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Ponies before games! But games are still pretty great. I'm a college student, amateur writer, pizza enthusiast and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fanfiction freak. Check my Luna toy's ask tumblr!

Thu 11th September, 2008

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Twilight_Crow commented on Nintendo of America is Cutting the Price of Fi...:

I have 4 of those games (and I wouldn't touch AC with a 3 mile pole), so meh. It will be interesting to see how those discounts translate in my country though.

Nintendo's online pricing sucks here in Mexico. They insist on using the same prices as the biggest department stores, which have to pay tons of taxes to get the games to begin with. There is no way I am going to pay about $54 USD for StarFox 3D on the eshop, I understand why the stores have those prices but Nintendo is just being greedy, after all, downloadable only games' prices are the same as in USA. Also, ALL prices on the PSN store are the same as in USA. Sony store > Nintendo eshop.



Twilight_Crow commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

@R_Champ Well, yeah, that is called fanfiction, there are tons of it on the Internet and it can be really great. Take the characters you like and put them on different situations, creating alternate universes, it is fun.

And guess what? Mods, fanfiction, fan art, none of that stops you from enjoying the things you like. The original works are still there, no one is destroying them or kidnapping them or forbidding you to experience it as the original creator wanted.

All kinds of fan content is just people taking something they like and doing something different with it, in some cases really great things come from fan made stuff, and, unless they profit from it, is perfectly legal.

All Smash Bros. games have been good, none have been perfect, and not everybody likes everything about them. These guys did a fantastic job, I really don't care to play PM, but man that is some hard programming, honor where honor is due; and mods can't affect you unless you use them. For example If someone wants to grab Brawl and, I don't know change all the characters to ponies... wait that, would actually make me really happy, bad example... If someone grabs Brawl and mods it to make it even slower because they really like slow games, does it affects the original game? Does it affects me? Nope, If it is what they like fine with me.



Twilight_Crow commented on Nintendo Confirms "Super Indie Connection Sale...:

Darn, shouldn't have gotten Giana Sisters on the past sale, this one is much better. Well, that is life.

Got TokiTori+ on another sale too, bought Runner 2 day one on my PS3 and with Spin the Bottle completely out of the question, I only have to consider MSFHDE... wait, I have the original on my 3DS... silly sale with nothing I want. :P



Twilight_Crow commented on System Maintenance Targeting Wii Sports Club S...:

@IceClimbers Well, I got all sports for free on a disc I still can play, (I mean completely free, I didn't even pay for my Wii, I won it on a magazine contest) and the improvements on the games and their online are not good enough for me. I didn't say it was a ripoff for everyone, it is for me. You think you get value for your money, great, enjoy your games :), but I don't, different strokes man.



Twilight_Crow commented on System Maintenance Targeting Wii Sports Club S...:

I still have my WiiSports disc and don't care for online as it is at the moment. So, I have no intention of even acknowledging these minigames unless Nintendo fixes online and makes it a completely awesome experience, or the sports get cheaper, because $10 is a ripoff.



Twilight_Crow commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

I am very very shortsighted, thus no, for me, there is no difference in how games look between PS4/XBONE and PS3/360. Besides I've seen the evolution of games since Atari 8bits, there had to be a point where you really can't make something look that much better, for me that point is now. If you can see the difference, awesome, not sarcasm here, really, that is cool.

Apart from that, all consoles have good things, that is why they all have fanboys, even PC; it is all about what YOU like. I don't like realistic graphics, nor shooting gameplay, so XBONE is not for me, yet there are a couple of games I'd gladly play on it, like Crimson Dragon and the upcoming Project Spark. For PS4, I would totally enjoy Knack, is totally down my alley, even if it is not perfect, and Resogun looks amazing! But, still not enough to make me spend that much money on a new console. Most of WiiU games are from genres and have visuals I like, so I bought one.

I don't like to play on PC, and a good desktop is still a bit more expensive than a console. That said it is still the best option for gamers that like top graphics and frame rate, and that are tech savvy. I don't care for any of that, a matter of taste.

So, I chose the console that had what I liked the most, not the BEST, because there is no such a thing.



Twilight_Crow commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (Wii U):

Very good review. While The escapist's just skimmed through the game, and Destructoid's was the opinion of a Sonic fan, NL's review was very insightful and explained the game very well. Great job Thomas!

