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Male, 22, United Kingdom

I'm an obsessive game collector, and I tend to want to know everything about the games I play. I thrive on useless trivia. :P My top favourite series is Castlevania.

Fri 16th April, 2010

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EarthboundBenjy commented on Two Castlevania Classics Confirmed for Wii U V...:

Two of my favourites. Even though they're unpopular, I really love both of these!

Also, to everyone who says that the SNEs Vampire's Kiss / Dracula XX is not worth it because Rondo of Blood exists....... why not play both? They're so different to each other they really should be considered separate games.'s like saying you don't want to play Kirby's Dreamland 3 because Kirby 64 exists.... like, why not both, for serious?



EarthboundBenjy commented on Meme Run is Coming to Troll Your Wii U Very Soon:

are those loud screams from the Wombo Combo video? it's actually kind of funny, but I think that the repetition of only a few memes will get old. It needs to stay fresh with loads of different memes all the time in order to not get old.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

soooo glad to have a Japanese 3DS.

I wonder if the JP 3DS version will be compatible with the PAL Wii U version, in regards to interconnectivity? I'll probably buy the European 3DS version on release, but it would be interesting to know whether or not I'll HAVE to in order to get everything from both games.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Pokkén Tournament's Concept Even Shocked The ...:

Putting Magikarp to one side for a moment, I think that some non-bipedial fighters would be a cool thing to have in the game. I would like to see Galvantula, for instance!

Other Pokémon I'd like to see are Ludicolo, Scrafty, Mienshao, Heliolisk, and Zangoose. All of these would make cool unique fighters.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confidently Outlines Nintendo...:

It might be interesting to note that Rhythm Paradise for DS was marketed as a "Touch! Generations" game, very much part of casual side of things, despite it being a game that definitely appeals to hardcore gamers.
A lot of this can be marketing more than actually changing the kind of games they make.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:


...oh! It seems even I wasn't aware of what you were talking about. The cart I own is a GBA flash cart, on which I put the Mother 3 translated ROM. If I understand you correctly, there's actually a standalone repro cart? That's actually pretty cool, and I wouldn't mind owning one of them. :D



EarthboundBenjy commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer?:

It's weird how you include Wario Land 1 and Yoshi's Island on the list. If you were to include these, wouldn't you also need to include Wario Land 2, 3, 4, Shake Dimension, Master of Disguise and Virtual Boy Wario Land ?
And wouldn't you need to include Yoshi's Island DS, Yoshi's New Island and Yoshi's Universal Gravitation too?
And what about Super Princess Peach, huh? :P



EarthboundBenjy commented on Review: Ufouria: The Saga (Wii U eShop / NES):

I got Trip World on the 3DS VC but I didn't think much of it. I love Ufouria though.

And it would be the best thing ever if Gimmick was released on the VC, because Gimmick is my No. 1 favourite NES game ever. Though I do have both the ultra-rare NES PAL B cart and the super-rare Famicom cart, it pains me to know that Gimmick is not available for most people to play easily.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Video: The 10 Best Zelda Games As Selected By You:

I can't comprehend how someone could watch this video and give it the A-okay to upload it as it stands. The audio needs to be redone completely; the speaker keeps moving away from the mic. It's incredibly distracting and it feels very amateurish.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Video: Darunia Rolls and Pounds His Way Throug...:

After playing a bit of Hyrule Warriors at Hyper Japan yesterday, my interest in the title has waned a bit. It didn't feel like I was doing anything. ... Link controlled weirdly and the hordes of small enemies didn't even do anything, they just kinda stood there, waiting to get beat up. Then King Dodongo came out and did only quarter-hearts of damage to Link. I could dispatch him easily even without trying that hard.

.... .... I've never played a previous Musou game. Am I missing something important? I'll buy this game regardless 'cause it's Zelda, but I don't really know what's so special about the series if they're all like this.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Cosmo Wright Sets Another Ocarina of Time Worl...:


Well, the timer starts from when you press the start button on a new file. Since the intro cutscene takes a few minutes, you don't even have control of the game within the first 2 seconds.

But ignoring that, then if there indeed existed a glitch that skips the entire game, then yes, it would be considered a world record speedrun for the Any% category. "Any%" literally means "reach the end having completed any amount of the game".

