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Sat 15th May 2010

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Collinhall commented on First Edition Pokémon Trading Cards Are Getti...:

There is so much misinformation regarding this product. It is likely that old cards are not getting reprinted at all; this product is called "BREAK starter set" - which does NOT imply reprints in any way. In all likelyhood, the cards in this product will be all new while the packaging is old. Also, card sleeves with the old card back are being released around the same time as this product.



Collinhall commented on Video: Fan-Made Mother 4 Gets Shown Off In 'At...:

This project looks AMAZING - but I can't help but wish that these guys would name it something other than Mother 4. I love MOTHER and this game looks amazing; I don't have anything against fan projects. It's just that if they branded it as something else, while still keeping the assets, the developers could claim it as their own. Because they choose to call it Mother 4, they exist in a legal gray area and can never profit from all of their hard word, and they can never claim the game as 100% their own. They also stand at risk of a C&D. Best of luck to all involved; the project looks amazing.



Collinhall commented on Review: Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire (Wii...:

I will never play this on my Wii U...

If this were on 3DS VC, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I still can't believe they decided to put GBA games on Wii U VC. I have ten official GBA games emulated on my 3DS, and they all came straight from Nintendo, yet they refuse to release more.