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Sean_Aaron commented on Nintendo Shows Off the Continuing Growth and P...:

I've been less interested in game-functionality than the figures themselves. Haven't finished challenge mode in Splatoon for any character; rarely play Smash and if I do, I'm not interested in fighting a figure player; never used my yarn Yoshis in Wooly World (need to pick that one up again). I suppose the new Star Fox game might push me to get Falco; I no longer feel the need for day-one purchase given supply problems seem to have been solved, so I can wait for the game to come out.



Sean_Aaron commented on Nintendo Is "Looking At" Virtual Reality, But ...:

It'll be a niche product at best. Parents already have enough issues with the ubiquity of screens without having them literally glued to their kids faces. Not going to be be mass-market until it can be a shared experience.



Sean_Aaron commented on Talking Point: Online Gaming Can't Recreate th...:

If Splatoon had a more robust local multiplayer mode it would get played more in my house, my daughter was originally into it and played quite solidly for a couple of months, but the thrill wore off long ago. I pick it up very occasionally. My partners kids came over and they were keen, but local multiplayer gets old fast given the limited number of arenas and single mode of play.

The biggest problem with online multiplayer is that you cannot guarantee a return on the investment in the mode unless the game is popular and remains so. For all the gamers that get angry when online multiplayer is left out, let's face it there aren't enough people playing console games to ensure a healthy player base out there for any but the most evergreen titles or those with a committed fan base. Unless I thought my game was going to be massive due to simplicity or awesomeness I probably would only stick that in last-minute and even then only if it wasn't going to adversely affect delivery date. Online for mobile games makes automatic sense, but console? Not so much.



Sean_Aaron commented on GDC Survey Shows Declining Interest From Devel...:

Nintendo could easily counter this by stating whether or not the NX is backwards compatible and therefore whether or not titles released in eShop today will be available to play for NX launch. That could be a big factor.

If I was a developer of small console games and looked at what happened to the Wii shop after the Wii U launched I'd be very wary of developing anything towards the perceived end of the Wii U's lifespan too.



Sean_Aaron commented on Asteroid Challenge Is Bringing Classic Arcade ...:

@bofis the background was in Asteroids Deluxe as you've note. It is a sequel that is noticeably different from the original Asteroids which has no background. Deluxe has better graphics and animation, the ship has little wings on it and there's a new enemy type that looks like a flower and when shot breaks up into triangular ships that home in in the player. Much more challenging than Asteroids.

@tomjscott I'm not surprised the graphics schemes I suggested would take a lot of work, so no biggie there. I was commenting more generally that a lot of retro-style games will use scan lines as a "retro" graphical mode and I honestly think it's not worth the effort - especially if your game doesn't really have 8-bit graphics. Your level transitions look amazing so nothing to be ashamed of; I can't see why I'd want to cloud that with a black and white look.

Having different difficulty settings is good, tweaking the curve is key. I guess it depends on your target market. The Raiden games in the PlayStation store are as unforgiving as the arcade, so I don't think the fact it's a home game means it needs to be easier - unless you're going to try asking original NES prices and charge fifty quid for it!

Bouncing off the walls is also cool; I don't know if it's the video framing, but the ship appears to go off screen a bit in parts? Some kind of visible border might be an idea? It's in keeping with some of the levels in Space Duel that didn't wrap - always liked those. I hope it all turns out well!



Sean_Aaron commented on Video: Take a Look at the Wii U Versions of Ne...:

I don't have a 3DS, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see about more DLC for Wii U - surely that would make more sense anyway? I mean if there's a big fanbase that owns both machines then they won't buy the DLC anyway, but I doubt every Wii U owner also has a 3DS and vice-versa.



Sean_Aaron commented on Asteroid Challenge Is Bringing Classic Arcade ...:

Resembles the rendered look of Blasteroids (2nd Asteroids sequel) and I like the "Space Duel" mode, but is the challenge actually here? Fullblast looked cool, but was far to easy to maintain my interest. I like an arcade game that kicks my ass in 30 seconds if I'm not trying my best.

And if "retro visuals" means putting in scan lines, then I'm not impressed. I was thinking 8-bit raster or vector look - THAT would be cool alternate graphics modes. Still, if the reviews are good I'm down.



Sean_Aaron commented on Gunman Clive HD Collection Has Sold 9000 Copie...:

I don't have a 3DS, but word of mouth and the visuals made this a day one purchase for me. I'm stuck in both games at maddening points and the bouncy mushroom mechanic sucks, but on the whole very enjoyable and nice-looking games. I just wish Luigi would appear to help with some of the tougher parts!



