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Fri 30th January, 2009

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Sean_Aaron commented on Possibility of SNES Remix and Other Remix Titl...:

I'd take anything similar that comes to the Wii U; I think it's a great way to expose people to classics they haven't played so it can drive the Virtual Console sales too.

Outcry = Spend, though so don't think a lot of Facebook posts means anything. You have to buy the existing Remix titles to demonstrate there's a viable marketplace for others.



Sean_Aaron commented on Review: NES Remix 2 (Wii U eShop):

A welcome payday release for me. I had hoped to have finished NES Remix by then, but I've been playing too much Earthbound and the Golf challenge in Remix II is kicking my donkey. So sad to see there's more golf in this!



Sean_Aaron commented on Review: Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure (Wi...:

@Cathousemaster If it's like the Wii was then what would have been called "PAL Territories" should be able to interoperate. When I re-purchased Samurai Warriors 3 the seller sent me a sealed Aussie version - works just fine with my old save data.

I look forward to the day when all nations can agree a common rating system. I don't understand what's so difficult about this!



Sean_Aaron commented on Review: Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure (Wi...:

@Cathousemaster Wow, that's fast work! I'm certainly looking forward to playing this with my daughter (ten) who wasn't playing games when the WiiWare title launched. All the best; looking forward to the European release!

@JakeShapiro I know what you mean, but nobody benefits from blind approval and an honest creator can acknowledge the flaws in their creation.

If a small developer is making a real effort it comes through - doesn't mean it will be great, but then that's just a lesson in life and hopefully they can take your criticism with the right attitude. People can take things personally and I've had people come at me after a less than stellar review, but as long as you feel your review is fair and honest I don't think you have anything to worry about.



Sean_Aaron commented on Oddworld's Lorne Lanning Isn't Worried About W...:

It's a wonderfully crafted game with a unique and darkly humorous world - nice to see it being resurrected on modern consoles and I'm happy to pay their asking price - certainly better than digging up a PS ONE and an old CD!



Sean_Aaron commented on Star Parodier Removed From the Wii Virtual Con...:

I expect the Wii Shop will wind up soon anyway, however it would be nice to see a better method of playing Wii downloads a la the 3DS with DSiWare. I understand the technical reasons for having a Wii Channel, however they could at the very least give you links in the Wii U that would launch the Wii Channel a la the Disc Channel when you have a Wii disc loaded.



Sean_Aaron commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

If I want to pick up a quick game session then absolutely I use the Gamepad and my game of choice will invariably be a virtual console game. Many of the Wii U games I play use the screen on the Gamepad for other things so I'm not keen on off-TV play for those.

Is it essential? No, but it is very convenient sometimes and it's always nice to have options.



Sean_Aaron commented on Advance Wars Bringing the Battle to the Wii U ...:

Nice. I never played the original game, but I do like turned-based combat strategy games like Fire Emblem and XCOM. I'll be interested to see how this looks on the TV, but given I enjoy NES and SNES games on my Wii U, I'm not too concerned.



Sean_Aaron commented on Nintendo Passing on PAX East 2014:

Some people seem to have forgotten a lot of the negative politics surrounding the organisers of PAX last year. Although Nintendo haven't stated why they're giving it a miss they're not alone in that decision.

Whether or not you agree with it, skipping this conference doesn't mean anything is seriously wrong with Nintendo; in fact it might mean that something is right!



Sean_Aaron commented on Nintendo Highlights Over 50 Unity Games on the...:

Download titles have a much higher profile on Wii U than they did on Wii and I'm very happy with that. Most of these games have shorter development windows and there are more players in the scene and more diversity in what they're doing. If the big publishers were the only game in town I'd likely only be buying Nintendo games because I have a limited tolerance for brooding violence and little appetite for racing; no interest in sports. The big-budget console games that fall outside of those genres are few and far between.

Viva Los Indies!



Sean_Aaron commented on Crytek Confirms a "CRYENGINE as-a-service" Sub...:

@Yorumi Agreed, it's not like it's hard to friend someone or message someone. I think too many people don't think about the real risks involved in allowing random people to IM each other, even if it is just a games console. Imagine if you could text anyone you could see on the street with a smartphone? I think I'd be binning my phone within a week!

On-topic, I suspect the big engine makers are hedging their bets against further collapse of the big publishers. Will Epic be making a similar move with Unreal Engine?



Sean_Aaron commented on Images Emerge of Wii U Mario vs. Donkey Kong T...:

I expect the reason for this is to encourage developers who are focusing on 3DS to sell their eShop games on Wii U. Coupled with the announcement of Unity for 3DS, I think we'll be looking at a common 3rd party eShop down the line.



Sean_Aaron commented on Nintendo Unleashes Some Awesome Wii U eShop Tr...:

These all look appealing for various reasons. Exclusivity isn't something I care about: quality games is what I want to see.

People who regard us as being in a drought would appear to have very narrow tastes because I'm still juggling games right now!



Sean_Aaron commented on Artist Behind "The Bridge" Planning a Party RT...:

What a great idea - just the notion of an all-ages RTS is a good one, but giving an overseer role to someone who might not want to do the actual fighting bit is something you can only do with the Gamepad - well done. The figurine look and retro hex map is also inspired. I hope they're able to make this a reality - even if the kickstarter fails I'd have to think they could get a bigger outfit to fund this.