Collecting Sonic 3D games is a guilty pleasure of mine (Except Sonic 06, there are bad games, and there is THAT ONE), so I'm getting this anyway, but I guess it can wait.



Twilight_Crow commented on Poll: Did You Pick Up Pokémon X, Pokémon Y o...:

X, because Xerneas is the most stylish legendary since Suicune, and I really like it. Oh and it has hooves, I'm really into hooves right now. ;)

You made it sound as if X was winning, but both versions are very even as I write this; good.



Twilight_Crow commented on Talking Point: The Steam Gaming Machines Are A...:

The Steam Box, now Steam Machines, are a very ambitious project, and it could either fail miserably or become one the best things in videogames. Valve has some guts to try this idea. Since the beginning I've had my eyes on this new console. I don't like to play games on my PC, and because of that I have missed many great Indy games that are up my alley more than any big blockbuster title of these times, one of the Steam Machines could solve my problem.

Imagine a cheap machine that can play most of the Indy games on the market, receiving the same awesome sales that Steam on PC has, I'll be all over it in a second.

Even if Nintendo has its own thing going on, a game machine cheaper than WiiU, that plays thousands of good, cheap games is something to be concerned. Nintendo needs to be careful, because if Valve gets these right, everyone will have a competitor to fear.

For example, In my case, depending on prices, capabilities and games available, I may end up more interested in a powerful Steam Machine instead of a PS4, since so far there are no exclusives announced for it I care for.



Twilight_Crow commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

@theberrage @G3ry @NINTENBOY

Excuse me that I tell you this guys but you really can't guess exactly the reasons anyone of us has to not want GTAV (or in my case any GTA). Since I'm an oddball, let me be very specific.

I'm not in denial. I know the games I like and the games I don't. I got a PS3 and bought Assassins Creed 2 and INfamous and discovered I'm not fond of open world sandbox games to begin with. Then there is the fact that I don't like shooters of any kind, and this has a main gameplay of shooting. Yes it does have many minigames and things to do... did I mention I don't like open sandbox games already? Yes, I think so. The story, I'm not interested in it, even if it were a movie or a TV show, is not something I would watch. Finally it looks very realistic, this I can pass if the game is enjoyable, but games that happen in realistic worlds already have problems with me liking them; and I'm talking visuals here, don't go and tell me it is just fantasy anyway, I know that.

So... no, I don't want this game in any console. As you can see is not even specifically the violence, but this particular game's violence is not my thing EITHER.

Why the heck am I going to buy a game that has so many things I either don't like nor care about?

It looks like a great game, won't be the first great game I don't like.coughMetalGearSolidcough It would be great if it came to WiiU, because of the people that likes it. I think is a piece of art, the way they managed to make it so violent to even disturb people like some movies do, and the world they designed, R* did a great job, but not because a game is good it means it's going to be liked by every gamer in the world.



Twilight_Crow commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

No matter how good a GTA is I'd never get one. I understand it has its fans and that is fine; I completely support violence in video games, but not all violence is the same, and there are some kinds that are not fun for me.

That said, shame it didn't come to the WiiU.



Twilight_Crow commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

I like violence, oh yes I do, but I don't like being forced to do violence. If I buy a game like... mmm Ninja Gaiden 3 for example, I know what I'm getting myself into, the kind of violence I like. But after seeing the reviews of every GTA, I know that it has violence that I don't find fun AND GTA IV and V seemed more forceful with you to perform it to advance in the game, bleh. When I first played a GTA in a friends house (not sure what version it was) I just drive around running over people, and then shooting the police, it was fun for a bit, it was what a sand box game about crime was supposed to be imo, but it was not that great, the games have nothing for me, even those crime stories are meh to me. Also, I don't like shooters and I don't like realism (no matter if it is violent or not)... Which basically means I don't like any AAA game coming out lately now that I think about it heh, but I'm watching a lets's play of Last of Us, you will never see me doing that for GTA.



Twilight_Crow commented on Talking Point: Wii U and Third-Party Inconsist...:

I discovered something incredible this last console generation... I don't like most non-Nintendo triple A games. I got a PS3, and after buying several AAA games I thought I was missing on because I only had a Wii, I realized I really didn't like them that much, I mildly liked some but they were too expensive to only get mild entertainment. The games are not bad, I just don't like them. I discovered I don't like the realistic visuals, the melodrama in some stories, and most importantly I don't like ANY shooting gameplay. For a moment there I thought I just didn't like games anymore. Along came the indi games on PSN and suddenly I realized I just don't like the big names on the market, but I still like games. The AAA market has turned away from me, all but Nintendo that is. I'm happy with my WiiU, because now I know I don't care for any current third party games, and the ones I want are coming to WiiU or PS3. (except KH 3 :(, but one game is not enough). My eyes for a second system are on the Steam Box.



