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Tue 8th Jan 2013

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Kirbybrawl commented on Month Of Kong: The Making Of Diddy Kong Racing:

I prefer diddy kong racing over mario kart 64. I wish we could get a wii u version one day. I know mario kart 8 will be so much fun but an alternative racer would be great as well. I know i won't be playing mario kart 8 until nintendos next console so variety would be great



Kirbybrawl commented on Nintendo Left Online Out Of Super Mario 3D Wor...:

The game is amazing as a single player title but they have been pushing 4 players so hard with this game it doesnt make sense not to have online. Why not just have different modes or stages around competitive multiplayer for online?



Kirbybrawl commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 3DS:

Im always playing starfox 3d trying to beat my high score atleast once a week, play mario tennis with my brother online, mk7 and i just picked up donkey kong last night. I still havent finished luigis mansion yet so i have a good amount of games i can play for a while.especially when animal crossing comes out. Im having so much fun playing 3ds this year and i still have games like kirby mass attack and super star that i want to replay again when i finish donkey kong.



Kirbybrawl commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Identity Crisis:

there not going to promote it because there only two games are nsmbu and nintendoland. commercials on tv are really expensive and they know games like mario kart will have people buy it so theyll promote it then.



Kirbybrawl commented on The Big Wii U Survey:

I know the wii u will be very good in the future and miiverse is so much fun but the people I know that have it. It's too bad Mario u and Nintendo land don't have online multiplayer. Nintendo needs some new games and they will come but I doubt game and Wario and pikmin will be the must have games this year to push the console.