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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Pod commented on Dragon Quest VIII Won't Support The 3DS Consol...:

True, these characters are not done in a flat cel-shade style, which is something I think I had forgotten at the time of writing. They do feature completely unlit textures, which wouldn't be an issue in 3D though, but I still think the outlines would be jarring.

If they got rid of those altogether, it might free up enough GPU power for drawing a second picture, but then the art style really wouldn't be the same anymore.



Pod commented on Nintendo Renews Eternal Darkness Trademark as¬...:

Denis Dyack is working on a spiritual successor that he owns personally, as far as I am aware.

Nintendo owns the IP Eternal Darkness, the game that Denis made thirteen years ago. When Nintendo renews the trademark for Eternal Darkness, as they have done several times, they are free to let who-ever they want work on it.

With Denis being busy on his new game, I don't think he's working on anything with Nintendo. At least not Eternal Darkness.

And personally, I'd really like to see Retro do something Lovecraftian.



Pod commented on The Great Ace Attorney Has Awesome Box Art in ...:

Haha, as if Professor Layton hadn't already played out most of the Sherlock Holmes tropes already, now Ace Attorney has to go there too?

Well, I'm not exactly unhappy about it, and the Japanese can't seem to get enough of Holmes or the Victorian era in general. :)



Pod commented on Dragon Quest VIII Won't Support The 3DS Consol...:

I work with cel-shaded 3D graphics myself, and I suspect other reasons than frame-rate.

The edge-detection that draws the outlines would be slightly different if two separate images were to be renderes at different angles for the stereoscopic effect, and this just wouldn't look good, aside from the fact that characters would look non-volumetric in general do to their shading.

I don't think they could maintain the visual style well at all, upon going stereoscopic, as they are attempting to look 2D on purpose in the first place.



Pod commented on Capcom Is Bringing The Nintendo Exclusive Resi...:

To be fair, the game can already be played on the Wii U, if you get hold of the Wii re-release.

They could also easily talk to Nintendo about getting that on the Wii U eShop, now that Wii games are a thing on there.

But I know, I know, this is far from being the same thing as an HD remaster.



Pod commented on Little Devil Inside is Close to Bringing Its A...:

This game is both beautiful and adorable. Hopefully it's a good game too.

I'm slightly hesitant with backing on the level where I'm promised the game, it seems a little steep to me, but I'm happy to pitch in 5 dollars to help the Wii U library grow, and then I can get the game if it still tickles my fancy by the time it comes out. :)



Pod commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

I am aghast that people will complain about a good product being priced ‚ā¨20 rather than ‚ā¨15, while at the same time being willing to pay for downloadable expansions to a game they already paid ‚ā¨40 or ‚ā¨50 for.

People are of course entitled to their personal idea of value, I just feel there has to be a limit to the madness.



Pod commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

They don't go out of their way to neglect it. They just cut that because they don't expect people to have wiimotes. It's not as easy as just "leaving it in" from the prior game. There is lots of testing involved.

And when none of the reviews specifically mention that the feature ISN'T there, I think you should reserve your criticism, as many reviewers do seem to not care much about being in depth concerning control options.



Pod commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

There SHOULD be room for bigger and better "indie" games.

Particularly when these games start being as massive and pretty as games from big publishers were in the 90s.

Affordable Space Adventures is a great example of something that's worth the "premium" price.

That's quite the assumption. Why would you think that?



Pod commented on Exclusive: eShop Publishers Are Dropping Relea...:

It's hardly news that it's difficult to make a living as an independant studio from releasing only on Nintendo download services.

It's hardly news that it's difficult to make a living from making video games in the first place.

Germany's a little bit extra backwards when it comes to video games, though. If they truly believe that they are a little bit smarter than most others, and that German mothers are good at making choices for their children what software is concerned, then they shouldn't need to pester developers as hard as they do.



Pod commented on Monochroma For Wii U Scrapped Due To Technical...:

The is one of the many downsides to being a less experienced developer. Things can unfortunately end up being built from the foundation up in a way that isn't very flexible or scalable.

That's just a thing that happens, that they will have to learn from for the next project. Lord knows I've been there.



Pod commented on Nintendo Committed To Making Smart Device Gami...:

Is there any place you read this from?
Aside from internal restructuring to take care of the business side of these productions, and appointing a head producer, I have not seen any statement that Nintendo are actually responsible for the game development.



Pod commented on Nintendo Committed To Making Smart Device Gami...:

This is honestly not much different from merchandicing. Clothes, bags, plushies, McDonald's toys, amiibos. It's a licensing deal that will help them put butter on the bread (I know the Japanese don't eat much bread,) but it won't be what defines them as an entertainment company.



Pod commented on Video: 'Smashified' Series Adds King K. Rool t...:

I would like to point out that speeding up a video of someone painting doesn't make the end result a speed painting.

A speed painting is when an artist sets a time limit he has to work within, often less than an hour, and achieves as much as he can within that frame, typically attempting to find ways of speeding up his work process.

/grumpy old man



Pod commented on Just When You Thought the Humble Wii Was Dead,...:

I'm sure the people crazy about squash have been waiting for this game for a while!

I think well marketed games for Wii hitting specific audiences might still be profitable. Everyone has a Wii, as they say.



Pod commented on Preview: Unraveling the Truth in Yoshi's Wooll...:

I'm not entirely sold on how the 3D approach is a step up from what we saw in Epic Yarn. At first I thought it would be too obvious that the materials are fake now, with no benefits, but there's a couple of ideas attempting to justify it all in this trailer.

I'm still excited for the game, of course!



Pod commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

If Treyarch isn't handling the Wii U version, then it's likely that no-one is.

This game being a sci-fi setting, not made by Infinity Ward, and perhaps only coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, does mean it will be the least selling entry in the series for many many years though.

Activision is however fully aware that the franchise is winding down in popularity, so I'm guessing they're satisfied with trying to rake in some new interest from sci-fi geeks.



Pod commented on Playtonic's Mark Stevenson Teases Wii U Fans O...:

Hoping they manage to put a lot of good stuff together to launch the Kickstarter. They've only existed as a company for a couple months, so I'm excited to see how much they've managed to make. I know they're highly productive when they mean to be.