Twilight_Crow commented on Talking Point: The Wonderful 101 Direct and De...:

I saw the ND today, and immediately downloaded the demo. Funny thing is that I accidentally went into mission mode instead of story, and I started wondering why they weren't explaining anything.... anyway I winged it, only with the info from the ND and I think I faired very well and I enjoyed it. I can see it has dept but at the same time knowing the basics and thinking before acting is still effective. I'm definitely getting the game.



Twilight_Crow commented on Masahiro Sakurai Rules Out Story Sequences For...:

Wait a minute here. Why is everybody talking as if "no cutscenes" equals "no SSE kind of gameplay". As far as I read he just said the one player mode will not have cutscenes (which are completely stupid to cut out, I mean people still watch those videos because they are fun, no matter how much you see them. What is next? "My new Kirby game won't have an ending because people would upload it to YouTube"?).

It would be pretty funny if we end up with a new one player mode that somehow ends up playing similar to the SSE, just without the cutscenes. :P



Twilight_Crow commented on Talking Point: The Effortless Social Charm of ...:

I am happy that this game has been such a big success for Nintendo. I however don't like this kind of games. I have played some free ones and building a town, pretending to live in it, collecting useless stuff, playing mini games only at certain dates, is just... Bleh.

But being honest, I specifically hate Animal Crossing. I discovered my distaste when I got AC for GC. Played it for a year until one day I realized that I hated playing it. I literally frowned each time I boot it up, and yet I had kept playing it as part of an OCD routine. I promised to never touch an AC again. It is not for me neither socially nor alone.



Twilight_Crow commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Curious Decision to ...:

Never cared about the Street Pass, and I'm not going to buy any app related to that, unless suddenly they show one mini game that greatly appeals to me, but I doubt it.

Anyway, If a 3rd party made the apps, Nintendo should pay them, but Nintendo tends to put relatively high prices on small things. Let's hope the content is worth the price.



Twilight_Crow commented on EA Will "Jump Back In" If Wii U Becomes A "Via...:

Sorry for the people that likes EA games, but I just don't care. Their sports games are just for big sports fans otherwise they are boring to dead, and I don't like realistic racing games. I may buy ME 3 used whenever I found it for a good price, because I would like to play it, but If I don't find it, I'll live. EA has VERY little for me.



Twilight_Crow commented on Weirdness: The Wacky World of Nintendo at E3 2013:

Just seeing so many developers with those ears and paws is hilarious. This are very lighthearted people. Miyamoto in the barrel is just oh so amazing.

I am not disappointed with Nintendo, this was was a hard E3, they have to play safe, I mean these are hard times for the whole video game industry. And yet they still found it in themselves to be nice and funny. I love Nintendo. But the creepy villager is creepy, and he does have an axe, and a net, and a shovel...

@ACK LOL Now I can't take that image from my mind. Miyamoto, the evil Pikmin overlord!



Twilight_Crow commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Lineup Makes C...:

I think I understand what they are doing, and why many gamers here don't like it, but I don't know much about business so I will just wish Nintendo good luck, and I hope this business model works as they expect. The games coming did not surprise, but that won't stop me from getting most of them when I can.



Twilight_Crow commented on Reggie: Nintendo Aiming To Increase Wii U Thir...:

I for one think Nintendo is doing the right thing. Competing against MS and Sony in the same terms would be just stupid. Nintendo has to appeal to the markets those two don't care about. Why kids and families can't be their core audience? There are more kids than anything, and is not as if their fans are going to leave them for making the lighthearted, colorful games that they have always made. Hopefully they will move WiiU units that way, and THEN the third party stuff will come, and are going to be violent, mature games mostly, for the parents and older brothers.

Why would a company make another cola flavored soda their main product, when they have the recipe for Dr.Pepper?

I still prefer Nintendo games over anything the other parties make, I don't mind if they make games similar, I like that style and they are always quality games. FPS fans just got very similar games too, they don't mind because they love them. For each their own.



Twilight_Crow commented on Poll: Which Wii U E3 Game Has Impressed You th...:

Mario Kart 8 was the only game that came close to impress me, wasn't expecting that interesting change in the gameplay.

