in the main menu.
Before finishing the game the first time you can what infos in your inventory, but it's less complete.



Araknie commented on Bravely Default To Feature Optional Special At...:

@Grubdog Pokèmon X/Y are dumbed down directly in the main game.
Come on, you know this is true, if you get offendend so easily you shouldn't talk like you don't know things in the internet.

Next time, instead of overreacting speak directly what you think, that way you will sound true. If you overreact knowing the truth you put a misconception of you what you think in other readers. That's how it works in the internet.



Araknie commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

I have to see some games now starting with Super Mario 3D World, in 2 years they can't release games that seems the perfect fit for the console and a thing you want for than now it will really be a console for hardcore like Gamecube or N64.

Right now i saw as perfect fit just The Wonderful 101 in the whole games that are out there, it's only one perfect fit.



Araknie commented on Bravely Default To Feature Optional Special At...:

@Grubdog They can also be obtained for free, you even read the article or the subtitle?

And it's also totally optional, since there is a normal and hard mode so maybe hard mode is really hard.

Why nobody thinks.

Heck, i find Sonic Lost World really and i'm glad i got to get free useful objects by sharing them on Miiverse.

I'm just gonna go easy mode and simple as that.
It's all about choice, if you wanna sell nowadays you gotta give choice or you game will remain in the niche and developers don't want that.

Especially japanese developers that are feeling left out every day more.
Really it's not fair attack like this on such an optional thing, that you may even not pay, but get for free, nontheless.



Araknie commented on GAME Issues Update to Backtrack on Musical Che...:

So Nintendo UK said this, but they indended the game on the Nintendo Online Store or a deal with GAME, with a company with that name you never know what to think. They could have wrote "game" in all caps for a typo for what we know.

I can't possibly believe that GAME will be Bhurt because they themself made a mistake by releasing the game one week early and breaking the launch day by a mile. It would be insane.

It would be a good reason to not trust retailers, thus why everybody should go digital if retailers think they own such power.
As i said, insane.



Araknie commented on Sonic Lost World Producer Admits "There Was a ...:

Almost the same as Wii U, well i'm glad i pre-ordered the Wii U one then...
Yes, i love how you can go around the levels all you want. And, when they're not tunnel based, i've seen some videos with the multiple path choice that i like.
This, the fact that we get the spindash back and the level desing in witch they higher you go the more difficult will be is, for me, the perfect evolution from the 2D games.
You put all that mechanics in 3D and you get Sonic Lost World.



Araknie commented on Watch_Dogs Pushed Back to Spring 2014:

@unrandomsam Yes, that's what i do too. And i liked Zombi U. I couldn't finish it because it was very hard even on the easiest mode, but i liked it.
And i said a condition for it: for me the game has too many light effects popping out that should, instead, stand with the game graphics and now they don't they stand out too much and it's annoying for my eyes.
If they fix this and the motion blur you get when you run in the streets i might pick it up.



Araknie commented on Watch_Dogs Pushed Back to Spring 2014:

Ok, now i can pick up this game. Finally are listening to the fanbase and fixing up those issues.
Ok, then, i have faith again.
On Wii U of couse, why spend money for a next-gen console we i can get it on a console i already own.



Araknie commented on Michel Ancel: The Biggest Surprises Seem To Co...:

Sonic Lost World and Super Mario 3D World vs Driveclub and Knack vs Killer Instinct and Ryse: Son of Rome.

I'm only comparing exclusives but i don't take for gamers those who buy a next-gen console for FIFA, CoD or AC when it's already on a cheaper console with not even a real graphical leap.

Back on topic, compare this three double featured options and see when there's the most fun, most escapism from reality (you know videogames) and innovation.

And i'm not even mentioning Zombi U, Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101. Ops, i did.



Araknie commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants it to be "Fun To Get Stuck" ...:

Now any other game when they directly point you were to go will look like handholding compared to this game.

Nice move Nintendo, finally getting back that Nintendo Difference with your latest titles, and also second party exclusives.

The challenge is withing Nintendo consoles, just look at Pikmin 3, Zombi U and The Wonderful 101 on the Wii U and now the 3DS is back at it's diffcult but rewarding games of the GBC like this and Pokèmon Y.

If there isn't any challenge you will get bored faster after you end the main story, if there is one, that's why Borderlands 2 is still recieving DLCs while nobody cares anymore already about Ducktales: Remastered. Too much handholding in the second one, none in the first one.



Araknie commented on Feature: Pokémon X & Y - All You Need to Know...:

Skipped right to the end just to comment: i started on my own knowing nothing and it's the way you get the biggest impact.

Leveling up is harder than Blue, Green, Red and Yellow and i love it. More experience get but also more experience needed, yeah that's the way to do do a great sequel for a JRPG like Pokèmon.



Araknie commented on Assassin's Creed IV DLC Looks Set to Sail Past...:

I'm not buying AC ever again ever, the ending got another dumb cliffhanger like Revelations...close the damn Desmond story, it's starting to become stupid.

Thankfully, with Watch_Dogs, i only care for single-player so i'm safe, unless they decide to not release it...i will get it.

They make poor choices for the Wii U and then lament for sales.
Do they loving think that Nintendo fans are stupid and they deserve to be treated like this?

I'm talking all devs, you do a poor port or you don't do exclusives, of course you won't sell you dumb love. Is that hard to understand?

They think we are stupid and so i will think too they are stupid from now on.
Watch the profanity. — TBD



Araknie commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Could Have Ruled The Micro-C...:

They still release games like Skylanders on the Wii, so it's not like it's not ruling the micro-console's market.
Heh, for some months it was even ruling the Wii U.

I don't think supporting and old console is a good strategy for Nintendo, they simply don't have the resources that Sony and Microsoft has, it would put them in major loss and make their investors more pissed off than they already are because Nintendo is not going multiplatorm nor iOS.

So please, stop about this thinking that since they can't compete the home console market they should focus elsewere.

Gaming isn't about competing to rule the market, it's about giving fun and creative experiences to the final user.

Look at Beyond: Two Souls, it has not gameplay and the story is poorly written, hence 70% of the PS3 fanbase is skipping it.

Gaming it's also NOT about pleasing the market but about giving gameplay, Beyond was done to please the reviewers and also most reviewers hated it.

This could be done only with a console that has 100% Cloud System retrocompatibility with all Nintendo's software, that's were you win with non-gamers.



Araknie commented on Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Isn'...:

Not coming also on Xbox maybe Sony paid the thing on PS4, i bet it costs to adapt it to NG consoles.

So what?

It's like being upset because you don't get the annual version of Street Fighter IV, it's the same game over and over with all DLCs and stop.



Araknie commented on US Retailer Lists Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon F...:

Yeah, i'd buy if they drop the mission system, that nice to have on a portable console but a total block on the head on a home console.

Dark Moon it's a portable suitable game so it need that and many other changes to be an home console suitable game, if that doesn't get done it's gonna be totally useless.

Provided that we have to believe to this people.