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Male, 23, United Kingdom

I'm an obsessive game collector, and I tend to want to know everything about the games I play. I thrive on useless trivia. :P My top favourite series is Castlevania.

Fri 16th April, 2010

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EarthboundBenjy commented on Two New Weapons Are Heading to Splatoon This Week:

a new Nozzlenose? Hmmm. When I first tried the L-3 Nozzlenose, I was at first wondering who the heck would want a rapidfire weapon that requires so much button mashing to keep firing. But if you actually stick with it, it has great range, pretty good rate of fire and uses up little ink. I was surprised how effective it was since I dismissed it entirely with my first impression.
I imagine this new Nozzlenose will be largely the same, but with different subs. Will be cool to try out!



EarthboundBenjy commented on Double Dose Of Sin & Punishment Arrives On Nor...:

I can assure you that the European Virtual Console versions of Super Mario RPG and EarthBound are, for the most part, directly the USA versions. They are not converted into PAL, and they run at 60hz NTSC . There are no additional translations done either - these two games come in English only.

Despite what I just said, though, there was one line of dialogue in SMRPG that WAS in fact altered for the EU VC release. In the original, Croco says "You're a persistent bugger!", which was changed to "You're a persistent pest!".
"Bugger" is definitely not an appropriate word for small British children, so it makes sense.
But this does show that Nintendo aren't just throwing a game up on the service without a care - they are actively looking at each game to see if anything needs to be changed for the new audience, even if they aren't doing MUCH extra work.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Flowers Will Apparently Factor In The Future O...:

so why is Flabébé not a Grass type anyway.

Ehh, I know we already have a Grass / Fairy with Whimsicott, so no worries about missing out or anything...
But still kinda weird that a Pokémon so closely associated with plantlife is not a grass type, especially when the "pile of eggs lol" Pokémon Exeggcute IS a grass type for whatever reason.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Video: Watch Sonic Repeatedly Rescue Tails In ...:

Why don't they add the extra hidden level from the Mobile version of Sonic 2 to the 3DS one? (For those curious, in the mobile version, they removed the "spike pit of death" from Mystic Cave and turned that pit into a secret warp to a new zone, "Hidden Palace".)
I've never been able to play touchscreen platforming games, so I've never seen it though. I hate missing out on this content, and the fact that this port doesn't have a modern addition like this is baffling to me.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

I said this because I am a huge fan of Metroid and Metroid Prime in particular. Once I play Federation Force, I have a feeling that I won't hate it, and it may very well turn out to be a worthwhile entry in the series.

But nothing shown off so far appeals to me.

EDIT: Whoopsie, I quoted the wrong comment. Edited.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Shovel Knight is Coming to Retail:

uuuurrrgh... If given the choice, I only want physical versions of games, but I already got this game from the eShop. Now I have to get the disc. Buying it twice, I guess!
Mighty No 9 seems like it will have this same problem.

I'm so happy Bloodstained is confirmed physical from the beginning.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Veterans Of 3DS Title Xeodrifter Will Get The ...:

I bought this game. I beat it too.
I bought it because I wanted something cool and Metroid like.
This....did not deliver. The level layouts didn't really feel like anything. It was just kind of...corridors. The entire time, I felt like I was getting from A to B, and I never reached B.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Review: EarthBound Beginnings (Wii U eShop / NES):

But Brawl's spelling is there! Isn't that proof enough? They even went so far as to use "Porky" over "Pokey", so surely everything in Brawl is correct, right?
Well, not necessarily: The US version of Brawl has "Tazumili", while the PAL version of Brawl says "Tazmily" instead. So who knows.

I personally call them Ana with one N, and Lloyd instead of Loid or Roid.
But guess what? You can name them whatever you want. So if you want to call her Joanne-Victoria instead, well, it doesn't fit within the character limit, but you can do it anyway.
...what I'm saying is that the game itself never tells you the character's names. Call them whatever you like.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Review: EarthBound Beginnings (Wii U eShop / NES):

This game is grindy for sure, but it's not unforgiving. If you die, you don't lose progress or anything.
The only part of the game I truly dislike is the factory... it's too confusing and not really fun or interesting. The final mountain area is also too difficult, but by then you can just 4th-D Slip everything anyway.

It seems the VC version is the exact same as leaked NES ROM from 1991, right down to the addition of the things that were not in the Famicom version. For example, on the Famicom version, the Map took up an inventory spot, but on the NES version, it's not an item at all, but instead is accessed by pressing Start.That's a good change for a game with such a small inventory.