Sean_Aaron commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Next Generation of Exper...:

There's a lesson to learn in this current generation from Xbox and PS4: don't dump backwards-compatibility if there's nothing compelling about your new kit. I can't imagine this will be lost on Nintendo and their use of the Virtual Console over two console generations. I'm not excited about NX, however, if my eShop purchases are linked to my Nintendo Account and can be easily switched to the new system and it has a Wii media-compatible add-on or is able to play Wii optical discs and has a couple of games of interest then I'm more likely to take the plunge and upgrade.

Being able to buy games on the go and have them download to my home console would be nice, but given how much easier and faster the process is on my Wii U than my PS3, I'm not feeling this is a must-have feature. Maybe Nintendo will show us a must-have feature we didn't know we needed to have, like off-screen play?



Sean_Aaron commented on ​Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge Launc...:

@ULTRA-64 Heck I'm still waiting for WiiWare to appear in the eShop. I cannot understand why DSiWare can be purchased for 3DS and appear like any other game in the 3DS channel row, but we cannot do the same on Wii U. If nothing else it would broaden the selection of small games available in the eShop.



Sean_Aaron commented on Japanese Analyst Claims NX Could Launch As Ear...:

Unless the NX somehow works with the Wii U/shares content I cannot see a launch purchase unless it really wows me. I don't game on the go much so I have little need for a hybrid machine (though I acknowledge that could change if it has that capability) and my Wii U works fine.

A Q1 launch next year building towards a better release catalogue for year-end holiday sales seems more sensible to me than a console with no software at year-end - unless Nintendo is porting the most popular Wii U software over for launch and hoping initial sales will be to people who don't have Wii U?



Sean_Aaron commented on Fascinating Patent Shows Nintendo Portable Uti...:

I don't know why anyone would think that Nintendo is going to make a "me too" console like MS/Sony that is just a jumped-up (or downgraded) PC with a Pro Controller. Nintendo will stop making consoles before that happens. They do their own thing and other people come along for the ride or they may as well chuck it in and go full-mobile and possibly make a custom controller.

This doesn't mean you won't get third party support, but the latest multi-platform games probably won't be automatic ports. Get over it!



Sean_Aaron commented on Minecraft on Wii U Won't Feature Inventory Man...:

@Greshdon That was more or less my thinking. I would expect Nintendo has an API that allows for easier implementation of Gamepad than that, but I doubt it's non-trivial - especially if you're trying to implement it with a completed game from another platform. And of course testing/QA adds to the time. I doubt a huge budget would be allocated to the kind of testing that would be required to implement this feature. Using the second display to mirror the TV is probably trivial, though.

If it's a big seller on Wii U, it will justify further expense though. We can only support it and see.



Sean_Aaron commented on Microsoft's Phil Spencer "Would Be Happy" To S...:

Minecraft on Wii U could be part of an ongoing discussion about a merger between Nintendo and MS. Nintendo takes over all gaming projects at MS and gives them access to the Japanese market; MS continues to do the business software thing. It's not impossible!

And as much as I think Windows is a crap OS that I'm forced to work with in my day job, I don't think the company is "evil" - they have a predatory and monopolistic past, but it's not the 90s anymore and they know they can't rest on their laurels. I think Mr. Spencer's humility is very much in keeping with the new corporate attitude there.



Sean_Aaron commented on Minecraft on Wii U Won't Feature Inventory Man...:

@aaronsullivan You could be right about them having no love for Nintendo, but they may be treading water there. I suspect they're living on borrowed time before MS weighs in on how they manage their affairs (without knowing the terms of the sale, mind) in which case a rushed release for Wii U may well have been their attempt to get the game ported before that choice was removed from them. If so the possibility of future support is enhanced just by getting it in the eShop. Could be fantasy, but I'm all about hope.



Sean_Aaron commented on Minecraft on Wii U Won't Feature Inventory Man...:

Ultimately the most important judge is going to be my kid. This will be her first big-screen Minecraft experience and I rather doubt having no inventory on the GamePad will ruin the experience for her; especially since she only tends to play creative mode.



Sean_Aaron commented on Minecraft on Wii U Won't Feature Inventory Man...:

@Koniec Is the game unplayable or horrible on other platforms that lack a dual screen interface? If not, then yes, it's a feature and I'd say minor. I do think it would be handy indeed to have inventory on the GamePad, but I expect there are reasons for that we're unaware of and I prefer to look at the big picture here.

