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Thu 10th Mar 2011

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NIN10DOXD commented on Minecraft Finally Digs Its Way Onto the Wii U ...:

The guy who teased fans like this needs to be fired. This is depressing as it gets for your "big announcement." Other platforms have had Minecraft for years and the game was leaked a month ago. This isn't news this is just filler for the wait til NX and better software like Ultra Smash and Tri-Force Heroes.



NIN10DOXD commented on GPU Images Reveal Wii U Graphical Power:

Sony already said that the PS4 wont be much stronger and M$ would be stupid to think that somebody will pay $600 for the next Xbox if it is going to be 8x more powerful than current gen hardware. Devs cant hardly afford to make games as it is and are going out of business. Basically 8th gen ain't gonna be "revolutionary."



NIN10DOXD commented on Feature: Wii U Launch Day, Live!:

Got it but cant open til christmas:/ thought I was gonna get shanked seeing as my town is actually HIGHER in crime than Detroit and Chicago and nobody can afford or find these.