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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Pod commented on Video: Is This The Hardest Super Mario Maker L...:

It's a really cool rule, that you must be able to beat your own level before you can upload it.
Or at least must be able to get someone to do it for you.

Has any other game prominently featuring player created content imposed this restriction in the past?



Pod commented on Decade-Old Japanese Shigeru Miyamoto Interview...:

The guy's a constant inspiration to me.

He's all about being as inclusive of everybody as everythings possible in what he does. You can't rely on making assumptions about your audience or the material you're portraying, you have to have some real life experiences to back it all up and add value to your work.



Pod commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

There's been little else that nails for its coffin coming to the Wii U in over a year now. I'm pretty sure the lid is on tight already, all things considered.

As I see it, the people who care will still care.

They people who have yet to buy a Wii U come Christmas are much more likely to do so beacuse of Mario Maker or Splatoon.

Though Zelda would have been a great draw, and Starfox wouldn't been swell for the rest of us.



Pod commented on Miyamoto: Star Fox Zero Has Been Delayed, "I A...:

Sure, I have plenty of titles to catch up with anyway.

And for whether it will hurt the holiday sales, I think just about the only thing that would HELP holiday sales would be getting all the stores that have dropped the Wii U to maybe carry the Splatoon bundle in the weeks around Thanks Giving.

It needs to be right in people's face for them to care anymore.



Pod commented on Nintendo Is Merging Its Prized EAD And SPD Tea...:

There's going to be a generational shift, so some amount of restructuring is to be expected, and is probably necessary.

I'm rather intrigued by the business development division. I'll be interesting to see how their methods for bringing product to market will change in the future.



Pod commented on Tatsumi Kimishima Named As New Nintendo President:

A new president at retirement age? Who isn't historically a developer, but a banker?

This is going to be something very different from Iwata.

With the input of Miyamoto and Takeda, though, particularly in such dynamic sounding support roles, I'm sure he will do very well in picking up the mantle.



Pod commented on Apple Just Announced Its Own Wii, Almost A Dec...:

Why not.

The already put touch controls from the DS together with motion and channels from the Wii in the first iPhone when they announced that thing a month and a half after the Wii released.

Nintendo aped Apple's design approach and had massiv success with the Wii, now they pay by Apple inheriting their ideas and their audience.



Pod commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Wants to Produce Another Supe...:

I can understand why Mario Galaxy felt too complex for large parts of the crowd.

They did do a lot to faltten out the perspective and limit the immediate playfields though. And maybe they could do an even better jobs in a new one.

They're certainly great games for people who're really good at video games, but when Galaxy sells les than a third of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, I understand why they can't only go that direction.

Still, Mario Galaxy kept them firmly on the map, and relevant to all of gaming in 2008, winning GOTY ahead of Red Dead Redemption with many publications, so they can't afford to NOT push the envelope in some respects.



Pod commented on Mario History: Super Mario Galaxy - 2007:

To me, Galaxy stands together with Mario Bros. 3 and Mario World as the greatest Mario games.

I like 64 and Sunshine immensely, but to me, Galaxy better captured the momentum and sense of direction that I associated the 2D classics with.



Pod commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

Thanks for the great review!
I personally might hold off on getting this until I see what their future schemes with it turn out to be.



Pod commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 DS - 2004:

I'm curious to this myself. Maybe it was shown off as a GameCube tech demo?
Although Nintendo had been talking about a "third pillar" since the fall, the DS was not public knowledge until spring 2004, being fully unveiled alongside the splendor that is Reggie, at E3 later than same year.



Pod commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 DS - 2004:

Watching that video, I'm reminded of how much closer this version resembled a PS1 game than an N64 game.

Because they couldn't afford filtering the textures realtime in this version, they instead opted for new textures of higher resolution, also sporting a considerably higher amount of colours.
This approach was only possible because the DS didn't suffer from the crushing 4KB limitation on every texture that the N64 was known for.

I digress though. I never played this, but I imagine it to have been a lot of fun to play this amazing game on the go.



Pod commented on Itagaki Accepts "Fair" Devil's Third Criticis...:

Itagaki is trying to reign in the damages, but he still keeps it real. He's always a much nicer guy than his reputation leads on.

Unfortunately the online mode might never be reviewed properly, as the many disheartening reviews are sure to put a damper on the sales.



Pod commented on Pokémon Shuffle Rolls Out on iOS in North Ame...:

I downloaded it on my iPad last night to check it out, and played it for a bit. Then I had played it for two hours.

It really is a well-made "match three". But beyond the first sitting, it takes a long time to re-accumulate hearts so you can play for any substantial amount of time. So I am not sure I will stick with it.



Pod commented on Future Of Trine Series In Doubt Following Nega...:

It's a bit of a surprise to me, that it is a surprise to them, that the media isn't super jazzed about a third entry in a series that doesn't really change things up all that much.

I'm sure it's a great game, don't get me wrong, but it LOOKS very similar to its predecessors, so the media's reaction is unfortunately a predictable "oh, there's more Trine, nice", and not "GUYS, GUYS, you've got to check this game out!!".



Pod commented on Nintendo Announces Another Run of the Splatoon...:

Well ain't that nice.
I'm sure it will net them quite a few more sales.

More than likely, testfire participants will be handled on seperate servers.
They're planning to add a lot of new players in general, so they will be expanding the capacity anyway.



Pod commented on Nintendo's Awesome Super Mario Maker Overview ...:

I'm very happy to see they've thought of incentive to play as many levels from the internet as possible, without having to hand-pick each one.

I fully suspect that having to manually decide each and every level you play is why most games relying on player-created content fail. People don't want to make value judgments all the time when playing video games, they want to be surprised.

Hopefully this game lands just at the right time to hinge up to the freight train of creative outpour Splatoon caused globally.



Pod commented on Nintendo Not Looking To Churn Out Yearly Seque...:

Annualizing Pokémon will kill the series.

Naturally, they can keep up the act of every other year being about a remake, as to give some people a reason to pass, but there's only so many game left to remake before they have to start over.



Pod commented on It All Gets Crazy in This Devil's Third Launch...:

Well, you can count on Itagaki for something bonkers. And his insistance on including plenty of attractive women seems to be as strong as ever.

Maybe this game will be what Red Steel also aspired for? A delightful blend of blades and guns.