If Koei said Samurai Warriors IV was coming and had no off-TV play, I wouldn't be ranting about it in a comments section, I'd be saying how happy I was to be able to play the game on my favourite platform. A bird in the hand, etc...

@Mainsaile The same reason most of these posters wasted effort posting: nothing better to do



Sean_Aaron commented on Minecraft on Wii U Won't Feature Inventory Man...:

@crazycrazydave I have to take a more sanguine view as really there's no reason Minecraft needs to be released on the platform at all. The fact that it's coming so late in the system's lifecycle is more a gift than anything and I have no reason to think they're just pushing it out there to die, because if there was that little faith/interest in the platform, they wouldn't even bother.

I think the fact that the touchscreen isn't being used is actually kind of a positive as it means this is a port of the existing console version rather than the mobile one - wouldn't people rather have something equivalent to what's already on other console platforms than a port of a touch-enabled mobile version that is still playing catch-up?

Again without knowing Mojang's internal resourcing and priorities it's impossible to make statements about this being a "lazy port" or "cash grab" with any degree of truth behind them. I expect there are people who wouldn't be satisfied unless the entire resources of the company were put into the Wii U project - does anyone actually think that makes any sense?

It would be nice if Nintendo Life could get an interview with Mojang and give people a reality dose, because it's sorely needed!



Sean_Aaron commented on Minecraft on Wii U Won't Feature Inventory Man...:

Let's try to apply some thought to the situation shall we? I don't know how big a company Mojang is, but to make this port this late in the Wii U lifecycle is a pretty big gamble, even for a company as successful as Mojang and even with Microsoft backing them up. Now if you were going to put resources into making such a port and wanted to try to get at least one big holiday sales period before what may well be a successor console appears, would you not make your primary effort a working version of the game as-is, then, depending on sales, add system-specific features down the line?

Did anyone who posted (and apparently have zero interest in the release, but chose to shine their brilliance upon us regardless), bother to consider this? Do any of you have a clue how long it's taking to get parity with the PC version on what is very likely the second largest installed-base for this title: mobile? And yet you complain (again about something YOU'RE NOT PLANNING TO BUY) about the lack of inventory management on the gamepad at launch, which is a minor feature at best.

I'm buying this for my daughter and hopefully there are a lot of other adults out there who will do the same and we'll get engine improvements down the line. I think any delay to implementing second screen features could be tied to waiting for surface/vita dual-screen implementation, but that doesn't mean it isn't going to happen or that some kind of stupid "boycott" is in order.



Sean_Aaron commented on Rumour: NX Set for 2016 Release With Nintendo ...:

i don't know what it is people expect this new machine to do better than the Wii U. If it's backwards-compatible with Wii/Wii U and has ports of GTA V and the latest Call of Duty/Gears of War/Battlefront/Medal of Honour games, does anyone honestly think that's going to be big business for Nintendo? People who are that into those games already have other machines to play them on. If it's a souped-up Wii U with the ability to download games to the gamepad to play on the go I can't see a big market for that either.

I dunno, maybe I'm just done buying game consoles...



Sean_Aaron commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U):

I really wanted to replace Xenoblade Chronicles before trying this, but I don't see how that's going to be possible, nor can I resist firing this up. Hopefully I can at least finish Paper Mario first or I'll be juggling three story-based games!



Sean_Aaron commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd December (Europe):

Xenoblade and Human Resources Machine for sure. Zak and Wiki was fun up unti the end, when the broken sword fighting motion detection just ruined the game for me. If Capcom has carried out some much-needed bug fixing I'd be all over it.



Sean_Aaron commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival (Wii U):

As a download for under £20 I'd consider it - especially if you could play with cards instead of figures as my daughter has several packs (all but one being compensation from Nintendo for delays for the Happy Home Deigner shipment), but I'm not going to take a chance for £50 on a game that may bore us to tears. If it was more like Mario Party it would have been a safer bet; I don't understand what they're doing here...



Sean_Aaron commented on Feature: Assessing Affordable Space Adventures...:

This was a day one purchase and I put it down to play other things, but a couple of weeks ago during a rare gaming session with my partner we decided to pick it up again. It's a very different experience with more than one player - trying to communicate was a lot of fun - especially when it didn't work out! We've reached areas where you need to turn engines off and on to get past enemies and that's hilarious to get right, so if you get the chance, try it with another person or two.