But honestly there was nothing impressive for me in any of those games. I do like Mario 3D, Smash, DKCR, etc. But they all look like HD versions of other games. I understand Nintendo is playing safe, I'm ok with it and I hope it works for them.



Twilight_Crow commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Next-Gen Challenge ...:

@GamerJunkie I don't think you know me, or the way I use my game consoles, so you can't call me an hypocrite. I actually dislike how every console is trying to do that many things, but XBOXONE is the epitome of that, one thing is adding some apps to your console so it looks more appealing, and another is saying their new "game" console was built with the main purpose of watching TV, movies and using Internet, and then only show a handful of games I don't care about.

I am going to buy a WiiU, and I am going to use it for playing games, I seriously doubt I would ever turn it on with the prupouse of using amazon, netflix, youtube, the browser, etc. (If some need to be DLed and installed, I simply won't). Of course, if I'm playing and suddenly want to look for something online, why not use it if is there, I may not like it but I'm not stupid.



Twilight_Crow commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Next-Gen Challenge ...:

XBOXVCR, er I mean XBOXONE is a very interesting premise, I'm curious about the results of this move by Microsoft. I can certainly say It didn't remove MS as a competitor, but it did't get him in the competition either. We need to see more of the games. Games is what gamers want, is the games what will decide the winner of this generation. There are few things MS' machine can do that a good smart TV can't. Since controling the XBONE with kinect is most probably gonna get old after a few days, I'm just gonna count playing games, and using Skype, and Skype can be used from almost any smart phone, so, after the loyal fans buy it, only gamers will look at XBONE, and it's the games they'll see what could make them interested. Now, mybe I'm wrong and it becomes the next big thing with another audience, one that cares more about TV and sports. If that happens, would MS even care about making games for it anymore?

Me? I'm not buying that thing. I don't like gizmos that try to do it all, and anyway I'd be very surprised if they show a single game I personally get interested in.



Twilight_Crow commented on Nintendo Told Disney How Bowser Should Hold Hi...:

Well, if I had a multimillion valued character and I lend it for a movie, the heck I would be very picky about how they treat him. Also it seems there were polite about it so, yeah Nintendo cares about its characters, everyone should.

I did like the movie, though the Spanish dubbing was not very good. I had to wait for the DVD release to watch it English, it was better.



Twilight_Crow commented on Site News: Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!:

Happy Anniversary! :D Now go for another 4!

Is it really been 4 years? Wow. I still remember when WiiWareWorld was my favorite site. Then the fusion happened and we got a forum and a chat, and I made many friends, all part of this community. Things have changed a lot, some people has gone, and I don't post as much as I used to; but the quality of the site is as good as ever. I do believe this will always remain as my place to come for all things Nintendo. ;)



Twilight_Crow commented on Nintendo Force To Reveal Exclusive Mutant Mudd...:

Good start for Nintendo Force.

I believe in written media. It's a way to physically preserve and contain the core of what is going on right now for the future. Seriously, have you gone through your old Nintendo Power magazines? That there is history people.

Good luck to Corbie and everyone working on Nintendo Force.



Twilight_Crow commented on Talking Point: The Emergence of Download-Only ...:

Games are going to end up being DL only eventually, I'm sure of that.

It's just too good of a formula for companies. No "used games market", resaling old games you already have just to have them in your new console, piracy controlled with locked on games and constant system updates (and therefore limited to experienced hackers). Is perfect for them, we'll have no choice in the future.

I don't buy games online if they are both for DL and retail tough (on Nintendo), because the price is just too high. I am used to pay big money for games here in Mexico. My retail stores have to pay high taxes for selling those games, and I'm ok paying for those. But Ninendo not wanting to compete with retailers means that they are selling 40 dollar games at about 60 on my eshop.

The facts that Unchained Blades kept its $30 price and Sony keeping his USA prices on my PSN store, makes me think that Nintendo doesn't really have to put these prices and is just being greedy.



Twilight_Crow commented on E3 2012: Watch the Nintendo Press Conference L...:

Well that show was just average. Only a tad better than Sony imo. We knew Mario is comming yay, Pimkmin 3, cool. The machine looks good for me to get it for the Nintendo games and a few third party stuff (Rayman Legends woot). I'm not dying to get it though.

The highlight of the show? Harley Quinn (Tara Strong)!! Now, that is the only part that made me wow. :D