What would happen, though, is that, if the glitch was so easy to pull off that everyone could do it, then there would be no competition in the Any% category. So the community would come together to decide on other categories that would show more of the game. Already, Ocarina of Time has so many different categories such as "100%", where you need to collect every item, and "Ganonless", where you have to reach the credits without fighting Ganondorf, just to name two of them.

So to answer your question, if there was a glitch discovered that made the Any% category pointless, then runners would just compete on different categories. I still don't see any problem, because as it stands now, any% is a really difficult category for runners, so Cosmo's time of 18:10 is a huge, significant achievement.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Cosmo Wright Sets Another Ocarina of Time Worl...:


But a glitch like that doesn't appear to exist in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If you find one, then that would definitely be a significant discovery for the Zelda Speedrunning community.

Also, why should this not be considered a world record? Have a look at my post directly above yours to see what the rules are that these runners are playing with. Under this pretense, what ambiguity of legitimacy is there?
There are no emulator tricks, there are no Gameshark-like devices. It is literally just your fingers hitting the buttons on the controller, and reaching the ending as fast as you can manage. If this is the agreed-upon definition of an "OOT Any%" run, then why should a Cosmo's run, one that adheres to these rules, not be considered? Everyone else who competes against the OOT Any% category has to abide by the same rules, so it is definitely a fair competition. What exactly is the problem you have?



EarthboundBenjy commented on Cosmo Wright Sets Another Ocarina of Time Worl...:


Cosmo played this game when he was a kid. He already knows every dungeon, every character, the whole storyline and every quest. He's enjoyed this game while playing to 100% completion many times. ....
Did you think that he would spend months and months learning and practicing insane, difficult, and extremely precise tricks just to avoid playing through the game? That doesn't really make sense, and this isn't what this is about at all.

To understand what's going on, you have to think of the scenario as this:

1: I have an N64 game. I have the game, the controller and my hands.
2: Using nothing but the game, the controller and my hands, how do I make the game display the ending credits as quickly as possible?

Those are the rules. And the world record for these rules is 18 minutes and 10 seconds.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Takashi Tezuka: Mario Maker Won't Move Quite L...:

It's easier for the casual person to understand the difference between "NES Graphics" and "Wii Graphics" than it is to understand the difference between "The physics the NES game had" and "The physics the Wii game had".
I can understand this decision entirely.



EarthboundBenjy commented on New Official Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Off ...:

I don't know what to say other than that I think the control setup is fine and does indeed suit the kind of game Wind Waker is. If you have issues with controlling Link, there's nothing more I can really say other than just... try to get the hang of it, or just play a different game. I dunno. I learnt how to control Link fairly quickly, but I suppose it would take different people different amounts of time to get the hang of it.



EarthboundBenjy commented on New Official Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Off ...:

Heh, Link does jump around a lot. But while the A button does have many functions that vary based on your situation, such as talking when near a person, grabbing when near a small object, sidling when near a wall, etc... the A button will never perform a 'jump' action, so it doesn't do anything at all when you press it at a ledge.
I think the fact that you press it when jumping off a ledge sort of makes you subconsciously associate the button press with the action, so you will end up frustrated when pressing it elsewhere doesn't work. If you just let Link leap where he needs to without worrying about the button press, then you'll maybe begin to understand what button presses will make Link do which action in each situation.
If the game required Link to jump, then he would be able to, right? The game can't have areas that require an action that is impossible to perform, after all.



EarthboundBenjy commented on New Official Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Off ...:

Not going far enough? If you're talking about the series of flowers to reach the Deku Leaf on top of the tree, then you should always be able to go far enough to reach the next one. And if you're talking about flowers after that, then just pull out the leaf and glide gently forwards the rest of the way. I don't see "sometimes he doesn't go far enough" as a negative towards the game design, I see it as you not having figured out how to use the tools at your disposal to move around effectively.



EarthboundBenjy commented on New Official Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Off ...:


...The left stick never controls your camera. While inside the flower, the left stick changes what direction you're facing. The camera moves during this because otherwise you wouldn't see any change, due to not being able to see Link. Just keep holding forwards when you're facing the direction you want to be spit out. Don't hold a direction if you want Link to land back in the flower to get a better angle. That's really all there is to it.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Developers Outline The Creative Process for Cr...:

Wasn't Steel Diver a new IP? It was even a launch title for the 3DS, and nobody even really cares about that game. It's not about what IP something belongs to, it's more about what the game is like to play. The IP is just a tool to generate interest and to provide context.