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Sat 4th Jun 2011

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Haxonberik commented on Fire Emblem Fates Third Path And New HOME Them...:

@JaxonH @Aromaiden I guess the main problem I have with it was the way it was advertised. They come in guns blazing telling us the new FE will be "all about important choices" to later tell us much more quietly the decision is in which version you buy and how much money you're willing to pay. In practice, it's probably not as bad as, say, MK X's $30 4 character pack, but it seems like the price structure has been skipped on purpose, which is annoying considering how much more complicated than the usual it is. And the fact that it is good content for its money doesn't take away that they locked it only to sell it separately. It's still the same team working on many of the same assets, so it's not really making two games by any stretch.

Edit: btw don't take this the wrong way, when I have the game on my hands I'll make sure to put this aside and enjoy it for what it is regardless of price, I wouldn't let such things detract from my experience but I still feel like giving my honest opinion on it.



Haxonberik commented on Fire Emblem Fates Third Path And New HOME Them...:

Yeah, this is the kind of thing we bash EA and Capcom for... Game looks great and I'll most likely pick it up at some point (hopefully at a discount price) but this model is NOT acceptable, and definitely not equivalent to the small, tradeable changes in Pokemon games



Haxonberik commented on Nintendo NX Will Avoid The Launch Issues Which...:

It really does sound from it like this could end up being the much rumored combined console by the way he includes both 3DS and Wii U in the systems they'll keep supporting after it releases. I'll be more surprised if it's not, at least to a smaller extent, at this point.



Haxonberik commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Shipping This Time Next Ye...:

Something like october 2016 is the earliest plausible date, or else Nintendo would probably reveal it this year, which they've said they won't. Then again, maybe they're really taking this "transformation" thing seriously and completely changing how they release consoles, but it sounds highly unlikely.



Haxonberik commented on Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus Tops Japanese Ch...:

I still dont understand why they wouldnt just announce Rhythm Heaven for the west on the E3. The game requires very little localization effort anyway, unless the GBA title had too many songs with lyrics, and we all know how sorely lacking of announcementes that Digital Event was.



Haxonberik commented on Exclusive: We Almost Got A Wii U F-Zero Create...:

I'm not even a huge F-Zero fan (I've only played the original) and this hurt me so much regardless. Criterion is such an amazing dev team for racers, they really should get back to talking about it as I don't really know if they're working on anything right now. Maybe an NX title if it need be.



Haxonberik commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Hints at Smaller New Nintendo...:

It might be too little too late by then since I might as well just hold on the extra half year and find out if the NX will replace the 3DS or not and save for it. I might give in if they go all out with the good faceplates we've seen elsewhere though



Haxonberik commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

I'm happy enough with the 3DS announcements, the Wii U on the other hand... Mario Tennis is just not enough, and we got our fair share of Mario Maker on the championship. All in all even sunday was better, it gave me hopes of so much more.
Also, they're overselling amiibo too much, especially given they still have stock issues with the ones already out.



Haxonberik commented on Splatoon Producer Inks Out Reasons For Lack Of...:

I'm honestly fine with this, since I dont like voice chatting with strangers and not doing so would put me at a disadvantage. Also, there's the language barrier to think about, it would be pretty sad to see people avoid others from different language speaking countries.



Haxonberik commented on This Kickstarter Project About Competitive Pok...:

The level of missinformation in the comments is kinda hurtful. I wasn't convinced on the need for a documentary but if it could at least set the record straight with the majority of the pokemon community that couldn't care less about competitive play then it would probably be worth it.



Haxonberik commented on Rumour: Rayman Could be Planned as DLC in Supe...:

The character seems to be still locked, as you can clearly hear the "denied" sound in the video. Not saying this is %100 true, but it looks really convincing at the very least. Theres also a 3DS version CSS with Rayman and Mewtwo floating around too.



Haxonberik commented on Weirdness: Date Pokémon In This Visual Novel ...:

I... I'm speechless, I can't believe they actually managed to do it. Just last week or so it came into my mind as an example of a community game that never went through... I should probably check it out, it takes some mad dedication to do something like this for a month-long fad.



Haxonberik commented on GameStop Source Suggests That Super Mario amii...:

Why the hell would they make Toad the rarest one, given that he doesnt have a Smash figure he's 100% guaranteed to be the most demanded one. Oh well, I'm skipping this series altogether anyway, I'll stick to Smash for now.



Haxonberik commented on Best Buy Cancellations of Majora's Mask 3D New...:

I dont know, if I had preordered, I would gladly take those $50 without complaining. I personally liked the Monster Hunter design a lot more, even though I'm not into the series and won't be buying until I know for sure the regular one won't come out



Haxonberik commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Hits Japan on 29th April:

I kinda hope they'd keep the british voice acting in the US again, I know they kept it as to not consume resources but it really grew on me by the end of the game. Well, the game is supposed to take place in Neo LA anyway so it sounds unlikely and rather unfitting for this one...



Haxonberik commented on Nintendo Steps Away From The Brazilian Market:

Coming from a South American country Nintendo has never served themselves, probably not much will change in Brazil. Video games stores will import and sell at huge prices on their own, and people who can will still avoid paying those prices at all costs.