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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Pod commented on Nintendo Begins Takedown Proceedings on Super ...:

Ripping a fully rigged model and a piece of music from Mario Galaxy, and a fully designed level from Mario 64, and giving it to people for free, is against the law, whether he makes money or not.

The Minitroid guys made their own art, level design, and music, and were never asked to take down their tech demo.

Nintendo are extremely friendly on fan games in general, but straight up distributing their assets for free should never be tolerated.



Pod commented on Review: Dot Arcade (Wii U eShop):

This is the kind of stuff I would play for hours on end when I was seven. While I'm too young for actual arcade cabinets of such a simplistic nature, cheap GameBoy knock-offs with five-ish games built in were abundant, complete with colorful stickers surrounding the screen. I'm sure a fresh coat of paint like this will help revive the excitement of the simplicity!



Pod commented on Today Was Reggie Fils-Aime’s 54th Birthday:

I'm very impressed will Reggie's skills in spin. He'll make anything a good story by focusing exclusively on the positive. He regularly throws interviewers for a loop by refusing to talk about the competition or acknowledge set-backs as being of any importance. On top of all this, he always manages to look like he's having a complete blast representing Mario & Co.



Pod commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

Well, it really does seem Nintendo has given up on "saving" the Wii U with quality software. Instead, they'll focus on releasing a game that really is all it can be to harvest goodwill and sterling reviews.

Three years was already a long time for a Nintendo system to go without a new Zelda game, but coming out in 2016, naturally at Christmas, means it'll have as little influence on the system's success as Twilight Princess did for the GameCube.

Still, I'm hopeful it'll be the game that makes the franchise stay relevant.



Pod commented on Dot Arcade Lights Up the North American Wii U ...:

This looks like good old-fashioned fun!

I had a couple of those Tetris-knock off handheld games back in the day, where everything, a racer, five Tetris clones, and a side-scroll shooter, typically, was made on something like a 15x10 grid, and I remember those as breddy good.



Pod commented on Elliot Quest Patch Adds Several Additional Con...:

For games like this, it's definitely nice to have support for the more traditional controllers.

A great thing is generally being able to play with a separate controller, when using the GamePad as a screen.



Pod commented on Nintendo to Lead Design and Development of Sma...:

So Old Man Miyamoto is being sealed off with his silly invention that only his die hard fans have bought into. That's the spin proponents of mobile games might give this.

Personally, I'm happy they leave him in charge of making sure the Wii U is being utilized to its fullest.



Pod commented on Nintendo Working On New 'Dedicated Game Platfo...:

The 3DS and Wii U are already pretty damn close to each other in terms of what gameplay mechanics are offered, so it makes sense that their next device should be something that leverages the power AND addresses the limitations of both.



Pod commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:

I guess it really was only a matter of time.

I hope there will be some tough restrictions on what types of games can be created with the IPs, and how much they must differ from their Nintendo platform counterparts.

And quality assurance. DeNA is not exactly known for anything other than successful pocket farming strategies.



Pod commented on Review: Zombie Incident (3DS eShop):

The graphics in this are adorably oldschool.

Very reminiscent of something you'd see on the Sega MasterSystem.

I just can't shake the thought that it could have been about something slightly more interesting and different than zombies.



Pod commented on Two Tribes Co-Founder Doesn't Think He Would H...:

He may be right in the sense that the game did get a bit anonymous, with the edges sanded down a bit far. My only actual beef with Toki Tori 2, though, is that the map is rather unhelpful and unclear when you start getting stuck halfway in.



Pod commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

This debate ends with these girls being fictional characters, in a fictional universe of bizarre rules and occurrances.

It is absolutely nobody's job or responsibility to prevent this from reaching the market.



Pod commented on Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Confirmed For Eu...:

I'm not really into the characters, but these guys certainly don't let anyone tell them what they can and cannot do with their promotion material. It's fresh and ballsy in a climate of political correctness.



Pod commented on Review: Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll (Wii ...:

it's interesting to see something like this on the VC, gives me hope we'll eventually see more forgotten curios.

Really missing the Sega Mastersystem games on VC, they hadn't even made it through the best stuff.



Pod commented on Gallery: Splatoon Development Updates Show Off...:

The colors are still hurting my eyes, but with all the pumps and caps around I'm starting to suspect their intention with the whole color mish-mash is a late-eighties/early-nineties hiphop culture parody. Which is something I just might be able to get into.



Pod commented on Gone Home Console Versions Are "Not Actively i...:

I sometimes get the feeling that The Fullbright Company really just took a riff on Alison Bechdel's "Fun Home", a classic graphic novel that attempts to build an eerie framework around the story of her coming out as a homosexual, and discovering that her father, who works as an undertaker, had homosexual affairs in his youth.



Pod commented on Nintendo is Not Moving Away From Games For QoL...:

It makes a lot of sense for Nintendo to concern themselves with health issues.

They are composed predominantly of incredibly skilled, but rapidly aging people. The rest of Japan is not entirely different from this picture.

There is huge demand for products that make it easier and more enjoyable to get the recommended amount of sleep, exercise, nutrition, and mental workout.

If there's anything Nintendo knows, it's making things enjoyable, and QoL really could help themselves to sustainable and profitable future, if the improvement in Miyamoto's health over working on Wii Fit has anything to say.

Profitable products that in turn also keep Nintendo's work force (and their business partners' workforces) trim and spritely for an extra decade could be a great investment.



Pod commented on Children of Morta Hits Stretch Goal to Confirm...:

I didn't actually know they had added a Wii U stretch goal, and passed it. I'd have backed it otherwise, but this is great. I'm very likely to get it when it comes out.

Another game, Starr Mazer, wrapped up its campaign just yesterday, and got dangerously close to it's Wii U stretch. So close that they may announce the decision to go for Wii U anyway.